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  • Don't like It at all

    Ruins everything take it off after it ends!
  • It isn't as good now as it's earlier seasons, but the best part hasn't gone away.

    Cali-Style? The show isn't as bad as it sounds (a stupid teen show that features a star who, oh lookie there, your favorite child star also has a singing career!) It isn't anything worth writing home about, but on Disney Channel in its current state, you could do a LOT worse (I'm looking at you, Stuck In the Middle). For me, it's in the middle of the road, I don't like everything about it, but I don't hate anything about it. It's a story about two twins (acted by one person, strangely enough), and their family doing things. Simple enough, and the stories won't blown you away, but they're okay. I think anyone who's watched this show would agree that the characters Joey and Artie are the best part of the show. Their personalities are what really make them so entertaining, and the way the they portray those personalities show how much they enjoy acting on the show. Oh, and the other characters are fine, too. So if this show is on, and you or your kids are feeling Disney, have no fear tuning in, the worst that could happen is your kids get some positive messages shoved down their throughts (there's this one shitty episode that is about some jerks judging women by their looks, and everyone flips out, think feminazis), but that's one. I'm no follower of the show, but from what I've seen, it's not terrible, I bestow upon it, a rousing 75%! Watch on tv-goers!
  • Alright...

    The show has it's laughs and interesting moments but it is not as interesting as other shows on the disney channel like Jessie, Austin and Ally, etc. . This show is alright but I would recommend other shows before this one.
  • My favorite show in the world

    This has been my favorite show ever since I first saw it. I thought just from the commercials it would cute and interesting. I find this show heartwarming too, like in the first episode when the twins reconciled and Liv said "You couldn't drag me away". This is the most underrated show since Teletubbies. It's also the only good show Disney has left now that Good Luck Charlie is over. Oh, and for all you haters, have any of you seen the current crap Nick airs? Like The Thundermans, The Haunted Hathaways, Harvey Beaks, Breadwinners, Rabbids Invasion, or ESPECIALLY Sanjay and Craig. If anything THAT is the "worst show ever", not this or Teletubbies! Although I WILL admit, I've been kinda mixed on the newer episodes lately. But I still love this show, even if I am starting to see its flaws. It should be noted that I love this show because it's like The Fox and the Hound, where two different people are best friends. Also, Dove Cameron has tons of talent and charm, and she's hot. Liv is my favorite character. But I also like Maddie. Some things that could improve:

    Get rid of the gross moments

    Add more songs (I loved "What a Girl Is")

    Make Liv sound normal like she did in the first 11 episodes. (I think it was actually 12)

    Try to make it less predictable

    Bring back Ocean, Stains, and Skippy Ramirez

    Come up with more heartwarming episodes like Twin-A-Rooney and Sweet 16-A-Rooney

    If anyone else has an ideas, please tell me! I keep thinking there's things that could make this show easier to like. I agree with one user at IMDb that the show's getting kinda bad with the gross moments. Honestly, I'd give up my entire life completely to make this show completely lovable if I could. I never felt a stronger feeling about any other show. I wish people didn't hate it. I want people to like the show! I want it to be either the best show ever or at least the best kids' show ever. Like seasons 1-3 of SpongeBob, but better!

    Also, to some of the other users of this site: Muppetman, you got the characters backwards. Liv is the movie star! And morganchamber, you got also got something backwards. It's Maddie who says "BAM! What?!", not Liv. And Liv would not try to kill Maddie with a chainsaw. If she did, the parents WOULD do something.

