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Live! with Kelly and Michael

Weekdays 9:00 AM on ABC Premiered Sep 05, 1988 In Season



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  • Kelly is disgusting

    Why is this nitwit still on the air. She brings nothing to the show except her stupidity. She is crude and I think all the botox is going to her brain. Who ever told her she can dance? the idiot had only had padding on one side of her breast and the other side was flat and she was so full of herself looking into the monitor she didn't even notice.

  • Show Heading for the Dumpster

    Too much talk of the kids and exercise and diet..she is a stick with clothes on...too giddy..another Kathy Lee...Kelly is phoney and has no knowledge of how to interview anyone..she is constantly interupting the used to be a good show....come on Gelman you really goofed...tried watching the show this week..poor Carl Edwards..couldn't get to say much...kudos to Boomer..he did what she does.. talks over her guests and co-hosts..she needs to grow up and stop the incessant giggling.. Oprah immitations...disgusted over reactions about the little girl being would she feel if it was Lola..Gelman put an end to this farse..and admit you were wrong!!!!! done watching this sham..are the POWERS that be reading anything the fans are saying...because nothing is changing..the people that like this show now really have bad taste and probably watch all the stupid reality shows!! Kelly rocks sure has no taste...what a crappy show and getting worse!!!! A new studio look is not going to help a loser show...get real people...what is wrong with these people..the show stinks...Why doesn't the network get this horrendous show off the air..I guess they don't listen to the lowly public! To Kelly haters take a are an idiot and have no taste!!!!!
  • Show Still Not Good

    I like Strahan...he seems like a nice guy but they missed the mark making him the cohost. He's an ex football player who got the typical ex-jock gig on Fox's NFL show. I don't really want to see him interviewing celebs, politicians, etc. It seems ackward. They basically hired a male version of Kelly. He doesnt have the qualifications for this job.

    Regis brought some ligitimacy to the show. Kelly was there to say something funny. Now they have two sidekicks & no real lead.

    I think I am done with the show, too painful to watch. Kelly is still trying way too hard and comes off VERY phony. She really isnt that funny, still tries to make every story about her, is sickenly OVER DRAMATIC. The funniest thing about her is when she goes into great detail to be funny & the audience is quiet when she finishes. Her voice is even annoying....high pitched, nasal & whiny. It amazes me she is on a talk show.

    Lastly, I cant take anymore of them gushing all over each other. Kelly is constantly hanging & hugging on him. If you didnt know any better you"d think they were dating. Regis & Kelly had a chemistry. Kelly & Michael just tell each other how wonderful they are.

    Oh yeah, PLEASE stop the "dancing" behind the chairs when you come out. It's not funny anymore, you look like idiots & it's been done! If you need a gimic try something original.

  • Think I'm Done

    Been a long time fan of the show but I'm done.

    **The show has lost any cred as a real show. I like Strahan but this is not the right place for him. I'm sorry but he is forever the football player. It's ackward to hear him stumble interviewing big hollywood types, politicians, etc. He is no more qualified to interview those people than anyone off the street. Football is a different world. ESPN would be a much better fit for him.

    **Kelly still tries way too hard to be funny, cool, etc & comes off looking like an idiot. She should try acting her age, 42, instead of 22. She is still the sidekick type & cant handle being a lead on a talk show.

    **Lastly it is disturbing how much Kelly & Michael gush on each other, especially Kelly. She is always telling Mike how wonderful he is, always touching him, laying her head on his shoulder & they always hang on each other. Its not just from time to time either, They do this almost on a daily basis. It's uncomfortable & creepy to watch. Co-workers dont behave that way & they are both married. Oh, & PLEASE stop the dancing when they come out. It's not funny anymore & they cant dance!

  • Kelly's life not "likable"

    let's face it ---she's a wealthy soap opera diva whose life most all viewers

    can't relate to. her style of being a host is all about herself being "interesting".

    she's not, and needs someone with broader appeal as co-host. or better yet, to replace her as host. ABC & the producers made a big mistake in giving her "the lead"


  • Thoroughly disappointed and digusted!

