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  • The last 2 weeks have been a joy

    This last 2 weeks it has been so enjoyable watching Kelly and Michael because instead of a lady acting like a dumb blond teenager(Nothing against blond I am too) They co-hosts who have filled in for Kelly act like woman and strong woman. When they interview guests it is interesting when Kelly interviews she always has to add a story from her life. Usually I watch the first 10 minutes of the show and then it gets turned off the last 2weeks I have watch the whole show. I don't know about most people but I am truly tired of listening to what she has done the night before or how drunk she got and by the way Kelly you CANNOT dance, take lessons. It might be time to replace someone on this show.
  • BORING!!

    The show was great with Regis and other co hosts. Now, it's boring talk about her kids, his kids, dancing, as if they can dance, silliness. I might add that Kelly always looks like she's sitting on a cactus ....... I change the channel now and watch something else. Too bad the show is going down hill so fast. Glad I have a remote :)
  • OH Michael!

    I really enjoy the show,you two are hilarious,but I just adore Michael so love his smile and his awesome since of would love to meet him someday in person! :)
  • What happened to the girl next door.

    I loved Kelly before but she is a bit much with Michael. I feel that Michael is Great especially with the judge from DWS. Kelly makes so much money and her barging about to Calf for star for her kids which none of us can afford. I hate the dancing and her crazy moves with her face movements. I hate the way she hangs on Michael and talks how Mark wakes her up early morning looking for sex. Regis was Regis but Kelly had a good girl next door quality which she no longer has.
  • Horrible!!!

    This show has become a black show where is Regis watched faithfully now its become humar please lets get real what about us white folks? Don't watch anymore neither does my friends!!!Please do somthing!!!
  • Flash extensions

    Kelly, I watched your show the other day and you spoke about getting lash extensions. You mentioned how beautiful it made you feel and that it was the best money you ever spent. I certainly understand that. I recently went through breast cancer and chemo and I lost all my eye lashes,it changes your whole look. They have come back in however they are not as thick or long as they were once. Is it really expensive to get lash extensions and how long do they last?

    Sincerely, Robin Geroff



    Hollywood writing for TV for 10 years. He attended Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.

    He also produced "CSI and "Alcatraz". So, Kelly, there is always hope and surprises in life"





  • leg wrestling

    the correct way to leg wrestle is to link arms and then wrap legs until winner makes loser flip over their head, just be careful not to hurt the neck.

    Kelly was explaining how she got unexpectedly nailed for CC charges from her kids playing a game .... so she called the company and they removed the charges. Michael chimes in to say something like "Oh, I'm gonna tell my kids to play the game and charge all they want 'cause Daddy knows how to get the money back! ha ha" What kind of message is that to your kids Mr Idiot!
  • A young womans journey from Paraguay to San Francisco

    On a 125 cc honda motorcycle i travelled 11 000 miles to visit friends, bak in 1987. I have many stories to tell and would love to encourage any one to follow their dream and make it reality. My book is online at

    AMERICA: Final destination. Would love to share my expiernces with the public travelling without a phone, no computer
  • A tv show that the hosts go so well together

    I love watching this show everyday,Kelly and Michael oes so well together ,love yu both.
  • Paris for the weekend

    I happened to turn on the tv and saw the woman from the North Shore Animal Shelter, which then led me to go online to find out more and then I saw the comments before. The American public is sometimes so clueless. It s all of the viewers that make it possible for these celebs to own multiple homes, where 1,000 dollar jeans, have a 2,000 lunch, or fly off to Paris. All the viewers of all these talk shows are their meal tickets. So take responsibility. If no one watched, the rating would be done. You all love Kelly so much she is in commercials up the wazoo and you lead advertisers to believe this is the face you want on your toothpaste, banking, etc. Good luck with your choices in viewing.
  • Paris for the weekend!

