Little Rascals

TELETOON (ended 1944)


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  • I love this episode and think back on it fondly.

    I love this episode for two reasons. It is a slice of life story as well as containing some terrific comedic moments.

    We should keep in mind that this story was filmed in 1937 while much of America was still suffering from the Great Depression and many, many families did not enjoy even the humble pleasantry the Hoods seemed to. A fine looking home, well kept, with new appliances in the kitchen, everything seemingly in good condition, a piano in the parlor, a complete dinner meal served on a well set table. The children seemed healthy, well fed, polite and happy. Darla was accustomed to inviting her friends over and when the doorbell rang and the three Rascals entered they all removed their headgear at their earliest convenience.

    Then there are the presents and the squabble over who's the strongest, Tarzan or Flash Gordon and finally the mounting tension over what else can be done to spoil Mr. Hood's Birthday dinner.

    The two songs are classic. The one they sing as they make their gift presentations and then Alfalfa's more formal performance are just great.

    At the close of the story you have laughed and felt sympathy over the father's plight and been drawn into their concerns in a pleasant and entertaining manner. And it is remarkable that such a simple little story can remain fresh in your memory for decades and decades.

    When you go to youtube and watch it it will seem like only yesterday that you saw it the first time.

    A perfect 10.