    I normally love to watch Live with Kelly and Michael. Today's show really made me sick. I could only watch a few minutes before turning it off. How could you think that Miley Cyrus / Robin Thicke performance was worth repeating? What about morals? Would Kelly or Michael allow their children to watch their performances and be proud of them. I just can't believe how this television show has turned into such trash! The producers of this show should be ashamed!
  • Unwatchable !!

    this show has become unwatchable and boring ! i had watched this show for years and years. And as sad as it was to see Regis go , i continued to watch (why not ?i said) and i must confess , at the beginning i watched the whole show to see if any of the guest co host were a good match for kelly, but as the days, weeks and now months have passed and no co host selected it was a drag to watch !!!. little by little i started to stop watching segments and i ended up just watching the first 15-20 mins. of the show and later on i just checked for the co host for the day (and not even the guest...that's another story!) and i decided if i watch the show that day or not. long story short... Live with Kelly is out of my DVR schedule. period. I thought they would have an idea of who may be replacing Regis even before his last day and just play around with some guys co hosting and then by the end of the holiday season there would be a new co host. but no!...over 6 months now and nothing !!!... therefore, the quality of guests have declined to the lowest of low , just reality celebrities and useless and non sense talk. and Kelly talking about diets and fat and boob job and getting drunk ,etc. yeah, because you want to hear that from someone who is surely size 00.
  • it's only my opinion

    Is it me or does kelly seem jealous when michael talks to the female guests and ignores her,was the show watchable when kelly was on vacation? all we hear is her brag about her family, her expensive vacations, her nights out at celebrity events and all episodes she has to talk about sex. WHO CARES?????

    and what is up with kelly unable to speak or read?

    Every time she speaks it is "eWell we uh.. went to this restaurant and and they were uh they were uh serving this food and and this waiter he etc. so annoying, get the words out already sheesh!!!!! perhaps as one who is on tv could you find time to get some how speach therapy lessons on your 23hrs a day break from work.

    And is it me or do kelly and michael need to get a room I mean really!!! can she not take a break from lusting for him to put on an entertaining 1hr show? or is that supposed to be entertainment? and obviously her husband doesn't care as he must only be with her for the money as what shows and movies has he been in? his only air time is on her show.

    And is it me or is it always "WE have a HUGE show today" every day it's "we have a huge show for you today" when is it not a huge show. What is so huge about a normal show? And honestly what substance is there to the show: "Hello how was your weekend michael strahan we went to the Hamptons and we uh had uh dinner with the the president and other super important people you the audience will never meet. - let's now pick up the news paper and read articles to the audience to fill the rest of the 15min. Time for trivia.... sorry lady.. we have a really big show for you 1st cast off of survivor is here, a chef is here and I will show you all how I almost barf on tv... so stay tuned!!!" and stay tuned live has a super huge announcement... we are filming all next week in super warm and sunny barbados. I know all you audience members and tv viewers are sitting in -30 celsius right now.. aren't you jealous? well you will be even more when our hosts brag about how sunny and warm it is where they are and how they are getting mints on their pillows at their $400/night hotel rooms paid for by the network.

    And why can't she say thank you when she get a compliment from a viewer. And when someone compliments her she pretends she doesn't agree. just say thank you. is it that hard? Stopped watching!!!
  • Nothing Changes ..

    After watching a week of classy woman on a good show .. Back comes Kelly the Ripoff ... not 5 minutes into the show ... the classless women starts running her mouth about the town of Regina and refers it to another word ... Hee, hee .hee .. like a high school kid .. She needs to grow up .. her kids gotta be so Proud of her ... The fill ins' from last week should be permanent with Michael ... I have no choice to watch the show - it's up against Rachael Ray and Info commercials ... She needs a Helmet to cover her hair .. Show going down the Tubes ... Gelman, please do something ..

