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  • Kelly, shame on you!

    When Michael showed his Super Bowl ring today, he was justifiably proud. Kelly quickly took the spotlight and shot off her mouth about something stupid and denied Michael a chance to show his ring. Kelly, it's not all about you and you are more annoying than cute. Give Michael a chance to speak. That is why the AND is in your show's title.

    I really enjoy the show! But since Kelly and Michael started together, I've notice that she is constantly watching herself on the monitor to the left of Michael. The other day she must have just had her nails done because she was showing her hands and making sure she was showing those nails. Even the way she handled her coffee cup. And she is constantly rolling up her sleeves and messing with her hair and while doing this she is looking at monitor. Today wearing that green outfit she sits up real straight and sees herself. She is in love with herself! Other than that I believe that it is Michael that makes the show, without him there would be no "Live Kelly & Michael" sorry just saying!
  • Your episode with Mrs America from Columbia

    she was showing how to walk like a model both swimsuit and evening gown walk. your show cut off before she was able to show the evening down you please put up the video of her showing both walks if at all possible. thank you have a nice day God bless !!!!!! . Love your show. Have when Regis was with Kathy
  • Need some changes on show!!!

    There are to many breaks taken! When Michael was on vacation you didn't take many breaks and the show was allot more enjoyable. Why do you put on so many commercials it is a waste of air time. I think you are going to start losing viewers. Make some changes soon!!!

    I get so irritated by Kelly running her mouth all the time. She never gives Michael a chance to speak nor does she care what he has to say. She is disrespectful and not good looking either. I used to love watchung the show thinking maybe they would check her on this issue but its still doing on and I can no longer warch it. She barely lets him get acquainted with the guests. This show is ridiculous. God bless you Michael , I love you and wish you all the success fame has to offer you!
  • My daughte's r comments when I showed her a 45 record

    my mom found some of my old 45's in a box and when I opened the box my daughter who was around 9 0r ten ( she was born in 1990) said " wow mom what big CD's how many songs are on there? I laughed and saidtwo, one on the front and one on the back, she looked confused and said my little ones have 12 0r more
  • Love the chemistry between Kelly and Michael!

    Watching two people host a show like if they were best friends is my favorite thing about this show! There aren't any fake smiles or anything negative. It seems to me as if they really get along. Unlike other shows I've watch, where the hosts argue with each other on a weekly basis, and you can sense the negativity all the way home. Bottom line is, I love Live! with Kelly and Michael, I wish them the best and hope to continue to watch them together for many years to come!
  • Respect

    The other day you were talking on your show about kids calling their parents by their first names and I was so pleased to hear what you said, "Not in my house"!!! I feel the same way and you were talking about respect for your parents, that is what is wrong with kids now days, they have no respect for their parents because the parents let the kids run their We learned respect and good morals and right from wrong, when we did something that we weren't supposed to do we got punished for it and it didn't break our spirit, it gave us more spirit and the ability to cope with life. I am very proud of both of you!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • Tee Shirts

    I looked on line to write the show but can't find a site to go to so I will write what I want to say here, I think they should offer the Smile Tee Shirts for sale and part of the proceeds go to Kelly and Michael's favorite charities.
  • Call me mom!!!

    Hi Kelly and Michael, yes our own children should call me mom but what about the new son in law and daughter in laws. I Want them to call me mom BUT I guess they don,t want to. They say I,m not their mom. I think it just shows love and a close relationship since they,re married to my child. It feels weird when they call me by my first name. But I have accepted it now. What do you think.


    Anne Litke from Niagara on the. lake , Ontario


    ON Friday December 19h, 2014 episode Derrin the winner of TRAVEL TRIVIA can get his prostate examined when he arrives at Veranda Resort and " P S A " !!!!!! Sorry just a PET PEEVE of mine, but I ABSOLUTELY love the SHOW !!!!! Barbara S Salerno Hopatcong NJ
  • The Most Thoughful Person I Know - BAR NONE!!!!!

    My daughter (RANDI HAMDEN, Master Sergeant Retired) is a 23 year Army veteran who did 4 tours to Iraq as a 1st Sergeant, brought all her soldiers home safely each time, earned double bronze stars among many other awards and medals and retired with honors. She is always giving back and has been supporting her local Open Door with hundreds of dollars in food and fulfilling many 'Wish Lists' for the poor for years now. She worked an entire football season at the Kansas State sports games to earn money just to give more to the poor while working a full time job also. Recently she went to the local Sears Store that was closing in our local mall and bought up all the toys in the toy department and gave them to Operation Santa Claus at Fort Riley, Kansas. She never quits giving; of her own time and her own money. Last year she came to remove my snow and after she completed it, she removed snow for one of my neighbors too, free of charge. She is also a former member of the USA Olympic Team and a past president of the Audie Murphy Club on Fort Riley. Currently she is the Chief of Ceremonies at Fort Riley. Believe it or not, she doesn't stop there; she just believes in giving. She also helps me, her sister, and her neighbors anytime she is needed and I am so proud to have such an outstanding, amazing and giving daughter. Please assist her to continue to give more; she certainly deserves it!
  • Dress up & Stop Talking

    I love both of you on the show, I watch it every morning. I think both of you are funny as can be. LOL Two things would make it better (1) dress Kelly a little more sexier, instead of those drab clothes she wears. Her heels are always beautiful, but the clothes don't go with the heals. (2) Sometimes Kelly doesn't give Michael a chance to talk. He'll start saying something & she interrupt him.

