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Kelly needs to be gone!

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    [1]Jul 3, 2012
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    I am tired of watching Kelly all over Michael. Mark better take better care of her at home! He has nothing else to do!(L) Kelly is now scratching and also wiping her nose all the time with her hands. Gross! Drinking coffee, always with the cup in front of her, when she is talking, that is rude. She has NO CLASS! I think she wiped her nose a doz times in one show, and scratched her head and arms, more than that! When Regis left the show should of been done. It was his show not her's. Kelly and Gilmen should of called and talked to Regis when they got the Emmy, it was because he retired is why they got it, was for Regis.Congrats Regis on YOUR EMMY!Regis is doing good and having fun since he left HIS SHOW! Kelly is such a phoney, She is NOT funny! Lets get a good show on there! That new set looks terrible to big, and gawky! For the money her and gilman are making, should be a better

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    [5]Jul 3, 2012
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    I agree.
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    [6]Jul 21, 2015
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    WTf are you talking about? Kelly IS the show. If you dont like her there's no point watching it so it makes no sense to begin with. You must have bad delusions it all happens in your mind. Just the thought she's even attracted to him sounds absolutely pulled out of ones ass. She's a very open and friendly person in general even towards strangers which you should know if you watch the show. For all the other nonsese you try sitting and having a conversation for half an hour everyday looking 'classy' and uptight whatever you mean as well as showing personality. She couldn't be anymore fun and entertaining and suited for that job. What a load of BS some people make up smdh..

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