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  • TV Child Abuse

    I am ashamed of you, Kelly, and your co-host of 01/11/2012! You both thought it was hilarious seeing that female tv 'judge' humiliate and degrade the little girl contestant. You would not think it so funny if your daughter or sons had been lambasted like that. I have been a faithful follower for several years, and used to think you were wonderful. Now I am convinced you think public child abuse is just fine.

    My heart stopped, then broke when I saw that deplorable film clip. That woman should be ashamed of herself, as well.

    I used to wish you the best of luck on your show. Now, I hope you get CANCELLED!!!!!!!

    PS-is it possible to give you a ZERO score? Because that is what you, your co-host, and that awful woman earned with this show.

    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!
  • Nothing Changes ..

    After watching a week of classy woman on a good show .. Back comes Kelly the Ripoff ... not 5 minutes into the show ... the classless women starts running her mouth about the town of Regina and refers it to another word ... Hee, hee .hee .. like a high school kid .. She needs to grow up .. her kids gotta be so Proud of her ... The fill ins' from last week should be permanent with Michael ... I have no choice to watch the show - it's up against Rachael Ray and Info commercials ... She needs a Helmet to cover her hair .. Show going down the Tubes ... Gelman, please do something ..

    As usual, Classy show from brain dead Kelly .. had a young girl on show today (Wed 9-5-12) and Kelly couldn't wait to tell the live audience and tv viewers how the girl has a bi-polar problem .. if the girl wanted the world to know - it should of been up to her to tell them .. lot of class here .. keep Strahan and dump the village idiot - go get Erin Andrews and make it an all sports show .. time to watch reruns of Raymond .. Gelman never learns ...

    What is This - "A Cooking Show " ? .. might as well watch Rachel Ray... apparently they can't get people to come on the show anymore and half of the show was food and cooking .. Gelman says it's food Kelly likes ! (Like anyone wants to look like the Anorexia Olsen sister look-alike, who tries to dance and can't, and tries to me some middle age mom trying to be cool). Gelman has been around too long- uses old ideas-no new creative ideas ... Kelly is shot - scratchin' , or checking herself out in her TV monitor. The only thing she knows is "The Bachelor" or "Housewives of New Jersey" and the SAD thing is ... The Housewives look like Brain Surgeons compared to Kelly .. that is really sad ! .. show should be shutdown ...

    I'm Tired of seeing Olive Oyl coming out and trying to Dance, I can't believe that the BEST Gelman/Kelly could do is copy Ellen with a DJ and Dancing. She has a special camera that she looks at herself thru the Whole show. She stutters throughout the show over single syllable words. Talks constantly about her Brats( who will remain nameless ???). The show use to have info on NY city and what was going on with the latest headlines - and She doesn't HAVE a CLUE of what happened the previous day (unless it was New Jersey Housewives) ! Way over paid at $10 million a yr, they'll never get their money back. It's a shame, it was a good show till Regis left, now they just have is a younger 80 # Kathy Gifford clone .

    The show is so GREAT when Kelly's NOT THERE!! She has ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONALITY, SHE CAN'T SING (but she does it anyways!), she CAN'T DANCE (but she does it anyways!) and whoever told her that she is good looking and sexy should be slapped!!! Take off her make-up and change her clothes and she could easily pass for a guy!! Michael is carrying the show. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even bother to watch it!! This week without her there has been FANTASTIC!!!! SHE NEEDS A PERMANENT VACATION!!!!
  • kelly's weight

    kelly you are a beautful person. but you seem to be loosing a lot of weight? you need about 20 lbs on

    you. who is your trainer? he or she should be doing a tad better job!
  • Kelly's hair is awful today!

    01/31/14 It looks like she just got out of bed and didn't even run a comb through it. It's sticking out in the back. Terrible! Doesn't matter what length she wants it to be but it needs a stylist. It has been very unattractive since she cut it. It's like no one seems to know what to do with it.
  • disappointed no longer watching because

    They used to be sensitive towards their viewers however all Michael complains about his money he doesn't make enough well try being in my shoes I raised my 2 sons put myself through college then I got a rare disease in my spine ( Tarlov cysts disease) they're eroding my sacrum bone and hip bone and nerves in my spine I'm fighting to get ssdi I can no longer work. I use to love watching you to and Kelly you're self centered it's like you don't appreciate your home life you get to cozy with Mike the show needs compassion towards your real viewers get real Mike seems like he's winging the show I started watching clear back when it was Regis & Kathylee I dealt with the changes however the show lost compassion you're right if you don't like the show change the channel so that's what I'm doing. Take care
  • Get some real talent!

