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Live! with Kelly and Michael

Weekdays 9:00 AM on ABC Premiered Sep 05, 1988 In Season



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  • TV Child Abuse

    I am ashamed of you, Kelly, and your co-host of 01/11/2012! You both thought it was hilarious seeing that female tv 'judge' humiliate and degrade the little girl contestant. You would not think it so funny if your daughter or sons had been lambasted like that. I have been a faithful follower for several years, and used to think you were wonderful. Now I am convinced you think public child abuse is just fine.

    My heart stopped, then broke when I saw that deplorable film clip. That woman should be ashamed of herself, as well.

    I used to wish you the best of luck on your show. Now, I hope you get CANCELLED!!!!!!!

    PS-is it possible to give you a ZERO score? Because that is what you, your co-host, and that awful woman earned with this show.

    SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!
  • Kelly, get over it!

    I have never seen a host act like Kelly in all of my television viewing years. She is totally unprofessional and less than likeable. I am not sure who she's speaking to that encourages her to speak and act as she does. I am sure it is not ABC execs. I would fire her in a New York minute. I am sure they have a plan. She is no kind of role model or anyone to look up to much less appreciate. Michael, dump this negativity just as soon as you can. I'll be watching you on GMA. Just ignore her witchery. People like her feed on response. When they don't get one they move on to something else.
  • Angry jealous Kelly! GMA 3 hours YES!

    Everyone witnessed the evil hearted Kelly Ripa this morning. Who jokes about someone else's divorce? Kelly is an older woman who should know better. Her anger and jealousy is so obvious. I will NEVER tune in to Live again. GMA is so fortunate to get Michael Strahan! Kelly can't threaten to quit because she has no where to go.. Who would want her now anyway? Her husband is a pompous little man who relys on her salary. Being mean towards others never gets you anywhere and Ripa has certainly showed her true self. Self centered, cruel, mean spirited and should publicly apologize to Strahan and the viewers for acting like a child.
  • Out of Shape?

    Exercise Bulimia = Kelly Ripa
  • WHAT I THINK ABOUT KELLY & Michael Live!!!

    I really don't understand how there rating were good enough to come in 2nd to dr. Phil... Well I'll tell u why that's true.. Because they are the only 2 stupid azz shows on at 9am ! How ANYONE can watch & especially listen to Kelly's dumbass comments... She thinks she's funny and u can see she has to always get the last word in & always tries to one up or cut off Michael when he making a statement?! This girl kelly is one shot out individual..... She think she's superior to all unless you have more cash than her! When Robert Downey Jr. Came on & that's only because he was on the Today show....

    You can see the expressions on his face that he hated every second when Ripa tried to speak!!!....

    I'm boondoggled that this show climbed in the ratings!!

    All I can say is Ripa is so unfunny...... If u watch this dumb azz Michael the look Ripa give when she sips her coffee mug with two hands as she looks over the top of mug & checks out the audience to see if there going to laugh at her non Whitty remark or she will sip and look over the mug when she tries to make Mike look like an idiot !! This girl is so ***ed!
  • Lost a Fan

    I used to be a die-hard fan but I'm done. I'm so tired of this "Live" showing being pre-recorded most of the time. Is an hour a day too much for these overpaid celebrities to work?

    Ex-"Live with Kelly and Michael" Fan
  • Kelly please stop!!

    You know what really bothers me is for a week now kelly ripa has been talking about what she is going to do with her powerball winnings and no mention of donating it to a charity, like trying to find a cure for cancer, especially for children, she is already a millionaire, she is a selfish women, I will be nice, someone please tell Kelly Ripa to quit flirting with all the male guests, and not try and dance!! I used to love this show but between Kelly talking about herself and playing with her hair and nails, I quit watching this show, and a lot of other people have is making herself out to be something she is not!! How did this show win a emmy??
  • Friday 9/11/15

    Always loved Live especially after Michael joined they both made remarks about Tom Brady & Michael agreed with to say u both just lost many Patriot Fans, including have been a faithful fan & taped the shows on days when I have to turned off show today & will never watch u again....
  • No reason to watch the summer shows

    They call them "new", yet every show is just a hodge podge of earlier interviews. Waste of time.
  • Losing it

    I've been watching this show forever. Kelly and Michael just seem to be phoning it in most of the time. Seem bored and uninterested, making THEM really boring and uninteresting. Always the same. Sorry, time to move on.

