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Live! with Kelly and Michael

Weekdays 9:00 AM on ABC Premiered Sep 05, 1988 In Season



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  • They need to find 2 new hosts for LIVE!

    Get rid of Kelly. She is fake, she has much more love for herself then people watching do. These stunts she has pulled in the past few weeks (not coming to work, acting all offended, giving a speech like she is the queen of the network, making little comments to put MS down) I am over it all. Does she realize that she is not all that? Learn some humility Kelly. Learn who your audience is, most don't go away pouting when one of their co workers takes a new job, if they did they would be fired. FIRE THIS WOMAN. Do her a favor and teach her a very valuable lesson.
  • Time for Kelly to go

    Kelly has gotten way to full of herself. She doesn't have one sincere bone in her body. I think America would applaud if she were replaced. I could do a much better job - I have no TV experience but at least I would be sincere and appreciative and make America laugh and not bring so much drama!!
  • Grow Up and Act Your Age

    I've been watching Live for a few years, for the most part it has been mindless fun. Michael was a great addition to the show. Kelly has always played the Blonde. Either one of them can move on with their career and how it is announced is how it is announced. So Kelly's feelings were hurt, so what. So she stomps off in a child's fit and refuses to play. Grow Up. Her actions make it clear why Michael found a new career path.

    All of this not to mention Kelly's growing obsession with her own body. Watch, she cannot keep her hands off herself. She is fit and beyond thin, I get it but she does not look nor behave like the 45 year old woman that she is, not the 13 or 14 girl she acts like. Grow up already, this act is old. You go Michael, congrats and good luck. You'll enjoy working with grownups, except that Laura on ABC, she's another girlchild.
  • Go Away Kelly!

    Michael makes this show. Kelly is unprofessional, her stories are long and boring, she constantly interrupts the guests and she has trouble speaking complete sentences. Please cancel this show and put more of Michael on.
  • Kelly, get over it!

    I have never seen a host act like Kelly in all of my television viewing years. She is totally unprofessional and less than likeable. I am not sure who she's speaking to that encourages her to speak and act as she does. I am sure it is not ABC execs. I would fire her in a New York minute. I am sure they have a plan. She is no kind of role model or anyone to look up to much less appreciate. Michael, dump this negativity just as soon as you can. I'll be watching you on GMA. Just ignore her witchery. People like her feed on response. When they don't get one they move on to something else.
  • Angry jealous Kelly! GMA 3 hours YES!

    Everyone witnessed the evil hearted Kelly Ripa this morning. Who jokes about someone else's divorce? Kelly is an older woman who should know better. Her anger and jealousy is so obvious. I will NEVER tune in to Live again. GMA is so fortunate to get Michael Strahan! Kelly can't threaten to quit because she has no where to go.. Who would want her now anyway? Her husband is a pompous little man who relys on her salary. Being mean towards others never gets you anywhere and Ripa has certainly showed her true self. Self centered, cruel, mean spirited and should publicly apologize to Strahan and the viewers for acting like a child.
  • Who's running the show?

    Where was Gelman in all of this? I only started watching the show to wait for Michael Strahan to co-host (before hired as a permanent). I also watch his FOX show which is great chemistry between the guys, real or faked I don't care. If Michael was told not to share, he should have fought that but Michael, please let the fans know why you kept it from Kelly; time to make a statement. I loved him hosting with Erin Andrews; they are fabulous together but it's Kelly's show. Please forget AC. He is hardly a good co-host with her just because they are friends however Nick Lachey has an interest and that might be another winning I'm sure there will be an iron-clad contract for the next co-host!

    As for GMA: I've watched it every morning since David Hartman and, when Michael was on, it's the only time I did not see any value to someone being there; and what happens to Jesse? George, who I also have followed since the Clinton days when I couldn't pronounce his name, is a great anchor; get rid of Robin and your ratings might improve. Maybe you need help on GMA but put it out there to the fans.
  • Tail wagging the dog

    This whole thing should've been about Michael, not Kelly. Anyone with the emotional maturity of an adult would've said, "Congratulations!" whether or not they meant it. And if they had a gripe, they would've taken it to their superiors, privately. They wouldn't have behaved like a child and not shown up for work and gone incommunicado, letting their "sources" speak for them through the media. I think it speaks volumes that the ABC execs didn't tell Kelly sooner about Michael going to GMA. It's probably because they knew how she would react - with an explosion and a temper tantrum. Which she did, only later, and publicly. And since when does a temper tantrum get rewarded? Ugh! I can do without Live! with Kelly and . Bring on the 3-hour GMA!
  • Out of Shape?