    I've tried & tried but I cannot continue to watch this show. Both seem like nice people but neither have the talent to be hosts of a national talk show.

    Kelly continues to be so self absorbed. Everything is about her. Whether its host chat or even worse when they are talking to a guest, she turns every conversation about herself or tries to become the center of attention. She tries way too hard to be funny & fails miserably. Almost daily she says something idiotic & Michael will always over react, bend over and lean towards her belly laughing. It's very phony. She acts immature & her hip, street impersonations are tired. Sorry boo.

    Michael is cool but not right for this show. It's awkward to watch him stumble through interviews. So many times Kelly will be going way off topic & he tries to bring it back but lacks transition & u can tell he is totally reading the questions off the cue cards. He is not smooth or natural. Really, how natural is it to see the NFL player interviewing people like De Niro, Angelica Houston or Meryl Streep? Stick to the football show because he's out of his arena here.

    Lastly, the little dancing thing when they come out is just plain stupid and I am sooo tired of watching them hang on each other & gush over one another. You can only watch two people tell each other how perfect they are or how beautiful they look for so long before you need a barf bag. Oh, you could also make a drinking game out of how many times Michael says "Everybody" usually in an Oprah tone. Gelman really should have chosen a professional in the industry rather than just someone Kelly likes to hang with.

    I'm done!

  • Halloween 2013

    Worst one ever!
  • What's next???

    I turned on Live with Kelly and Michael the day after the Halloween shock show hoping to hear a sincere apology or some regrets from them for offending so many viewers. What we got was in no way sincere and I don't believe it was meant as a joke as teddi52 stated. Kelly's attitude was like a slap in the face and showed she really doesn't care about those who find this type of content in their show offensive. It's hard to believe they didn't think offending so many wouldn't affect their ratings. I guess we will see. I'll be looking for something more uplifting in the morning. Doesn't look like Kelly and Michael can be trusted anymore with what they might come up with.
  • Not suitable, or right, or appropriate

    2013 Halloween Show with Kelly and Michael was indecent, immodest, rude and discourteous. I wonder how Kelly and Michael would feel if their parents acted like that???
  • Day after Halloween show

    I started watching the show today deciding to try to forget the disasterous show of Halloween but when Kelly made a joke about the apology to the audience who was offended by the vulgarity of their strange obsession of Miley Cyrus I shut it off again. It wasn't funny or entertaining. It was gross. I will miss the show but I think it is going in a different direction of what I call entertainment. I can still watch Michael on FOX on Sundays before football.
  • Halloween Disaster

    I finally get to see your Halloween show and it was awful. I normally enjoy your regular show but I found yesterday's show offensive.

    How in the world could you people actually think it was a good idea to open today's show with Kellie impersonating Miley Cyrus and her vulgarity? Miley's and Robin's original performance was disgusting enough and showed exactly what kind of people they really are. (That wasn't entertainment in my opinion). Kellie, I am so disappointed in you. It was disgusting to me to see you impersonating this girl. I truly thought you had more class and integrity than what you displayed today. Did you allow your kids to watch today's show? Was your behavior decent enough for children to see? I think not!! There were a lot of children who would have liked to watch your Halloween show today because it's always been a fun show for both kids and their parents alike. Once you started your "routine" on the ball, I turned off the TV and refused to watch anymore of the show. I can see by the other comments below, that you didn't make too many friends today. I wonder if this one show will affect your ratings? At this point, I am so disappointed that I'm not sure I will ever watch the show again. You people showed an entirely different side to yourselves today. Very unattractive! What a shame!
  • I will never watch again.