    Overall: this is the best show I have ever watched in my entire life. Even with all its flaws, I STILL can't find I show that I think is objectively better. Not even Old SpongeBob! And that says a lot. Although, I can't help but think that maybe, just MAYBE, this show would work better as a drama than a comedy. Since so many people complain about the show having a laugh track or the jokes being stupid, maybe they should just not make it a comedy and make it a drama instead. I mean, the whole show is centered on Liv's return to Wisconsin after four years of staring in the hit musical TV series Sing It Loud!, hence there's ALWAYS a lot of drama. As long as the jokes are considered corny or lame or stupid or whatever they aren't really necessary, don't you think? It should be centered more on the drama. But still, this is the show of my life. It's also the only show I still watch besides SpongeBob. Speaking of which, even the worst episodes of Liv and Maddie are better than Modern SpongeBob. Rating: 9.75/10 (would be a perfect 10/10 if they would do some of the things I suggested).
  • Reminds me a lot of Good Luck Charlie

    It is a very solid family sitcom hope its lasts 6 plus seasons! Dove Cameron is a phenominal actress. As she has to play both twins!
  • Eh...

    This show is OK at best. The show had some potential at the start, I knew it wasn't going to be as great as GLC but the first episode was pretty good in my opinion. Lets start off with the cons though.


    I find Liv to be REALLY annoying. God, she sounds like a drunken squirrel and when she squeals I want to tEAR MY EARS OFF.

    Parker is basically a Flynn from Shake it Up or a Nelson from Austin & Ally, he's just really annoying in general.

    The parents try WAY to hard to be cool, let alone act.


    I really like Maddie as a character, same when Willow isn't obsessed with Joey.

    The side characters like Ocean and Skippy were really great, too. I wonder what happened to them.

    Joey is really entertaining, he's basically the reason why I'm not giving this show a 4.

    Overall, the show is pretty unrealistic, but the heartwarming episodes and some of the cast really make this show ok to watch

    Would I reccomend it? Not really.
  • Parker from Liv and Maddie

    why is Parker look different from everybody else in the family particularly if you want to go this way (Parker rooney)

    he looks different from everybody and their family darker hair color darker skin tone and why is Liv and Maddie blind I understand the same person playing two butI just don't understand why they're blonde and Parker has darker skin tone and hair how crazy is that
  • Awesome

    This show is awesome.
  • Seems OK

    I watched a few episodes and let me say it's pretty decent let me give out the pros and cons

    Pros: It has some heartwarming episodes like "Triangle-A-Rooney" "Twin-A-Rooney" and "Sweet 16-A-Rooney", decent characters, a good plot/premise, the twins NOT being good and evil twin cliches, but they're Tomboy and Girly Girl. Also heartwarming moments

    Cons: Too many songs, Liv being shallow at times, out of context episode plots, somtimes out of nowhere confessionals (the confessionals were copied off Total Drama) (some confessionals were out of nowhere)

    Score: 7/10

    If my score is going to be up, try to have some more good moments in the show.
  • So this is replacing good luck charlie......

    Why do people think this show is so special? It is just about 2 teenagers, one coming back from Hollywood and one being a basketball coach. Realistically, the family would move to Hollywood because if Liv is a movie star and has made lots of money, her money could have provided a nice house there. But no, Disney had to take the unrealistic way and make this garbage.

    Dove Cameron is playing both Liv and Maddie, so Disney can't find any real twins that could sing? Wow.


    Liv- was a movie star for 4 years .A ditz. She can't stand to get messy. If I hear her squeal again, I will snap.

    Maddie- loves basketball and is a coach. Almost the exact opposite of Liv.

    Joey- the teenage brother. Nothing really to say about him.

    Parker- the younger brother who plays mean jokes on EVERYONE! He is supposed to be comic relief but he is a very bad example.

    Mom and Dad- they spoil their kids. The dad is Maddie's basketball coach.


    It is about life with a movie star sister. Not exciting.


    Dove Cameron is ok but not exactly great. The rest are just bad.

    Don't watch this show. Change the channel.

    UPDATE-Muppetman, I agree with you.

    Update 3-13-14. You know what, after watching a few more episodes, I see this show is nowhere near as bad as ant farm or dog with a blog. This show might be the best sitcom on Disney right now, and I'm still giving it a 2.

    Update 5-29-14- I'm lowering it back to a 1. Jessie and even ANT Farm have proven to be a little better than this crap.

