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  • Great Team

    I have been a fan of Kelly's since she was on All my Children. Sorry, Michael, I am not a football fan. However, unlike some of the nasty comments that I have read, I think you (Michael) and Kelly are great together. I enjoyed watching when it was Regis and Kelly and I am enjoying it as Kelly and Michael. Keep up the great work. I LOVE you. . I just wish I could get in on your contests. But, being from Qubec, Canada, I cannot. Anywhere else in Canada is fine. Is there a way we can bypass this red tape for French Canadians living in Qubec who love your show?
  • No Fan

    I was a Fan of Kelly, the shows format of having a guest host was great, something new each day. Michael is a goof. He can not go 5 seconds without making a dumb face. But the worst thing is, he feels the constant need to one up kelly. If Kelly make a fun remark about anything, he then has to top her and must have the last laugh. As far asking a guest a question ( not one giving to him by the producters, you can tell ) they lack any sign of intellectual capacity. what suprise this week 6/10/13 michael not there, having a guest host is so much better
  • Blue Color Kelly

    I don't think people are very nice about the show Kelly & Michael do a great job! Kelly you look great in blue & I love your hair when it is stright. I have told my husband I would love it if we could go to New York some day. Keep up the great work Kelly & Michael. Again love the show. Linda
  • Wow, this show is awful

    I haven't watched too much since Michael started. I tried to watch again today and give it a chance. The result was I hate this show and I am done! Kelly seems to be on tranquilizers or else she is writing a resume in her head for another job b/c she seems disengaged. Michael makes no sense. Their banter is senseless and forced. What does he have in common with women? He does not draw me in at all. I am enjoying the Today show and HLN's morning express with Robin Meade.
  • Dancing is stupid

    The dancing has to stop, she looks like a robot. Hey Kelly, you're no ELLEN.
  • A bigger fan

    I love this show !!!! Its nice to wake up and watch these two together. I think they have a great chemistry and Michael fits the co-host role very well. I laugh every day that I watch the show and I think its a nice change compared to the other talk shows on the air, they actually talk about things that matter. Keep up the great work and keep smiling.
  • Your Contestant should win the prize to St. Lucia!

    She was correct with her answer. He was raised in NJ!
  • Enough already

    I am so tired of Kelly. She doesn't have a clue as to her surroundings. She can only read off the cue cards and look at herself in the monitors. Her stupid dancing is a put off and her fawning over Michael is sickening. She has become a non sexual because of her excessive exersizing. She has no boobs or hips. There's nothing feminine about her anymore. I feel very sorry for Michael.
  • I need more mirrors, said Kelly

  • about show

    even since michael become co-host i watch the show almost ever day he makes it so much fun to watch but kelly let you host finish what they are saying but love you too
  • Michael Strahan Fan

    I am becoming a huge Michael Strahan fan mainly because my husband is related to him. He seems like such a fun guy! He really does liven up the show!
  • Kelly needs to get a grip

    I was so looking forward to this show once Michael came on board but Kelly is ruining it. She needs to act like a grown-up. What's happening to you Kelly? Get a grip for cripes sake. While you're at it, go back to your darker hair color. Your hair color now with your 'extensions' makes you look like you're wearing a wig. Not attractive at all on you.
  • Done with this show!

    I was not a Strahan fan during trial runs, but did check out the debut show. Awful. Have watched only a couple of times since hoping it might have gotten better?? No, it is worse.

    Kelly has become a true adolescent/narcissist and it unfortunately was verified by her saying in April that she "hasn't spoken to Regis" since he left! How shockingly selfish. He was responsible for her success. It is that bad energy that is at the core of the show's distaste and I am done. I know others must feel the same. I hope the show ends and Regis comes back with his own show! Yeah.
  • Make Over

    Kelly & Michael let me first say how much I enjoyed your show. I love the way you and Michael tape together so natural. I was there in New York with friends and had the opportunity to be on the Friday May 10th show. I felt the energy and the excitement from the audience. Keep the good work up.
  • Dynamic Duo!

    Kelly and Michael have become a happy, inspiring and positive beginning to my day! They have the BEST chemistry of any co-hosts/celebrities in my 35 + years of watching TV! They bring heart and levity to our world, but they are not silly or ridiculous. Kelly's honesty and brilliant ability to insert personal stories that we can all relate to is priceless. Michael is so fun, smart and darling with Kelly! Thank you for this would not watch anything else that is offered in the morning!

    score 9.5
  • Show would be better without Kelly. Michael is the one that makes show!

    Kelly tries too hard to compete with Michael. He has class and sometimes embarrased with some of Kelly's rediculous comments.

    Also, her clothing choices are terrible. Lately she has been wearing a white sheer blouse but way too many times in one week, or black, which does not comliment her at all. Has she ever heard of jewelry?

    I also watch Katie and suggest Kelly watch her show. Katie's outfits are so sharp and it's fun to see what she's going wear each day.

