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  • Love my mornings with Kelly and Michael

    Thanks Kelly and Michael for starting my mornings off with laughs and more laughs. You two are an AWESOME team!!!!
  • words that need to be added to don't say on tv

    you are a morning show why do you say vomit, puke or throw up when I am eating breakfast? I watch your show every morning after driving a school bus most days I enjoy it but Kelly you need to pick a better time to say certen words you are a morning show please think of your viewers. PLEASE
  • Kelly a totally natural way to increase blood oxygen.


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    oxygen directly to your blood stream and also offers an increase in red blood cells. You will enjoy it's refreshing taste and as a bonus it cleanses your mouth and breath. Ejoy!!!
  • The hottest Wing Sauce for you to try

    I tried 1 drop of this Zombie Apocalypse sauce on a chip. I did not think it was that hot. I did not realize it had numbed my mouth. When my mouth was no longer numb, I ate a donut, drank a bottle of soda and consumed every piece of food I could grab to cool my mouth! lol My girlfriend was laughing at me as the sweat pured from my head and my nose was running. Kelly and Michael, you both need to get a bottle and try it,,I dare

    Good Luck!

  • Top Notch Team!

    Mike and Kelly are funny, beautiful to look at on . and work harmoniously every morning!! Keep up the great work.

  • Think I'm Done

    Been a long time fan of the show but I'm done.

    **The show has lost any cred as a real show. I like Strahan but this is not the right place for him. I'm sorry but he is forever the football player. It's ackward to hear him stumble interviewing big hollywood types, politicians, etc. He is no more qualified to interview those people than anyone off the street. Football is a different world. ESPN would be a much better fit for him.

    **Kelly still tries way too hard to be funny, cool, etc & comes off looking like an idiot. She should try acting her age, 42, instead of 22. She is still the sidekick type & cant handle being a lead on a talk show.

    **Lastly it is disturbing how much Kelly & Michael gush on each other, especially Kelly. She is always telling Mike how wonderful he is, always touching him, laying her head on his shoulder & they always hang on each other. Its not just from time to time either, They do this almost on a daily basis. It's uncomfortable & creepy to watch. Co-workers dont behave that way & they are both married. Oh, & PLEASE stop the dancing when they come out. It's not funny anymore & they cant dance!

  • niteout

    how bout for men with Michael
  • Rhino Info

    Rhinos sleep standing up or lying down and can sleep up to 8 hours a day at intervals. They can be found dozing under a tree during a hot day, but when they take a deep sleep, they lie down with their feet curled up slightly to the one side. They sleep very deeply and can easily be approached. I don't think I would sneak up on one...
  • We enjoy your show!

    We enjoy watching Michael and Kelly and their antics. I think they seem "down to earth" . We enjoy all the exposure to the variety of guests. Thank you! Our score is
  • Love this show

    I never did watch it before. But Michael and Kelly are great together on the show.

  • Is This A Racial Quota?

    I want to projectile vomit when I see this show. This guy hasn't got an ounce of talent off of the football field. Somebody throw him a pass and let him keep running... out of the studio.
  • Real Life Racism in Texas

    I have experienced racism occurring by hear say or television, but I must say, I have never in my life experienced racism before my very eyes in person before this New Year! I thought it would be a great idea to have a bunch of people on a party bus for New Year's Eve, so no one would have to drink and drive. The plan was to rent out a party bus, pick everyone up on the way to Victory Park in Dallas for the countdown, then stop at a bar for dancing and a good time, then drop everyone back off at home safe and sound. Everything went smooth until: We got done at Victory Park in Dallas for the count down, then stopped at Cool River in Irving before the first drop off. I'm not going to give names, but unfortunately a friend's co-worker's brother in law, came up to me in cool river, put his arm around me, and said, "Look at that N*gger!". There was a black man kissing a white girl at the bar area. Out of reflex, I just shook my head and tried walking away. He could see that his remark bothered me, then he grabbed my arm and pulled me close to (in his way) Justify his comment to me, by explaining that there is a difference between black people and (his words) N*ggers. In a nut shell, he claimed that they were all pieces of sh*t. I was so saddened, but infuriated at the same time with his ignorance, yet very embarrassed and ashamed that this guy was on my bus. However, I did let him know how I felt about it and demonstrated how uneducated he was sounding. He walked away. The bar was closing down, I was the last one to leave (making sure everyone was going toward the bus) and I see him out by the bus already talking to 2 other guys that I didn't know, but were with the group as well. One guy was a friend's co-worker's boyfriend and his brother that he brought as well. So the racist guy was telling these 2 guys (brothers) about the situation he had inside the bar with me and how he would love to kick my a*s, but he had an assault charge that he was dealing with, so he couldn't do anything. Apparently, these brothers agreed with this racist guy and didn't like me too much. We all got on the bus, and dropped off my sister and her husband first, then we were about to drop off this other guy (another friend's co-worker). Needless to say, I get headbutted in the face (out of the blue), then hit 2 more times before my friends tried to help me out. They all got tore up, hit with a bottle, broken nose, and stitches. I didn't even know that the initial head butt all started because of me stating how ignorant this racist guy was until the day after. The black guy at the bar never even knew that any of this happened. I was angry that I didn't even get a chance to defend myself, but what hurt the most.... Was realizing that racism still exists today and people like that ignorant guy didn't even throw a punch, only those 2 brothers that he told about the situation and they supported the racist guy!!! It hurts my heart and filled my eyes with tears that they all got away free and clear with no consequences to their actions. Sorry this was so lengthy, but had to get it out, and let anyone know on my friends list, that if you are racist... then just delete me as your friend.
  • Nudity

