Little Mosque on the Prairie

Season 3 Episode 19

Meet the Jaffers

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on CBC

Episode Recap

Yasir fusses over last minute things prior to the arrival of J.J.'s parents Noora and Kareem, a long time friend of Yasir. Noora and Kareem arrive moments later and Noora makes it clear to Rayyan that she's not enthusiastic about J.J. uprooting his life to marry her.

At the mosque, Amaar admonishes Baber and Faisal for using his office to eat and play dominos but they resist leaving the office under the excuse they are members of the board for the mosque.

At Fatima's cafe, Noora tells Sarah she can't understand all the fuss over the wedding that may not last. After Noora leaves, Rayyan confides to Sarah and J.J. that Noora may not like her and Sarah suggests a bridal shower may be the way to thaw things between Noora and Rayyan.

Yasir meets with Kareem and Kareem brings up the business of J.J. presenting a gift of money to Rayyan at the wedding with the amount set before by the bride's parents. Yasir, feeling very uneasy about having to name an amount, hesitates and introduces a passing Amaar to Kareem in an attempt to sidestep the matter.

Rayyan encounters Noora and invites her to a bridal shower and Noora suggests a more modest affair. Rayyan agrees to change plans but this doesn't change Noora's frigidity in the slightest.

Amaar shows Kareem the prayer hall where the wedding will take place. Kareem is satisfied until a mouse runs out and he freaks at the sight and Amaar promises to have the mosque cleaned up for the wedding.

Yasir talks to Amaar and Sarah and openly frets about naming a price for the gift that Kareem is supposed to give. Amaar says there is no formula other than being careful not to ask for too much or too little. After Amaar leaves to talk to Baber and Faisal about open food, Sarah suggests to Yasir that she could talk to Kareem and find out the spending habits but Yasir suggests caution.

At the little party for Rayyan, Sarah openly asks Noora about her spending habits, to Rayyan's shame, but Noora's responses only indicate that she and Kareem are wealthy with multiple homes and not much more. After Noora leaves, Rayyan says she is tired of Noora giving her the cold shoulder and resolves to find out why.

At the Hamoudi home, Yasir runs numbers through a calculator as he tried to figure out a number based on Sarah's formula but ultimately despairs.

Amaar confronts Baber about the mouse spotted and says its up to him to clean things up. Baber resists but when Amaar pulls out a bag of snacks with a hole in it that he found, Baber agrees to take care of the mice.

Kareem and Yasir meet at Fatima's cafe and Yasir gives Kareem a piece of paper with the number of the gift. Kareem takes the number and laughs as he thinks it is a joke and Yasir plays along. After Kareem leaves, Sarah joins Yasir and Yasir tells her he has no idea if the rejected offer was too high or too low.

Noora meets Rayyan near the mosque and confides in her that the reason she's upset is that she and Kareem are getting a divorce. Noora makes Rayyan promise not to tell J.J. or anyone else until after the wedding.

Baber meets with Jake the exterminator outside the mosque and after the exterminator lists all the vermin he's killed, Baber tells him he's there to take care of a mouse. The exterminator says they should evacuate the building and as Baber scurries away, the exterminator heads inside the mosque.

Yasir and Kareem meet again and Yasir struggles to find out what was wrong with his first offer. Irate at Yasir's stalling, Kareem gets up and leaves a bit irate.

Outside the mosque, Amaar and Rayyan talk and Rayyan asks for advice about Noora though she refers to her in a badly made up name way. Amaar says divorce can be very painful and after Rayyan leaves, Rev. Magee walks up and notes that Rayyan is full of pre wedding jitters and thinks the friend request is usually a cry for help for themselves.

Yasir encounters Kareem, who is a passenger in a Rolls Royce. Yasir gives Kareem another number and Kareem rejects it for being higher than the first one and mentions that their friendship could be damaged if this continues. Yasir says they'll come up with a more reasonable offer notes the Rolls and Kareem responds that he had it flown in and rented a driver for it.

Amaar catches up with J.J. and Rayyan and Rayyan lets it slip that J.J. parents are getting a divorce. J.J. runs off to talk to his parents and Rayyan bemoans the fact that she had promised to keep this a secret.

At the Hamoudi home, Sarah tells Yasir that he is following around Kareem like a puppy and he is putting friendship above his own dignity and self respect and Yasir surprisingly agrees.

Outside the mosque, Baber tells Amaar that the mosque's mouse problem has been solved. However, the exterminator, who captured the single mouse alive, tells them that the mosque is unusable for a few days due to fumigation fumes that need to subside.

Kareem and Yasir meet yet again to go over the offer and Yasir says he's done playing games with the offer. Kareem says he looks up to Yasir and that is why he swaggers a bit and agrees to gives the initial offer.

J.J. meets with Kareem and Noora about the pending divorce and Amaar enters and tells everybody that the mosque is unavailable for the wedding and everybody starts arguing at this point.