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Friday 8:00 PM on Disney Channel Premiered Sep 15, 2013 In Season


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  • So this is replacing good luck charlie......

    Why do people think this show is so special? It is just about 2 teenagers, one coming back from Hollywood and one being a basketball coach. Realistically, the family would move to Hollywood because if Liv is a movie star and has made lots of money, her money could have provided a nice house there. But no, Disney had to take the unrealistic way and make this garbage.

    Dove Cameron is playing both Liv and Maddie, so Disney can't find any real twins that could sing? Wow.


    Liv- was a movie star for 4 years .A ditz. She can't stand to get messy. If I hear her squeal again, I will snap.

    Maddie- loves basketball and is a coach. Almost the exact opposite of Liv.

    Joey- the teenage brother. Nothing really to say about him.

    Parker- the younger brother who plays mean jokes on EVERYONE! He is supposed to be comic relief but he is a very bad example.

    Mom and Dad- they spoil their kids. The dad is Maddie's basketball coach.


    It is about life with a movie star sister. Not exciting.


    Dove Cameron is ok but not exactly great. The rest are just bad.

    Don't watch this show. Change the channel.

    UPDATE-Muppetman, I agree with you.

    Update 3-13-14. You know what, after watching a few more episodes, I see this show is nowhere near as bad as ant farm or dog with a blog. This show might be the best sitcom on Disney right now, and I'm still giving it a 2.

    Update 5-29-14- I'm lowering it back to a 1. Jessie and even ANT Farm have proven to be a little better than this crap.

    Update 5-27-15: I changed it back to a 1.5. I will admit that this is better than some shows on Disney, even some of the newer episodes. I watched one called "Bro-Cave-A-Rooney, and it was extremely disgusting. Yet it is still better than shows like . Undercover.
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