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  • Host Chat lacking .....

    ... Michael is refreshingly natural and down to earth, and unfairly underpaid relative to his over paid co-worker with lack luster chatter skills.
  • It's becoming more obvious that....

    Kelly is unable to top Strahan...

  • Open your eyes!

    You guys are all crazy. The problem with the show is not Kelly, it's Michael. Kelly is unnatural on screen because of her inability to relate to her co-host. She appears to be flirting with male guests because she is much more comfortable interacting with them than with Michael. It's not so much that Michael is a bad host, but it's more the case that Michael has a much different sense of humor that Kelly doesn't buy in to. I'm telling you, they hired the wrong person; Regis and Kelly worked because they both are very naturally funny and understood each other. Kelly and Michael does not work because Michael is a good host, but he is not naturally funny. It is very evident to me that Kelly needs the right person around to bring out her best, and since she was there first, it's not her fault that Michael was hired and is now creating a much different dynamic.
  • What I think

    We love Michael on the show, but having a hard time dealing with the conversation hog, Kelly, she interrupts all the time and is very rude!

    Watch everyday! Love you both, picked you both as co hosts way back when. Share a birthday with you Kelly, only I am 83 today!!1 Hope you have a perfect day. No 1 on my bucket list - to be your trivia dancer.
  • Except.....

    I enjoy Michael and Kelly. Kelly can be so funny and cute .... except please just have her quit trying to see herself in the monitor and quit puckering her lips. It takes away from the credibility of the show.
  • Kelly please stop!!

    Can someone please tell Kelly Ripa to quit flirting with all the male guests, and not try and dance!! I used to love this show but between Kelly talking about herself and playing with her hair and nails, I quit watching this show, and a lot of other people have also...
  • Awesome Show

    I was excited to see Rob Lowe on today but then came Hayden (Juliette Barnes-Nashville) and I have to say she was the best guest you have ever had on. I loved her spunk!!! This is the 1st time I have written in to a show but just thought I would tell you that I love watching Kelly & Michael and I have been completely hooked since Michael came on and I love him on GMA or whatever he is on. I don't like it when one of you are out and have a guest co-host. Bring Hayden back real soon!! I don't like re-runs but I would watch todays show over and over.

    Janice Jenkins, Lafayette, TN
  • Forgot one footall team!!

    Great show this morning, but you forgot one football team the BUFFALO BILLS who defeated the Colts yesterday by a score of Bills- 27 & Colts - 14. This comment comments comes Depew, NY . I hope you make a correction on this point.
  • Friday 9/11/15

    Always loved Live especially after Michael joined they both made remarks about Tom Brady & Michael agreed with to say u both just lost many Patriot Fans, including have been a faithful fan & taped the shows on days when I have to turned off show today & will never watch u again....
  • Enough re-runs already.

    I will be glad when the pieced together episodes of Kelly and Michael live are over. I always thought live meant live.
  • TV Marrige

    Kelly and MichaelMichaels TV personalities are very strong and they compliment each other very well. I think they're a great TV marriage. Gilman is the marriage counselor. Love you all and your show.
  • Kelly, please!

    Used to love it, now I can't stand it. What is happening to you Kelly? You're not the same genuine person I can relate to. You've become Unrelatable to many of us. Your so funny and I love your comedy sketches, loved you on Hope and Faith-what is going on with you? Picking at your nails, scratching your arms and playing with your sleeves and hair , turning the conversation around to you a lot, seeming to compete with Michael-such mechanical talk and weird comments -it's hard to watch. I want the old kelly back -sans green and blue hair.

    Today- are you really going to spend 10 min talking about your foot?? Gawwwwd

    What is with kelly lately?? I used to LOVE her now she's so annoying. So mechanical, always flexing her arms(yea we get it you work out- a lot) not natural anymore and speaks like like like you can't put a sentence together without the word like in it. Please stop dying your hair colors for 20 year olds please stoppppp!! Please stop playing with your hair and sleeves!!! It's soooo distracting, careful with those short skirts on those tall interview chairs!!!
  • NotLive! with ???? and Michael

    Just run something else in this time slot! No one is impressed with the pieced together shows that are started as if they are live by announcing the day and date. Its also beginning to look like Michael is ABCs go to guy as he is on one show after another. He's very talented, but no one wants to see the same person all day long! Looks like this viewer will be searching for something else to view/record in this time slot.
  • Tired of Repeats

    For the last few weeks Kelly and Michael has been pre-recorded. I am so sick of this. Is Kelly so full of herself now that she thinks she can take a month vacation? I think it is time to rename the show Live with Michael and ??
  • What has happened to Kelly?