    Give me a break! Who does Kelly think her audience is? 98% of her audience will never see Paris and she is bragging about going there for the weekend because her son did not want to go to camp! Maybe the next time when they don't have anything to do but fly to Paris they could take the children with them to work at a food pantry, homeless shelter or abused womens shelter. They might learn something about real life and realize they are the "haves" and most people in America are "have nots" instead of going to museums in Paris and learning about France. My husband says to put "ditto" and we will never watch the show again.
  • Tired of the bragging

    I use to love watching this show. Now all we here is about Kelly's vacations Paris the Hampton's etc. Most of the people that watch this show cannot even afford vacations anymore. Why don't you put your money where your mouth is and donate a vacation to a military family that is struggling or better yet, pay something on their mortgage. Life isn't all about the lavish vacations you can take.
  • I just googled the accent thing!

    Kelly was 100 percent right! You CAN get an accent sometimes when you get Dental procedures!! Lol this is my First time writing into a show & it makes me proud for it to be on this show! I've watched it for manyyyy years! Even back to Kathy Lee! I adore you both and Michael Gellllman you picked he BEST man for the show i Love Michael! Not to shabby to look at either! ;) i Love getting to laugh soo much in the morning watching the show! Thankyou from deep in my heart! I lost my husband a couple years ago & you all really helped bring me out of a depression! ;)

    I just Love these's 2 they make me laugh total time i'm watchin it : ) you two r Great Together for this show : ) Keep Up The Good Work : )
  • SO Boring

    I loved watching Regis and Kelly. The reason I watched in the morning is because they always made me laugh. It was light hearted and fun. And when Michael first came on it seemed like they had pretty good chemistry together, but anymore it is SOOO boring. They have no energy together. Michael seems like a really nice guy, but NOT funny AT ALL. And lately he seems like he doesn't really want to be there. He has even made a few derogatory remarks about being there. One time talking about his "contract" and today talking about the "things he has seen around And his need to compete physically with any man who may get more attention than him, is getting hard to watch. PLEASE bring on someone else. When Kelly has someone funny in there with her it is so much fun to watch because she can be so creative. But now Kelly and Michael are flatlining. I find myself switching over to the Today show any more. Hope it gets better. I miss laughing in the morning. By the way, Carrie Ann Inaba was AWESOME! So full of energy and joy. Maybe she should take over the show! She is a gem and a natural - obviously loves talking to people.
  • Kelly and Gelman Show

    The first time I have been getting ready and didn't change the channel as soon as I hear Kelly's narcissitic, nails down a chalk board, rant... was last week, why? Michael was finally with anyone, but that brain damaging Kelly. Run Michael RUN... you are way more talented than this Kelly and Gelman nightmare. Kelly: so botoxed up that her eyes are frozen open, hard core work out, read news paper, selfie pucker lips, horrible dancing, climbing all over Michael, vasaline on teeth for another selfie pic... and now repeat.... this is damaging the airwaves. Please make it stop.
  • Better without kelly

    I have really enjoyed this week, without Kelly's silly actions and comments. In short, the show is better without her.

  • We LOVE Kristin Chenoweth!

    Normally, the absence of Kelly is infuriating but Kristin Chenoweth is about the best substitution!

    [Let's drop the guy & have Kelly & Kristin! Or is that a k short of racist?]

    We LOVE you Kelly!
  • Good, Sometimes Awkward

    Overall I think the show is pretty good. While the questions are spoonfed to K&M, I think that's to be expected anytime you're dealing with celebrities. Some days Kelly is really on and funny and other days she seems distracted. Everyone keeps talking about Michael & Kelly's chemistry. I don't really see that but I like them both. Michael is still learning but is getting better. I agree with others -- the bad dancing/singing and Kelly making inappropriate sexual comments towards Michael are awkward. I liked Kelly's self deprecating humor at first but when she talks about her boobs on the floor (what boobs?), how bad she looks without makeup, and being socially awkward, I roll my eyes.
  • What is going on?

