Little Princess

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  • Innocent, sweet and funny

    My four year old is absolutely addicted to this show. I can see why! It is so funny yet innocent and it teaches kids in this age group valuable lessons. You get hooked on the characters and the voices match up well. I give it five stars!
  • Horrible show

    this is just pure trash.The little princess is a spoiled brat who always thinks she can get what she wants in a split second,She whines all the time and if she doesn't get what she want she'll throw a giant tantrum and runs away.The episodes are stupid plus the narrator has a horrible voice.Please cancel this and bring back the old and great TV!
  • Not a bad kids show

    A cute children's show about a little princess.

    Although this doesn't quite have the appeal of The Teletubbies or In The Night Garden for many younger children it's still a very entertaining show for the young family members in my family and also teaches them important lessons as they watch.

    The thing I find most enjoyable, however, is how similar the Little Princess is to so many little girls, I know she bares a resemblence to me as a child too.

    The one main off-putting thing, however, is the voiceover, which I believe is provided by Julian Clary. His voice is very condecending and it sounds like he really doesn't want to be there.