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Live! with Kelly and Michael

Season 19 Episode 54

November 17, 2006

Aired Weekdays 9:00 AM Nov 17, 2006 on ABC
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Episode Summary

November 17, 2006
Kelly & guest co-host Clay Aiken welcome Dancing with the Stars winners Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke and runner-up Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff. Plus, LIVE's Ambush makeover week concludes.

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  • Enjoyed the repartee between Kelly & Clay Aiken in the early part of the show. Each teased/harassed the other, but it seemed to be all in fun. Clay did a great job especially for someone with no experience hosting. BUT LATER, Kelly messed up -- Big Time!moreless

    This had to be a hard day for poor Kelly! First her co-host was Clay Aiken, when she's made so very clear in the past that she voted for Ruben that season, and has little respect for Clay. (Witness her Halloween "spoof". NOT funny.) And then she had to pretend to be polite and interested in the winners of Dancing With The Stars, Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke, when she also made quite clear that she was just biding her time till she could get next to Mario Lopez, her choice to have won that show. Wonder how her hubby felt about her on-air come-on to Mario? She looked downright sleazy IMO. Kelly Ripa does not have the grace or professionalism she should have for as long as she's been in the business. Regis needs to dump her and find someone who complements him. He's a classy guy. Ms. Ripa is nowhere near classy. Consider that in her rant on the next show she cited a personal call and friendship with Howard Stern, the scumbag filthmonger from talk radio. Oh boy, that impresses me! So impressed that that was the LAST time I've watched or ever intend to watch while she's still on. Sorry, Reege! You can definitely do better.moreless
  • Kelly should show more respect for people that come on the show....... then maybe she would receive some respect in return.

    Kelly did not show respect for Clay, the lady there for the makeover or for Emmitt and his partner. I have seen the full video of Kelly dressed as Clay in the Halloween skit. It was not funny and is/was insulting to Clay. Kelly knew very well that Clay has a phobia about cats and her shoving the cat picture in his face was not cute/funny either. In fact, I consider it sadistic. She had a sneer on her face and seemed to be enjoying that very much. Her comment to the makeover lady about “her girls” may have been very embarrassing to her......... did Kelly care? She did not show respect for the winner of Dancing either....... I do not want to even guess how Mr. Aiken must have felt with what I perceived as underlying hostility towards him. I thought he did great under the circumstances. No, he should not have put his hand over her mouth...... but it was a spontaneous thing...... not malicious........... Her remark to him was malicious and mean.

    Then we get to the Monday show. Her tirade about Clay was unbelievable. I have seen some pictures of Kelly with her hand over Regis’ mouth and his over hers. Was she not concerned about germs or respect??moreless
  • Funny on so many levels but also dissaponting. I would expect more from the actual host than the guest-host. Lead thru example would be a wonderful start.

    I watched this episode and was very entertained. I am a Clay fan but thought that as a guest host, Clay may have been a little too snarky not knowing Kelly for very long.However, after watching more of the show, I changed my mind and realized that he was giving as good as he got and handled the jokes towards him very well. I admire Clay for his efforts and was thouroughly entertained by his humor. As a host, Kelly was a real disappointment. If you want professionalism from your guest, practicing it may have been a good start. I think not allowing Clay a bit of interview time with Emmett and Cheryl was extremely selfish of Kelly Ripa. I believe he actually pointed that out (let me know when I can talk or something along those lines). Hosting this show is what she does on a daily basis, so why not allow your "Guest-Host" the spotlight. This was an opputunity for Mrs. Ripa to teach and instead, I just saw her bulldoze her way thru the interview. I will say Mrs. Ripa that we missed Regis that Friday also. I think Regis and Clay would have been a "BLAST". Mistakes were made by both parties, the problem is,....Kelly could not let it go.(Oh yeah, putting Mario on the spot about the results of DWTS on the same day Emmett was on the show,... not so professional).moreless
  • Kelly lives in a glass house!

    I watched the episode Friday AND Kelly's tirade the following Monday AND her tirade on The View! It was obvious she was upset about more than Clay Aiken's admitted playful joke gone awry!

