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  • superbowl disgrace

    micheal holding the stick all day!!! at superbowl sunday. why couldnt FOX afford ear mic's for you and others. omgosh
  • Kelly's hair is awful today!

    01/31/14 It looks like she just got out of bed and didn't even run a comb through it. It's sticking out in the back. Terrible! Doesn't matter what length she wants it to be but it needs a stylist. It has been very unattractive since she cut it. It's like no one seems to know what to do with it.
  • Love Live! with Kelly and Michael!

    I think the show is great with Kelly and Michael! Adding Michael makes the show fresh and new. They also seem to have a great chemistry. Love the show, hope the ratings are good so that the show stays on.

    And please stop with the talk about Kelly being all over Michael, STOP IT PEOPLE!

    Love this duo!
  • Its titled FAN REVIEWS not COMPLAINTS !

    Wow, was reading your fan reviews and saw all the negative just wanted to reassure show rocks!!! Love you Gillman too of course. Thanks for making my morning hours so fun.
  • Love the Show

    Kelly I think your clothes are too short. I don't know who picks your style, but I think you could do better.

  • seriously people?!?

    I was just reading some of these reviews an people amaze me. If your going to complain, learn how to spell and write right. It's not hard to use proper grammar. My only complaint is like on today's show, it seems like you take parts of old shows and you put them together to make one. They were there saying, "Happy New Year's" so why not just film a whole show? Unless Kelly changes her clothes 3-4 times a show, you can tell its pieced and put together. And lastly, if your going to quit watching this show because Michael has or talks about money, then you best quit watching TV altogether! Everyone talks about money on TV nowadays.. get over it!.. New Year's!!!
  • disappointed no longer watching because

    They used to be sensitive towards their viewers however all Michael complains about his money he doesn't make enough well try being in my shoes I raised my 2 sons put myself through college then I got a rare disease in my spine ( Tarlov cysts disease) they're eroding my sacrum bone and hip bone and nerves in my spine I'm fighting to get ssdi I can no longer work. I use to love watching you to and Kelly you're self centered it's like you don't appreciate your home life you get to cozy with Mike the show needs compassion towards your real viewers get real Mike seems like he's winging the show I started watching clear back when it was Regis & Kathylee I dealt with the changes however the show lost compassion you're right if you don't like the show change the channel so that's what I'm doing. Take care
  • Mark and Kelly not entertaining just annoying.

    I watched yesterday's show with Mark as cohost. I find nothing appealing about him. He is not aging well as a matter of fact he does not even look well. The banter back and forth between them is so phony.

    They try to be funny but most times there wasn't much laughter in the house. I heard someone compare them to Lucy and Desi, So wrong, Lucy and Desi were good actors, good producers and there production company DesiLu was a hit. Unlike Ripa/Consuelos company which seems to be a flop.

    I say just make it Live with Michael and get rid of the scratcher, pouter, dancing fool.
  • motivated

    I am 58 and wish I could make enough money for a dependable, old Sebring to return to a name like mine (Shepard)I get razzed and more. No think these critics should leave Kelly Rippa alone. She is motivated, sweet genuinely, a real attentive Mother in love with her husband and all the "rippin on Rippa should stop. I wish I could make enough on a show to get a sittin here dreaming dosent do it, Leave this beautiful gal alone. Hey you critics, do you feed your kids, clean, put up the plan for a days meal and walk to work to make a buck or two? You only wish you were motivated Kelly should be mother of the year and all you critics, do you have time for the workout, the makeup and help others like she does. BUZZ OFF JEALOUS gonna be just like Kelly and Michael and the holy word is "MOTIVATED" ya all
  • Love you but....

    I love your show and watch it everyday but what is with Kelly's hair?! she afford a stylist?!
  • For 2 great athletes!

  • Get some real talent!

    I've tried & tried but I cannot continue to watch this show. Both seem like nice people but neither have the talent to be hosts of a national talk show.

    Kelly continues to be so self absorbed. Everything is about her. Whether its host chat or even worse when they are talking to a guest, she turns every conversation about herself or tries to become the center of attention. She tries way too hard to be funny & fails miserably. Almost daily she says something idiotic & Michael will always over react, bend over and lean towards her belly laughing. It's very phony. She acts immature & her hip, street impersonations are tired. Sorry boo.