    As usual, Classy show from brain dead Kelly .. had a young girl on show today (Wed 9-5-12) and Kelly couldn't wait to tell the live audience and tv viewers how the girl has a bi-polar problem .. if the girl wanted the world to know - it should of been up to her to tell them .. lot of class here .. keep Strahan and dump the village idiot - go get Erin Andrews and make it an all sports show .. time to watch reruns of Raymond .. Gelman never learns ...

    What is This - "A Cooking Show " ? .. might as well watch Rachel Ray... apparently they can't get people to come on the show anymore and half of the show was food and cooking .. Gelman says it's food Kelly likes ! (Like anyone wants to look like the Anorexia Olsen sister look-alike, who tries to dance and can't, and tries to me some middle age mom trying to be cool). Gelman has been around too long- uses old ideas-no new creative ideas ... Kelly is shot - scratchin' , or checking herself out in her TV monitor. The only thing she knows is "The Bachelor" or "Housewives of New Jersey" and the SAD thing is ... The Housewives look like Brain Surgeons compared to Kelly .. that is really sad ! .. show should be shutdown ...

    I'm Tired of seeing Olive Oyl coming out and trying to Dance, I can't believe that the BEST Gelman/Kelly could do is copy Ellen with a DJ and Dancing. She has a special camera that she looks at herself thru the Whole show. She stutters throughout the show over single syllable words. Talks constantly about her Brats( who will remain nameless ???). The show use to have info on NY city and what was going on with the latest headlines - and She doesn't HAVE a CLUE of what happened the previous day (unless it was New Jersey Housewives) ! Way over paid at $10 million a yr, they'll never get their money back. It's a shame, it was a good show till Regis left, now they just have is a younger 80 # Kathy Gifford clone .
  • Disgusting!!!

    The Halloween show is repulsive. Kelly lacks the morals she professes on the show. I changed the channel after 3 minutes when I saw where it was going. Why would you want to promote the disgusting Cyrus performance, thus furthering the publicity Cyrus is seeking. I suspect Kelly is going to have to manage some serious damage control to her image. Doubt I will ever tune in again.
  • Get better Guests?

    Someone said producers should try to get bigger guests... ever wonder why this is happening? Probably because bigger stars don't want to come on anymore because the interviewing is so terrible! I have seen many guests almost squirm in their seats after Kelly asks a really long-winded and then (when she finally gets it out) stupid question. They just don't know how to answer her. One guest even said, "I'm not sure how to answer that!" or "What's the question?"

    I think it was time for Regis to retire too, don't get me wrong, he was still entertaining, but I think he was bored of the whole thing. It drives me crazy when people say he was losing it... I can only hope I can have half his memory when I'm 70, never mind 80! When you know that many celebrities, it's no wonder some of the names slip his mind in the heat of the moment. How many 80 year olds do you know that can do what he does??

  • Halloween Disgust!!!

    This mornings show was NOT meant for morning TV. So disappointed that is what they choose not only for the costumes, but the 'out takes'. SAD. SAD. SAD,!!!!
  • Thoroughly disappointed and digusted!

    We have always enjoyed the show in the past, but this mornings show was totally disgusting. The Halloween shows in past years were cute with the little ones in costumes as well as the adults. The performance today was Satin inspired. Don't know if we want to watch in the future as I think you all showed your true colors today. Sorry you had to sink to such low standards.
  • No co-host yet?

    I think they should just pull the plug on the show now, there has been more than enough time to find a new co-host and yet truly, no one can replace Regis and the show is not the same and sorry to say, no longer worth watching. Kelly just can't carry the show-----it was a good run.
  • Sorry but can't watch any longer...

    Continued to record the show after Regis left in Nov. but found myself watching less and less of the recorded show... the show became less and less interesting or humorous and the numerous guest co-hosts some of whom were so bad.... I finally had to admit to myself that the show wasn't worth recording any longer... as much as I like Kelly and I have been a very loyal fan.... I finally deleted this show from my Record List today....
  • Disgusting! Disgusting!!

    Shame on you! As the previous review had already decided on what was going on the Halloween show made a very large mistake! Turned the show off after just a few minutes. Will not tune in any more! The dancing on stage with Michael as Robin Thicke was bad enough, but to carry it even further with the "Wrecking Ball" scenario was in VERY bad taste! I hope Kelly's children will be proud to see what she did on this show!
  • SO Disappointed!!

