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  • This is a really good show.....

    I love watching Regis and Kelly because they are funny. I love how they give each other nick names like Kelly calls Regis Big Daddy. I would have to say that Kelly is one of the most prettyest women on tv. Not to mention she has a really nice body after having a couple kids. Shes sweet funny and down to earth. I would say its worth watching every morning.
  • Live with Regis & Kelly is a daily morning talk show that is aired live in most markets.

    Live With Regis & Kelly is a fun show when it works. However, maybe the best part is that it's live, so you never know if something is going to go over or not. There is not much live TV these days, so it's refreshing to see this every day. Regis and Kelly give us the latest news and gossip, as well as tell us about people they met and places they went that most of us could never hope to experience. The segments with the guests are fine, but the best part is "host chat," that 20 minutes at the beginning of the show when Big Daddy and Pipa just talk. After watching the show for more than 10 years I feel like the hosts are my good friends.
  • This is such a funny show. They always give away prizes like trips to fancy resorts and spas. They have fun games and give make overs. It's just a fun feel good show to wake you up in the morning and I really like seeing this show on my tv!

    I think this is a great show and recomment it to anybody who wants to have a family friendly show and something that wont bore them at 9 AM! It's a good way to start your day and puts you in a good mood as regis and kelly tell funny jokes and make you smile :)
  • One of the best shows to wake up to

    Since the show is on early at 9am. Most people wake up to it unlike the other talk shows which are on later. The fact that Regis and Kelly tell so many funny jokes, have fun and say what happened to them recently is awesome and they will always have you laughing. The people they invite onto their show are awesome. They never have a person that you wouldn't want to see.
  • like it

    it is a cool show cuz it keeps me informataiv about what is going on inb the world i love it it is so cool and i could watch it a million times cuz it is so cool like that ha but it's just they have a good chemistry yes
  • What's funnier than an old man and a lady yelling at eachother at 9 AM in the morning? Not much.

    This is a talk show with Kelly Ripa and Regis Philman as they interview stars, talk about their lives, and compete with one another in wacky compititons. This show is hilarious and I really enjoy the first 20 know before they interview people. I love watching them bicker and talk about their lives as it makes me laugh listening to them over dramatize evrything as you should know by regis and his many loud catchphrases. It's just a nice show to wake me up in the morning and put me in a good mood for the beginging of the day!
  • set too simetrical

    Right down the center of the set, while veiwing on TV, you have a line that starts from the top of the tall buildings, following my eye to the center of the failing and finaly the flag on the desk.This gives me an illusion of a split screen at times unless someone reaches over \"the line\" Am I the only one who views this set too symetrical?
    love the show

    Michele MacKinnon

    By the way ,I would like to know what is that disgusting brown drink for Regis;all he does is cover the top with cards to protect what he doesn\'t drink anyway.
  • The Regis and Kelly Show has sadly lost its way. What is hip-hop, gangsta rap and other crap doing on this show for middle America???

    Likeable Regis is now down to doing the show just 4 days a week with all Fridays off.

    The only part I can still watch is "host chat" in the first 15 minutes.

    Producer Gelman has lost his way in trying to make this show appeal to all people. In doing so, I am sure he is losing many original fans with no end in sight.

    The hip-hop and rappers do not fit on this program.
    They have MTV1&2, VH1 and BET.
  • Morning talk show that once was very good and now is going downhill very fast!

    This season, the show is trying to please every age group and as a result is pleasing no one. An earlier review asked the question of why is gangster rap and other trendy "music" on this program that naturally appeals to an older demographic. I reiterate that question.

    Kelly Ripa is way past her appeal. She had a set repertoire of jokes, one-liners, and "funny" impersonations and that repertoire has been done to death! Regis tries to keep her from embarrassing herself and from dragging the show down, but Kelly is not clever enough to catch on. She has come into huge amounts of money and tries to mingle on an equal basis with Regis' friends at the top vacation resorts and local restaurants, but Regis must die a thousand deaths hearing about the Ripa Family's exploits.

