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Liv & Maddie

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Twin sister Liv Rooney comes back from Hollywood to see her family.  Her twin sister Maddie and Liv are now reunited and they are happy to be together.  They also have an older brother named Joey Rooney and a younger brother named Parker Rooney.  This show is about how this family cooperates and how they have adventures.

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AIRED ON 4/13/2014

Season 1 : Episode 17

  • Is there a new hope for Disney Channel?

    OMG I hope so! It's not that great but it's better than Shake It Up. Let's take a look

    Plot 8/10

    Characters 9/10 (I don't like Parker)

    Writing 7/10

    Overall 6.5/10

    Could have been better.
  • Other shit Disney

    This is like "The Parent Trap", but is a garbage =/
  • Kill It Before It Makes Another Season!

    Looks like Disney has shat out another teeth grinding show. Two twins who have very different lives. *sniff sniff* Does anyone else smell bullshit?
  • So this is replacing good luck charlie......

    Why do people think this show is so special? It is just about 2 teenagers, one coming back from Hollywood and one being a basketball coach. Realistically, the family would move to Hollywood because if Liv is a movie star and has made lots of money, her money could have provided a nice house there. But no, Disney had to take the unrealistic way and make this garbage.

    Dove Cameron is playing both Liv and Maddie, so Disney can't find any real twins that could sing? Wow.


    Liv- was a movie star for 4 years .A ditz. She can't stand to get messy. If I hear her squeal again, I will snap.

    Maddie- loves basketball and is a coach. Almost the exact opposite of Liv.

    Joey- the teenage brother. Nothing really to say about him.

    Parker- the younger brother who plays mean jokes on EVERYONE! He is supposed to be comic relief but he is a very bad example.

    Mom and Dad- they spoil their kids. The dad is Maddie's basketball coach.


    It is about life with a movie star sister. Not exciting.


    Dove Cameron is ok but not exactly great. The rest are just bad.

    Don't watch this show. Change the channel.

    UPDATE-Muppetman, I agree with you.

    Update 3-13-14. You know what, after watching a few more episodes, I see this show is nowhere near as bad as ant farm or dog with a blog. This show might be the best sitcom on Disney right now, and I'm still giving it a 2.

  • Why does eveyone hate this adorable show?

    This show is great! That's about all I have to say about it. I don't get the negative reviews. I miss the original rating of 8.7 (it's now 7.8). UPDATE ON JANUARY 17 (originally posted last year on November 9): Muppetman, you got the characters backwards. Liv is the movie star! Also: not only did the rating for this show drop to 6.4 (the lowest yet), but I'm starting to wonder if I've seen the same show? Because I still think it's great. OK, I'll change my score from 10 to 9.5 because I didn't like the subplot of the Christmas episode, where Joey got peed on. But that's it for me. And I still find it kinda sad that even Dog with a Blog has a higher score (6.6 instead of 6.4) and also Sam & Cat has 7.6 and ANT Farm 7.5 yet they have the same kinds of criticisms. Same for Jessie and Austin & Ally (both solid 8.0s).

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2: Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here at and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.

    UPDATE ON MARCH 1: I'm changing it back. Today's new episode of Breadwinners was so bad it makes me like this show even more. Same for Gordy. Also, to Raven77, I don't get why this show is rated lower than other shows. Like what makes you like ANT Farm or Austin & Ally better? Just because they have higher ratings? I don't get why. They both have lots of criticism yet they get higher? I read one review of Austin & Ally where they said it was because of sock puppets. I wonder why this show hasn't got the same type of attention. I guess because it's still new, but really. I like it a lot better than most of the other shows. And now that Good Luck Charlie is over it's the only good show on Disney Channel left. Which is why I wonder why it can't have better reception. At first, the show was rated really high, but eventually the ratings started to drop. And here we are at 6.2. At least it went up a little after reaching 6.1.

    UPDATE ON MARCH 5: I don't agree with you at all Review-o-tron. I thought just from the commercials it would cute and interesting. Like I said before, am I even watching the same show that everyone here seems to hate? I find this show heartwarming too, like in the first episode when they reconciled and Liv said "You couldn't drag me away". This is the most underrated show since Teletubbies. It's also the only good show Disney has left now that Good Luck Charlie is over. Oh, and for all you haters, have any of you seen the current crap Nick airs? Like The Thundermans, The Haunted Hathaways, Breadwinners, or Sanjay and Craig. ESPECIALLY SANJAY AND CRAIG! If anything THAT is the "worst show ever", not this or Teletubbies!

    UPDATE ON MARCH 12: Nice review SodaDog! Could you review it at Common Sense Media too?moreless
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