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  • The Roloff 's from 6 to 8 and growing

    I cannot wait week and week to watch the show. seeing the growth of the grandchildren. I also love seeing chris. he is a handsome man. amy is so lucky to have this man man. I hope matt is happy with karen. matt should move off that farm and just keep it a business. amy will never run that farm . maybe one day chris will see what she is really like. I love the show anyway. little drama helps and if its all perfect it would not be a show.
  • I just Love Your Show but...

    Your show is the greatest. I am so tired of watching these crime shows, and when I tuned into your show it brought me right back to when I was growing up, and what a good healthy family show is all about. The only sad thing is, your separation. After 27 years of putting up with each other, I would think that by now you two would be use to each others ways. I was married for 30, my husband died, but we learned to compromise, and if he was still here today, I know we would be still together. I would like to see your family reunited, and be happy. Do it not only for your selves but your viewers as well. Bring back the good old days when families stayed together, kids or no kids. Believe me being without the one you've shared most of your life with is very lonely and sad. Thanks for bringing back a good loving fun family show! Sincerely, Susie Spencer
  • Another Show On Its Last Leg

    I loved the earlier seasons of LPBW and think they are well worth owning on DVD. The last couple of years have seen the show go in a different and not better direction. Seeing Amy struggle against Matt on finances was great and relatable, but now they have gone off the deep end with a huge remodel job, lavish vacations, and seemingly rewarding the kids for bad behavior. Somewhere along the way, it has gone from being about the family and more the "Matt & Amy: Look How Important We Are" show. I am tired of seeing episode after episode of Matt talking about what a smart businessman he is and trying to fashion himself the savior of Little People everywhere.
  • I love this show. However Zach can be VERY disrepectful towards his dad. Children need to always remember that you may not like or agree with your parents at times, but you should always respect them. NO MATTER WHAT! Especially when america is watching.

    I feel that this show is very informative and real.
    Amy does need help in cleaning the house. The kids are old enough to so this, without paying them. They made the mess so clean it up. You are blessed to have alot more than the average family. It appears that Zach takes alot of this for granted. Only because of the disrepectful way he occasionally speaks to his father. Amy you and your brother said once that your kids are monsters. This is sooooo true.
    However, they are good kids and you are blessed. Just always remember REPECT! in verything you say and do.
    Good Luck and always remember amercia is watching you.
  • love the show and there very happy wish i had family to talk to.i feel alone

    just love the show.i watch it all the record it.i just wish i had a family that we can have good times like the holidays are a bummer for me. dont know my side of family at all.and my dads past away.and my mom wont have nothing to do with me.because she could not stand my here i am alone.i got married just have my husband.but wish i could talk to family and see them and your show keps me going.and smiling.keep up the good work.i wish i was close would love to met the family.thay are so sweet.
  • I reaaly enjoy this program because, although I'm not a dwarf, I am only 4 ft.10in. tall at thirty six years old. I can definately relate to the Roloff family. Besides that, it is just an all around good show.

    Many people go through life with not ever really giving much thought to those of a shorter stature. They generally only think in reguards to their heighth level , which leaves those of us that are smallerto learn to accomodate ourselves somehow to their big world. When I first saw an episode of Little People, Big World, I was so amazed at just the fact that there were actually other people out there who were experiencing life from a shorter perspective , and not complaining about it, but letting the world gain awareness on the matter, it caught my attention.
  • The Rolof Family My Favorite

    I absolutely love this show. I can not wait until the next episode comes on. I would love to meet this family because I think they represent what this country is about and that is determination, deliberation, and soul. I enjoy each of the characters that make this family unique and I have myself been motivated and encouraged to reach for the stars in my own life due to watching the Rolof family reach for theirs. To Matt and Amy I want to say that I think you have four beautiful children who appear to be well raised. Good Job!
  • Nice diversion.

    To be completely honest, I used to despise this show. I thought it was too dramatic, and they were way too mean to each other. But now, oddly, I'm starting to like it more and more. It's still not my favorite, but if someone in my family is watching it, I won't leave the room. This is a good way to learn about how people who are different than the "normal" American live in our "big" world. I've found myself thinking what it would be like to be a dwarf, or what it would be like to have dwarf siblings and/or parents. Interesting show, it's a good show to watch when you are waiting for a more exciting show to come on and you have nothing to do. ;)
  • Awesome........Awesome........Awesome...... Real life challenges and propper ways of handling them! No Fake plots or story lines...A+++

