Little Mosque on the Prairie

Season 3 Episode 2

Lord Of The Ring

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on CBC



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    • Baber: Reverend, you are a man of God, more or less.
      Revd. Magee: You are a flatterer.
      Baber: Why will no one come talk to me?
      Revd. Magee: I assume that's rhetorical.

    • Mr. Rashid: Ah! What happened to my vodka? My bourbon? My precious, precious scotch?
      Amaar: Oh, I meant to tell you: it's gone.
      Mr. Rashid: Why would you do such a thing? I love that scotch!
      Amaar: I think you answered your own question.
      Mr. Rashid: I didn't! I really, really didn't!

    • Rayyan: Oh, you get Dubai Weekly?
      Sarah: Well, Dubai Daily was too much, but with the bi-monthly we felt out of touch.

    • Baber: Is there some problem you would like to talk about with your new imam?
      Yasir: There's a stronger word than "no" but it escapes me.

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