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    We haven't been able to get the show for about a month now. The replaced it with Paid TV commercials. What is going on? I have Directv
  • Kelly-New Haircut

    Kelly has often raved about Nicole (Michael's darling) on the show, and recently she went as far as getting her same exact haircut. She has also done a manicure, and stated that Nicole has previously had the same exact color on .

    All she does is pout her lips constantly then she glances at him, to see if he's looking at her. She makes way too many faces!!!! She's always batting her eyelashes and can't seem to keep her eyes off Michael. Especially when a pretty guest is on. Most importantly, someone needs to be honest with her, and tell her, she CAN'T dance!

    She makes statements about getting excited when she see's Michael on TV, and how often she thinks of him.... doesn't she see him everyday? Her comments are a little too off, for a morning show?

    I really enjoy the show when she is on vacation. The co-hosts are much more real, and interesting to listen to,and most important, they let Michael speak, without interrupting him, a classy touch to the show.
  • Love Kelly and Michael Show!!!!

    This is one of my favorite shows. I always record it and watch it after work. They make me laugh all the time. Here is a little criticism. Michael is a jerk sometimes when he claims not to be a Giant fan and likes the Jets. Kelly talks too much about herself which is annoying to me. The show is about the guests. I still am a big fan of the show.

  • it's only my opinion

    Is it me or does kelly seem jealous when michael talks to the female guests and ignores her,was the show watchable when kelly was on vacation? all we hear is her brag about her family, her expensive vacations, her nights out at celebrity events and all episodes she has to talk about sex. WHO CARES?????

    and what is up with kelly unable to speak or read?

    Every time she speaks it is "eWell we uh.. went to this restaurant and and they were uh they were uh serving this food and and this waiter he etc. so annoying, get the words out already sheesh!!!!! perhaps as one who is on tv could you find time to get some how speach therapy lessons on your 23hrs a day break from work.

    And is it me or do kelly and michael need to get a room I mean really!!! can she not take a break from lusting for him to put on an entertaining 1hr show? or is that supposed to be entertainment? and obviously her husband doesn't care as he must only be with her for the money as what shows and movies has he been in? his only air time is on her show.

    And is it me or is it always "WE have a HUGE show today" every day it's "we have a huge show for you today" when is it not a huge show. What is so huge about a normal show? And honestly what substance is there to the show: "Hello how was your weekend michael strahan we went to the Hamptons and we uh had uh dinner with the the president and other super important people you the audience will never meet. - let's now pick up the news paper and read articles to the audience to fill the rest of the 15min. Time for trivia.... sorry lady.. we have a really big show for you 1st cast off of survivor is here, a chef is here and I will show you all how I almost barf on tv... so stay tuned!!!" and stay tuned live has a super huge announcement... we are filming all next week in super warm and sunny barbados. I know all you audience members and tv viewers are sitting in -30 celsius right now.. aren't you jealous? well you will be even more when our hosts brag about how sunny and warm it is where they are and how they are getting mints on their pillows at their $400/night hotel rooms paid for by the network.

    And why can't she say thank you when she get a compliment from a viewer. And when someone compliments her she pretends she doesn't agree. just say thank you. is it that hard? Stopped watching!!!
  • Way to go Kelly!!

    Totally agree with Kelly about the parents of the kids who vandalized the house. Things are so different today compared to when I was a child. We were given consequences for our actions. Our parents would make us apologize and clean/fix whatever we did, not sue someone because they are trying to make our children responsible for what they did. Todays parents are the reason we have so many bullies, kids dropping our of school. These are the parents you see fighting with the coaches on the football/soccer field yelling at the coaches because their kid is not playing or they believe that a call made was not fair. Times have really changed and it is really sad to see.........
  • She Used To Be Humble