    This show is all thumbs up! ! I have a family of five with three children ages 9,6,2 and this show is something all of us enjoy. Real life issues and propper ways of handling them. This show is soo addicting and marvolous.!!!! Matt and Amy (parents ) are wonderful parents and the kids are well mannored. This is a show you can deffinatly sit down as a family and watch with laughs and conversations. Way to go discovery channel and tlc!!!! Its about time they get back to the heart of the family! This television show is something you can watch with out fear of what your kids may see. It has appropriate language and real family issues. No fake plots or story lines. Every season gets better and better. I think it is because you just keep getting more attached. I love this show, my kids love this show, and my husband loves this show. That is truely something that does not happen offen.
  • I don't understand why they don't hire a housemaker. It must be over whelming for Amy to keep up a house and take care of 4 kids. It reflects in the why her house looks. Being on TV it seems like they would at least want their house to look clean.

    I like the show. But it all seems to be very unorganized. The house is dirty & messy, the kids are disrespectful. Amy needs to disciple her childern. The show doesn't have a good story line, it is all over the place. Jeremy is to young to be going steady with a girl. I don't like my teenagers to watch the show. I would like it better if Mat & Amy appeared to get along better. They seem to always disagree about things and fight. Amy does not act very nice towards Mat. However it is amazing what they have accomplished.
  • It's cool to see how different people live

    The Roloff's has it all-a nice home, great kids and TV show. And they just happen to be little people. It's interesting, and I love how close knit they are. I always wonder, even though they are a perfectly lovely family-if the parents, who are both short statured, ever have problems disciplining their 3 normal height children or even their 1 short son? It doesn't seem so. And, in fact, the Roloff's(especially the father) embark on more adventures and special projects than most conventional families I know. LPBW is an inspirational show. It's proven to me that people can accomplish so many things.
  • I really enjoy this program. I've been inspired by this family. Even those they have physical problems they still hold their heads up high. I have some physical problems due to Parkinson's and because of The Roloff they have inspired me not to be ashame.

    Thanks so much to the Roloff family for allowing us as Americans to see your life as you live it. This is the best TV program ever. I hope it will continue to be televised on TV so we as a family can watch it. It takes alot of courage to be on television but you all are the greatest. Every espisode is better than the one before and I think it can't get any better than this but it always does. This is real life and for Matt, Amy, and children you're doing a great job so keep up the good work. As for me and my family we want more. God bless the Roloff family!!!
  • Little People, Big World is interesting and quite funny. The show about the Roloff Family that airs on TLC.

    The show is about the Roloff Family. The parents Matt and Amy are little people and one of their twins sons Zach is also a little person. The also have three other children Jeremy (Zach's twin brother), Molly and Jacob who are of average height. The family lives on a large farm in Oregon. Matt decided to develop the farm into a place that everyone could enjoy because, when he was younger he spent a lot of his childhood in the hospital. The shows gives us insight into how the family lives and works. The show really explains and gives the viewers insight into some of the difficulties that little people have and that they are just as average size people. The Roloff family shows a lot of togetherness and love, but they also fight and don't get along all the time like all normal families.
  • A very funny and positive show.

    This is the story of the day-to-day family life of the Roloffs, most of whom are little people. They stick together in almost all activities, a refreshing thing to see for any family. The more you watch the show, the more you'll get to like the people. (I haven't gotten their book yet, but I'm looking forward to doing so.)

    The father, Matt, used to be a wrestler in school. He was very strong, and can still shut down opponents with a pin move in a hurry. When the family goes on a picnic, it's a madhouse-- just like everyone else. Whether it's the kids' school issues, or life in the Roloff home, you'll find out this family reminds you a lot of your own. This show is a lot of fun.
  • This show is about a family of 6, 3 are normal size and 3 are little people they have something called LPS or little people syndrome. The show focuses on there triles and tribulations of everyday life. Its really good.

    Imagine living in a family of 6 people, 3 of them are normal height and the other 3 are dwarves. Little people Big World allows its viewers to live out that image I tried to put in your head. Let me tell you about the Roloffs, The parents are both little people the dads name is Matt, and the moms name is Amy. Matt is a salesperson, and entrepreneur, and an advocate for the rights of little people. Where Amy only holds two jobs, the first one is part time for a local soccer club and the second one is as a preschool teacher. Now the kids, Matt and Amy have fraternal twins named Zach and Jeremy. However no one believes they are twins because Zach is a little person and Jeremy isn't. While Zach is more like his mom and earns mostly A's and B's Jeremy takes more after his dad. The only girl in the family is named Molly, she is an average sized person is skilled in volleyball, maintains a 4.0 in school, and shares a birthday with her mom. That brings us to the youngest Roloff, Jacob, he is also an average sized person. Jacob is a skilled soccer player and is coached by his mom. The Roloffs own a Farm located outside Portland Ore. it sits on 34 acres of land. And in the Farm there are many different places for kids to go and play, so its basically one big playground.
  • this prigramme really is the best

