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    Has anyone read the book "The Lost Heir" by Monica Jenkins? She seems to be a talented 16 year old girl over coming a major issue and wrote this amazing book as a distraction. It is an amazing book!!! Way to surprised we have not seen her on the show. Great show idea!!
  • Champagne cork hits lady in eye

    Passengers do NOT open wine or champagne bottles on board, ....... Sommeliers do.
  • Keep Obama's OFF

    Give me a break! I now have to put up with Kelley and Michael fawning over the Obama's. They deserve no recognition, to say the least. If I keep hearing about them I will stop watching this show.
  • James franco

    Your proud of all the views the video of his appearance on the show got really?im so tired of these famous people doing bad in the world and they are rewarded with more publicity and probably more money from it. In the real world we would pay justly for the crime. Stop giving them positive publicity. Please already
  • Assume

    Which means making a Ass out of you and your facts straight before you assume--This is directed at Gold my facts are I heard they stole the you do a Fantastic you for wonderful totally enjoy.....
  • Nothing Changes ..

    After watching a week of classy woman on a good show .. Back comes Kelly the Ripoff ... not 5 minutes into the show ... the classless women starts running her mouth about the town of Regina and refers it to another word ... Hee, hee .hee .. like a high school kid .. She needs to grow up .. her kids gotta be so Proud of her ... The fill ins' from last week should be permanent with Michael ... I have no choice to watch the show - it's up against Rachael Ray and Info commercials ... She needs a Helmet to cover her hair .. Show going down the Tubes ... Gelman, please do something ..

    As usual, Classy show from brain dead Kelly .. had a young girl on show today (Wed 9-5-12) and Kelly couldn't wait to tell the live audience and tv viewers how the girl has a bi-polar problem .. if the girl wanted the world to know - it should of been up to her to tell them .. lot of class here .. keep Strahan and dump the village idiot - go get Erin Andrews and make it an all sports show .. time to watch reruns of Raymond .. Gelman never learns ...

    What is This - "A Cooking Show " ? .. might as well watch Rachel Ray... apparently they can't get people to come on the show anymore and half of the show was food and cooking .. Gelman says it's food Kelly likes ! (Like anyone wants to look like the Anorexia Olsen sister look-alike, who tries to dance and can't, and tries to me some middle age mom trying to be cool). Gelman has been around too long- uses old ideas-no new creative ideas ... Kelly is shot - scratchin' , or checking herself out in her TV monitor. The only thing she knows is "The Bachelor" or "Housewives of New Jersey" and the SAD thing is ... The Housewives look like Brain Surgeons compared to Kelly .. that is really sad ! .. show should be shutdown ...

    I'm Tired of seeing Olive Oyl coming out and trying to Dance, I can't believe that the BEST Gelman/Kelly could do is copy Ellen with a DJ and Dancing. She has a special camera that she looks at herself thru the Whole show. She stutters throughout the show over single syllable words. Talks constantly about her Brats( who will remain nameless ???). The show use to have info on NY city and what was going on with the latest headlines - and She doesn't HAVE a CLUE of what happened the previous day (unless it was New Jersey Housewives) ! Way over paid at $10 million a yr, they'll never get their money back. It's a shame, it was a good show till Regis left, now they just have is a younger 80 # Kathy Gifford clone .
  • Kristin Cheaweth

    My moms going through terminal cancer & one of her nurses looks just like Kristin Cheaweth. I wish I knew how to send you a photo.

    The show is so GREAT when Kelly's NOT THERE!! She has ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONALITY, SHE CAN'T SING (but she does it anyways!), she CAN'T DANCE (but she does it anyways!) and whoever told her that she is good looking and sexy should be slapped!!! Take off her make-up and change her clothes and she could easily pass for a guy!! Michael is carrying the show. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even bother to watch it!! This week without her there has been FANTASTIC!!!! SHE NEEDS A PERMANENT VACATION!!!!
  • Miss USA contest

    Stay on top of the Miss USA contest this year! Look forward to seeing that contest again.

    And kelly wave her hand and wear a crown. Awesome! Hilarious!
  • Hey RaychelScammahorn:

    I counted 9 spelling/grammar errors in your post telling people to use correct spelling and grammar.
  • Gone to hell!

    With Kelly, Live! is gone to hell. She has become a real disaster for the once fine show. She acts like a low class host who's time has passed and new blood is needed to revive the show to it's Emmy standards of days gone by. She's killing the show and it is gone to hell.
  • love the show

    Today Kelly you looked so beautiful Capri . I feel like I must tape it if not home. I love it. I do t care to watch TV. But there is only a hand full of shows. This one and The talk and Dr. Phil . they keep me laughing . I need that. Thanks again

  • What a Miracle!!!!

    Love the show and just have to also say that Monica Miracle and her amazing family are absolutely you for doing something special for then
  • Loving the new cut!

    The thing I love most about Kelly's hair is the part move to the side. That part change was the best change her stylist made and it was the first thing I noticed, even before the cut!!!

