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  • Little Rascals is a one-of-a-kind classic show that is often misunderstood and unfortunately not so easily accessible for viewing due to crazy people's views on racism.

    I love the show The Little Rascals also known as "our Gang". The show is amazing and a true classic. It is important to realize that the show was filmed in the 1920's?..I think and I believe the lack of technology at that time contributed to the stupidity of those who view the sho as racist. Basically all the kids are one gang just trying to enjoy the day, make some money, skip school, and eat something good and all the adults seem to prevent their fun from happening. Now the quality of the film and the lack of high tech lighting contribute to a stereotypical image of the African-American children in the show. Their skin appears very dark and their eyes are contrasted also appearing overly white. This was not due to racial profiling but rather to the lack of technology at the time....Just like old Shirley Temple movies. All the kids had their quirks and personalities and one is funnier than the next. I grew up watching the Little Rascals and I can assure you that the only impressions I was left with was how incredible all the young actors & actresses were and how jealous I was to not have had a childhood gang so fun and diverse of my own. Pleqase make some time for a blast from the past if you have the opportunity to sit down and watch some shows for yourself and you can certainly enjoy them with both an older relative and any child today. Racism comes from the ignorance of a family usually past down from previous generations. It is a disease and a crime against all humanity and does not imply anti-black only. It is ignorance toward any race, religion, sexualorientation, etc... perpetuated by the hate or lack of understanding of any individual or group. The Little Rascals only promoted togetherness and a laugh. Bring the back!!
  • I wish they would bring The Little Rascals back.

    I always watched The Little Rascals when I was growing up and I always enjoyed it I once wore my hair like Alfalfa did. I have a book on the Little Rascals that talks about everything about The Little Rascals I hope that one day they bring The Little Rascals back on t.v. so the kids of today can see what their parents and granparents and even their great grandparents watched when they were little kids. It was almost always funny just about everything those Little Rascals did or said or all of the funny things the adults did too or even said.
  • This show is and still will always make my day. I still remember waking on Sunday morings getting up to watch the little rascals. I even told some kids one time my name was spanky.

    Kids today need to learn how to make things on there own, Like skateboards, bikes, etc. Thats what the little rascals taught me make things on yuor own if you couldn't afford it.I'll always watch the little rascals and they must be in black & white no color it's just not the same.My friends and I watch and talk about the show and act out parts of the show. Parts like whats 3and 1 oil , I wanna be a street sweeper boy do they pick up those nickles, my best show is the shipping clerk(Spanky) when he a little boy.
  • I love this episode and think back on it fondly.

    I love this episode for two reasons. It is a slice of life story as well as containing some terrific comedic moments.

    We should keep in mind that this story was filmed in 1937 while much of America was still suffering from the Great Depression and many, many families did not enjoy even the humble pleasantry the Hoods seemed to. A fine looking home, well kept, with new appliances in the kitchen, everything seemingly in good condition, a piano in the parlor, a complete dinner meal served on a well set table. The children seemed healthy, well fed, polite and happy. Darla was accustomed to inviting her friends over and when the doorbell rang and the three Rascals entered they all removed their headgear at their earliest convenience.

    Then there are the presents and the squabble over who's the strongest, Tarzan or Flash Gordon and finally the mounting tension over what else can be done to spoil Mr. Hood's Birthday dinner.

    The two songs are classic. The one they sing as they make their gift presentations and then Alfalfa's more formal performance are just great.

    At the close of the story you have laughed and felt sympathy over the father's plight and been drawn into their concerns in a pleasant and entertaining manner. And it is remarkable that such a simple little story can remain fresh in your memory for decades and decades.

    When you go to youtube and watch it it will seem like only yesterday that you saw it the first time.

    A perfect 10.
  • Legendary

    Little Rascals will always be one of those classic shows. When you mention the Little Rascals people don't look confused and ask what it is. They recognize the name, even if they've never watched the show. I personally love this show. I wasn't alive during the time it was on television, but I've saw reruns. My papaw introduced me to the show and got me hooked on it. It's just so cute, and I love how innocent it was. Alf Alfa was my favorite! It really brings you back to the good old days. Little Rascals is one of those shows that has stood the test of time. And hopefully future generations will continue to watch the Little Rascals, and be able to appreciate the wonderful comedy it is.
  • Terrific Show! Such a classic!

    I love The Little Rascals. It is such a classic! The kids are amazing! The gang is great! My favorite episodes are Readin' and Writin', The Kid From Borneo, and For Pete's Sake. My favorite person in the gang is Stymie because he is so cool! I also love his younger sibling. I forget if it is a he or she, but it is so funny, especially in For Pete's Sake because she or he gets stuck everywhere. The dog Pete is a great character! He is awesome! This show has been really successful since it has started in 1922. That's a long time!
  • A terrific but misunderstood series.

    My father exposed me to this series and I grew up watching them. I'm the third generation in my family to watch this show. I think it's an excellent series, where kids grow and play with each other, regardless of what their races or religions or sexes are. What I can't understand is that some people find this series to be a racist show. There is really nothing racist about it; well, some of the things that occur in some episodes might be consider racist today, but not during that time. When people watch this, they must understand that times change and that some things that were considered decent are not considered decent today. This series must be shown on TV again and/or should have many, many more episodes released to DVD. Please check this series out.
  • Kids at thier best and worst in a time of innocence. In a time when playing yet required creativity, a time before the concept of toys that do all the playing. Playing required something besides batteries. Great fun!

    Great show. It's a shame there is no one showings these classics now days. No sex, no slaughter, just good fun! Compares to the great trilogy by Booth Tarkington, Penrod, Penrod and Sam and Penod Jashber.
    Circuses in the back yard, downhill racers made of packing crates, misguided, fumbling first crushes at an age when girls were still verboten.
    And best of all, buddies figuring out solutions to youthful quandries such as long. boring summer days.

  • Never seen it except for a bunch of clips & synopsis'.

    I`ve never really seen a full episode. Really. But my mom has told me all about it. She watched when she was little. I wish I could see it. And I know about the kids real lives. My mom told me. I think they should release a digitally remastered DVD of the show`s first season. Even though it`s in black & white I still think I would like just as much.