    Exercise Bulimia = Kelly Ripa
  • Good for mike!

    I think good for mike he needs to leave kelly if they aren't getting along. Also.. Kelly has been on the show for what?? 14-15 years and not once has she taken the time to learn the rules of baseball, basketball, football and of course hockey. I have to turn the channel when this woman talks sports and her kids, it's very embarrassing to watch her make a fool of herself because she has no idea what she's talking about as far as sports is concerned. When she talks about her kids well let's just say that no one cares!! And she mentions them every, every episode. I give the show a 5 cause mike holds the show. I hate to say it but no one likes kelly and she's on her way out!

  • Kelly and Michael

    I watch Kelly and Michael every day and if the rumors are true that they don't care for each other then they should part ways. I don't agree with the network not telling Kelly of Michael plans to leave the show or Michael not saying he will join GMA full time. You are professionals and should talk I understand the betrayal Kelly feels and now you are running on emotions. Things happen for a reason and you may not understand now but in time it will be known to you.
  • Extend GMA another hour and dismiss Live with Kelly and Michael

    It is time to put Live with Kelly and Michael to rest!!! This show has been trying to hold on to some grit but just does not have it. Kelly is too obsessed with herself and really does not want to hear what anyone else, whether cohost or guest, has to say unless she can include herself in the story. It is so rude to watch the looks she sends to Michael when he participates in his OWN show. I do not believe Michael could have shared his s upcoming decision with Kelly and received any different reaction!
  • This was unfair and mean to Kelly and my prayers go out to her

    I've never written one of these before but for some reason I feel compelled to write this. I work in HR and the way this was handled with Kelly was horrible. There are times and reasons that things need to be kept from some people in a job, I understand that, but this was not one of them. Kelly has been on the show for a long time and deserved the common courtesy of telling her before the public and giving her time to process what was going on. I don't know Kelly but I would assume that given the time to process she would've been happy for Michael and sent him on his way with her blessing. Kelly takes a lot of heat but I really like the way she seems so be a genuine, caring person who is committed to her family (which is hard to find in Hollywood these days). She has consistently found ways to get women to believe in themselves in little things that she says and does that I think many people don't even notice. I pray there would be more people like her. She has every right to be upset and needs some time to process. The average person goes through something difficult and can take a few days off work and people understand. Let's give her the same respect.
  • a fan

    I really like the kelly n michael show they should put kelly andrews on more shes really fine.
  • Yay for Michael beyond time for Kelly to Exit

    I tried watching Live again this Fall, but can't tolerate how fake Kelly is. She is annoying and conceited. I only watched at times because of Michael, will try again if Kelly leaves. My rating would be 0 based on Kelly.
  • Great News Michael Congrats

    I voted 4.0 Because I have not watched for years Since Kelly does not know how to keep the coffee out of her face while the Show was on I have injoyed the Show more now that Kelly is not there wish they would replace her soon the Fill in's they have are Great Kelly is so fake it is just a Job Kelly put your panties back on and go to work Your not God no one has to inform you of anything other then your Husband and kids Michael best Wishes on the New Real Job your going to be doing Will be watching you Buddy don't worry about Kelly she will grow up one Day it's not a Soap opera
  • Blindsided Kelly

    I love watching " Live with Kelly and Michael"! I think it was so wrong the way Kelly found out about Michael leaving the show!!! Supposedly, Michael was her friend! That was cruel and disrespectful on his part! Kelly made him famous! And he couldn't even tell her! She had to find out when we did??? She is such a great host! I hope she will continue to find the energy to do the show. It would be a great loss for ABC! Maybe Anderson Cooper could take Michael's spot. Other recommendations would be Nick Canon or Will Smith. Erin Andrews taking over for Kelly and trying to be her, doing her moves as she comes out on stage is outrageous!!! Is that the only person they can get as host??? I'm getting a little sick of seeing her on so many shows. Give someone else the job!!! Kelly has so many reasons she should feel betrayed, with good reason. Dedicated viewer. With Kelly I rate the show a 10+. Without her a 3.