    This Halloween show is way below you! Who made the decision to use these costumes and bring this stuff up again on morning TV?? And, the way Kelly always talks about being so strict with her kids, how will she be able to tell them "no" to anything after doing this? I still am in disbelief that they chose to do this.
  • Not for morning TV!

    I am very disgusted with Kelly's costume, and can't believe she would wear it and also dance like Miley when Miley got such bad reviews, it was not something I wanted to see on morning TV. Kelly looked very BAD!!
  • The show is disgusting. Is she in love with Michael? I've stopped watching

    Kelly is so full of herself now...all she talks about is how FAT she is...ridiculous. she is skin and bones and it is offensive to normal size people. And Michael looks and acts like a big dope!!!...the stupid facial expressions and his lisp make him sound totally stupid. And Kelly acts like she is in LOVE with him...always hugging him, talking about his high butt and on the show that he danced with the Alvin Alley dancers she said "that is the sexiest thing I've ever seen on this show!" I turned it off!!! That was the last time I watched it and will not again. Regis was cool and had some class and intellegience. And poor Mark, he has to listen to her goo-goo over the big dope. Whoever made the decision to have Michael co-host made a huge mistake. I have watched the show for fifteen years at least and will never again. Cancel the show!!!

  • Give us some interesting stories

    Why can't Kelly or her Co-Host go out in New York City, and see some shows, check out the restaurants, talk to and have dinner with some interesting people

    Give us some interesting stories, and enough with the reality shows. ( they're not real shhh )
  • Halloween Disgusted show

    This was the worst show you have ever done. The song was so inappropriate to have on a day time show and the costumes of Kelly made her look like a hooker. What is wrong with you all. Where did your taste go. If the show continues likes this I will not continue to watch it. I will say since Regis has left the show sure doens't have the taste it used to..
  • Will never watch the show again!

    Couldn't believe what I was seeing; it was sickening! Morals, what morals? I'm convinced that Kelly has none. Last time for me!
  • add as can not do more than one post! I will keep adding

    October Michael is so cute the gap is a trademark and my fav Giant Player! He can do the show by himself as the people are there for him! Could not get 100 people before he came on!

    Please do not compare Kelly with Ellen, they tried that and flunked. The dancing I am afraid she is going to get hurt dancing like a chicken. She is NOT ELLEN! She is not Lucy as Lucy was a classy lady!

    I can not believe that they are still dancing like a chicken coming out. OMG rewind it and get a laugh!

    Other shows come and go and THIS ONE STAYS ON! I have seen others that was great and only lasted a few weeks. Stop trying to copy others, it will NOT WORK! I am so disappointed in Disney to let this show and pigs go on and on with kids watching!

    The emmy was for REGIS Not you, please take the picture down with where they dance like chickens and a roster. Regis is doing great and finally got away from Kelly who helped kicked him off the show! Regis s loved!

    Sept 19th Did you notice the men are there to see Michael LOL Not you Kely, Mitt was a joke on the show he did not even say he watched your show and loved it when he said there was another show he liked what is that saying he has no idea who you are! Used you! Please stop dancing might fracture something looking like a chicken! Why don't you give it up, no one even claps unless gilmen tells them too people are not impressed with you. Stop talking trash, kids are watching with the parents. 1/2 hour today and was not worth even watching!

    Sept 17th stop talking about your boobs, size a YOU HAVE NONE! I would be embarrassed if I talked like you do about your body! You have no boobs! Eat a hamburger as like your hubby says your his little boy! Now that is a nice thing to announce! I would be in hiding or divorced! What jerks

    Sept 14 as only can do one review so added on

    Kelly stop the scratching and trying to dance, both look like chicken and roster coming out it is discusting. When you wipe your nose with your hand and look at it and scratch your underarm please! Sickening! Stop trying to read! Shows your mentality, and this amazing, word all through the show! Stop climbling and touching everyone! GlAD you got your dark meat! I thought you were going to rape Michael the first day he is NOT your husband or maybe that is what you want as Your hubby seems to be not giving it to you!

