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Live! with Kelly & Michael, known formerly as "Live! with Kelly" and "Live with Regis and Kelly" has been entertaining people every morning since 2001. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan who takes over co-hosting duties as Regis' successor has charm, energy and charisma to boot and is a great match for Kelly. Once known as Daytime's Dynamic Duo, Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, with their spontaneous and enthusiastic daily chat sessions - and their ability to playfully needle one another - the pair brought life to any and every topic as they share their morning coffee with viewers.

Although it wasn't always Regis and Kelly. At first it was Regis and Kathie Lee. In late July 2000 Kathie Lee Gifford left the show, from that point till Febuary 2001 the show was known as "Live with Regis". Regis had a different co-host each day until they found the perfect co-host, Kelly Ripa.

The show airs every morning from the WABC studios in New York City. Regis Philbin, who has become a cultural icon in television broadcasting, was honored with a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host in May 2001 for "Live With Regis and Kelly". Joining the show on February 12, 2001, Kelly Ripa's endearing personality quickly won the hearts of Americans from coast to coast when she joined the show in February 2001. Her quick wit and broad smile proves the perfect complement to Regis' quirky style of entertainment.

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Fan Reviews (722)

  • it's only my opinion

    Is it me or does kelly seem jealous when michael talks to the female guests and ignores her,was the show watchable when kelly was on vacation? all we hear is her brag about her family, her expensive vacations, her nights out at celebrity events and all episodes she has to talk about sex. WHO CARES????? Why not just cut the brag fest, and fill that void talking about more pre-cut out articles laid out on the table for you instead of what comes out as bragging about your celebrity hob nobbing and letting the audience know you're super rich by taking weekend jaunts to Italy and paris.

    and what is up with kelly unable to speak or read?

    Every time she speaks it is "eWell we uh.. went to this restaurant and and they were uh they were uh serving this food and and this waiter he etc. so annoying, get the words out already sheesh!!!!! perhaps as one who is on tv could you find time to get some speech therapy lessons on your 23hrs a day break from work.

    And is it me or do kelly and michael need to get a room I mean really!!! can she not take a break from lusting for him to put on an entertaining 1hr show? or is that supposed to be entertainment? and obviously her husband doesn't care as he must only be with her for the money as what shows and movies has he been in? his only air time is on her show.

    And is it me or is it always "WE have a HUGE show today" every day it's "we have a huge show for you today" when is it not a huge show. What is so huge about a normal show? And honestly what substance is there to the show: "Hello how was your weekend michael strahan we went to the Hamptons and we uh had uh dinner with the the president and other super important people you the audience will never meet. - let's now pick up the news paper and read articles to the audience to fill the rest of the 15min. Time for trivia.... sorry lady.. we have a really big show for you 1st cast off of survivor is here, a chef is here and I will show you all how I almost barf on tv... so stay tuned!!!" and stay tuned live has a super huge announcement... we are filming all next week in super warm and sunny barbados. I know all you audience members and tv viewers are sitting in -30 celsius right now.. aren't you jealous? well you will be even more when our hosts brag about how sunny and warm it is where they are and how they are getting mints on their pillows at their $400/night hotel rooms paid for by the network.

    And why can't she say thank you when she get a compliment from a viewer. And when someone compliments her she pretends she doesn't agree. just say thank you. is it that hard?

    And I agree, stop pushing up your sleeves or start wearing sleevles tops. Why do you always pick at your clothing/nails etc. while michael is speaking? not enough time to get ready BACK stage and not ON stage? She is the only host on air that picks at herself and puffs up her hair (especially 1st on air day when hair dyed pink). Why do you have to compete with Michael? Michael and a guest do push ups so instead of watching you have to prove to the world you can do them too? We know you're slim. Why do you need to compete?

  • sorry, so sorry

    I am soooo bummed. I feel like the show is going down hill.

    I don't agree with all the people that say Kelly hangs all over Michael, I watch every morning and I just don't see it.