    Michael is cool but not right for this show. It's awkward to watch him stumble through interviews. So many times Kelly will be going way off topic & he tries to bring it back but lacks transition & u can tell he is totally reading the questions off the cue cards. He is not smooth or natural. Really, how natural is it to see the NFL player interviewing people like De Niro, Angelica Houston or Meryl Streep? Stick to the football show because he's out of his arena here.

    Lastly, the little dancing thing when they come out is just plain stupid and I am sooo tired of watching them hang on each other & gush over one another. You can only watch two people tell each other how perfect they are or how beautiful they look for so long before you need a barf bag. Oh, you could also make a drinking game out of how many times Michael says "Everybody" usually in an Oprah tone. Gelman really should have chosen a professional in the industry rather than just someone Kelly likes to hang with.

    I'm done!

  • You all! Quit watching or quit being haters!

    So~We leave our TV on for our dogs. I get up and Live with Kelly & Micheal is on. I am on vacation (woo-hoo); (I work nights and 9 am is early for me); I sit down with (my six pack of dogs) my cup of coffee. I see this show infrequently; I remember the interviews when they were trying to replace Regis; so, fast-forward and Michael's girlfriend is going to share her grandma's recipe for Stuffing (it is nearly Thanksgiving, I am on vacation, I am going to write this Of course~It takes a little time to get a pen and a pad (as I make my way through my six big dogs) so I have to get on-line to get this recipe.

    I read the fan reviews. I am shocked. Good grief! QUIT WORRING ABOUT KELLY'S WEIGHT AND HAIR! She is adorable and her hair looks great. You hater! Saying her looks like a helmet. I saw your profile what do you call your doo?

    And the person saying Kelly looks unhealthy~she is a tiny person. She works out and eats right! She is built like my Aunt Maude who lived to be 90 and ate oatmeal everyday of her adult life. She was VERY healthy. Leave Kelly alone. You were probably the same person who worried themselve silly about Christina A. weight gain on the Voice a couple of years ago. COME ON! Get a life. Yay! Kelly! Stay Healthy and Strong, dear person!

    I loved the show! Kelly, you are a hoot. I am ADHD and you speak to me! Michael~I really like you. You are great! Your poor girlfriend! She is a Saint to put up with you. (My husband is the Saint in my house ~for the last 35 years. He take good care of me!)

    Anyway~good show. I LOVE you BOTH. the is some drama program out there for on~ look for one. LIVE WITH KELLY AND MICHEAL keep on doing what you catch you on the next vacation!
  • Halloween 2013

    Worst one ever!
  • Scary Kelly

    Kelly Ripa is not a healthy looking person. Looks like she should be on a Dr Phil show. Intervention is needed. Also she should stop hanging all over Michael,it's making it rather hard to watch the show. Michael is awesome as a host
  • Hair do or Helmet?

    With all the compliments Kelly has received got her new hair do, why in the hell does she insist on going back to the ridiculous one she has today. Gadzooks she looks like she has a helmet on! If her hairdresser is being is overpaid!! The new do she had was elegant and sophisticated and absolutely adorable and showed her beautiful face. All this do does is distract from her face to the mess it is.
  • congrads

    my name is mike,i'm this shows biggest supporter,kelly is as cute as ever and michael is a stud,REGIS is big shoes to fill and he is the perfect fit !!!!!!!!!! if its possible shoot me a cool pic of the gang!
  • i want you to call me

    Love the show!! Watch it everyday i need info on how to give you my phone number so i ccan play the game??? Gilman don't tell the viewers often enough!!! How do i enter?? Please
  • the hallween today

    i love the costom and the dress up with micheal and kelly love your costom learning the dancing and the is thatt kitten show i know it was good micheal is the woman kelly hold a baby share love that tm on david too chris i can't wait the wented too 2000 per cent

  • Frustrated

    My name is Cindy Eschner , I live in Neptune New Jersey . I watch the show everyday . How do I sign up for the vacation wheel? My phone number is 732-910-2566. I love the chemistry between Kelly and Michael . You guys rock . Keep up the good work. Ps how do I get a coffee mug ?
  • What's next???