    Are you kidding me??? They are making how much. They are not professional,self centered and not funny at all. You need like another Regis and Kathie Lee! These two Kelly and Mike are just the terrible twos!
  • Michael doesn't wear a tie

    Michael Strahand should man up and wear a tie on the show as a talk show host ... otherwise he is merely a GOON . It is disrespectful especially on days like Memorial Day . They should be stripped of their Emmy award for that . Bring back Regis to give Michael some tips . As for Kelly ... she is an amateur as well
  • Kelly's hair

    I think Kelly's hair is disgustingly ugly now. Too bad she ruined her looks.
  • Michael is definitely the bigger star

    I stopped watching Kelly and Michael a few years ago because I couldn't stand how arrogant and self centered Kelly became. I felt bad for Michael because I thought since he was new to the show, he felt like he had to leave the spotlight to her. But I keep trying on my few days off and recently started watching again in the morning with my coffee because I am on holidays but things haven't changed at all! It's all about "Look at me - I'm Kelly, I can do anything and am the funniest, most fit person ever!" I had to laugh I happened to see the episode where Kelly, Michael and Gelman took that Tough Mudder challenge against Nick Carter and Jordan Knight where you have to do an obstacle course. She was all proud of herself but if it wouldn't have been for Michael Strahan, she would have never gotten passed the first part of it! The only part she completed on her own was the jump into the ice water, but she acted like she carried the team! I agree that Kelly constantly interrupts with a stupid joke and if she doesn't get a laugh, she explains the joke, like she thinks no one laughed because they didn't get it! REALLY??? It just wasn't funny!! Then when Michael says a good joke, she doesn't react and quickly changes the subject. She really needs to watch the faces she makes too - not very attractive! She pouts her lips - trying to be sexy? or leaves her jaw hanging like she is interested in the story but you can tell she can't wait for it to be over so she can say something stupid! She is the worst interviewer ever and you can tell that some guests are really uncomfortable and don't really know what to say or how to comment! I do like her short haircut because her long hair was looking pretty scraggly and was way too big for her little body, especially when she was wearing extensions, but I really don't like the blue color. Once in awhile she comes up with a good comeback or joke but she is just too full of herself for my taste. She does tend to steer every conversation, topic and comment to a sexual nature - even when she was talking to the kids this week- asking them if their Mommy and Daddy kiss on the mouth and other questions that were pushing the envelope. She even commented on how most of the interview had to be edited in order to protect the parents - I wonder why - because she was directing the conversation, that's why! From what I have seen this week, I really do like Michael - he's personable, funny, kind, unselfish and does bail Kelly out often. Michael is wise to keep his foot in all the other doors because I think he may head to bigger and better!!
  • On today's show, July 8th

    I cracked up because Michael and kelly were talking about hair and as always she turned the whole convo around to herself. She started saying something about her hubby finding her hair on his head ( while Michael was in the middle of saying something) then Michael jumped in and interrupted her and said well your hubby loves you and you know he does't care to that effect and man she looked down right away and started fiddling with her necklace and immediately had a scowl on her face. You could tell she was pissed at him LMAO. I laughed so was put in her place and she was pissed. I don't think things are as rosy as they make them out to be. I think Michael gets irritated with her a lot. I liked her b4 but when she started with all this about her stuff it got irritating. She thinks because she works out everyday, too much, that she is a pro and always talks about it. It should be called the kelly show, let's talk about me.
  • Exercises the week of 5/39

    I had asked previously what is the link to get the exercises that Kelly & Michael demonstrated the week of 5/29. So far I have not received any information regarding this link. Please email me the link as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • Smoking Imitation

    Does Kelly know how really dumb she looks when she pretends to smoke. It makes her look like a tramp and ignorant.
  • No longer a fan!!!!

    I was a loyal fan of the show until you decided to have that traitorous B__ch Hanoi Jane Fonda on.

