Little Mosque on the Prairie

Season 4 Episode 18

A Lease Too Far

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2010 on CBC
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With an archbishop coming for a visit and looking to meet the Muslims in Mercy, Thorne tries to hide the fact that he has evicted the mosque.

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  • Best episode of the season... Finally everything fell to its place.

    The song performed by the rev. in the opening had a nice tune and eventhough I think the lyrics were sooo evil, they reflected the rev's feelings.

    I liked the team's spirt, when everyone was working together to make the arena an acceptable place for prayers.

    I loved the way Ammar looked at Rayyan during her speech when everyone was frustrated by the fact that the mosque is located in an arena and the speech was great.

    Baber has finally learned the important lesson of following his Imam. It was a nice touch when he kicked the rev out of the arena.

    The ending of course was the best part of the episode. The Muslims got their mosque back and signed a long-term Lease, the rev. got exactly what he deserved after being so manipulative and Rayyan and Ammar shared their feelings.

    I have 2 critisisms for this episode:

    First, Yassir's absence for almost half of the season was unacceptable to me. I just hope the producers would give him his role back in the next season.

    Second, I think it would have been better if Ammar has declared his love first. But the importnat thing is that they said it.

    I hope Ammar and Rayyan would invite Reverend Mcgee to their wedding.

    Can't wait to see the first episode of the next season.moreless
  • My Favorite Episode of the Series so far! (Spoilers)

    I'm a softie at heart and the final scene really touched my heart (and eyes). I watched the entire episode three times and I pretty much never do that with any show.

    There was a lot of resolution in this program and while the final scene stole the show, there were some other very special moment in the episode.

    1. Rayyan telling Amaar she believes in him when they are first considering having the mosque in the arena.

    2. Rayyan's speech to the community about what a mosque really is.

    3. Babar finally supporting his Imam when Rev. Thorne tries to get them to return to the church.

    The opening musical number was very well done and showed Rev. Thorne's true feelings for the Muslim community. I have never liked his character, which I suspect is the intent, and it was frustrating to see how much he got away with and what a mean-spirited individual he is.

    It's sad that there are people like that who wear the cloth. His efforts to manipulate the children into disrupting the mosque with a ball hockey game, his willingness to compromise the Church by allowing dirty dancing and his obvious contempt for the children in day care continued show his colors. The Archbishop pegged his true nature when he called him "Little Billy Thorne." I still miss Rev. McGee.

    In the end, everyone got what they deserved, their returning karma, so to speak. I am looking forward to more episodes!moreless
Peter Donaldson

Peter Donaldson

Archbishop Tom Edmonds

Guest Star

Lisa Horner

Lisa Horner

Miss Parvee

Guest Star

Gerry Quigley

Gerry Quigley


Guest Star

Sugith Varughese

Sugith Varughese


Recurring Role

Aliza Vellani

Aliza Vellani

Layla Siddiqui

Recurring Role

Boyd Banks

Boyd Banks

Joe Peterson

Recurring Role

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    • Rayyan: A mosque in a church is a compromise. A mosque here (in a hockey arena) is defeat.
      Amaar: There is no such thing as defeat.
      Rayyan: Tell that to the Maple Leafs.
      Amaar: Ooooh. Hockey reference, nice touch!

    • (Rayyan enters Fatima's Cafe)
      Rayyan: Al Salamu-Aleykom.
      Amaar: Wa Aleykom men Salam.
      Rayyan:How's the man who puts the prayer in the prairies?
      Amaar: Good. Although I think its time to put the prayer back in prayer hall. I know not as catchy but way less cold and wet.
      Rayyan: It's not that simple. When we first started the mosque, Dad looked everywhere.
      Amaar: What about Mercy arena?
      Rayyan: A mosque in an arena?! Well that's as ridiculous...
      Amaar: As a mosque in a church?
      Rayyan: Let's go!

    • (Fatima puts a cup of coffee and a plate of food in front of Amaar at the cafe)

      Amaar: Oh, Fatima. I just ordered a coffee. I'm trying to save money for the new mosque.
      Fatima: It is the Imam special. Ordering coffee get a plate of food free.
      Faisal: I'll have the Imam special, too.
      Fatima: Fine. Go away, study hard, become an Imam. Come back, then pay full price. The special will be over.

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