    I remember when Kelly first joined the "Live" show with Regis. She was sweet and down to earth. For the past couple of years I have noticed a huge change in her. I kept on thinking that either I was seeing something that either wasn't there or Kelly was having a bad morning. I just can't make up excuses for her anymore. Her mannerisms and attitude has changed so much that this person isn't even close to being the person that joined Regis when she was still humble and real. I have come to the conclusion that I am finished watching the show after her attitude sunk to a new low the other day. They were talking about cycling class and she said that cleaning the seat wasn't good enough for her, she has to bring her own seat! I go to the gym everyday and I have never seen anyone do this, even the people that are germa-phobes such as myself. She just acts like she's better than everybody else and there is no humbleness left in her. My decision is made far after many friends and family have said the same thing about her. Can't stand to see the snobbiness and better than thou attitude anymore.
  • Really!!

    People are so rude. If you do not like the show or Kelly's antics and "swooning" over Michael, turn it off. I have always been a Kelly Ripa fan and now, a Michael Strahan fan for sure,. Get over it people. I enjoy the show every morning I get the opportunity to watch it! Keep up the good work!
  • rossana and gregg

    i now watch rosanna and gregg on the fox network they are great and you can tell that they really love each other they are always teasing and just having fun together kelly and michael could take a lesson from them kelly is just too much i used to like her with regis but not so much now they never even mention regis without him she would not have a job anyway i love rosanna and gregg
  • Kelly's dress

    Looks like the dress Kelly is wearing today is the female version of the costume that Will Ferrell wore in the movie Elf! Not a good look :/
  • Love Love Love Your show :)

    You make me have a smile everyday, you both are so great with each other.
  • Michael just not interesting

    Kelly and Michael just don't have the right chemistry. I used to love Kelly when she was with Regis but now I just find her annoying. But in her defense, what's with all the people complaining about how she talks about her vacations, kids, and nights out with celebrities? She's on TV every morning, she has to talk about something! This is actually the only content I find remotely interesting on the show. As for Michael, unless you're a sports fan (which most of us stay-at-home moms and seniors watching morning TV are NOT) then I just don't get the appeal. He's a nice guy I'm sure but is not even remotely interesting to watch.
  • Kelly Interrupts

    Kelly, I love you on this show. I tape it everyday to watch when I get home from work. However, lately I noticed how much you interrupt Michael when he is talking. Last week he was talking about Rafa Nadel's OCD act before every shot. It was so funny because it was precisely what he does. Everyone who plays tennis talks about it. Michael was so accurate with his discriptions. You interruped him several times to talk about your son and how he sniffs Geldon, which wasn't funny at all. Lately, you talk a little too much about your childfren when it isn't bit funny. As a mother of 4 I can appreciate where you are coming from, but not on TV when it is irrevelant to the topic. Today you went on about your daughter's persona... totally unrelated...
  • moved to abc

    why did they move to abc in the first place and this morning am trying to watch them and there is no sound on abc ch whats up with this I love the show wish they had stayed where they were at so now today cant watch abc get u stuff together or they will lose viewers
  • Where are you Kelly and Micheal?

    You are my favorite morning show. Now I can't find you. Where did you go?
  • kelly's mom and cell

    Kelly my Dad was saved by using his cell phone, see that your mother gets one, Dad at 92 used his Jitter Bug cell phone to get EMS to house
  • I am human!!!

    I love to watch Kelly and Micheal! I actually didn't start watching it until Micheal joined the show. Now I try to watch it everyday not that I didn't like Kelly but Micheal brought something new. Both make me laugh and make my day but I didn't get the whole I am human thing to sign up???
  • signing up

    This is the hardest website I have ever had to sign up for
  • A Good Morning is to Wake up W/Kelly & Micheal.......

    I wake up every morning to watch them "LIVE" ! I am sure you have heard the old saying" It's not a good day; if you don't wake up looking for a Bright Day :~) Not wanting to see the Monday Blue's!! So Kelly; you & Michael keep up the Sunshine ! No body needs a bad day~ Yes go for the smile's ~~10~~
  • When??

    How LONG is their vacations going to last???
  • A most wonderful Morning Show with Great Co-Hosts! Uplifting!

