Little Rascals

TELETOON (ended 1944)


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  • Little Rascals is a one-of-a-kind classic show that is often misunderstood and unfortunately not so easily accessible for viewing due to crazy people's views on racism.

    I love the show The Little Rascals also known as "our Gang". The show is amazing and a true classic. It is important to realize that the show was filmed in the 1920's?..I think and I believe the lack of technology at that time contributed to the stupidity of those who view the sho as racist. Basically all the kids are one gang just trying to enjoy the day, make some money, skip school, and eat something good and all the adults seem to prevent their fun from happening. Now the quality of the film and the lack of high tech lighting contribute to a stereotypical image of the African-American children in the show. Their skin appears very dark and their eyes are contrasted also appearing overly white. This was not due to racial profiling but rather to the lack of technology at the time....Just like old Shirley Temple movies. All the kids had their quirks and personalities and one is funnier than the next. I grew up watching the Little Rascals and I can assure you that the only impressions I was left with was how incredible all the young actors & actresses were and how jealous I was to not have had a childhood gang so fun and diverse of my own. Pleqase make some time for a blast from the past if you have the opportunity to sit down and watch some shows for yourself and you can certainly enjoy them with both an older relative and any child today. Racism comes from the ignorance of a family usually past down from previous generations. It is a disease and a crime against all humanity and does not imply anti-black only. It is ignorance toward any race, religion, sexualorientation, etc... perpetuated by the hate or lack of understanding of any individual or group. The Little Rascals only promoted togetherness and a laugh. Bring the back!!