Little Miss Perfect

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  • Season 2
    • Kaylee vs. Shelby
      Episode 12
      Kaylee Pratt, age 6, sees the Little Miss Perfect beauty pageant in nearby Knoxville, Tennessee, as the perfect opportunity to get back into the pageant world. By the age of three, Kaylee had already retired her crowns, but has found a renewed interest in pageanty now that her little sister is competing in pageants. Kaylee's Mom, Jessica, is excited to see Kaylee's interest rekindled, but is overwhelmed with the amount of work they'll need to do to prepare for the pageant. They will have to buy all new pageant clothes, prepare a beauty routine and come up with a wow wear routine -- all in a week's time. Kaylee decides to do a "paleontology" themed wow wear but her pageant director, Michael Galanes, is not impressed. Kaylee's competition is Shelby Heidle. At age 6, Shelby is a tomboy who loves to get dirty riding go-carts, but get her in an evening gown, and she becomes quite a competitive little pageant girl. There's rarely a pageant where Shelby does not place, and her mom Sharon is confident that the upcoming Little Miss Perfect pageant is no exception. Shelby will be performing a "marionette" themed wow wear, with her Dad as the puppet master, and Sharon is confident the two will steal the show. But with Dad getting tied up at work and then suffering a sudden back injury, Sharon begins to worry that Shelby and Dad might not get enough practice time in to really "wow" the judges.moreless
    • Aliyah vs. Kayla
      Episode 11
      Nine year old Kayla is not only an experienced pageant girl; she's also an accomplished dancer and the current Petite Miss American Clogger. But Little Miss Perfect is Kayla's first glitz pageant and her mom, Dawn, wants to make sure her daughter has all she needs to compete for the title. Dawn insists on doing everything herself – from making Kayla's beauty dress in just 8 days, to applying her makeup and styling her hair on the day of the pageant. For Dawn, it's not just her daughter up there on the stage – it's her as well. Aliyah, aged 10, doesn't have the same level of experience as Kayla and mostly participates in smaller, local pageants. But what she lacks in titles and talent, she makes up for in enthusiasm! She likes having all eyes on her when she's up on stage. Aliyah's Harley-riding biker mom, Christina, loves pageants and encourages her daughter to compete, just as she did when she was younger. In the week leading up to the pageant, both families have a lot of work to do. Dawn's stress level builds as she struggles to create an entire dress from scratch, finishing with just hours to go before the pageant. While her mom works, Kayla has to perfect a new routine for the Wow Wear portion of the pageant – she's going to be a clogging firefighter who will set the stage on fire with her speedy steps. Aliyah, meanwhile, has never taken a dance class in her life but needs to learn her cowgirl Wow Wear routine from choreographer Miss Alivia in just a few days. In the end, of course, only one girl can win the crown. Will Dawn's hard work on the dress pay off? Can Kayla wow the judges with her lightening fast footwork? Or will Aliyah master her dance in time to pull off an upset win? It's all on the line at Little Miss Perfect Smokey Mountain in Knoxville, TN.moreless
    • Alyssa vs. Kyndal
      Episode 10
      Five-year-old Kyndal recently has been on a losing streak and it's taken a toll on her self-esteem. Kyndal feels that she's ugly and that's why she hasn't been winning. Kyndal's mother, Katie, believes that Kyndal isn't winning because she is no longer confident on stage. Katie's strategy to raise Kyndal's self-esteem is for Kyndal to win the Little Miss Perfect pageant! Meanwhile, Five-year-old Alyssa Bernard comes from a military family that doesn't inherently promote feminine behavior. Alyssa's mother, Magdalena, recognizes that Alyssa is a prissy girly girl and that's why she finds pageants to be the perfect place for Alyssa to express herself. Magdalena's plan to wow the judges is to have Alyssa repel down a wall in a military themed wow-wear routine. The only problem is that Alyssa is terrified of heights! Magdalena must work hard to prepare Alyssa to perform her wow wear routine on stage with no tears. By the time the pageant comes to town, Katie has done her best to reassure Kyndal that she is beautiful and boost her self-esteem. However, Kyndal is letting her nerves get the best of her on stage. Things aren't much smoother for Magdalena, since Alyssa seems to be having several mood swings throughout the pageant. Both Kyndal and Alyssa have worked very hard, but only one girl can be rewarded and validated by the title of Little Miss Perfect.moreless