    I watch the show everyday. I do enjoy it, but lately I've found it to be a bit boring? Not very entertaining. And is it just me or are they playing parts of pre recorded shows this week? From the beginning of the show to the end it seems that Kelly and Michael are wearing different outfits? In each episode they have about 4 different outfits? So then the show is not live? ..
  • Love the show

    I think Michael has been a great addition to the show, I got bored with watching Kelly try to out do Regis. Now it seems like she is all over Michael trying to get all the air time,, Relax Kelly He is just a co-host he's not stealing your job. But If Kelly doesn't put on a little weight she really should be pulled from . she is looking to washed out for her age.. Michael looks good no matter what but of course men do age better. Kelly those long dresses do you no justice and sleeveless is bad for such skinny arms.. all bone no meat. I bet your even smaller than your a good thing
  • ????? and Love to The whole show!!!

    Love Kelly and Michael both. also Love it when they show Gilman, Art and others that make up the show. I have ask and ask and have seen others ask. WHY DO YOU HAVE PRE-RECORDED SHOWS SOMETIME. LIKE THIS WEEK. Michael was on vacation last week, so-o-o. I can understand it when it is Pre-recorded on a Friday when the Show is going on Location the next week. BUT that is all. Can someone Please answer this. You may have answered this somewhere, but I haven't seen it. Maybe if THE HOST WOULD JUST ANNOUNCE IT WHEN THEY COME ON. SINCE IT IS ALREADY AT THE BOTTOM OF SCREEN. EXAMPLE: Hi we pre-recorded this episode because we wanted to be off.

    I would watch it anyway. Even though it is suppose to be a Live show. So if something happen newsworthy the night before, Kelly and Michael know about it the next morning when they come on.
  • Kelley, whoa there!

    Kelley tries too hard so she ends up making a too long explanation or comment on things. Like today when she answered the question from a viewer about when were you the most embarrassed in public. She didn't need to say it involves Michael, and that I had this hand bag he gave me and it was by (designers name) all she needed to say I have this knuckle bag and the security person thought it was brass knuckles and made me go with hem to check it out. I felt like she wanted to brag on the cost of the bag in hopes since she said the name the maker would send her another bag or products like we know they do for this kind of kudos. She need to review her early years on the show when she was natural.

  • Great Team

    I have been a fan of Kelly's since she was on All my Children. Sorry, Michael, I am not a football fan. However, unlike some of the nasty comments that I have read, I think you (Michael) and Kelly are great together. I enjoyed watching when it was Regis and Kelly and I am enjoying it as Kelly and Michael. Keep up the great work. I LOVE you. . I just wish I could get in on your contests. But, being from Qubec, Canada, I cannot. Anywhere else in Canada is fine. Is there a way we can bypass this red tape for French Canadians living in Qubec who love your show?
  • No Fan

    I was a Fan of Kelly, the shows format of having a guest host was great, something new each day. Michael is a goof. He can not go 5 seconds without making a dumb face. But the worst thing is, he feels the constant need to one up kelly. If Kelly make a fun remark about anything, he then has to top her and must have the last laugh. As far asking a guest a question ( not one giving to him by the producters, you can tell ) they lack any sign of intellectual capacity. what suprise this week 6/10/13 michael not there, having a guest host is so much better
  • Blue Color Kelly

    I don't think people are very nice about the show Kelly & Michael do a great job! Kelly you look great in blue & I love your hair when it is stright. I have told my husband I would love it if we could go to New York some day. Keep up the great work Kelly & Michael. Again love the show. Linda
  • Wow, this show is awful

    I haven't watched too much since Michael started. I tried to watch again today and give it a chance. The result was I hate this show and I am done! Kelly seems to be on tranquilizers or else she is writing a resume in her head for another job b/c she seems disengaged. Michael makes no sense. Their banter is senseless and forced. What does he have in common with women? He does not draw me in at all. I am enjoying the Today show and HLN's morning express with Robin Meade.
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