    I liked Regis and Kelly. I also really like Live with Kelly and Michael! I hesitate to make any suggestions, considering the terrible statements which are listed several comments below this one!

    I have seen recent programs with a female previous long term co-host of Regis. Terrible now, anyway! Don't know what she was like on his show. Yes, Kelly and Michael must keep the show clean as possible for a morning show and for me to enjoy it. I really like the section that occurs even before the interviewees arrive.

    I hesitate to make any somewhat negative comments, but Michael? What are you waiting for regarding legal marriage? Apparently, you have a loving spouse that you love and wonderful children. Several other men in quality jobs are proud to say that the "Girlfriend" is pregnant or has baby. Don't you all know that that is physical marriage? Don't you know that youth are using you all as examples of life?

    Again, my view of the show is not the same as the nay sayers below. I think you both are most wonderful in your morning show. I do hope you can continue together! I was so concerned that some other person would be chosen, and was pleased that you both are great. And Gellman, and the other gentleman who dresses up, also. Most wonderful, crew, I would think. Please keep your quality program. (I wondered about the bikinis, but the dancers are cute and modern swim
  • Switching Channels

    Enjoyed watching when Erin Andrews and Rebecca Romijn sat in as cohost. These ladies have class. Not liking Kelly's immature attitude and voice.
  • Ice box vs: refrigerator

    What Michael showed as an ice box was an old elec. refrigerator, the motor was on the top. It made it's own ice, and didn't need the blocks of ice in it. I have a picture of it and no place to post it.

  • To Mike & Kelly

    Hi My Name is Connie. I wanted to share that my father delivered ice to those old ice boxes. He was a teenager in the 30's/40's carried the ice on his back up many stairs, floors, or buildings. They called him "Charlie the Ice

    This one of the many stories that he told us about his childhood. Please share this with others.

    Thank you.
  • To showy

    Kelly needs not to wear blouses that when she bends it show more that needs to
  • Dismal without Regis!

    Let's face it no one was ever going to replace Regis. He was a class act and they should have ended the show when he left.

    He kept kelly in line, reined her in when she was going bananas ( no offense she is a nice girl ) but regis made the show

    Now he's gone its just gone to the shitters, i dont watch anymore

    I only watched for regis and the banter between him and gelman
  • Good by to Kelly?

    I work at home and often watch TV while I am doing so. For the last six months I shut it off when Kelly and Michael come on. I love michael but have become very tired of Kelly. Since Regis left she seems out-of-control with silliness and a loud competitive response to Michael. This week I have watched every day and completely enjoyed the show. The two hosts always seemed so natural together - especially the sports announcer - calm, funny, intellectually acceptable. Kelly seems like a nice person but I hope her days on the show are permanently over. Michael is a GEM!!!

    Janet N. Mort PhD

    Language and Literacy
  • Whitney Cummings

    I love when you have Whitney Cumming on your show. she is a hoot. would love to have her at one of my parties
  • The last 2 weeks have been a joy

    This last 2 weeks it has been so enjoyable watching Kelly and Michael because instead of a lady acting like a dumb blond teenager(Nothing against blond I am too) They co-hosts who have filled in for Kelly act like woman and strong woman. When they interview guests it is interesting when Kelly interviews she always has to add a story from her life. Usually I watch the first 10 minutes of the show and then it gets turned off the last 2weeks I have watch the whole show. I don't know about most people but I am truly tired of listening to what she has done the night before or how drunk she got and by the way Kelly you CANNOT dance, take lessons. It might be time to replace someone on this show.
  • BORING!!

    The show was great with Regis and other co hosts. Now, it's boring talk about her kids, his kids, dancing, as if they can dance, silliness. I might add that Kelly always looks like she's sitting on a cactus ....... I change the channel now and watch something else. Too bad the show is going down hill so fast. Glad I have a remote :)
  • OH Michael!

    I really enjoy the show,you two are hilarious,but I just adore Michael so love his smile and his awesome since of would love to meet him someday in person! :)
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