Little Mosque on the Prairie

Season 1 Episode 4

Swimming Upstream

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2007 on CBC
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Rayaan and her mother have an argument over the swimming schedule at the local pool.

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  • This episode is about halloween and women having their own seperate swimming time.

    This is one of my favourite episodes ever! The show is now into its second season but this is my favourite out of all of them. Baber was having trouble dealing with allowing his daughter to go out for Halloween because it is not Islamic. With Fatima's help he come up with a compromise. He even gets into the spirit himself. I am a Muslim & think it was all in good fun. I don't think people watching the show would believe that Muslims are in the Taliban & Baber saying he was a terrorist shouldn't be taken seriously. I laughed & so did my more traditional parents. Fatima & Rayyan going swimming was good too. Loved this one!moreless
  • One good, one bad plotline

    I really enjoyed Rayaan and Fatima's storyline. It was very clever and funny. It made a lot of sense for Rayaan to get caught up in the principle of having a female lifeguard, and losing sight of Fatima's predicament. I liked the other women's reaction to Fatima's Islamic bathing suit. I did not, however, enjoy the Halaloween plotline. It was totally out of character for Baber to enjoy chasing children, yelling "Osama's going to get you!" I even found it a little offensive. Baber is strict, but would he really enjoy his everyday clothes being mistaken for a terrorist constume? I don't think so.moreless
  • A great episode....

    This episode has made me fall back in love with this series. I didn't really enjoy the last two episodes because they weren't that funny but finally this one cracked me up. Baber's love with "Halal-oween" was the first time I actually laughed during this series. "Run away, Osama's gonna get you" LoL. The discussion about women's privacy in Islam was good because it wasn't shoved down our throats but rather made a major plot point. I thought the Chinese take out a clever and smart way to end this wonderful episode. I hope the series continues on this pathmoreless
Jonas Chernick

Jonas Chernick


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Julian Kennedy

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Dianne Latchford

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Aliza Vellani

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    • Amaar: The only solution is, having an Islamic version. Well call it Hahlalaween.
      Baber: You're mocking me.
      Amaar: I'm serious. The kids can get dressed up like non human figures from the Koran.
      Layla: Like, what, a fig?
      Amaar: That's good, or an olive or a date.

    • (Baber enters office)
      Baber: I thought you might need some help with your Friday sermon.
      Amaar: You did see the do not disturb sign on my door?
      Baber: Ah yes. Don't worry, I won't let anyone disturb you.
      Amaar: Baber, I need time in my day for spiritual reflection.
      Baber: Will the devil care about your do not disturb sign when he comes knocking?
      Amaar: Okay, I'll bite. Why should the devil come knocking?
      Baber: (shouts) To get some candy!
      Amaar: Ah. Halloween?
      Baber: It is pagan witchcraft. When I was Imam, my anti Halloween sermon, it was the highlight of the year.
      Amaar: I'm sure it was for you. Fine. If you leave, I'll contemplate mentioning Halloween in my sermon. (pause) What?
      Baber: Are you contemplating?
      Amaar: Are you leaving?

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