Little Rascals - Season 22

TELETOON (ended 1944)



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Episode Guide

  • Dancing Romeo
    Dancing Romeo
    Episode 5
    Froggy is lovesick: the girl of his dreams, Marilyn, can only think of dancing, which keeps her in the company of her dance partner, Gerald. Froggy announces that he's going to give a special dance recital, and rigs a contraption that allows him to make tremendous leaps into the air.
  • Tale Of A Dog
    Tale Of A Dog
    Episode 4
    Froggy, Mickey and Janet overhear Buckwheat talking to his friend, Big Shot, about giving his dog, Smallpox, to the gang. Misunderstanding, the gang warns the whole neighborhood about the impending epidemic.
  • Radio Bugs
    Radio Bugs
    Episode 3
    The gang set out to become radio comedians and start looking for a sponsor. They drop by a dentist's office, where their corny jokes make the patients feel worse. An actor suggests that they take up drama, so they audition for some funeral directors, who end up laughing at them.
  • Three Smart Guys
    Three Smart Guys
    Episode 2
    The boys have decided that they're going to disrupt the class so that their teacher will send them home. This way, they can go fishing. When the teacher learns of their plans, she makes them stay after school. The next day, they play hooky and go fishing anyway. While there, a fisherman lectures them about the importance of an education.moreless
  • Little Miss Pinkerton
    The gang arrive at the local department store to look over murder clues that the store has placed in a display window. Whoever solves the mystery wins $100. Unfortunately, the crowd is too big for them to see anything, so the janitor allows them to enter the store on Sunday when it's closed. While there, a couple of burglars arrive to crack open the store safe, and end up killing the janitor. The gang hides, but are soon discovered by the bad guys, who "take them for a ride." Janet, however, is not discovered, so she tries to convince the cops that the boys have been kidnapped. Unsuccessful, she recruits the neighborhood kids.moreless
  • Another Test
    Another test episode.
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