    Update 5-27-15: I changed it back to a 1.5. I will admit that this is better than some shows on Disney, even some of the newer episodes. I watched one called "Bro-Cave-A-Rooney, and it was extremely disgusting. Yet it is still better than shows like . Undercover.
  • liv and Maddie

    I love the show it funny one of girl know how to play basketball and the other one know how to sing very good I love her singing
  • Really good

    It actually doesn't have a simplistic nature like Good Luck Charlie does, because I mean Liv's a big Hollywood actress, and Teddy's just a normal girl, so this is the version of Good Luck Charlie I actually like to watch.
  • No liv

    I don't like liv she is to dumb and rude I really don't like her in the show
  • I admit I like the show, and it's pretty good.

    The only episodes I like better are: "Twin-a-Rooney" and "Dump-a-Rooney". The show is good, so no problem with that. The characters are good, and a little funny.
  • Its a really good show

    This show was really good when i first saw it. Its quite impressive how Dove Cameron plays both Liv and Maddie. It must be hard but shes really talanted

    My Little brother loves this show and he loves Joey only because thats his name but i love how its about siblings and they love eachother and hardly ever fight, i wish me and my sisters were like that xD
  • I do not like the show either

    It is just dumb and dull. Disney has completely lost its mind again.
  • An overall good show

    I have to agree with SodaDog and Disney4life, this is a solid show. Deserves a lot more than a 5.5.

    EDIT: I'm increasing this from 9 to 10 to prevent the rating from dropping any further. How can you people not like show? It's a quality family show in a sea of awful atrocities like Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig. This is just as underrated as Rabbids Invasion.
  • Why does everyone hate this show?

    I don't why everyone hates this show, it's probably the best live action show Disney ever put out since Good Luck Charlie, and good live action shows are quite rare to find on Disney. This show centers around Liv Rooney who comes back from Hollywood to see her twin sister Maddie, Liv and Maddie are now reunited and they are happy to be together, along with their older brother Joey and their younger brother. The show is about the whole family trying to get used to being together again. After all those terrible teen sitcoms Disney finally took a break and decided to produce another good live action show. The best part is how there's no stupid teen drama, stereotypical characters, horrendous acting and singing, and all those other ingredients to make a Disney sitcom. The characters are likeable and aren't annoying or spoiled. The show also has plenty of good comedy and funny moments to go around, and best of all it doesn't use tired gags or fart humor like kid shows these days seem to rely on. The morals are another highlight, it doesn't send wrong messages like Disney's previous sitcoms like Hannah Montana or Shake It Up did, there are several positive messages about teamwork and sticking together. L&M is more hope for Disney Channel to improve and hopefully quit with those terrible teen sitcoms, it's definitely worth giving a chance even if you're not interested in Disney Channel.
  • Better than most shows, but the writing could use some work.

    Aside from the dumb comments uttered in this show, ("He fell when he was doing a gangnam style" "RAGE FACE!!!" i'd say this show is the only watchable show on this now bad-girl plauged network. For once, this show doesn't have a bad girl stereotype! It may have a prissy movie-star Character, but she acts equal meaning that she doesn't get mad when her clothing line runs out.

    EDIT ON AUGUST 30: I changed the rating to 10 to raise the rating.

    Overall a good show.
  • I mean It's ok...

    I will only give it A good rating cause Dove Cameron is the first Disney female that has A nice singing voice...
  • Most underrated show ever made!