    • 3/16/10
      Nine year old Maggie is a relative new-comer to the world of pageantry, having only been participating in pageants for about a year. She is inspired by her mother, Kristi, a 1980s beauty queen. With years of experience under her belt, Kristi coaches her daughter herself and her mother, Claudette, makes all of Maggie's outfits. They truly are a do-it-yourself family. On the other end of the pageant spectrum is ten year old Taylor, who's been competing since she was a toddler and has won tens of thousands of dollars in pageants and photo contests. But the pageant in Savannah will represent a new chapter for Taylor and her family. For the first time ever, Taylor will be competing against her younger sister, Madison, who has decided to compete once again in glitz pageants after taking some time off from the world of beauty and glamour. As pageant day draws near, all three girls work to perfect their routines and pull together their outfits. Will Maggie move one step closer to matching her mom's pageant success? Will Madison pull off a win in her glitz comeback? Or will pageant pro Taylor bring home the crown once again? It's all on the line at Little Miss Perfect Savannah.moreless
    • 3/9/10
      Six-year-old Patience is a pageant veteran who has been participating in pageants since she was three months old. Patience has won many titles due to Natalie's disciplined regimen of practice, practice and more practice. Natalie is going to make sure that Patience is well prepared for the Little Miss Perfect Orlando pageant by having Patience practice her routines over and over again. Jayne participated in the Little Miss Perfect pageant last year where she came in as third runner up to the crown. This year, Jayne is going to participate in the Little Miss Perfect pageant again and this time she plans on being "bigger and better!" Now that Jayne is six years old, her mother Irina feels that Jayne's sophistication level is enabling her to take the reigns on her journey to the pageant. On pageant day, Patience is coached up until the moment she's to step on to the stage. Patience's performance is always good but her mother is never sure if it is truly perfect. Jayne is incredibly excited about the pageant but her stomach starts bothering her right before the competition. It's been a long journey for both Patience and Jayne but only one girl can be Little Miss Perfect.moreless
    • 2/16/10
      Eight-year-old beauty queen Tykierre "Kiki" and her Mom, Adrienne, are pageant professionals. Kiki wins most of her pageants and frequently walks away with the "Most Beautiful" title. With the Little Miss Perfect pageant coming up in Orlando, Florida, Kiki has another chance to take home a crown. Adrienne is a strict pageant mom and pushes Kiki to do her best in every aspect of pageantry. She is willing to do whatever it takes to help Kiki excel in her pageant career. Kiki's competition at Little Miss Perfect is newcomer Kiersten. Kiersten, seven, is just starting her pageant career. She has a lot of potential but, so far, she's only come in second place. The Little Miss Perfect pageant is Kiersten's chance to win her first title. Helping her along the way is Kiersten's Mom, Jeanette. Jeanette is not your typical pageant Mom. She's more of a tomboy who supports Kiersten's interest in pageants so she can learn to be more "girly." As Jeanette struggles to prep Kiersten for the contest, it becomes apparent just how little Jeanette knows about pageants. Despite all her setbacks, Kiersten is confident and ready to compete on pageant day. Kiki is nervous about the interview questions but faces an even bigger obstacle during the "wow wear" competition. If she can pull herself together, she can prove she's a true pageant queen. However, if Kiersten maintains her confidence and steps up her game, she may wear the perfect crown for the first time ever.moreless
    • Jacee vs. Mayce
      Episode 6
      Even though she's only 5 years old, Mayce is an experienced pageant girl and the current Tiny Miss Alabama. Her dedicated mom, Mandy, started her in pageants when she was just a baby – she says her daughter was just naturally bubbly so it was easy for her to win. Mayce's 6 year-old pageant friend, Jacee, will also be competing at Little Miss Perfect Atlanta. She too has years of pageant experience and more trophies and banners than she knows what to do with! Even though they are less than a year apart and live in the same Alabama town, Jacee and Mayce have never been in the same pageant and this will be the first time the two successful beauty queens will go head to head. Will this pageant friendship survive the competition or will their budding rivalry tear these two apart? We'll find out at Little Miss Perfect Atlanta, where there can only be one winner.moreless