    To dump on him when he was not there to defend himself was uncalled for, vindictive, and petty on her part! If she did not like Clay Aiken as a guest host, she should have spent her energy on the producers rather than making a fool of herself on national TV.

    What Clay Aiken did may not have been smart on his part, but I'd be frustrated too if I'd been sitting next to her and not allowed to do my part in the interview. Emmitt Smith, in a radio interview today, stated that Kelly would not shut up and let Clay ask a question. So Kelly can be rude, but can rake Clay over the coals for his mistake? Hippocrite!

    Photos have emerged of her with her hand covering Rigis' mouth several times over the last year. Before you find fault by saying they were friends with privileges, another picture has emerged with no less than Simon Cowell with his hand on Kelly's mouth. Did she create a hoopla over that? No thank you! Just Clay Aiken! Which begs the question - what was really going on here? We may never know, but Kelly did herself no favors with her very public reaction! I'm personally very disappointed!moreless
  • Kelly: Since last Friday morning, I have seen the homophobic “Halloween costume” episode in its entirety. Do you have a conscience? What has Clay Aiken ever done to you to warrant your ridicule and rumor mongering?moreless

    Dear Kelly,

    Your disrespectful, ill-mannered and hostile treatment of Clay Aiken, while he attempted to co-host on Friday, November 17, was surpassed by your even more disrespectful, ill-mannered and hostile treatment of him on Monday, November 20. Shame on you! Almost from the moment last Friday’s show began, you did everything you could to humiliate, embarrass and insult him. Since then, I have seen the homophobic “Halloween costume” episode in its entirety. Do you have a conscience? What has Clay Aiken ever done to you to warrant your ridicule and rumor mongering? On Friday, you were sitting next to a young man highly committed to making this world a better place for children with disabilities and those otherwise in need. Instead of focusing on the good he is doing, you chose to harass him with a photo of a cat, shabbily exploiting his phobia. It was obvious from the start of the show that the audience was not “your” audience, but Clay’s. Amazingly, you even became hostile toward the audience. You capped off your personal attacks against Clay by verbally elbowing him out of most of the rest of the show.

    Did you expect Clay to just sit back and take your abuse? If you did, then you are also guilty of not doing your job. If you had bothered to find out anything factual and true about Clay, instead of relying on totally discredited sources like Howard Stern (more on HS later), you would have known that Clay is anything but a pushover or anything else suggested by Howard. You know now that Clay is quick-witted, well informed and challenging, but never mean-spirited. Too bad that such a little taste of your own medicine was so bitter for you. At no point did Clay pray on your fears, make fun of your appearance, slander your character or spread lies about you. No, that’s your exclusive MO.

    I wish Clay had not teasingly put his hand over your mouth as you have done to Regis on at least two occasions. But, nothing Clay said or did on Friday came even close to warranting your vicious attack of Monday. Everything you accused him of you are guilty of yourself. If you already disrespected him so much, why did you have him on the show? Just to humiliate, embarrass and insult him? None of this is really about Clay, is it? It’s about what’s inside you, Kelly.

    If Howard Stern ever called me, I would keep it a shameful secret and take it to my grave. On Monday morning, your studio audience was palpably appalled and stunned by your vicious and unwarranted attack on Clay. Neither your studio nor your viewing audience has ever before witnessed such a personal vitriolic spewing forth of hatred by one entertainer for another. That your target was Clay Aiken is incomprehensible! There was no chance of empathy or credibility for your irrational and mean-spirited rant, but had there been, you would have stamped it out for good when you mentioned Howard Stern and the morally reprehensible “amusement” he provided you at Clay’s expense. Finally, I hope that as you ponder the events of Friday and Monday, you will find it in yourself to critically examine your attitude, motives, agendas and behavior. You need to own why it’s in your best interest to treat others as you clearly wish to be treated. Clay Aiken is too fine a person to treat you as poorly as you treated him. Your next guest/co-host might make a different choice. Clay 10; Kelly 0moreless
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