    I feel that Disney is making a big mistake. I am not going to change my morning news with Charlie Rose to watch GMA. I have developed a relationship with their news program. I always look forward to watching Kelly and Michael every morning. They are a natural Michael, Gilman and Art are part of my TV family. Kelly has a natural way of bantering with certain people and Anderson Cooper is definitely one of them. I will continue watching Kelly and her new TV mate but will not change news programs. So sorry Michael I do hope great success for you but to tell you the truth I believe people will watch GMA for a while but return to their regular programs. If Kelly leaves than I will no longer watch the show. For me Kelly makes the show!!!! Disney made a very big error and should have left something that was working alone.
  • Things Happen!

    I want to believe there were reasons Michael couldn't say anything. But for Kelly to behave the way she has is not acceptable either. Not a hater of Kelly but really! and wasn't a fan at first of Michael at first but he's got a great personality! Plus it;s been said for what ever reason Kelly and Michael weren't getting along which makes things understandable with the whole thing too. Really sad. Michael has been a breathe of fresh air esp after Regis leaving. Also wonder if Kelly has something to do with Regis leaving too. Kelly has been a favorite since All My Children but seem to be getting too arrogant and kinda annoying. Maybe a complete change over! It isn't all about Kelly! I love GMA and Michael will make it even better. Congrats Michael!
  • Michael - go away now

    I did not start watching this show regularly until this year. It took me a while to warm up to Michael Strahan but I found him natural, sweet and funny. However, how this recent predicament has played out makes me lose respect for him. I do not think he will save GMA - it is a sinking ship. He may regret making this move - maybe he should have gone on to ESPN? Or maybe he is such a good actor that I actually thought that he and Kelly were real friends! He must have known for a while that "things were in the works" with GMA - yet he played and ployed Kelly with questions about her family, her long relationship with Disney and Live!. Now it appears insincere and fabricated. I think that Michael should leave LIVE! ASAP and let Kelly and her show move on.
  • Know your facts.

    They are coming down for Kelly for not being supportive nd its unfair. Her comments are finding out t the last minutes. Not getting consulted from DISNEY. She was the one who held out for Michael so she Is directly involved in his . success and the fact he is GREAT GUY. She probably has mixed emotions she likes Michael and sure will set the record straight with good wishes.
  • Leave Kelly alone. She is great!

    I have never left a review for anything, but I felt I was obligated after reading all of the terrible things so many of you are saying.

    First of all, the reason Live has such good ratings is because the majority of people love the show. We love Kelly, Michael, the interviews, the banter, the producers, the atmosphere, everything. So just know that all of you Negative Nancy's are the cranky minority.

    Secondly, just because a person is bubbly and outgoing doesn't mean they're annoying. She is a successful talk show host because of her fun personality. How many succeasful talk shows are hosted by boring introverts? And there is nothing wrong with being introverted, I am an introvert myself. But I'm also not a talk show host.

    She and Michael have great chemistry and both do an amazing job every time. Sure, Kelly talks over him sometimes. Big deal. That happens in everyday life all the time. People talk over each other. It has never been to the point of being annoying. Just a personality thing.

    As far as it not being "live" all the time ... It is ridiculous that you are all complaining about this. No talk show is live every day of the year. The cast and crew take vacations just like you and me. Sorry they can't spend every waking moment entertaining you, but they have families and events and need breaks every now and then. So stop acting like you're entitled to have two people entertaining you every morning of the year at 9am on the dot.

    Lastly, and this is what got me so angry I needed to write this post, criticizing Kelly based on appearance or fitness is so low and incredibly sad. First of all, she's beautiful. If she wasn't, she wouldn't have married such a gorgeous man. Second of all, being skinny or muscular doesn't make you anorexic or unattractive. Some people are naturally petite, and when they work out they get even more toned. No matter what your body type is, when you are treating your body well and being healthy, it is always beautiful. Some women look and feel their best at a size 2 ... Some at a size 24. No matter what, you can't criticize someone for being healthy. Plus, anyone who is truly happy with themselves knows this ... You only put down others for their appearance when you are self-conscious and miserable in your own skin. Making comments about other women's bodies means you have some underlying confidence issues and have some major introspection to do.