    I'm a woman, sounds like I could be a man. LOL KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!
  • funny show ever

    wow what can I say you have a funny show even when I'm having a bad day I can't wait till your show comes on makes me laugh the stories are funny I guess the way you say it we are having a bad month but love to hear what you have to say and both of you always look so happy when the show is over I am Esmeralda
  • a call for help

    I run a non profit organization in a town of less than 600 people and this Christmas has hit a lot of people hard. Funds are low and need is high. There are children here with requests for things all of us take for granted. The one that hurts the most is a child that is 6 yrs old. He said he didn't care if he got anything for Christmas as long as he had enough food to get through the 2 weeks off from school because he gets free breakfast and lunch at school. A 7 yr old girl wants gloves because her hands get cold @ the bus stop. A 4 yr old boy that just wants a blanket big enough to keep him warm so he could sleep in his own bed instead of having to sneak in bed with mom when dad goes to work. Those are just a few of the 40 children in the community that I serve. Is there anyone out there that can help?
  • The most caring giving person I know.

    The most giving person is my daughter Sgt. Tyna (Tina) Stevens. Not only does she spend all day on base, but she comes home, and does anything that she can help people. She calls me up if I need her shes right here. She lives in Raynham Ma and I live in Cumberland Rhode Island. No matter what it is she's lady that lives in Attleboro Ma, she is right there when she needs rides to the hospital for her treatments or if she need anything. She baby sits her nieces and nephews. On top of all that she also has a 14 year old daughter that is the apple of her eye. So Tyna juggles alot of things on her plate and always has that smile on her face. I love her so much and I am so proud to call her my daugher.
  • worst on tv

    I cant believe this show is still .
  • Birthing HA

    I told my wife and her girl friends one day at GIRLS morning tea parties where my wife and one girlfriend were pregnant "if child birth was so hard God would have given it to men have to support those children financially for at least 18 a pain that last much longer than those nine months.

    My wife and I have 4 wonderful children. ALL are well past 18 years old and I am still living with that PAIN YEA we are still Happily Married with children.
  • A Kidney Stand 4 Stan Jay

    My husband Stan is in despite need of an O kidney! We live near where you grew up Kelly and need to get the word out. I know there's an ANGEL out there that is willing to donate one of their kidneys. He's registered at 2 hospitals but because he's an O (it's universal blood type) the list is at least 5 yrs long. None of us in our family (including our kids) are the same blood type. Please check out his FB page A Kidney Stan 4 Stan Jay. Without a kidney he will die :( . Everyone who reads this PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check it out and share the page. The more the words gets out the sooner we can find a kidney that will save his life. He has a wonderful family that doesn't want to lose him and we need your help!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!
  • Too vain.

    The show would be much more enjoyable if Kelly would stop looking at herself in the monitor. In the opening segment she is constantly checking out how she looks with her lips pursed or whatever face she decides to put on.
  • with Bette Midler

    I love when you had Bette Midler on!! I downloaded a few of her songs off her new CD. Love them!! We had her song (The Rose) for our wedding theme. I am so happy she put out this CD, love the oldies. Thank you. Band I have to say, You and Michael, are the best!!


  • Give your guests their time

    To much wasted time at beginning of show. the best thing about your show are the guests but you never leave enough quality time from have to DVR now to improve my time management of a show with to many commercials
  • Let him talk!

    Kelly, please try not to interrupt micheal all of the time. After we hear about what you ate for breakfast and everything that went on at your would like to hear him talk without throwing in a story or a jab! He is polite but I don't know how he does it!
  • Your show is great I love it

    First I have to tell you I love, love, love your show. Micheal I really love. Kelly you could not have picked a

    better partner. The two of you are the best.

    I am asking about the cute little dog in the jacket. Is that dog for adoption as well? I don't live close by I

    am in Minnesota.

    Again you two are the best show on TV I never miss it.
  • your son michael and my granddaughter driving

    i love your show.

    this morming you mentioned about your son michael driving. i have a story i would like to share.

    my granddaughter maddison was driving with her father. she is on a permit. she pulled out of the high school parking lot and hit a car. she hit the superintendant of transportation.
  • Queen yenom & Kingyenom

    Hi my name is leslie lipscomb. I'am going to be 53 years old on November 7, I love micheal he is my favorite football player. I was so happy when he got his ring. I would have been so mad if he did'nt get truly did deserve am written hoping I could meet him in person. See I was fine had my hole life going good, then I was hit with a bone dease. Now I am in a wheel chair. I was feeling depress an suicidely then I seen micheals Saint Jew commercial an it chanced the way I was hero, now I just want to thank him he saved my life. So please HELP would be so important for me. Thank You. Peace an Blessing. Leslie
  • Kelly I thought you were more mature

    On today's show after the singer was through singing Kelley walked up to her and said "That was so freaking good!" When anyone uses that work FREAKING it implies and is used in the same context as the other word that starts with an . It is intent when we use words , so was her intent to say the F word in a more politically correct way. I am so sick of everyone trying to be politically correct, why not be respectful and grown up ! It was disappointing to hear Kelly say that today.
  • Hair don't

    For all the interviews that are previously recorded why does Kelly even bother to put on the same outfit when her hair is obviously styled differently? Gotta keep that hair consistent.

    Love Michael, he makes me laugh every morning!
  • Gone Girl

    What a great movie from the beginning to the end. Really exciting but I didn't see Bens stuff but that's ok it was a great movie. When it ended you just sat and thought before leaving. This is a 10 but the rating came out wrong. I would see this movie again.
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