    not only does it give a understand of little people and there feelings but this programme is enjoyable and i love watchin every sunday it really is the best id reccoemend it to everyone :)

    i think the family are fantastic and i wish them all the best xxxxxxxxxx

    not only does it give a understand of little people and there feelings but this programme is enjoyable and i love watchin every sunday it really is the best id reccoemend it to everyone :)

    i think the family are fantastic and i wish them all the best xxxxxxxxxx
    not only does it give a understand of little people and there feelings but this programme is enjoyable and i love watchin every sunday it really is the best id reccoemend it to everyone :)

    i think the family are fantastic and i wish them all the best xxxxxxxxxx
  • This show is really addicting and informative.

    Little people are often looked down upon by society as not being able to lead normal lives. This show definately shows people how wrong people are! Little People, Big World shoes how little people overcome obstacles in their lives and shows that they can do everything average-sized people can. The series is not only informative, but it is really fun to watch. Every episode introduces something new such as a soccer tournament, Matt Roloff and a new project, someone coming over to visit, or life on the farm. I am hooked on this series and I have to say that it is one of the best shows of it's kind.
  • Little People, Big World is a reality series where it shows the life of a little people family who resident in Oregon.

    Little People, Big World is a great reality series because it is a true and genuine show that brings total strangers into their lives by a camera. The camera doesn't mean invasion or intrude, however, it means welcome and acceptance of the life that they have to live. This is a true reality series unlike The Girls Next Door or I Love New York. Matt and Amy Roloff show how difficult it can be to raise their four children especially having a smaller stature, yet it doesn't deter them from the love and attention that they give to their four children. The most important aspect of the show is the social impact that Matt and Amy want other people to understand and comprehend is that little people are just the same as big people except that they have to do all same things in a different way. Of the four children, Zach is only the little person while Jeremy is his twin but he is not a little person. The only two children are Jacob and Molly. Overall, it is a very educational show because it visually coerces the audience to understand the struggles and adversity that Matt and Amy have and had to go through.
  • I am inspired by the mental and physical stanima of all the Roloffs, their families and friends. As an average size person, I have found the Roloffs remarkable. They show drive to succeed in all areas of their lives. A valuable lesson for all of us.

    I enjoy seeing what the Roloffs have been up to from show to show. I especially enjoy Marathons of the show. I admire each person on this show and look forward to seeing more from them in the future. I recently took a test to find out which Roloff I was most like. Since I am an average sized woman and 60 years old I was both pleased and surprised to find out that I am most like the twin, Zach. This is a wonderful show for all ages and sizes to watch. This show is both entertaining and educational.
  • Awesome!!

    This show is great. The whole idea of a family with such great chemistry with the audience and each other blows my mind. I luv the marathons too... I think it is awesome how even though they have a lot of stuff that they need to work around and a lot of difficulties, they still take it on and act like its nothing.. It really amazes me. I am really happy that they seem to be doing well, and hope the best for them with their family life and tv show. I know I'm not the only one watching it, because I know how great it is!!!
  • In Australia we just started season 2.

    I have worked with litte people in Australia for 6 years. This show is great for all walks of life to see real family, real humans and real people with a diffrent look on life. In Austrlia we suck at how we treat them. Me and my wife want to adop a child who is little but with a huge heart of love. I can understand were Matt is coming from and Army is a mother roll figer for all parents who has children with a disability (any). I have a disability and my parents do have nothing to do with me and my family. The Rolloffs have a lot of faith in God (which i am that a witness to faith - I am Catholic Lay Minster) in my own life strages. I am very proud of the Rolloffs for nothing gets them down. Family means this:
    Love You
    Thats what i see in each one eyes and the way they do things.
  • this is great show..

    well, for the 1st time i watch this show, i never thought that this kind of people out there. in my country i never see or even meet this little people. when i watch this series i wonder how they live and survive. this show catch my attention and i never miss the series. even my little siste, age 7 yrs old love to join me too. she said they are really cute. wish i can meet this remarkable family and i'm so exciting about their life. congratulations to Matt and Amy, you are superb mum and dad. love you guys and God bless..
  • I just started watching Little People It is one of the best shows that I have ever watched. You have guts and are not affraid to show it to the world.