    After a three-week hiatus, all Kelly could come up with as a cute story was a very long, very unfunny story about her kids killing a sand crab. She is now pretending to be interested in Regis and his actually good stories, Kelly doing a "make-yourself-taller-in-the-chair" bit and holding her face in a way that indicates that she has risen way above Regis.

    Regis must quit after this season if he intends to go out with any dignity. Kelly intends to make the show her own and Gelman intends to bring the uneducated, unwashed audience to the show. Regis does not need this show. He is becoming increasingly irritated with Kelly and increasingly uninteresting himself. His remarks are predictable and it is increasingly more difficult to sit through the Host Chat. Time to hang 'em up, Reg.
  • I loooovvvveee this show!!

    My absolute favorite show to watch! Regis and Kelly make me laugh every day, especially the first 20 minutes of the show when they talk about what they did last night. Because they have such great chemistry, they are able to poke fun at each other, and have lots of fun. It is definitely worthwhile to see this show.
  • Shut Gelman up! He can't go 5 minutes without a comment or trying to get on screen! 'Trying' to be funny, but not. Problem is he'll never fire himself. Regis, friend or not,put a gag on him or change the name to "Live - Regis and Kelley and Gelman". Ugh!

    Like the show except for Gelman. Also, the I agree with the bad review of having 'rap' on the show. What demographic would be interested in that. Only losers out of work who wouldn't usually be interested in a pair like Regis and Kelley.
    I think the show's main demographic is stay at home mom's and I've never met one that likes rap.
    Again, this is Gelman trying to be cool. But all he's doing is cooling down the show. Gelman reminds me of Paul Schaefer on Letterman and I quit watching that years ago, because of him.
  • I watch this every morning but I can't watch all of it. I like to watch them talk to each other in the first 15 minutes or so and they talk about their personal life and all.

    They have big stars and they have great specials to show you different stuff. I like the first 15 minutes where they talk to each other and they tell what they did last night and what they did on their vacation and they really interact with the people at home and in the studio.
  • this show was once a good show but theres only so much a person can take of regis enough already there are to many talk shows on the air that are the same thing and in my opion this show hasn't changed anything in all its years except the cohost

    i just think that this show has seen its better days how much more do we have to put up with regis going to a broadway play or kelly talking about her children and husband can we say kathy lee there most still be people watching this show because its still on the air but come on people the show is the same thing everyday except with different guest i personaly cannot watch this show all the way to the end its suppose to wake you up in the morning it makes me want to go back to bed because in my opion its not as good as it once was and i highly doubt that it will ever be that way again.
  • Needs to get a daily fix like asap!

    Don't get me wrong as I love both of Regis
    And Kelly but they need to get a daily fix
    Like asap as I used to really love the show a lot
    Even when Kathie Lee quit the show after the sweatshop
    Scandal. The show is indeed wonderful and entertaining
    But also can be a bit boring at times as it is time for
    Regis to hang it up and hand it to a much younger host!
  • sort of getting tired of the show. regis doesn\\\'t let Kelly finish her sentences or even talk most of the time. I feel sorry for her cuz she\\\'s just there to be pretty. she\\\'s really funny when regis isn\\\'t there.

    I like to tune in and see what they are talking about. I like to see what Kelly is wearing. I like to see how skinny Kelly of my stupid, unexplanable obsessions. I like to see who the guests are, if they are decent I\\\'ll continue to watch the show, otherwise I\\\'ll watch a news station. Oh, I also like to see if they are getting along that day. some days they absolutely mesh, and some days they really give some good digs to each other. kelly is pretty funny, altho I thought her sitcom was awful...can\\\'t believe even she liked it.
  • why is this still on?

    i have never really liked this show. but it got a whole lot better once kathy lee gifford left the show. not that kelly ripa is not just as bizzare at times. during the last few years i have just begun to really dispise regis philbin. i think this show is past its prime and should be let go.
  • I love the show!