    I am a long time viewer and have always loved this show. Michael is one of the best decisions you've ever made. Kelly, on the other hand is osmosing into a very strange character. The camera has become her mirror. She moves from one pose into another, seeminging detatched from the conversation at hand, obsessed with how she looks. The prettier the guest the worse her behavior. Is she belimic? She is too thin these days. Even the camera can't put weight on her. If it weren't for Michael I wouldn't be able to endure the show. Sadly it is time to replace her.
  • New or Repeats??

    Is "new" with Kelly and Michael all repeats all summer? Other wise theyre doing very quick outfit changes and hairstyles! Why?
  • Kelly needs new attitude.

    Rein in Kelly. She used to be good but now it is all about her & her family. She has become full of herself. Change her attitude or get rid of her. She keeps posing & acts ridiculous with the guests. Michael is awesome. You're loosing me as a viewer.
  • No reason to watch the summer shows

    They call them "new", yet every show is just a hodge podge of earlier interviews. Waste of time.
  • What's up with all the repeats with the live show?

    It's not really a big deal but I think if the show is a repeat they shouldn't call it live with Kelly and Michael.
  • Losing it

    I've been watching this show forever. Kelly and Michael just seem to be phoning it in most of the time. Seem bored and uninterested, making THEM really boring and uninteresting. Always the same. Sorry, time to move on.
  • Why are you doing what others do, can't you find something else!

    Today Aug 20th Kelly had no cast on and heals, what phoney! She could not even say Hugh Jackman she called him Huge Ackman, and started to shimmy with him, she is discussing.

    No more dancing in your chair or coming out! Might fracture something again! Not happy with the show as very rude to alot of people now! Alot come to see Michael or there would not be a show! When it is empty in audience do you notice you do not have the game with the balls as do not want anyone to know how many are there! Never saw you with your husband when he was on, falling all over him! Do you know what it is looking like now with Michael. I hear there is a divorce coming!

    I wish Bethany would take over Kelly spot, She is not all over a man, like she is having sex with him. Notice Nicole went to Chicago with Michel and Kelly but Mark did not go/ maybe Nichole sees what we see I saw the Halloween Show, it sucked big time, to see them almost having sex on daytime and Disney sorry but you better step in, that is a bad reflextion on you! Not funny and the licking was discusting. The lady that does your hair tell her to take the curling iron and put it somewhere, they use brushes now where did she get her certification to do hair? AND you hired her YUCK

    Are you kidding me??? They are making how much. They are not professional,self centered and not funny at all. You need like another Regis and Kathie Lee! These two Kelly and Mike are just the terrible twos!
  • Robots are cool :)

    I think Kelly is doing her job and doing it well. If you watch other talk shows they are not as nearly as fun or entertaining and rank higher on an annoying meter. Unlikeable? Not sure what those who posted that mean?? In my mind unlikeable are people who have rip people apart to feel better about themselves. You know those mean people. Of course Kelly talks about herself a lot, she doesn't know you so you can't expect her to talk about you?? Can you?? She always keeps a smile on her face and exhibits excitement for all her guests on the show. Yeah sometimes it might be a bit forced but that's what happens when you know all eyes are on you and every thing you do could be criticized. If it was me I would just sit up there and give everyone the stink eye, look bored, have a goofy grin, And possibly give people the finger. So maybe count your blessing. lol
  • it's only my opinion

    When did Kelly become so unlikable and self centred? She was fun when regis was on the show and now she seems not likeable etc. Is it me or does kelly seem jealous when michael talks to the female guests and ignores her,was the show watchable when kelly was on vacation? all we hear is her brag about her family, her expensive vacations, her nights out at celebrity events and all episodes she has to talk about sex. WHO CARES????? Why not just cut the brag fest, and fill that void talking about more pre-cut out articles laid out on the table for you instead of what comes out as bragging about your celebrity hob nobbing and letting the audience know you're super rich by taking weekend jaunts to Italy and paris.

    and what is up with kelly unable to speak or read?

    Every time she speaks it is "eWell we uh.. went to this restaurant and and they were uh they were uh serving this food and and this waiter he etc. so annoying, get the words out already sheesh!!!!! perhaps as one who is on tv could you find time to get some speech therapy lessons on your 23hrs a day break from work.

    And is it me or do kelly and michael need to get a room I mean really!!! can she not take a break from lusting for him to put on an entertaining 1hr show? or is that supposed to be entertainment? and obviously her husband doesn't care as he must only be with her for the money as what shows and movies has he been in? his only air time is on her show.