    Lets get rid of the show and YOU! What is there is to see Michael as he is famous. Get rid of that hairdresser as she is frying your hair! Stop using amazing, and trying to think you know what others are talking about they just stop and look at you like what the hell are you talking about Kelly!

    Aug 27 > I can tell you why Michael, she loves dark skin! She is all over him and today when that new guy came on, she said she had to get a mint before he comes out! I never heard her say that about any white guys even John Trovoltia / she was also scratching her armpits today and why talk about all the nipple talk!

    Aug new notes I think it is getting worse, Kelly is such a pig and it is a family show with kids! Grow up girl! Please Gilman tell her to stop dancing as she looks like a roaster coming out and it is sickening! When Regis left they should of cancelled the show, she has no commuications and can not read, and into herself too much. today Howie Mandel was on telling a story and she butted in so much he could not talk and tell it! SHUT UP kelly when the guest is trying to talk!

    added as of 7-28- 2012 Seems like we can only post once, People on the show are reading these as it was said about no one pulls Kelly Chair out! THEY ONLY DO THAT FOR LADIES, The chef that was there with weird food, kelly should of been fired right then and there. FCC should of taken it off the air, or Disney. I am so surprised Disney is putting up with her crap! Get rid of Kelly! Kids watch the show and kids in the audience also!

    ADDED 7-2012 I sent a letter to her inbox and Kelly was checked for fleas and bugs in the hair, as I said she had some sort of problem scratching all the time! It looked terrible on tv.

    On the wedding!

    I can not believe that Kelly and her family took over it was all about her. The couple should of been on more, it was their wedding. It was showing Disney review and Kelly and family more than the wedding! Serious, it sucked and I hope the couple had a good time when the crew and kelly left. Kelly give it up your not funny and you can not dance, You look terrible trying to, I think it is a dance. The other day please check your wardrobe, Your fake boobs were crooked, only reason you had them on was cause of the guy from Dancing with the star, was on and you can not stop touching the men! You are married and GROW UP, HOW OLD ARE YOU! . You do not impress anyone! Friiday when the sailors and marines were there I was embarrassed, you doing that stupid thing in the car. You should of done more with our service personal. They looked like it was a wasted time! No one claps for you unless Gelmen tells them too. The new show room looks like a circus, No need for the baloney too much wasted money, Get rid of your hairdresser, she is frying your hair tell her to use a brush! stop looking at yourself all the time! If you can not host now without stubbling over your words after 11 yrs then leave the show. It was regis show and should of been cancelled like they say it is not who you know it is who ----- ----? I hope so! I can not take Kelly scratching, and wiping her nose with out a kleenex. She scratches her head and arms. I can not believe that after 11 yrs she can not communicate. Can not read, and she is making all that money. I would be embarrassed if I were her, fake laughing, making up stories that are not true, to try and make people laugh! She is NOT funny. Stop stop stop the hands and arms going all over the place when she is talking! Lets say if she is going to make all the money, she should go to Communication class and get a degree! Get her teeth fixed, For her husband to call hr his little man, is discusting. She thinks it is funny, NOT!!!! The Emmy was for Regis and all the years and not Kelly and Gilman they do that when people are retiring. You could of called him or had him on the show, as it was HIS! No you both pat each other on the back and it is NOT YOURS!
  • kelly should be ashamed of herself

    I couldnt believe how kelly bragged about staying in a hotel, because she has no power or water. She bragged about housekeepimg, turn down service with a chocolate on her pillow. Does she realize how many people dont have beds anymore. She is so heartless, its all about her. Bragging about Halloween, taking photos, how inconsiderate. At least Michael said they didnt celebrate Halloween. She is so self centered its sickening. She is so overpaid its disgusting. She even found a way to make the storm (Sandy) all about her, and how her kids wont get to ride on the roller coaster at Jersey Shore. Poor, Poor, Kelly. Just hop on a plane and take another family vacation, they will never miss it. It was so important why havent you taken them already. Thats right it had to be all about her!
  • Kelly-New Haircut

    Kelly has often raved about Nicole (Michael's darling) on the show, and recently she went as far as getting her same exact haircut. She has also done a manicure, and stated that Nicole has previously had the same exact color on .

