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Liv & Maddie

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Twin sister Liv Rooney comes back from Hollywood to see her family. Her twin sister Maddie and Liv are now reunited and they are happy to be together, along with older brother Joey and younger brother Parker. This show is about the whole family trying to get used to being together again.

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AIRED ON 6/19/2016

Season 3 : Episode 20

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    • Alright...

      The show has it's laughs and interesting moments but it is not as interesting as other shows on the disney channel like Jessie, Austin and Ally, etc. . This show is alright but I would recommend other shows before this one.
    • My favorite show in the world

      This has been my favorite show ever since I first saw it. I thought just from the commercials it would cute and interesting. I find this show heartwarming too, like in the first episode when the twins reconciled and Liv said "You couldn't drag me away". This is the most underrated show since Teletubbies. It's also the only good show Disney has left now that Good Luck Charlie is over. Oh, and for all you haters, have any of you seen the current crap Nick airs? Like The Thundermans, The Haunted Hathaways, Harvey Beaks, Breadwinners, Rabbids Invasion, or ESPECIALLY Sanjay and Craig. If anything THAT is the "worst show ever", not this or Teletubbies! Although I WILL admit, I've been kinda mixed on the newer episodes lately. But I still love this show, even if I am starting to see its flaws. It should be noted that I love this show because it's like The Fox and the Hound, where two different people are best friends. Also, Dove Cameron has tons of talent and charm, and she's hot. Liv is my favorite character. But I also like Maddie. Some things that could improve:

      Get rid of the gross moments

      Add more songs (I loved "What a Girl Is")

      Make Liv sound normal like she did in the first 11 episodes. (I think it was actually 12)

      Try to make it less predictable

      Bring back Ocean, Stains, and Skippy Ramirez

      Come up with more heartwarming episodes like Twin-A-Rooney and Sweet 16-A-Rooney

      If anyone else has an ideas, please tell me! I keep thinking there's things that could make this show easier to like. I agree with one user at IMDb that the show's getting kinda bad with the gross moments. Honestly, I'd give up my entire life completely to make this show completely lovable if I could. I never felt a stronger feeling about any other show. I wish people didn't hate it. I want people to like the show! I want it to be either the best show ever or at least the best kids' show ever. Like seasons 1-3 of SpongeBob, but better!

      Also, to some of the other users of this site: Muppetman, you got the characters backwards. Liv is the movie star! And morganchamber, you got also got something backwards. It's Maddie who says "BAM! What?!", not Liv. And Liv would not try to kill Maddie with a chainsaw. If she did, the parents WOULD do something.

      Overall: this is the best show I have ever watched in my entire life. Even with all its flaws, I STILL can't find I show that I think is objectively better. Not even Old SpongeBob! And that says a lot. Although, I can't help but think that maybe, just MAYBE, this show would work better as a drama than a comedy. Since so many people complain about the show having a laugh track or the jokes being stupid, maybe they should just not make it a comedy and make it a drama instead. I mean, the whole show is centered on Liv's return to Wisconsin after four years of staring in the hit musical TV series Sing It Loud!, hence there's ALWAYS a lot of drama. As long as the jokes are considered corny or lame or stupid or whatever they aren't really necessary, don't you think? It should be centered more on the drama. But still, this is the show of my life. It's also the only show I still watch besides SpongeBob. Speaking of which, even the worst episodes of Liv and Maddie are better than Modern SpongeBob. Rating: 9.75/10 (would be a perfect 10/10 if they would do some of the things I suggested).moreless
    • Reminds me a lot of Good Luck Charlie

      It is a very solid family sitcom hope its lasts 6 plus seasons! Dove Cameron is a phenominal actress. As she has to play both twins!
    • Eh...

      This show is OK at best. The show had some potential at the start, I knew it wasn't going to be as great as GLC but the first episode was pretty good in my opinion. Lets start off with the cons though.


      I find Liv to be REALLY annoying. God, she sounds like a drunken squirrel and when she squeals I want to tEAR MY EARS OFF.

      Parker is basically a Flynn from Shake it Up or a Nelson from Austin & Ally, he's just really annoying in general.

      The parents try WAY to hard to be cool, let alone act.


      I really like Maddie as a character, same when Willow isn't obsessed with Joey.

      The side characters like Ocean and Skippy were really great, too. I wonder what happened to them.

      Joey is really entertaining, he's basically the reason why I'm not giving this show a 4.

      Overall, the show is pretty unrealistic, but the heartwarming episodes and some of the cast really make this show ok to watch

      Would I reccomend it? Not really.moreless
    • Parker from Liv and Maddie

      why is Parker look different from everybody else in the family particularly if you want to go this way (Parker rooney)

      he looks different from everybody and their family darker hair color darker skin tone and why is Liv and Maddie blind I understand the same person playing two butI just don't understand why they're blonde and Parker has darker skin tone and hair how crazy is that

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