Little Rascals

TELETOON (ended 1944)


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  • This show is and still will always make my day. I still remember waking on Sunday morings getting up to watch the little rascals. I even told some kids one time my name was spanky.

    Kids today need to learn how to make things on there own, Like skateboards, bikes, etc. Thats what the little rascals taught me make things on yuor own if you couldn't afford it.I'll always watch the little rascals and they must be in black & white no color it's just not the same.My friends and I watch and talk about the show and act out parts of the show. Parts like whats 3and 1 oil , I wanna be a street sweeper boy do they pick up those nickles, my best show is the shipping clerk(Spanky) when he a little boy.