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  • Birthing HA

    I told my wife and her girl friends one day at GIRLS morning tea parties where my wife and one girlfriend were pregnant "if child birth was so hard God would have given it to men have to support those children financially for at least 18 a pain that last much longer than those nine months.

    My wife and I have 4 wonderful children. ALL are well past 18 years old and I am still living with that PAIN YEA we are still Happily Married with children.
  • A Kidney Stand 4 Stan Jay

    My husband Stan is in despite need of an O kidney! We live near where you grew up Kelly and need to get the word out. I know there's an ANGEL out there that is willing to donate one of their kidneys. He's registered at 2 hospitals but because he's an O (it's universal blood type) the list is at least 5 yrs long. None of us in our family (including our kids) are the same blood type. Please check out his FB page A Kidney Stan 4 Stan Jay. Without a kidney he will die :( . Everyone who reads this PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check it out and share the page. The more the words gets out the sooner we can find a kidney that will save his life. He has a wonderful family that doesn't want to lose him and we need your help!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!
  • Too vain.

    The show would be much more enjoyable if Kelly would stop looking at herself in the monitor. In the opening segment she is constantly checking out how she looks with her lips pursed or whatever face she decides to put on.
  • with Bette Midler

    I love when you had Bette Midler on!! I downloaded a few of her songs off her new CD. Love them!! We had her song (The Rose) for our wedding theme. I am so happy she put out this CD, love the oldies. Thank you. Band I have to say, You and Michael, are the best!!


  • Give your guests their time

    To much wasted time at beginning of show. the best thing about your show are the guests but you never leave enough quality time from have to DVR now to improve my time management of a show with to many commercials
  • Let him talk!

    Kelly, please try not to interrupt micheal all of the time. After we hear about what you ate for breakfast and everything that went on at your would like to hear him talk without throwing in a story or a jab! He is polite but I don't know how he does it!
  • Your show is great I love it

    First I have to tell you I love, love, love your show. Micheal I really love. Kelly you could not have picked a

    better partner. The two of you are the best.

    I am asking about the cute little dog in the jacket. Is that dog for adoption as well? I don't live close by I

    am in Minnesota.

    Again you two are the best show on TV I never miss it.
  • your son michael and my granddaughter driving

    i love your show.

    this morming you mentioned about your son michael driving. i have a story i would like to share.

    my granddaughter maddison was driving with her father. she is on a permit. she pulled out of the high school parking lot and hit a car. she hit the superintendant of transportation.
  • Queen yenom & Kingyenom

    Hi my name is leslie lipscomb. I'am going to be 53 years old on November 7, I love micheal he is my favorite football player. I was so happy when he got his ring. I would have been so mad if he did'nt get truly did deserve am written hoping I could meet him in person. See I was fine had my hole life going good, then I was hit with a bone dease. Now I am in a wheel chair. I was feeling depress an suicidely then I seen micheals Saint Jew commercial an it chanced the way I was hero, now I just want to thank him he saved my life. So please HELP would be so important for me. Thank You. Peace an Blessing. Leslie
  • Kelly I thought you were more mature

    On today's show after the singer was through singing Kelley walked up to her and said "That was so freaking good!" When anyone uses that work FREAKING it implies and is used in the same context as the other word that starts with an . It is intent when we use words , so was her intent to say the F word in a more politically correct way. I am so sick of everyone trying to be politically correct, why not be respectful and grown up ! It was disappointing to hear Kelly say that today.
  • Hair don't

    For all the interviews that are previously recorded why does Kelly even bother to put on the same outfit when her hair is obviously styled differently? Gotta keep that hair consistent.

    Love Michael, he makes me laugh every morning!
  • Gone Girl

    What a great movie from the beginning to the end. Really exciting but I didn't see Bens stuff but that's ok it was a great movie. When it ended you just sat and thought before leaving. This is a 10 but the rating came out wrong. I would see this movie again.
  • loving Kelly and Michael from California

    it is nice to see that you are including California viewers in your prize packages, love your show you guys crack me up you're a wonderful team;)
  • hair ball

    Hello ! Just wanted to comment on the "news story" about the girl who had a 9 lb hair ball removed from her stomach. This doesn't just happen. People who have these usually have a disorder called trichotillomania. It is a neurological impulse disorder where people have a compulsion to pull out their hair. My daughter has the disorder, and it is devastating. Some folks end up consuming the hair that they pull. I realize that the hosts obviously don't know about trichotillomania, but to the folks that have it- this story could be a trigger to pull, and they could be left feeling ashamed of something that they can not control.
  • kelly

    There is nothing sexy or humorous about Kelly. She is way too thin, not at all feminine. I just cant watch this show anymore. Very boring.
  • Dance Music


  • Kelly Ripa looks like she is dying!