    This is seriously the most underrated show ever made. It's just as underrated as the movie Gordy! Why do so many people hate this great show? Just like why do so many people hate Gordy? Gordy is one of the best movies ever made! This show is awesome. It's funny, it's heartfelt, it has characters you can actually care for, it's just a great show with great original plots. What's my favorite episode? Well it's hard to say, but I know I loved Twin-a-Rooney (the first episode), Flashback-a-Rooney, Shoe-a-Rooney, and others! Probably those three are my favorites. Why did the rating for this wonderful show have to drop so much? I mean it was at 8.7 just a year ago, and now all of the sudden it's a 5.8! Why does this show have to get 5.8 if Sam & Cat gets 7.1? Sam & Cat is stupid, lame, has terrible plots, and is pretty much no match whatsoever for this show! How about give Sam & Cat 5.1 and this show 7.8? That would make A LOT more sense to me. And I'm so glad Gordy got a 9.2 from this site! Because IMDb has it currently rated 3.7! Yet that crappy movie that nobody likes called The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure has 7.4! Once again, I say swap the digits! Make The Oogieloves 3.4 and Gordy 7.7! I also hate that even IMDb hates this show now. I mean they had a 7.9 for this show a little over a year ago and before that it was an 8 and now it's 6.2! I don't understand it! Dove Cameron is awesome as both Liv and Maddie, why do people hate that she plays two parts? I think it's amazing she can play two different parts at the same time! She does a great job giving Liv and Maddie chemistry which is something the characters on Sam & Cat and all the other crappy new Nick shows CLEARLY LACK! And this show doesn't do crude and stupid stuff like Sanjay and Craig or Breadwinners do. How many times can you count butt and fart jokes on BOTH of THOSE shows? Like a million! And why do some people like Rabbids Invasion? That show is ***ed! All it has in it is a bunch of stupid alien rabbits doing stupid stuff and causing chaos everywhere they go! And then havoc ensues. This show isn't like that at all! This show actually has a plot that makes sense and doesn't talk down to kids like they're brain-dead morons! Unlike that crappy movie The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure which is a text-book definition of pandering! Come on people! We HAVE GOT to get The Oogieloves rating at IMDb down and Gordy's rating up! But yeah, this show rules, while Breadwinners drools, and before I end this review I'd just like to say I can't WAIT for Season 2 of Liv and Maddie! Season 1 had an excellent ending, can you image how great the start of Season 2 will be? I can! So there! End of my review. Thumbs up if you agree.
  • Decent Show

    I dont know why everybody hates Parker, i mean, he's the only good character on the show. Also, I Like Maddie. But I hate Liv, I mean, Shes so selfish and doesnt care about Anything but F*cking Sparkles and High Heels. Plus every show is about Liv, I mean, the should just change the name of the Show to "Liv" I would rate it as good as Shake It UP
  • Sucks balls.....

    This show is just too annoying for me, I just recently saw an episode of Liv singing a corny song called "FroYo Yolo" if they ever posted that video on youtube she'd be the most hated celeb since Justin Bieber, and she will replace Rebecca Black's song "Friday" as the worst song ever, Just saying, Anyway......

    Liv- A stereotypical Blondie who is a very girly, The character I can't stand in this show, She is a total brat, In one episode Liv got Maddie's letter for her Junior Olympics or something, and she tried to hide it from her so Maddie doesn't have to leave, and Maddie did the same thing! Liv just tries to sing but she just sucks in my opinion "SING IT LOUUUUUUUUUD!" Isn't that going to get old at some point?

    Score: -283/100

    Maddie- The tomboy of the show, also I can stand her. I don't even know why Maddie is Liv's best friend, I mean she just pushes her into things, and just manipulates her again in the "FroYo Yolo" episode Liv took Maddie's sparkly notebook, when Maddie didn't even tell her to mess with it. Her catchphrase is a little less annoying than Liv's "BAM WHAT!?" But that's also getting old.

    Score: 4/10

    The brothers- Annoying little dick heads. Score: -17/10

    Karen(The Mom)- She's obviously the clueless mom who is horrible by the way, she just lets her kids do whatever the heck they want, they don't even ground them or punish them like a good caring mom would do. What if Liv decides to kill Maddie with a chainsaw? NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN!

