Live To Dance

Tuesday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Jan 04, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Awful, just plain awful!

    My wife and I watched this, and while I was annoyed, she was really pissed off!

    She is a competitive dance instructor, and she was extremely upset that they allowed the old couple through while making the 3 other people fight for a spot!

    In addition, on one hand they talk about how they don't think an act is diverse enough, or on a high enough level. Then they turn around and allow an old couple who will have *NO* chance of ever winning in, along with several acts that are very similar, and in niche genres who show no variety.

    This show is a mess! They CLEARLY needed to have better evaluations. In So You Think You Can Dance, they would send them to Choreography to give them a chance to show diversity and prove they have some skills. They allow contestants through on a whim with no thought of how later actions may impact their lives (ie destroying an amazing 11yr old dancer on national TV)

    Shame on them, we will NOT be watching this show any longer. This show is nothing more than a gimick for the judges. They have no real interest in finding, refining, and showcasing real talent. They are only interested in ratings and drama, with judges who are more interested in their own fame, than the interest of the contestants.
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