    So is she? She looks like crap, her commercials are hideous and not doing toothpaste any justice. I don't know what happened to her but dear folks, she needs help!
  • haters like lame show and total crap i smelly jelly

    people right bad comments cause they are so jelly and the show shade ok Micheal show us your tounge ya'll ur sooooooooooo funny heeeeeeewaaaaaaaaaaaa oh peeewwooooo i got's to ruins haver good deran day
  • Lame show

    With all the money you guys make. You all shouldn't be getting seasons off there should be at least 260 new live shows a year. Recorded shows are not cool. After all whats the point of calling Live if its reruns or previously recorded? Kelly I love it when your not on the show because you are so annoying!
  • total crap

    It seems like every day we are getting a message of the pre recorded. That in no way shape or form makes this a live show. That could be over looked if the show had good content. It doesn't. That "hump day" joke is not funny anymore it's old stale and getting annoying. The topics they discuss often sound trivial and useless. When all kelly has to talk about is her breakfast you know they have run out of material. The dancing onto the show makes them look like idiotic clowns. A decent show host walks out with grace and a wave to the fans. Whenever they have a guest on they either ask questions that were asked on other shows or they "reveal" old news. Now the biggest issue is the inappropriate comments. It seems like this show has degraded into the sex jokes of bored house wives. It's time the show ends
  • Remove LIVE from your Show Title

    Please consider removing LIVE from your Show Title, as an overwhelming amount of the shows are prerecorded; the most offensive month being this August. And why is every Friday previously recorded? Isn't one of the reasons to have two hosts because then there will always be someone there to do a live show. I'm finding myself constantly changing to another station to avoid the prerecorded shows. And please don't demean people's intelligence by putting Previously Recorded in small, almost invisible letters.
  • way too many prerecorded shows

    I can not believe how many prerecorded shows they are making. The show should not be called Live! anymore because it is deceptive. They have been showing prerecorded host chats and interviews for an entire month!
  • too many pre-recordings, puhleeze!

    I try to catch one of my fav shows each morning and have become a bit distressed lately when they start out with a new show only to switch to old segments for the rest of the airing. How does this happen???!!?? Most programs that go on hiatus air total prior shows which is to be expected. This one throws you a bone with a new beginning segment only to end up with tapings of old stuff. I now switch channels after the new part of the show ends. So sad they try to trick the viewer into watching the entire show. PS - what does the "live" audience do after the lst 15 minutes? Do they just sit around watching a filmed program??? So glad I didn't get tickets to the show during these tapings. :-(
  • Kelly, take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth!

    I watch and listen to the first half your show almost every morning and have done so for years. I have been turning it off lately because I am sick of how Kelly interrupts everyone and hogs the show. Like this morning. When Anderson Cooper was asked a question, he starts to answer and Kelly takes over with one of her stories. I for one would like to hear Michael, the guest hosts and other guests talk for a change. Not just Kelly. She has gotten so arrogant, as of late. Can someone tell her to shut her mouth, that it's not all about her.

    Michael! Do you have the hibby-jibby around mad and hilarious Kelly?

    On your first day on set with Kelly, you kept eating the bugu from your nose, as you continue to do infrequently, like that kid in 1st Grade. Kelly is giving you that look silently, but you don't get the clue, while you go on to kiss and handshake the guests.

    Get a grip of yourself man! It won't be too long before Kelly steps on your feet with her sharp heels.
  • Pretaped Programs for Vacation programming.

    No mention of Robin Williams was made because of repeat programming and those episodes shown last Monday and Tuesday were previously recorded. They have the beginning segment which has been pre-recorded as well with the already previously aired interviews. Confusing yes. That's their way of "tricking" viewers into watching already aired programming. :P
  • Potential Florida watcher

    Someone needs to do something with kellys hair. Every 30 seconds shes has to push it out of her eyes or behind her ears. Drives me crazy cant watch because of this.
  • Robin Williams passing

    No mention on the show they could not even find the time to post on their facebook page UNSAT
  • do you believe?

  • Whassup with Kelly?

    Have caught a few shows the past few weeks and enjoy Kelly's substitutes better than her! Michael brings the life to the show and Kelly smiles. I noticed it with Regis too, but as a middle age woman, it is time that she does more than just smile.
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