    I think Kelly should also stop dancing with Michael when they first come on show, she looks like a tiny, little girl with the awsome show would be much better without her. Don't even let me start with her hair, it's never looks like she cares. The show should have a wardrobe and hair stylist to work on her prior to airing.
  • Michael Strahan

    I love Live with Kelly and Michael, my favorite way to wake up. I wanted to say that if I ever had a bucket list at the very top would be attending an event with Michael Strahan. He seems to have so much fun when he goes out and everyone knows him. He makes a night out in New York seem so exciting.
  • I turn the channel if Kellys got on skin tight clothes

    Love the show, love the humor. Have gotten to the point that if it comes on and Kelly is wearing skin tight clothes I turn the channel. I also don't like the sexual innuendo Kelly throws at Michael, but I guess that's between Kelly and her husband.
  • Martha Stewart

    Kelly i was so sad to see how insecure and small you could become as you felt it important to make fun of Martha Stewart on the show. My heart went out to you as you made such an effort to replay Micheal losing control of his coffee as you commented about his gagging reflexes. I feel bad for Micheal because you used him to emphasize your insecurity, who I believe is above such prejudice behavior. My guess would be Micheal felt bad about that part of the show. Please do not pass that kind of behavior to your children.
  • Positive Comment I hope I hear back from Kelly

    Dear Kelly,I like the show a lot! You have replaced my morning humor I use to get with Ellen. I live in the Detroit area and they moved Ellen from the 10am slot to 3pm. So, I rarely get a chance to see her. Now, I know your on at 9am not 10am. I use to watch you both but, now you have big shoes to fill. Instead of two hours of humor I have one hour. So, you and Michael have to be double the pleasure. lol

    I really like your show, the way you two can disagree so much!! It's really funny you fight like a married couple. Today is Monday April 22. Kelly, you are totally right about the engagement ring. Proper etiquette is if the guy dumps the girl she is entitled to the ring because it was a gift to her. However, if she dumps him she doesn't have to but it is a good gesture to return the ring. The only time it is really kind of required for her to return the ring is if it is like a family heirloom.

    Also, my understanding is if the couple have not been married for at least a year, they should try to or at least ask if the people want their gifts back. If they don't then the gifts should be split evenly like everything else, In the case of the women who ran off I do not believe she is entitled to the gifts those should definitely be returned and the ring depends on circumstances surrounding her leaving.

    I Love the show, especially the beginning when it is the two of you with the news!! I did not find any of the substitute co-hosts as good, as funny, or have even close the chemistry the two of you have. Except, maybe Robin Roberts was really good but she is my favorite on GMA. Love you Kim, I hope someday I would be lucky enough to get a chance to see you in person, but with the way my life has gone I highly doubt that will ever happen! But, its a nice dream!! At least you help me start my day with a smile!!!
  • Negative Comments

    Dear Kelly, I love you to death but my dear if you really wish to know why people are leaving you all these negative comments all you need to do is contact your CBS affiliate and request to see an e-mail that I sent in. My best regards to you and your love Michael I believe he is funny and hopefully your show will fare better in the future.

    Sincerely, Anita
  • 4/15 show

    Kelly & Michael are great ! Just turned the show "off" today. This Randy guy is terrible !!!!!!
  • What has happened to my favourite show!!!

    Kelly, I have been a fan since day 1 but lately the show has taken a turn and not for the better. You have a great sense of humor, quick wit and obvious talent, you do not need to cheapen your show to get ratings. Michael is great too . It was one of the only shows left on TV that you could watch with your kids , your Mom or any has taken the morning out TV and the fun out of watching just great humor and great interviews without using what most TV shows do..... interjecting sexual and bathroom humor. Not becoming to you. I feel you will pick up some viewers but will lose your overall fans who watched and supported your shows for years. eg. Joan Rivers is very funny but not at 10 in the morning. felt like I should have a drink in my hand not my morning coffee. If the scene does not change than I will change the channel to other great Rachel Ray or the Today show. etc.

    is not working!! I turn on everyday but usually end up changing to another show. Never did this before in over 15 years.
  • Kelly has no manners

    Its really hard to continue watching Kelly & Michael in the am ! I believe if Kelly would find her manners and not interrupt EVERYONE, ramble on about herself, and whats up with the dancing Kelly seriously you should STOP !! Apparently you don't watch your own show surely if you did you would recognize you are annoying and have no rhythm !! Or maybe you do and you are that self absorbed you cant see how ridiculous, RUDE you are! It is The Kelly & Michael show: give Michael a chance to talk and your GUEST I have to say I bet Regis is relieved to be gone towards the end he just sat back and his eyes told all !! ! Maybe she should consider a show with her alone and see how that works out! NOT
  • Michael mowing the grass.

    Michael you are so cute. I'm a widow and anytime your in you can come mow my grass.
  • Think I'm Done by Jimmysgotmoves

    Just got to say that I agree with EVERYTHING you say. I can't even watch this show anymore, it just makes me cringe.

    Where is my gurl Kelly i miss her... i will stop watchin if she dont hurry an come back on... miss ya gurl.. you an micheal always make the show funny an when one of u guys are gone not worth watchin sorry.. i miss regis bein on the show...
  • Long Marriages

    My name is Debra Wiseman I have been married for 24 years come May 9th. We are just in love as we was the day we got married. We watch the show every day. Where is Kelly this week? But Michael is doing okay I guess. Love the tie though. but the secret to a long marriage is trust and talking things through and Never go to bed upset with each other.
  • Live with Kelly and Michael

    Is this show for 11 year olds? But no they are in school at this time. Kelly grow up you are just too silly for a mother of almost three grown children. When Regis was there it was a fun show and I always watched it. Now, as soon as it is 9 o'clock I switch the station,
  • Live with Kelly and Micheal

    I love the show for sure they both make my day especially today at the end of the show when they got in that bed, i so needed that laugh thank's you guy's and keep on keepen on.

    Your fan

    Rick Smith

    from West Branch MI. I rate the show a 10.0
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