    And is it me or is it always "WE have a HUGE show today" every day it's "we have a huge show for you today" when is it not a huge show. What is so huge about a normal show? And honestly what substance is there to the show: "Hello how was your weekend michael strahan we went to the Hamptons and we uh had uh dinner with the the president and other super important people you the audience will never meet. - let's now pick up the news paper and read articles to the audience to fill the rest of the 15min. Time for trivia.... sorry lady.. we have a really big show for you 1st cast off of survivor is here, a chef is here and I will show you all how I almost barf on tv... so stay tuned!!!" and stay tuned live has a super huge announcement... we are filming all next week in super warm and sunny barbados. I know all you audience members and tv viewers are sitting in -30 celsius right now.. aren't you jealous? well you will be even more when our hosts brag about how sunny and warm it is where they are and how they are getting mints on their pillows at their $400/night hotel rooms paid for by the network.

    And why can't she say thank you when she get a compliment from a viewer. And when someone compliments her she pretends she doesn't agree. just say thank you. is it that hard?

    And I agree, stop pushing up your sleeves or start wearing sleevles tops. Why do you always pick at your clothing/nails etc. while michael is speaking? not enough time to get ready BACK stage and not ON stage? She is the only host on air that picks at herself and puffs up her hair (especially 1st on air day when hair dyed pink). Why do you have to compete with Michael? Michael and a guest do push ups so instead of watching you have to prove to the world you can do them too? We know you're slim. Why do you need to compete? whole blue hair/pink hair RIDICULOUS!!!! mid life crisis?
  • Michael doesn't wear a tie

    Michael Strahand should man up and wear a tie on the show as a talk show host ... otherwise he is merely a GOON . It is disrespectful especially on days like Memorial Day . They should be stripped of their Emmy award for that . Bring back Regis to give Michael some tips . As for Kelly ... she is an amateur as well
  • The Girls got to go !

    I Can't stand Kelly ! She really thinks she is something special , flaunting herself to the camera every chance she gets . I like Micheal a lot , he makes the show . Kelly wants to be the center of attention and doesn't like it when Micheal gets the attention , you can tell by the look on her face . I thought it was just me that didn't like Kelly, until I seen all theses negative comments about her . I love it when kelly isn't there , Micheal really does a great job . I can't watch that show anymore when she is on .
  • Dancing fox

    The day Kelly had that Dirty Dancing fox on was soooooo funny. Where did she get it? I am looking for one.
  • Kelly's hair

    I think Kelly's hair is disgustingly ugly now. Too bad she ruined her looks.
  • Michael is definitely the bigger star

    I stopped watching Kelly and Michael a few years ago because I couldn't stand how arrogant and self centered Kelly became. I felt bad for Michael because I thought since he was new to the show, he felt like he had to leave the spotlight to her. But I keep trying on my few days off and recently started watching again in the morning with my coffee because I am on holidays but things haven't changed at all! It's all about "Look at me - I'm Kelly, I can do anything and am the funniest, most fit person ever!" I had to laugh I happened to see the episode where Kelly, Michael and Gelman took that Tough Mudder challenge against Nick Carter and Jordan Knight where you have to do an obstacle course. She was all proud of herself but if it wouldn't have been for Michael Strahan, she would have never gotten passed the first part of it! The only part she completed on her own was the jump into the ice water, but she acted like she carried the team! I agree that Kelly constantly interrupts with a stupid joke and if she doesn't get a laugh, she explains the joke, like she thinks no one laughed because they didn't get it! REALLY??? It just wasn't funny!! Then when Michael says a good joke, she doesn't react and quickly changes the subject. She really needs to watch the faces she makes too - not very attractive! She pouts her lips - trying to be sexy? or leaves her jaw hanging like she is interested in the story but you can tell she can't wait for it to be over so she can say something stupid! She is the worst interviewer ever and you can tell that some guests are really uncomfortable and don't really know what to say or how to comment! I do like her short haircut because her long hair was looking pretty scraggly and was way too big for her little body, especially when she was wearing extensions, but I really don't like the blue color. Once in awhile she comes up with a good comeback or joke but she is just too full of herself for my taste. She does tend to steer every conversation, topic and comment to a sexual nature - even when she was talking to the kids this week- asking them if their Mommy and Daddy kiss on the mouth and other questions that were pushing the envelope. She even commented on how most of the interview had to be edited in order to protect the parents - I wonder why - because she was directing the conversation, that's why! From what I have seen this week, I really do like Michael - he's personable, funny, kind, unselfish and does bail Kelly out often. Michael is wise to keep his foot in all the other doors because I think he may head to bigger and better!!
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