    But, I have seen a dramatic decline in Kelly's behavior on the show. She tries too hard. She starts out with stupid call outs to the audience like, "we haven't done anything yet". Why would you say that?

    As another reviewer wrote, she takes way too long in telling a story trying to find words to make it funnier but doesn't come up with the words and just says "uh, uh", it is hard to watch and or listen to. You just want to say, come on Kelly, spit it out. Often times, she comes out with some hilarious remarks and come-backs, but too often is the uh, uh trying to be funny.

    I have watched this show for years and years and loved it, but Kelly has changed. I have always wanted to talk to her since (years ago) some woman came on for a cooking segment and asked Kelly if she knew how to crack and egg, and somehow Kelly kept her composure and nicely just said "yes". I could not have had the composure Kelly had. And also when she had Geraldo Rivera as a co-host and he tried to one up her on her own show, again, composure I could never have had.

    But now she is just trying too hard, interrupting Michael constantly. He is very good about it and just stops and lets her go on. But then we never hear what he wanted to say.

    She has started with these drama moves that mean nothing, but I think she is looking for a laugh and it just isn't there. I want Kelly back. Kelly, I have been enjoying you for years, but the enjoyment is fading.

    The show: The show is called LIVE. Way too many pre-recorded shows. If Michael has to be out of town because of all of his other jobs, then, as much as I love him, a live show is not for him. I HATE the pre-recorded shows and they are way way way too often.

    During football season they are pre-recorded every Friday. The pre-recorded shows are just so fake and un fun and un real and un--live. When they talk about winning the lottery, I think about my husband working 6 days a week and about 70 hours a week and the money they make and the money he makes, it just IS NOT FUNNY. I know they work more then and hour a day, but cut us all a break. It just isn't that hard compared to the rest of the world, come on, please.

    Just so we aren't feeling duped - be live, 5 days a week.

    I just have not enjoyed the show much anymore. I know I don't have to watch, but I used to enjoy it and would like to enjoy it again. How ya'll won an emmy this year, I just don't understand.

    The show, "The View" has gone way down hill, and I don't even watch Rachael Ray anymore because she interrupts more then anyone ever, don't be the next show that I don't watch anymore, PLEASE.

    adding this now, I agree with deborahfay stating "the really big show" that got old years ago, Stop saying that everyday.

    But I don't agree with her (deborahfay) comments about hearing about Kelly and Michael's nights out or vacations, who they were with or what they did. That is my favorite part. I don't know what (deorahfay) would like them to talk about otherwise. I LOVE hearing the more personal adventures they have, each night or on vacation. That is the reason I watch. I love to hear how certain celebs mingle.moreless
  • Exercises the week of 5/39

    I had asked previously what is the link to get the exercises that Kelly & Michael demonstrated the week of 5/29. So far I have not received any information regarding this link. Please email me the link as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • Smoking Imitation

    Does Kelly know how really dumb she looks when she pretends to smoke. It makes her look like a tramp and ignorant.
  • What's up w/Kelly?

    I haven't tuned in for awhile but have always liked Regis & Kathie Lee then Regis & Kelly. But Kelly isn't the same. Here's what I noticed:

    1) not smiling much; not the usual upbeat personality

    2) seems to be straining somehow ----- like is she afraid Michael is the "star" now?

    3) she used to be funny; today I didn't hear one thing from her that was funny

    4) by the comments here I hope she isn't drinking every night or something to bring her down. She's at the age that w/kids she shouldn't be acting like a skank.

    5) that being said maybe she's tired. If so, she needs a break and a milkshake too.

    6) the white outfit with the white outfit washed her out big time

    7) unlike some comments I think her short hair is cute

    but something is up w/hermoreless

    News Briefs: Kelly Ripa's New Live! Co-host Is... Michael Strahan?

    Plus: American Idol is wooing Kanye, Bravo cancels Work of Art, and The Walking Dead adds a character.


    Regis and 3D

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