    Ann Rogers

    Greensboro, NC
  • Kelly "s looks

    Did Kelly & Mark split up as she never talks about him & she as turned into a flirty slut. She can't keep her hands off Michael & it is getting discusting the way she acts. She better grow up
  • Family Values

    Always loved Kelly from the All My Children days. Hate to miss an episode. Love Mark too and of course Michael's great. But son don't you spend millions on a wedding; God wants to use you more than that. Come to the QC soon. Love what you both have done with your personal lives. Especially you, Kelly. You are light for the world. Keep up the marvelous family values.
  • Gold Coins

    As usual, Kelly doesn't know what she is talking about. They were discussing the couple in CA who found the gold coins on their property. Kelly said they were going to bury them again. Michael said no they weren't. Kelly insisted she heard it on the news this morning. The fact is that the couple is going to sell them, pay bills with the money and donate the rest to charities. Get your facts straight Kelly. You always look like a fool. I watch the show for Michael, who really brings life to it.
  • kelly's weight

    kelly you are a beautful person. but you seem to be loosing a lot of weight? you need about 20 lbs on

    you. who is your trainer? he or she should be doing a tad better job!
  • Funny

    I watch u both everyday. Thank u for starting my day,doing nothing! I watch u for a nice laugh. Kelly u r funny. I watched u from All my children. Michael I'm sorry I was not a New York fan then. I am now//lol u guys keep it up.

    Where and How can I get my hands on her Superbowl t-shirt?????

    (LOVE LOVE LOVE the show--but---HATE Kelly's messy hair the combed her anyway!!!
  • superbowl disgrace

    micheal holding the stick all day!!! at superbowl sunday. why couldnt FOX afford ear mic's for you and others. omgosh
  • Kelly's hair is awful today!

    01/31/14 It looks like she just got out of bed and didn't even run a comb through it. It's sticking out in the back. Terrible! Doesn't matter what length she wants it to be but it needs a stylist. It has been very unattractive since she cut it. It's like no one seems to know what to do with it.
  • Love Live! with Kelly and Michael!

    I think the show is great with Kelly and Michael! Adding Michael makes the show fresh and new. They also seem to have a great chemistry. Love the show, hope the ratings are good so that the show stays on.

    And please stop with the talk about Kelly being all over Michael, STOP IT PEOPLE!

    Love this duo!
  • Its titled FAN REVIEWS not COMPLAINTS !

    Wow, was reading your fan reviews and saw all the negative just wanted to reassure show rocks!!! Love you Gillman too of course. Thanks for making my morning hours so fun.
  • Love the Show

    Kelly I think your clothes are too short. I don't know who picks your style, but I think you could do better.

  • seriously people?!?

    I was just reading some of these reviews an people amaze me. If your going to complain, learn how to spell and write right. It's not hard to use proper grammar. My only complaint is like on today's show, it seems like you take parts of old shows and you put them together to make one. They were there saying, "Happy New Year's" so why not just film a whole show? Unless Kelly changes her clothes 3-4 times a show, you can tell its pieced and put together. And lastly, if your going to quit watching this show because Michael has or talks about money, then you best quit watching TV altogether! Everyone talks about money on TV nowadays.. get over it!.. New Year's!!!
  • disappointed no longer watching because

    They used to be sensitive towards their viewers however all Michael complains about his money he doesn't make enough well try being in my shoes I raised my 2 sons put myself through college then I got a rare disease in my spine ( Tarlov cysts disease) they're eroding my sacrum bone and hip bone and nerves in my spine I'm fighting to get ssdi I can no longer work. I use to love watching you to and Kelly you're self centered it's like you don't appreciate your home life you get to cozy with Mike the show needs compassion towards your real viewers get real Mike seems like he's winging the show I started watching clear back when it was Regis & Kathylee I dealt with the changes however the show lost compassion you're right if you don't like the show change the channel so that's what I'm doing. Take care
  • Mark and Kelly not entertaining just annoying.

    I watched yesterday's show with Mark as cohost. I find nothing appealing about him. He is not aging well as a matter of fact he does not even look well. The banter back and forth between them is so phony.

    They try to be funny but most times there wasn't much laughter in the house. I heard someone compare them to Lucy and Desi, So wrong, Lucy and Desi were good actors, good producers and there production company DesiLu was a hit. Unlike Ripa/Consuelos company which seems to be a flop.

    I say just make it Live with Michael and get rid of the scratcher, pouter, dancing fool.
  • motivated

    I am 58 and wish I could make enough money for a dependable, old Sebring to return to a name like mine (Shepard)I get razzed and more. No think these critics should leave Kelly Rippa alone. She is motivated, sweet genuinely, a real attentive Mother in love with her husband and all the "rippin on Rippa should stop. I wish I could make enough on a show to get a sittin here dreaming dosent do it, Leave this beautiful gal alone. Hey you critics, do you feed your kids, clean, put up the plan for a days meal and walk to work to make a buck or two? You only wish you were motivated Kelly should be mother of the year and all you critics, do you have time for the workout, the makeup and help others like she does. BUZZ OFF JEALOUS gonna be just like Kelly and Michael and the holy word is "MOTIVATED" ya all
  • Love you but....

    I love your show and watch it everyday but what is with Kelly's hair?! she afford a stylist?!
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