    I turned on Live with Kelly and Michael the day after the Halloween shock show hoping to hear a sincere apology or some regrets from them for offending so many viewers. What we got was in no way sincere and I don't believe it was meant as a joke as teddi52 stated. Kelly's attitude was like a slap in the face and showed she really doesn't care about those who find this type of content in their show offensive. It's hard to believe they didn't think offending so many wouldn't affect their ratings. I guess we will see. I'll be looking for something more uplifting in the morning. Doesn't look like Kelly and Michael can be trusted anymore with what they might come up with.
  • Not suitable, or right, or appropriate

    2013 Halloween Show with Kelly and Michael was indecent, immodest, rude and discourteous. I wonder how Kelly and Michael would feel if their parents acted like that???
  • Why are you doing what others do, can't you find something else!

    No more dancing in your chair or coming out! Might fracture something again! Not happy with the show as very rude to alot of people now! Alot come to see Michael or there would not be a show! When it is empty in audience do you notice you do not have the game with the balls as do not want anyone to know how many are there! Never saw you with your husband when he was on, falling all over him! Do you know what it is looking like now with Michael. I hear there is a divorce coming!

    I wish Bethany would take over Kelly spot, She is not all over a man, like she is having sex with him. Notice Nicole went to Chicago with Michel and Kelly but Mark did not go/ maybe Nichole sees what we see I saw the Halloween Show, it sucked big time, to see them almost having sex on daytime and Disney sorry but you better step in, that is a bad reflextion on you! Not funny and the licking was discusting. The lady that does your hair tell her to take the curling iron and put it somewhere, they use brushes now where did she get her certification to do hair? AND you hired her YUCK
  • Day after Halloween show

    I started watching the show today deciding to try to forget the disasterous show of Halloween but when Kelly made a joke about the apology to the audience who was offended by the vulgarity of their strange obsession of Miley Cyrus I shut it off again. It wasn't funny or entertaining. It was gross. I will miss the show but I think it is going in a different direction of what I call entertainment. I can still watch Michael on FOX on Sundays before football.
  • Chill everyone!!

    I am 64 and did not find it offensive. I watched Blurred Lines video and think they were trying to make it as close as possible. From Madonna, Lady GaGa, Adam Lambert, the list goes on and on . Elvis was a big "offender". I enjoyed it, loved Blurred Lines had it for an earworm for months. Miley will find her way. She's very talented and very young. I wish her all the best and Robin Thicke too. Love their music.
  • Halloween Disaster

    I finally get to see your Halloween show and it was awful. I normally enjoy your regular show but I found yesterday's show offensive.

    How in the world could you people actually think it was a good idea to open today's show with Kellie impersonating Miley Cyrus and her vulgarity? Miley's and Robin's original performance was disgusting enough and showed exactly what kind of people they really are. (That wasn't entertainment in my opinion). Kellie, I am so disappointed in you. It was disgusting to me to see you impersonating this girl. I truly thought you had more class and integrity than what you displayed today. Did you allow your kids to watch today's show? Was your behavior decent enough for children to see? I think not!! There were a lot of children who would have liked to watch your Halloween show today because it's always been a fun show for both kids and their parents alike. Once you started your "routine" on the ball, I turned off the TV and refused to watch anymore of the show. I can see by the other comments below, that you didn't make too many friends today. I wonder if this one show will affect your ratings? At this point, I am so disappointed that I'm not sure I will ever watch the show again. You people showed an entirely different side to yourselves today. Very unattractive! What a shame!
  • I will never watch again.

    I so waited for the Best Halloween Show ever. How sad that you felt the need to go there. No longer my daily morning show. I will find another show to have with my morning coffee. Such a shame.
  • SHAME 00

    HOW ABSOLUTELY and licking everything in WHY WHY????? I HAVE always loved your show and had to get up in; time to see porn and you owe your viewers an apology and clean it inappropriate. Shame on you of all those kids and to have to stoop that low for I'm sure you will not be admired anymore and especially by me.... OOO1.0
  • Disgusting halloween show

    Shame shame shame!!!! on you this was a disgusting show. I was so looking forward to watching your Halloween show as in the past has always been the best. Very disappointed I am not so sure i'll be watching further shows.
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