    This woman is a traitor to America and you people treat her like she's a national treasure, have you forgotten all the pain, suffering and even death she was responsible for.

    Having her on your show is a slap in the face of every man and woman who is serving, has ever served or will ever serve in our nations military. She does not deserve our praise she deserves to be stoned to death. I never thought I was capable of hate but words cannot express the hatred I feel for this person.

    So it is with some regret I bid you farewell for I will never (not that you care) tune in to your program again.
  • 4 - 14 -15

    Kelly & Michael,

    I am a fan, watch every day, almost! BUT don't appreciate your comments on Pound Adoption! Many more animals need adoption and I'm sure you could afford it! If your remark was meant to be funny, - it WASN'T!!!

    Pat Wells
  • why are the guest portion always "not live"?

    why can't they have live guests on the show? the guest are either rerun or I don't know. I see then rerun often and Michael and Kelly have different clothes on with every guest. lol and speaking of needs a more flattering wardrobe. Michael is awesome Kelly is phoney
  • Kelly and Michael show BORING

    why is Kelly and Michael on the TV for an hour? this is the a boring show, they would have to pay me to be in the audience all they do is sit there and read the daily news and comment on it. it was just as bad with Regis, boring. Kelly is rude she talks over Michael, "It should be the Kelly show, and Michael a daily guest.
  • Kelly, shame on you!

    When Michael showed his Super Bowl ring today, he was justifiably proud. Kelly quickly took the spotlight and shot off her mouth about something stupid and denied Michael a chance to show his ring. Kelly, it's not all about you and you are more annoying than cute. Give Michael a chance to speak. That is why the AND is in your show's title.
  • worst on tv

    I cant believe this show is still .
  • hair ball

    Hello ! Just wanted to comment on the "news story" about the girl who had a 9 lb hair ball removed from her stomach. This doesn't just happen. People who have these usually have a disorder called trichotillomania. It is a neurological impulse disorder where people have a compulsion to pull out their hair. My daughter has the disorder, and it is devastating. Some folks end up consuming the hair that they pull. I realize that the hosts obviously don't know about trichotillomania, but to the folks that have it- this story could be a trigger to pull, and they could be left feeling ashamed of something that they can not control.
  • Kelly Ripa looks like she is dying!

    So is she? She looks like crap, her commercials are hideous and not doing toothpaste any justice. I don't know what happened to her but dear folks, she needs help!
  • total crap

    It seems like every day we are getting a message of the pre recorded. That in no way shape or form makes this a live show. That could be over looked if the show had good content. It doesn't. That "hump day" joke is not funny anymore it's old stale and getting annoying. The topics they discuss often sound trivial and useless. When all kelly has to talk about is her breakfast you know they have run out of material. The dancing onto the show makes them look like idiotic clowns. A decent show host walks out with grace and a wave to the fans. Whenever they have a guest on they either ask questions that were asked on other shows or they "reveal" old news. Now the biggest issue is the inappropriate comments. It seems like this show has degraded into the sex jokes of bored house wives. It's time the show ends
  • Robin Williams passing

    No mention on the show they could not even find the time to post on their facebook page UNSAT
  • RIP Robin Williams

    I can't believe that a LIVE show makes no mention of the passing of this genius comic! Inexcusable!!
  • worse hosts ever!

    Who is watching this annoying pair?
  • Phony and Selfish! Kelly Ripa

    How do you talk about your 13 year olds fingernail decision seems like the whole show. To long. How do you not reference two of the biggest Sports series that ended over the weekend. And you're such a Hater because New York lost 4games to1 and you don't mention it. Which in turn gave the Spurs a bad break. Because how can you talk about 1 and not the other. You have a Hall of Famer Co-Host who has to go along wiht your no class Rules. I feel a California Ban coming on . You really need to do least 1 person wont be watching and I watched everyday. Unfortunately I'm going to have to turn and see what your competion is doing.. You need a Class on how to not be so Selfish it's about your audience and not you. Michael I know you don't have no control or we would have at least heard a Congratulations to the 2 New World Champions of the NHL and NBA.
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