    I so waited for the Best Halloween Show ever. How sad that you felt the need to go there. No longer my daily morning show. I will find another show to have with my morning coffee. Such a shame.
  • SHAME 00

    HOW ABSOLUTELY and licking everything in WHY WHY????? I HAVE always loved your show and had to get up in; time to see porn and you owe your viewers an apology and clean it inappropriate. Shame on you of all those kids and to have to stoop that low for I'm sure you will not be admired anymore and especially by me.... OOO1.0
  • Disgusting halloween show

    Shame shame shame!!!! on you this was a disgusting show. I was so looking forward to watching your Halloween show as in the past has always been the best. Very disappointed I am not so sure i'll be watching further shows.
  • Halloween Disgusted show

    This was the worst show you have ever done. The song was so inappropriate to have on a day time show and the costumes of Kelly made her look like a hooker. What is wrong with you all. Where did your taste go. If the show continues likes this I will not continue to watch it. I will say since Regis has left the show sure doens't have the taste it used to..

  • Kelly was Disgusting

    Kelly was absolutely disgusting prancing around in her underwear with her licking stick. Will never watch again.

    You went over the edge with this one.
  • Halloween Disgust!!!

    This mornings show was NOT meant for morning TV. So disappointed that is what they choose not only for the costumes, but the 'out takes'. SAD. SAD. SAD,!!!!
  • Thoroughly disappointed and digusted!

    We have always enjoyed the show in the past, but this mornings show was totally disgusting. The Halloween shows in past years were cute with the little ones in costumes as well as the adults. The performance today was Satin inspired. Don't know if we want to watch in the future as I think you all showed your true colors today. Sorry you had to sink to such low standards.
  • Will never watch the show again!

    Couldn't believe what I was seeing; it was sickening! Morals, what morals? I'm convinced that Kelly has none. Last time for me!
  • Thoroughly disappointed and digusted!

    I normally love to watch Live with Kelly and Michael. Today's show really made me sick. I could only watch a few minutes before turning it off. How could you think that Miley Cyrus / Robin Thicke performance was worth repeating? What about morals? Would Kelly or Michael allow their children to watch their performances and be proud of them. I just can't believe how this television show has turned into such trash! The producers of this show should be ashamed!
  • Disgusting! Disgusting!!

    Shame on you! As the previous review had already decided on what was going on the Halloween show made a very large mistake! Turned the show off after just a few minutes. Will not tune in any more! The dancing on stage with Michael as Robin Thicke was bad enough, but to carry it even further with the "Wrecking Ball" scenario was in VERY bad taste! I hope Kelly's children will be proud to see what she did on this show!
  • Disgusting!!!

    The Halloween show is repulsive. Kelly lacks the morals she professes on the show. I changed the channel after 3 minutes when I saw where it was going. Why would you want to promote the disgusting Cyrus performance, thus furthering the publicity Cyrus is seeking. I suspect Kelly is going to have to manage some serious damage control to her image. Doubt I will ever tune in again.
  • SO Disappointed!!

    This Halloween show is way below you! Who made the decision to use these costumes and bring this stuff up again on morning TV?? And, the way Kelly always talks about being so strict with her kids, how will she be able to tell them "no" to anything after doing this? I still am in disbelief that they chose to do this.
  • Not for morning TV!

    I am very disgusted with Kelly's costume, and can't believe she would wear it and also dance like Miley when Miley got such bad reviews, it was not something I wanted to see on morning TV. Kelly looked very BAD!!
  • She Used To Be Humble

    I remember when Kelly first joined the "Live" show with Regis. She was sweet and down to earth. For the past couple of years I have noticed a huge change in her. I kept on thinking that either I was seeing something that either wasn't there or Kelly was having a bad morning. I just can't make up excuses for her anymore. Her mannerisms and attitude has changed so much that this person isn't even close to being the person that joined Regis when she was still humble and real. I have come to the conclusion that I am finished watching the show after her attitude sunk to a new low the other day. They were talking about cycling class and she said that cleaning the seat wasn't good enough for her, she has to bring her own seat! I go to the gym everyday and I have never seen anyone do this, even the people that are germa-phobes such as myself. She just acts like she's better than everybody else and there is no humbleness left in her. My decision is made far after many friends and family have said the same thing about her. Can't stand to see the snobbiness and better than thou attitude anymore.
  • Kelly's dress

    Looks like the dress Kelly is wearing today is the female version of the costume that Will Ferrell wore in the movie Elf! Not a good look :/
  • Switching Channels

    Enjoyed watching when Erin Andrews and Rebecca Romijn sat in as cohost. These ladies have class. Not liking Kelly's immature attitude and voice.
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