    Oh Regis! Today you look so sexy in that white suit, even better than the day you wore the leather outfit. (That was a great week Gilman). You and Joy make a perfect couple, sometimes one looks old and the other perfect but you two always look perfect. Kelly, you always look good and Mark too (has he been checked for Fibromyalgia?). I relate to every story about the kids, I have the three kids ages nineteen, twenty-five , thirty and 2.6 grandkids eight, five and a girl on the way. It\\\'s so good to wake up and watch a funny show that eases you into your day. I love the show!
  • halarious

    this is a rific show . . . . . . .its so0 o0 o 0 o 0 o 0 o halarious, there s this interaction between kelly + regis that is just uncaning! its mar ve l ous just mar ve l ous !!! almost always they hav u p to date guest s!! i havent seen it in london before but wen i came to the us 2 vi sit i viewed it and now im RE view ing it lol! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Regis && Kelly;;My Summer Guilty Pleasure

    Regis and Kelly. Wow. Where do I begin? I never watched this show because the name really didn't draw me in too much. I started watching it when I noticed that Celebs were getting intervied and Bands and Solo singers are actually on the show. So I watched it and even without the celebs, they are the most hilarious people I have ever watched on TV. They are so down to earth and Kelly isn't afraid to talk about her home life. They talk about the things you've never dream about anyone talking about. Want an example? What about the time when they talked about that bird? The went on and on but not in a boring way. It was funny to hear what Regis or Kelly had to say next. All I am saying is, if you are half asleep watching this show, by the end you'll be wide awake!
  • Funny......uh....I think.

    I never actually watched this show but I heard it is very good, especially in the morning. It makes you more active, and ready to face anything that come in your way. Not my type of show, but if it does make me happy in the morning, why not watch it.
    I only gave it a low rating because I never actually watched this show, and I never did pay attention to it. So my rating only means it may be 50% bad, and 50% good. I may write another review when I watch that show, but I doubt that will happen.
  • Host Chat

    Being one of the many Canadians who faithfully watch your show, I just wanted to comment on the lack of concern for
    the school shooting that occurred in Montreal on Wednesday. I don't know if it is lack of news coverage or if you feel that it was not an important news item. I, needless, to say was sadly disappointed in the lack of mention on your show and caring for the trauma suffered by the students and their family. Such a happening in America gets full coverage in Canada, perhaps the US should consider it when it occurs elsewhere.
  • Live with Rgis and Kelley is my new best friend.

    Live with Regis and Kelley is my new best friend because they are the perfect match made in heaven Regis Philbin and Kelley Ripa they are so funny together.
    They take the daily news and turn it into something funny.
    They also do a great job of interviewing people that are starring in new movies tv shows or anything that has to do with the public.
    They also have very good trivia with the trivia wheel that I think is really what makes the show good.
    The fact that they also get along together greatly.
    So I would have to say that Live with Regis and Kelley is my new best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show is pretty funny... but they have some really stupid guests on the show.

    Live with Regis and Kelly is one of the best wake-up in the morning shows ever. You have just the right combo of stupidity and humour, but Kelly Ripa makes it all better. Although Regis and Kelly may not agree on certain things, they still manage to make the show quirky enough to get really good ratings. I think that the show has never really been any better than it is right now. They even have their own award show, I mean come on people!!!
    Anyways my total is 8.8/10 which is really good.
  • Tim Gunn! Fabulous!

