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AIRED ON 11/19/2013

Season 12 : Episode 4

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Little People, Big World is a reality television series which follows the six-member Roloff family farm near Portland, Oregon. Many of the episodes focus on the parents, Matt and Amy, and one of their sons, Zach, who are Little People. The family was introduced in an hour-long TLC special in 2005.

("The original vision for TLC's 'Little People Big World' was to promote diversity and inspire individuals with disabilities to face life's challenges with courage – all through the story of the Roloff family. They continue to strive toward this original vision to date...After 200 plus episodes and currently filming 'Specials,' the show has become to mean more to its millions of fans worldwide.'Little People Big World' chronicles the journey of the Roloff family. Aside from sharing the day to day experiences of a family with four children and a business to run, it has been a tale of personal growth, celebrations and tragedies, adventures and the many milestones encountered by this unique and amazing family. As Matt says, 'It has been an honor to open our doors and hearts to share our lives with the world knowing that we've shown the power of a loving family and the fact that we all are more alike than different.'" --The Roloff Family)

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  • I just Love Your Show but...

    Your show is the greatest. I am so tired of watching these crime shows, and when I tuned into your show it brought me right back to when I was growing up, and what a good healthy family show is all about. The only sad thing is, your separation. After 27 years of putting up with each other, I would think that by now you two would be use to each others ways. I was married for 30, my husband died, but we learned to compromise, and if he was still here today, I know we would be still together. I would like to see your family reunited, and be happy. Do it not only for your selves but your viewers as well. Bring back the good old days when families stayed together, kids or no kids. Believe me being without the one you've shared most of your life with is very lonely and sad. Thanks for bringing back a good loving fun family show! Sincerely, Susie Spencermoreless
  • Another Show On Its Last Leg

    I loved the earlier seasons of LPBW and think they are well worth owning on DVD. The last couple of years have seen the show go in a different and not better direction. Seeing Amy struggle against Matt on finances was great and relatable, but now they have gone off the deep end with a huge remodel job, lavish vacations, and seemingly rewarding the kids for bad behavior. Somewhere along the way, it has gone from being about the family and more the "Matt & Amy: Look How Important We Are" show. I am tired of seeing episode after episode of Matt talking about what a smart businessman he is and trying to fashion himself the savior of Little People everywhere.moreless
  • I love this show. However Zach can be VERY disrepectful towards his dad. Children need to always remember that you may not like or agree with your parents at times, but you should always respect them. NO MATTER WHAT! Especially when america is watching.moreless

    I feel that this show is very informative and real.

    Amy does need help in cleaning the house. The kids are old enough to so this, without paying them. They made the mess so clean it up. You are blessed to have alot more than the average family. It appears that Zach takes alot of this for granted. Only because of the disrepectful way he occasionally speaks to his father. Amy you and your brother said once that your kids are monsters. This is sooooo true.

    However, they are good kids and you are blessed. Just always remember REPECT! in verything you say and do.

    Good Luck and always remember amercia is watching you.moreless
  • love the show and there very happy wish i had family to talk to.i feel alone

    just love the show.i watch it all the record it.i just wish i had a family that we can have good times like the holidays are a bummer for me. dont know my side of family at all.and my dads past away.and my mom wont have nothing to do with me.because she could not stand my here i am alone.i got married just have my husband.but wish i could talk to family and see them and your show keps me going.and smiling.keep up the good work.i wish i was close would love to met the family.thay are so sweet.moreless
  • I reaaly enjoy this program because, although I'm not a dwarf, I am only 4 ft.10in. tall at thirty six years old. I can definately relate to the Roloff family. Besides that, it is just an all around good show.moreless

    Many people go through life with not ever really giving much thought to those of a shorter stature. They generally only think in reguards to their heighth level , which leaves those of us that are smallerto learn to accomodate ourselves somehow to their big world. When I first saw an episode of Little People, Big World, I was so amazed at just the fact that there were actually other people out there who were experiencing life from a shorter perspective , and not complaining about it, but letting the world gain awareness on the matter, it caught my attention.moreless

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