    All she does is pout her lips constantly then she glances at him, to see if he's looking at her. She makes way too many faces!!!! She's always batting her eyelashes and can't seem to keep her eyes off Michael. Especially when a pretty guest is on. Most importantly, someone needs to be honest with her, and tell her, she CAN'T dance!

    She makes statements about getting excited when she see's Michael on TV, and how often she thinks of him.... doesn't she see him everyday? Her comments are a little too off, for a morning show?

    I really enjoy the show when she is on vacation. The co-hosts are much more real, and interesting to listen to,and most important, they let Michael speak, without interrupting him, a classy touch to the show.
  • comment

    Ok Gilman are you reading the reviews about the show? Come on enough already! Kelly doesnt't act her age,its all about her, interrupts the co-host constantly , always has to have the last laugh,anytime a guest or co host makes a joke she has to take it and make it her joke!! Don't think this will last much longer unless you get someone else to be the Host! Regis was the best and don't think you can replace him. Miss him soooo much! Loved the show then,tried to like it ,,but its Kelly that's ruins it for me and many others..

    My husband and I both agree that Kelly needs to quit interrupting her guests when they are answering the questions posed. Butting in all the time is the epitome of rudeness, and is the sign of an insecure, weak person. Kelly, you do not need to constantly be the center of attention. First, you aren't all that interesting to listen to you. We watch to hear from the wonderful guests that you have on the show. Shut up and listen; you might actually learn something including better manners.
  • Get some real talent!

    I've tried & tried but I cannot continue to watch this show. Both seem like nice people but neither have the talent to be hosts of a national talk show.

    Kelly continues to be so self absorbed. Everything is about her. Whether its host chat or even worse when they are talking to a guest, she turns every conversation about herself or tries to become the center of attention. She tries way too hard to be funny & fails miserably. Almost daily she says something idiotic & Michael will always over react, bend over and lean towards her belly laughing. It's very phony. She acts immature & her hip, street impersonations are tired. Sorry boo.

    Michael is cool but not right for this show. It's awkward to watch him stumble through interviews. So many times Kelly will be going way off topic & he tries to bring it back but lacks transition & u can tell he is totally reading the questions off the cue cards. He is not smooth or natural. Really, how natural is it to see the NFL player interviewing people like De Niro, Angelica Houston or Meryl Streep? Stick to the football show because he's out of his arena here.

    Lastly, the little dancing thing when they come out is just plain stupid and I am sooo tired of watching them hang on each other & gush over one another. You can only watch two people tell each other how perfect they are or how beautiful they look for so long before you need a barf bag. Oh, you could also make a drinking game out of how many times Michael says "Everybody" usually in an Oprah tone. Gelman really should have chosen a professional in the industry rather than just someone Kelly likes to hang with.

    I'm done!


    How in the world could you people actually think it was a good idea to open today's show with Kellie impersonating Miley Cyrus and her vulgarity? Miley's and Robin's original performance was disgusting enough and showed exactly what kind of people they really are. (That wasn't entertainment in my opinion). Kellie, I am so disappointed in you. It was disgusting to me to see you impersonating this girl. I truly thought you had more class and integrity than what you displayed today. Did you allow your kids to watch today's show? Was your behavior decent enough for children to see? I think not!! There were a lot of children who would have liked to watch your Halloween show today because it's always been a fun show for both kids and their parents alike. Once you started your "routine" on the ball, I turned off the TV and refused to watch anymore of the show. I can see by the other comments below, that you didn't make too many friends today. I wonder if this one show will affect your ratings? At this point, I am so disappointed that I'm not sure I will ever watch the show again. You people showed an entirely different side to yourselves today. Very unattractive! What a shame!
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