    Score: -10/10

    The dad- The dad...... Hmm.... where to explain, Oh! HE DOESN'T DO ANYTHING! -57/100
  • Ehhhh

    Dove cameron is an ok actor sometimes overdoes it but its kind of stupid disney "so called" couldnt find twins

    its also stupid they have two shows on about twins at the same time her tv show brothers need some seiro9us acting lessons so do her parents the little interviews with the camera are totally stolen from Life in the dreamhouse and some people say its stolen from Modern family its not very creative since there;s only one girl playing both twins and its also not very interesting realistic or has any Important morals its better than I didnt do guess

    But Disney needs to give the potty jokes a permanent break Parker gets on my nerves for being gross on the 1st episode for no reason
  • Ah, what a sad excuse for a new Disney Channel show...

    Liv and Maddie is one of the worst shows I have ever seen on Disney Channel. What ever happened to all the classics such as Recess, Sister Sister, the Proud Family, Lizzie McGuire etc. OK, I am going to review this show based on the plot, acting skills, the characters and their personalities and the jokes aswell as moral values.


    Here is a brief summary of the plot. Basically, Liv Rooney is a Hollywood actress aswell as the twin sister of Maddie Rooney. She comes back to the family home and she tries to live a normal life and shit. How many times have we seen this formula on Disney shows? Lots.


    OK, the characters are pretty much stereotypical and one dimensional. So here they are:

    Liv Rooney: A so-called Hollywood actress and singer of 'Sing it Loud' who is pretty much the stereotypical ditzy blonde fashionista. She also has annoying catchphrases like 'Yaysies!!!!' and she keeps singing the words 'Sing it Loud' which gets very annoying. The formula of stupid characters is overdone quite a lot in the new Disney shows to the point where it's not funny anymore. Here is a list of stupid characters who have overdone this formula.

    That's so Raven - Chelsea (well, she wasn't that stupid because she proved to be pretty smart at times and the actress who played her did a great job and I accept that)

    Austin and Ally - Dez

    Gravity Falls - Mabel (well, I can tolerate her)

    Good Luck Charlie - PJ

    Shake it Up - CeCe

    And the list goes on...

    Maddie Rooney: I have nothing much to say about her apart from the fact that she is the opposite of Liv.

    Parker Rooney: He's basically the annoying kid who tries way too hard to be funny. We've seen a lot of annoying kids in Disney shows aswell such as Flynn from Shake it Up and Nelson from Austin and Ally.

    Joey Rooney: The stereotypical nerd trying way too hard to be cool.

    Acting skills:

    The acting is absolutely crap, the actors try way too hard and it seems like they're forcing themselves to be funny.


    The so-called jokes use the annoying laugh track when something 'funny' happens. The show just doesn't come up with good jokes at all.

    Moral values:

    There are no moral values at all.


    Overall, I would give a rating of 1 since this show is absolute crap to the point where everything is forced.
  • Not a fan

    this show is just unrealistic I mean surely if Liv was a Hollywood actress she would be loaded really she looks like a regular girl and know one can tell that she is famous secondly wouldn't everybody be actually crazy about her when she is a Hollywood actress this is almost as unrealistic as Jessie!!!

    The thing that really annoys me is Livs overacting behaviour she sounds like a squirrels tail got chopped off with her squeals. and parker what is up ith Disney making supposed to be funny but annoying mean characters Flynn Jones, Gabe Duncan, the kids in Jessie. Parker is really annoying and has to be sarcastic about everyone. in my opinion i like Maddie better.

    its just twisted find actual twins please I mean seriously one of the twins is an Hollywood actress which came to visit the family while the other twin is a basket ball coach.

  • Is there a new hope for Disney Channel?

    OMG I hope so! It's not that great but it's better than Shake It Up. Let's take a look

    Plot 8/10

    Characters 9/10 (I don't like Parker)

    Writing 7/10

    Overall 6.5/10

    Could have been better.
  • Other shit Disney

    This is like "The Parent Trap", but is a garbage =/
  • Kill It Before It Makes Another Season!

    Looks like Disney has shat out another teeth grinding show. Two twins who have very different lives. *sniff sniff* Does anyone else smell bullshit?
  • Worst Disney Channel show since "Shake It Up!"

    This show sucks. I knew from the commercials it was going to be bad. I saw it and my predictions were right.