    I'm a huge fan of Project Runway, and after seeing Tim Gunn co-host Live with Regis and Kelly today, he's my absolute favorite celebrity!!! What a gentleman - a man of class and dignity. I could listen to him talk all day. He's intelligent, engaging and quite at ease in front of the camera. Watch out Regis! I know your job is secure, but Tim can fill in for you any time. I certainly hope you bring him back in the near future. I enjoy the guest hosts, for a change, but today was my absolute fave!Well done in your choice of a guest host!
  • regis and kelly

    As we all know by now. Kelly is married to the infamous \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Speedy Gonzolez\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" that super hero mouse from the sixties.
    So Kelly has some great tales to her tell of all her exciting moments with him For instance when speedy is home sick with the flu he is running around the house chasing her like the hot loving latin infected rodent stud in heat that he is.
    While Kelly drools over any guy that looks mexican.
    I think it is a little too much though, when an airplane crashes into a building in new york and kelly interupts the news guy on the street to tell us about speedys reaction to this accident. and the expression on his face.and how Speedy is an expert in military training about how to get out of a building in an emergency. We have all seen Speedy sprinting thru all kinds of events in the Speedy Cartoons meanwhile the poor news caster is standing in the street trying to do his reporting, Also Kelly if you are into feet so much your should check out my wife and my foot fetish website island girls feet
    just type in joeymo in a search engine and you will find it. Maybe you can get Speedy a job sucking your toes.
  • Todays show with Clay Akin as Kelly\'s co host was really sad. Kelly used to be the hit of the show, but today made me never want to watch this show again. She was rude to her co-host and should appolgise to him

    I\'m not a fan of Clay Akin\'s, but I thought Kelly was terribly rude to her co-host today. She insulted him, interrupted him and tried to take over the whole show. Who does she think she is. Too big for her britches!Please made sure this message gets read.
  • Best Regis and Kelly show I've seen in quite awhile.

    The show with Clay Aiken as co-host was so funny! Please have him back as a co-host soon, best show I've seen in a while! I knew he was a great singer but had no idea, how witting and intellegient he is. Both he and Kelly were very entertaining together though, I wish Kelly had calmed down a little and let other people talk more. All in all I think it was a very entertaining show, but my favorite part has to be watching Clay dance! He did a good job for someone who claims he can't dance. Good show!!
  • Live With Regis and Kelly on Friday, Nov. 17th......the most fun I\'ve had watching a talk show in a long time!

    Clay Aiken and Kelly had a fantastic rapport and chemistry!! It was as though we were watching siblings with all the fun teasing and joking!! From the \\\"scaredy cat\\\" article teasing to the \\\"quiet now, I want to talk\\\" banter, it kept my attention during the too quick hour!
    I think Clay is a comfortable and natural talk show host and I hope he and Kelly had as much fun hosting the show together as I had watching it! Kelly, I loved how Clay thought your jokes were funny! It was great hearing you both laugh! I will make a point of watching anytime I hear that Clay Aiken will be a co-host.
    It was great hearing Clay sing also!
  • Regis and Kelly Show with Clay Aiken as the Guest Host (Friday, 17 November 2006)

    That show was more fun than a barrel of monkeys! I loved the banter between Kelly and Clay. They were such a good match that just when it seemed one of them was getting the upper hand the other one came back with a zinger. Everything about the show was fun, fun, fun! I enjoyed the interviews and I enjoyed Kelly dancing with Mario and Clay dancing with Mario\'s partner. That show clipped along so fast that it didn\'t even seem like an hour show! I hope to see Kelly and Clay together again!
  • Clay Aiken as the co-host did a wonderful job in spite of Kelly Ripa attempting to hold the floor constantly and not letting him get a word in edgewise.

    Normally, I do not watch this show, but thought I would see how this young man would do as a host up against the ego obsessed Kelly. He was pleasant, prepared, had some good questions when he was able to squeeze them in. I thought she was rude to her co-host for that was what he was supposed to be, a co-host; but she wanted to control the entire conversation. Why is it that all she wants to talk about is herself? I find it boring and tedious and that is why I usually do not watch. I enjoyed Mr. Aiken\'s song even though I thought the sound in the studio was way off. The dancing was fun to watch also.
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