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TELETOON Premiered Jul 07, 2007 Special


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  • Al Bore, the pied piper of Global Warming is at it again aided by an army of "...celebrities and thought[control]leaders.".

    Celebrities are among the biggest polluters and generators of CO2 on the face of the Earth; with their fleets of private jets, limos and SUV's. They would have had more credibility if they had the concert broadcast over the internet only rather than have hundreds of thousands of people spew CO2 into the air driving to concert sites and performers jetting all over the globe to be there. This whole bloated overhyped extravaganza will help reduce temperatures as much as Live AID helped Africa.

    More focus should be on lower levels of real pollution like particulate matter which affects peoples lungs and ground level ozone - not an essential gas like CO2 which enhances plant growth.

    Growing numbers of scientists are doing research into the real cause of warmer temperatures of the last 150 years - the SUN and not the minor essential trace gas CO2. Of course Al Bore and his minions can use that research to further their real goal - worldwide socialism. Some of the scientists studying the SUN are predicting the next solar cycle to begin a decline in solar activity resulting much colder temperatures similar to those experience in the 1600 and 1700s. The solar cycles are well documented. If that happens, food production will plummet and mass starvation will result - not to mention enormous heating bills for those in the north. Alarmist hype regarding global warming is based entirely on computer models that have been "tweaked" to produce desired results.

    For the real scoop on Climate Change and what really causes it - (remove space in Greenhouse - another TV.COM bug)

    While some of the performers have music I like, I refused to participate in this eco scam.
  • Concerts from all over the world, to save the planet. Stars like Metallica,Foo Fighters,Roger Waters and many more.

    I just want to say, it has been done before. In 1985 (Live Aid) and in 2005 (Live8). This is much of the same, except for the short films between the concerts (actually between every song). At first it's OK, but when you have seen them five times, with Madonnas Hey You (think that is the name of the song) between every damn film. After watching 15 hours, I was starting to get brainwashed. But the music was great and the show was coll, so it was worth it.
    My favorite performances was Wolfmother, Roger Waters, Foo Fighters and Spinal Tap. Their second song had around 20 bass players. It was awsome!