    After seeing the previews with the nudity I have decided not watch this program again. I think that everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.

    I was shocked to read all of the negative comments about this show ! Kelly is absolutely adorable and if anything she is self effacing about her appearance . She works her butt off to stay in shape and her weight is perfect . I am sure that most of the negative comments are coming from overweight couch potatoes and looking at her tight little body reminds those people of their own out of shape overweight bodies . The addition of Michael added a ray of sunshine to the show !! I have been watching this show since I was a little girl and I think it's better than ever !!!! And as far as attacking Kelly' s intelligence, ask yourself if you have a highly successful talk show ? You obviously need a great deal of smarts to obtain that level of success , so while you go to your mundane job's or sit at home all day take a look at yourselves in the mirror and ask who are you to judge ?
  • kelly and michael

    you add no talent to a narcissist, this show is what you get.
  • The Best

    I enjoyed watching Regis and Kelly for years, but I love watching Live with Kelly and Michael. A better co-host could not be found to compliment Kelly's humor. Other than Kelly's husband, Mark, Michael was definitely the best choce as co-host. They are so funny. I look forward to many years of starting my day with Kelly and Michael.
  • New show Way to Go!

    You can clearly see through the host efforts the appeal to make it fun, entertaining, and relevant to the audience. It offers great prizes which I hope to see more of. I like adding the charm of Michael--some things seems so like unpredictable which is always up the best need a update,I always get this BIG yellow blocker,duh!
  • My husband & I both laugh daily at Kelly & Michael You get a 9 score!

    Might be old (we're in our 80's), but we need light humor & kelly & M. provide it. However, I'm sorry I read

    the old reviews. Don't know where we were 'cause we missed some of thos accusations which we can't re-

    peat regarding her children. If anything, we do agree & wish she'd drop the references to sex -- she doesn't

    ned that she's just naturally funny. I also resent comments re Michael. We think he brings a lot to the

    show. In our eyes, e's a perfect gentleman -- Kelly just needs to pull back as a good Mom, as we think she

    is. We also like Mark a lot & again think she shld. emulate more restrained. Overall, we like the show & will continue to watch.

    However, I quit entering contests because we're always gone on Thurs. & feared we'd get questions re Thurs. (Ha Ha in over 20 yrs. watching Regis, we've never been called, why do I worry?). Carry

    on Kelly, just stop talking sex, plse.

    Ofelia Muenzer . When Lola daughter) was born, I wrote to congratulate her as Lola (short for Dolores) is my

    middle name & my birthday, like Lola's is June 16th. Funny? Never heard back Good luck,!
  • NOT

