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  • Season 13 Episode 6: Beginner's Luck

  • When Spanky's mom finally manages to snag his boot lace with the long theater pole, he falls down and the pole comes free from the boot. But in the next shot she's pulling him by the boot as if the pole magically reinserted itself.

  • Season 11 Episode 2: Free Wheeling

  • Locations:
    The taxi in early scenes makes its way down Motor Avenue in the Palms section. It stops to pick up Dorothy at 3451 Motor Avenue. The taxi then does a U-turn (off-camera) to travel north on Motor. The scene where the "gang" member gets swatted by the extending bumper is just before Woodbine. Visible in the distance is the "Peoples Water Company" building at thew corner of Woodbine and Motor. The area had changed dramatically in 80 years, but the PWC building is still standing, and although remodeled numerous times, it is easy to tell it is the smae building. "Dorothy's" house (and the one adjacent to it) look very much the same today as they did in 1932. This is amazing, as the Palms district of Los Angeles was rezoned for high-density housing in the 1960's. As a result, the majority of the original homes were either razed, or had a apartment complex put up in their former back yard.

    One early casuality was Dickie Moore's "home" on Irene Street. The front of this largehouse faced Motor Avenue, and could been seen from afar by those traveling on Motor. This house was likely torn down by the late 1950's when the Santa Monica freeway was under construction. Both Irene Street and Motor Avenue were redirected to accommodate the superhighway.

  • Season 11 Episode 1: Hook And Ladder

  • During Spanky's initial inspection of his organized fire department, and after telling several members to look sharp, he turned around to the formation and said:

    "Remember men, we're just ______________, we don't get no pay"

    A. Volunteers
    B. Firefighters
    C. Kids
    D Volume-teers

  • Season 5 Episode 10: Baby Brother

  • The Iceman is played by Oliver Hardy.

  • Season 5 Episode 6: Seeing The World

  • In the scene with the English chauffeur, both the chauffeur and the steering wheel switch sides depending on whether the shot was filmed in the UK (rear view) or the US (forward view).

  • Season 4 Episode 10: Thundering Fleas

  • The first person to get an attack of the fleas (and lose his trousers in the process) is Oliver Hardy (without Laurel).

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Young Sherlocks

  • An early title card introduces Jackie Condon as "Jackie."
    Not surprising. But during the Freetown sequence, we see a banner that indicates that "Ernie" is the mayor and "Mickey" is the chief of police. Then we see, on a podium, Ernie Morrison dressed as the mayor (with top hat), and Jackie Condon dressed in a police uniform. Apparently, it was intended for Jackie to be known as "Mickey" when the film was being shot, but when H.M. Walker prepared the title cards, he naturally referred to the boy as "Jackie."

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