    No matter what you think of the show, don't criticize a woman's body. That is unnecessary and inexcusable. I find it very sad that as a 22-year-old, I'm acting more mature and self-aware than some of the other older viewers out there.

    Kelly, I love you. Micheal, I love you too. I had no idea you were under scrutiny like this so ignore all the haters. The vast majority of America thinks you both are great and look forward to your show. #leaveKellyalone
  • WHAT I THINK ABOUT KELLY & Michael Live!!!

    I really don't understand how there rating were good enough to come in 2nd to dr. Phil... Well I'll tell u why that's true.. Because they are the only 2 stupid azz shows on at 9am ! How ANYONE can watch & especially listen to Kelly's dumbass comments... She thinks she's funny and u can see she has to always get the last word in & always tries to one up or cut off Michael when he making a statement?! This girl kelly is one shot out individual..... She think she's superior to all unless you have more cash than her! When Robert Downey Jr. Came on & that's only because he was on the Today show....

    You can see the expressions on his face that he hated every second when Ripa tried to speak!!!....

    I'm boondoggled that this show climbed in the ratings!!

    All I can say is Ripa is so unfunny...... If u watch this dumb azz Michael the look Ripa give when she sips her coffee mug with two hands as she looks over the top of mug & checks out the audience to see if there going to laugh at her non Whitty remark or she will sip and look over the mug when she tries to make Mike look like an idiot !! This girl is so ***ed!
  • Kelly Makes Me Nauseous

    I can't watch this show anymore because of Kelly Rippa. She thinks who she is and she's so obnoxious!!! I also find her to be very rude to Gelman. Time for you to go Kelly!!!
  • Enough of the "Aren't I Cute" poses for the camera!

    I like Kelly but the cutesy posses for the camera and dancing in her chair are getting old. She is a little to impressed with herself.
  • Kelly is neither rude or lame

    I was not going to write a review until I read the horrible things people were saying about kelly. She is a human being like the rest of us. She doesn't present herself better than or as a celebrity. She is genuine. Why is everyone telling her she must be held to a higher standard. We are so cruel to females in this country and forgiven of . it's sad. I read Michael carries the love Michael too don't get me wrong but not more or less than kelly. It's a talk show but bless Michael he stammers every time he ask a question to a guest???? Please tell me how he is better than kelly. He clearly feeds off Kelly which is fine she is the veteran. Kelly fed off Regis when he was a veteran. It's a good show and was with Kathy Lee and regis. Please be kind. Also I dont like taped showa either but damn they deserve days off not that many over the everyone deserves Vaca and they do little in comparison.
  • Lost a Fan

    I used to be a die-hard fan but I'm done. I'm so tired of this "Live" showing being pre-recorded most of the time. Is an hour a day too much for these overpaid celebrities to work?

    Ex-"Live with Kelly and Michael" Fan
  • Kelly please stop!!

    You know what really bothers me is for a week now kelly ripa has been talking about what she is going to do with her powerball winnings and no mention of donating it to a charity, like trying to find a cure for cancer, especially for children, she is already a millionaire, she is a selfish women, I will be nice, someone please tell Kelly Ripa to quit flirting with all the male guests, and not try and dance!! I used to love this show but between Kelly talking about herself and playing with her hair and nails, I quit watching this show, and a lot of other people have is making herself out to be something she is not!! How did this show win a emmy??
  • Kelly is lame

    10 cause of Micheal. I love Him
  • norman

    The show is so GREAT when Kelly's NOT THERE!! She has ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONALITY, SHE CAN'T SING (but she does it anyways!), she CAN'T DANCE (but she does it anyways!) and whoever told her that she is good looking and sexy should be slapped!!! Michael is carrying the show. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even bother to watch it. She is so into herself and talks over everyone to make herself the center of attention. Sickening.
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