Little Miss Jocelyn

Sunday 10:30 PM on BBC Three Premiered Aug 22, 2006 Between Seasons


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Little Miss Jocelyn

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This is a British comedy sketch show starring Jocelyn Jee Esien. The sketches contain a broad spectrum of comedic material that touch on political and socio-economic issues as well as situational comedy. Some sketches were performed on unsuspecting members of the public. After the huge success of season one on BBC3, the show returned in 2008 on BBC2 with new faces and characters. Broadcast history: Season 1: Sunday at 10:30pm on BBC3 Season 2: Thursday at 9:30pm on BBC2
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  • little miss jocelyn starting info and charactars.

    little miss jocelyn is british comedy sketch show written by and starring nigerian born british comedian jocelyn jee esien, the charactars include:

    Jiffy - a dysfunctional traffic warden who gives people tickets for things like sleeping in the car or breaking down. She often appears in strange places, such as the back seat, glove compartment or boot of a car, a coffin or the screen of a cash machine. She often gives lengthy speeches about her services as a traffic warden, insisting that she works for the Queen. She usually ends with: "this may take a loo-oo-oong time".

    Florence - an overweight dietitian who uses Juju to help people lose weight. One of her catchphrases is "umm-hmm" (used repetitively), and "...or dream of this!", said while doing outrageous things, such as ripping open someone's shirt. She usually ends the session with: "save yourself, save yourself, save your se-e-elf!".

    Sheson - a Nigerian bus driver who is always unpleasant to her passengers.

    Paulette - a spoilt middle-aged woman who screams and cries when she doesn't get her own way.

    Fiona - a middle-aged woman who works in an office and tries to conceal the obvious fact that she is black, however this rarely works and her "blackness" is obvious.

    Madame President - the first black female president of the USA!

    Mrs Omwukupopo - a Nigerian woman who is constantly in marriage counselling with her several husbands, and who often tries to make a move on the counsellor, or insult them, calling them a "pimp" or "prostitute".

    Helen - a woman who is often seen in important places, such as at a wedding or an interview, where she rubs her buttocks along the floor. When the surrounding people look confused, she states, "I've got worms".

    Gladys Kingston - an old Jamaican woman who is going through a divorce because her husband cheated on her. This makes her hate men or anyone of the male gender, whether young or old.

    Hortense - a woman in her early to mid fifties who often sees people with babies (including her niece) insisting that she take a look at them, thinking them to be beautiful. However, on two of the three times she appears (all in S1 E6) she finds the baby ugly so says "What a lovely...pram" or "What a lovely...rattle". In her third and final appearance, she says: "Oh! What an ugly baby!".

    Sharonisha - a teenage schoolgirl who is seen with her friends on a bus, sometimes driven by Sheson. She is seen talking to or about other passengers and asking them questions. Sharonisha usually makes a big speech about how something her friend said doesn't make sense. She often calls other passengers "pefodiles".

    There is also a character in the supermarket or sometimes on a sweet stall, CASH HELPER...she attempts to add the prices of the items in her head. Says "if you don't use it, you'll lose it..."moreless
  • Another sketch show.

    It has its moments, but it's not the best thing aired.

    It's a sketch show, and quite a rude one at that. It does have a dark sense of humour required, but it's amongst swearing and sexual references.

    It's that cheap comedy that is taking over our TV, but provided they make it well, I can stand it.

    Yes, it's unoriginal, and yes, it's ridiculously rude, but provided yoy let the bad bits go over your head it is very enjoyable.

    There is no sign of a second season, but if ones does come round, they'll need to find tune it. But I can see this being a success.moreless