    Was just complaining to my fiance that I used to look forward to watching this was so much better when she was with Regis. They had great chemistry and she seemed classier and more intelligent back then. We enjoyed watching it when she had different hosts, maybe it should have stayed like that. We were hoping Nick Lache, Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Groban or Jerry O'Connell would have got the co-host position. Michael Strahan is super annoying. He makes weird faces, always jittering, and doesn't bring any quality to the show. I feel you choose him because he cost the least, the others were bigger stars. Kelly seems to have changed. She doesn't seem like she should earn her living anymore, she seems to come off as very entitled. We see right through you Kelly. I USED to love her, now I don't get that great feeling I used to after watching the show. Now, I feel like "why did I waste my time" and I don't feel good after watching it. I've continued to keep giving them another I think I'm done. Please make some of seeing them come out dancing all goofy, making goo-goo eyes at each other, pretty much making out and yes, Kelly, we know, you wear the pants now. We get it... I read a comment that she spoke about her son masterbating. REALLY?? I would be horrified if I was her son. Don't ruin your family over ratings. I hope that wasn't true. If that is the case, her hubby and kids are probably afraid of what she will say about yes, Kelly, when you speak of "the one who shall remain nameless" --- I'm pretty sure he knows as we all do, who you are talking about. I don't know what the remedy is, I do enjoy good family stories, but don't embarrass them to make us laugh. Hopefully, Michael will somehow "volunteer" to leave the show, Kelly will snap and go back to the sweet, caring, non-narcissitic individual she used to be and maybe find a better cohost. ALSO, why doesn't she ever speak about Regis ... or anything nice about those days. How does she think she got that miss Regis! He was a TRUE entertainer. Sending REGIS MUCH LOVE!!! Good luck to LIVE! and I guess I will now be starting my day an hour earlier since I won't be watching Live! anymore.
  • A clever title goes here!



    I watch this show everyday even when i'm at work. you guys make my day .keep up the good work. i want to be on your talk show one day. my husband wrote a great book, Golgotha, The Place of a Skull, by Bradley David James. the book is mind blowing, check it out! @

    Write a quick review to share your am very upset with todays disaster of a show. You idiots have the nerve to have that TRAITOR on your show. If you haven't heard about the atrocities she was directly responsible for during the days of The Viet Nam WAR ( YES IT WAS). FOX needs to fire some one over this. SHAME ON THE LOT OF YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hanoi Jane

    Ms. Fonda has done a good job whitewashing her past but Vietnam vets and their families have not forgotten. Her picture remains on urinals at veteran clubs all over the country. I turned off your show today.
  • Shame on Kelly & Michael Live Show

    We watch Kelly & Michael Live daily. Turned it off today. Shame on you for having Jane Fonda as a guest. At this time, when Americans are praising our troops and veterans, obviously you forgot how traiter Fonda went to North Vietnam and praised the enemy and shamed our country and placed our POW's in harms way. Many interviews have been done with Vietnam POW's who stated Fonda watched and was aware of they way Americans were treated. Bet you won't read this on you show
  • A clever title goes here! I wanna play!

    I love this show, I watch almost everyday, keep up the good work, how can I enter the travel trivia contest?
  • I like the show

    Kelley you are a beautiful woman and I know that television puts on a few pounds, but Kelley you are too small. You should gain a few pounds. By the way you did look fabulous in the evening gown.
  • I love this show.

    I watched it when Regis was on and I'm still loving the show. Michael is wonderful and I'm glad he is sitting next to Kelly. Love, Love, Love this one. You people must still watch it if you are on here making nasty comments. hahaha. So go KELLY & MICHAEL
  • I love the show

    Wow I can't believe the negative reviews. I loved Regis and Kathie Lee, I loved Regis and Kelly and now I love Kelly and Michael. The show is now a bit more current and young. Michael is smart and clever, he brings a different perspective and it's about time that daytime tv has a refreshing perspective instead of the same old formula. I wish people would give the show a chance there's nothing wrong with change. I also like Kelly could she take it down a notch sometime of course she could but I still love her. I'm a loyal fan! Great job Gelman. The show makes my morning!
  • No longer watch!

    My deceased husband and I watched Regis and Kathy Lee for years. We loved it and planned our days around the show. I was sad when Kathy Lee left, but loved Regis and remained a loyal fan.

    The day he left the show, I stopped watching. I could no longer stand to watch Kelly and her Narcissistic ways. It makes me want to throw up! She got to big for her britches.

    I'm retired and can find better things to do than watch IT. Good luck with your NOTHING BUT 3rd GRADE CONVERSATIONS, show.
  • stereotyping Michael

    I am apalled to hear how many of you are stereotyping Michael. He is a very articulate, educated, well rounded man who happened to play football professionally. I enjoy the show, I do think that Kelly needs to pull back a little bit. She can be over the top and a bit too talkative. I would love to see the show continue and give them the opportunity to gel and become actual co host, right now it still seems to be her show
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