    • 2/2/10
      Kelly and her seven-year-old daughter, Trinity, have been entering pageants for years. Futhermore, Trinity, according to Kelly has won just about every pageant she's competed in. Eight-year-old Taylor is also a seasoned competitor, albeit on the natural pageant circuit. However, when Taylor's mother, Marie, agrees to let her daughter compete in Little Miss Perfect -- her first glitz pageant -- the family has no clue as to what they are getting themselves into. But it's Trinity and Kelly who start buckling under pressure as pageant day approaches. Kelly starts to unravel while Trinity appears overwhelmed by the glitz, glamour, and her mother's expectations. Meantime, when Taylor also grows anxious, her mother brings in a professional coach to help prep her daughter with less than a week to go. Can Trinity conquer her shaky nerves or will Taylor pull off her first glitz pageant victory and win Little Miss Perfect: Atlanta.moreless
    • Asia vs. Kaylee
      Episode 4
      Asia, at six-years-old, is an accomplished beauty queen on a mission to impress the toughest judge of all: her mom. With her military mom coming home for the first time in months, Asia is preparing for the upcoming Little Miss Perfect pageant with the help of her grandmother Debbie and a major "Wow Wear" production featuring a motorized military tank! Asia's stiffest competition is her five-year-old friend Kaylee, a stunner with personality to boot. Eager to win, Kaylee's mom, Amy calls on the professional advice of pageant director Michael Galanes. However, with only two days to go until pageant day, he changes both Kaylee's routine and pageant clothes. Despite a bad case of nerves, Kaylee approaches pageant day with charm that could rival Asia's flashy routines. Only one girl, though, will ultimately wear the Little Miss Perfect: Nashville crown.moreless
    • 1/12/10
      At eight-years-old, Madison has it all – a supportive family, a dedicated coach and some groovy outfits. Nicole, Madison's mom, thinks the add-ons – acrylic nails, hairpieces and a spray tan – will help her daughter win. Meanwhile, Madison's best friend – ten-year-old Angelina – is also competing in the Little Miss Perfect pageant, but taking a much different approach. Without a lot of money to spend, Angelina's mom, Dani, is shunning glitzy extras in hopes that Angelina's sparkling ways will win over judges. With a rented dress on hand, Dani is showcasing Angelina's natural looks. As pageant day looms, Madison relies on the help of a coach to perfect her routine, while Angelina, a relative novice, struggles to choreograph a roller-skating routine practically solo. Will the fresh-faced newbie pull off the big win? Or will pageant-savvy Madison capture the title of Little Miss Perfect: Nashville?moreless
    • 1/26/10
      Five-year-old Brianna and her mom, Griselda, are new to pageants, but Griselda is sure Brianna has what it takes to win. In fact, the family is so convinced that Brianna's dad, Marco, works two jobs to help pay pageant costs. On the other hand, five-year-old Lexi is born to a veteran pageant family, with her mother and grandmother boasting more than 25 years of pageant experience. Grandma Jackie choreographs Lexi's routines – and keeps the sugar flowing to boost Lexi's energy. Still, Lexi struggles through rehearsals. Meanwhile, mom Griselda hires a coach for Brianna and becomes increasingly strict with her daughter. Will Brianna and her family be ready for the biggest pageant – and one of the biggest expenses – of their lives? Or will Lexi's family history help secure the Little Miss Perfect crown?moreless
    • 1/19/10
      Although nine-year-old Shelbie has been competing since she was a baby, she was never a big winner. Now, after a long break from pageants, she is ready to give it a go again. Her mom, Stacie, thinks the Little Miss Perfect pageant is the platform for Shelbie to shine, and is determined to do whatever it takes to make Shelbie the "total package" needed to win. That means making sure she has the most polished routine, competitive clothes and, thanks to an orthodontist, sparking smile. At the age of eight, Destinee, however, is a seasoned pageant contestant who poses a serious challenge to Shelbie – until, that is, Destinee, along with her parents and dance teacher, realize her routine may be too hard to pull off. Things get even tougher for Destinee when she wakes up with a stomach bug on pageant day. Can Destinee pull it together, or will Shelbie make her mark as the next Little Miss Perfect: Dallas?moreless
  • Season 1
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