Live From Dinosaur Island

BBC Two (ended 2001)


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Live From Dinosaur Island

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Sunday 10 June, 2001 saw the start of a new television series on BBC2 - Live From Dinosaur Island, a live broadcast of Britain's biggest dinosaur hunt. In 6 days, the palaeontological team hunted for at least five different species of dinosaur in five different sites on the South-West coast of the Island. The programmes were 60 minutes each, being broadcast on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with an 'omnibus' edition on Sunday. ===================== Runtime: 60 min (3 episodes) Country: UK Language: English Color: Color ===================== The series is not available on video, and sadly is unlikely to be released. ========================= Some Of The Stupidest Things The Presenters Said * Adam Hart-Davis, about a clearly dead Hypsilophodon skeleton: 'What you're saying is this dinosaur wasn't somebody's lunch but actually survived...' * Dr Phil Manning: 'This is the first time this bone has been groped by palaeontologists.' * Edwina Silver: 'Wow! Gosh! That is so, so heavy I can't tell you how heavy it is.' * 'I'm about to fall off the cliff I'm so happy!' * 'Wobbly wobbly wobbly goes the screen, wah, wah, wah.' * 'Doin' the dino-wiggle.' * 'No grass! It hadn't been invented then.' * 'No ducks? They hadn't been invented then.' * Adam Hart-Davis, about a clearly dead Hypsilophodon skeleton: 'Sleeping or dying?' * 'This Neovenator site is dinosaur soup.' * 'Oh, blimey, it's more like kid's telly every minute.'moreless