    Keep up the ggod work and keep trucking Matt you are doing great. Amy my hat is off to you cause of the way you handle yourself. The kids are great as well but I am sure they have their fights just like everyone else does.I admire Matt, Amy and all the kids for puttint their life out there for the whole world to see. You all have my support.
  • Good!!

    This show is OK. I love it. It just what I need when I get home from a bad day at work. It’s entertaining full of laughs and makes me want to never move again. It really captures the free spirit of media and keeps you wanting and guessing for more. It’s the kind of show that you don’t need to constantly watch in order to get the whole spectrum of what’s going on, I really like that, that way you can do multiple things at once. If you feel like it that is. This is defiantly one of my favorite shows.
  • This is such an entertaining and informative family show. I wish I had found it before last year. I initially thought it was just one of those Reality Shows but to my surprise it is a wonderful, real Family Show. Thanks

    This is with out a doubt one of the best shows on TV. A real life Family with all our problems and more. They show what a real family does and should do. Their parenting is great. And it is really something to see how the Family grows together. It really shows how to deal with Medical issues within a Family and the support they show one another. The episode where the boys were going to the Winter Carnival really showed how all the kids supported Zack. And kudos to him that he finally went.I look forward to the coming new episodes. Thanks
  • Little people, big world is not only entertaining but influential.

    Who couldn't fall in love with this show. The family is very close and very nice. Even if they didn't have little people in the show. I would still watch it because there lives are interesting. Little people, big world is not only entertaining but influential. The parents are loving. The kids are well... just like me. I'm 16 and can relate to all the kids. This program shows that even if your a little person, your just like everyone else.
  • Little people big world is a pretty good show that shows us what little people have to go through on a daily basis

    Little people Big world is a ok show that shows us who are not well darwf to appreciate how we are. They follow the Roloph family and we get to see what they go through on a day to day basis.They show the struggles that Zach goes through trying to keep up with his brother and their friends. I like this show because i like to see ways they get through it like when they cant reach somthing like the gas peddles on their cars or with zach and his bike and how they got him one that was custom made.
  • A charming and heart warming reality show that follows the lives of the Roloffs who juggle family, kids, jobs, school, soccer and running a farm.

    I love this show. To me it's one of those shows that I have to watch and when it's not on I can't wait for the next. There is something about the family and their closeness that I just find interesting. Also, to see what little people have to go through while at the same time face people who look at them like little aliens and call them names makes you think about the little problems in our lives and know that maybe some of us don't have it so bad. Matt Roloff's struggle to make life easier for his family and all little people in general is an inspiration to all. Both Matt and his wife juggle everyday life, work, chores, kids, the kids extracurricular activities, the kids school and all the while do this while being a little person. What a great show! What a great family to give a realty show to!
  • great show....what a refreshing way to spend time watching tv....a positive effect...inspirational.....Amie should really thank God she has such a nice man like Matt.......

    a wonderful, inspirational show, this family is quite a positive family, in spite of every thing that has happened to them the parents handle it all just great!!! it's a nice show that you don't mind for children to watc also, un fact, it might just do some kids some good to see....

    Amie is a lucky woman to have found such a nice man like MATT...he is quite the character, fun to have around, he likes adventure,which keeps the family going...not too many men are like this now adays....GOOOOOO these men what a real man is like....AMIE be good to to your dad
  • The best reality show on telivision period.

    This is the best reality show on telivision. It is so surprizing that the best reality show isnt on a big network; those big net works have boring reality show, TLC has \"Little People, Big World\". I love watching this family and I want it on more because I just cant get enough of them.

    Matt: He is the dad and a very creative man that wants his childen to live the dreams he never had as a child.

    Amy: A loving mom which is the best TV mom on telivsion. She deals with the stress of her husbands dicesions and the stress of her kids.

    Jermey: He is the twin of Zac who used to have all that hair but now its gone. He is the twin of Zac and really close to him and Jeremy seems to be a nice person.

    Zac: The only dwarf kid the Matt & Amy. He is the twin of Jermemy though they are diffrent hight. Zac has the love of soccer though he dosent have the hight to play profesional soccer though he is great at the sport.

    Molly: She is a smart and dosent steep down to her brothers on the show, her brothers are wild and she seems soft.

    Jacob: He is my favorite character on the show. I just love Jacobs chacter on the show. He is to cute, enengedic, hurtable. There are only two seasons and the second season has yet to be finished. Jacob got into a bike accident, shoved into the ground by Zac, bit by a jellyfish, some how hurt his upper leg & nail in his foot building a fort, and got hit in the head several time with a sement block I think that put him in the hospital but he survied. WOW.

    This is serously the best reality show on telivision and I will be looking for more of Little People Big World.
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