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  • too many pre-recordings, puhleeze!

    I try to catch one of my fav shows each morning and have become a bit distressed lately when they start out with a new show only to switch to old segments for the rest of the airing. How does this happen???!!?? Most programs that go on hiatus air total prior shows which is to be expected. This one throws you a bone with a new beginning segment only to end up with tapings of old stuff. I now switch channels after the new part of the show ends. So sad they try to trick the viewer into watching the entire show. PS - what does the "live" audience do after the lst 15 minutes? Do they just sit around watching a filmed program??? So glad I didn't get tickets to the show during these tapings. :-(
  • Kelly, take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth!

    I watch and listen to the first half your show almost every morning and have done so for years. I have been turning it off lately because I am sick of how Kelly interrupts everyone and hogs the show. Like this morning. When Anderson Cooper was asked a question, he starts to answer and Kelly takes over with one of her stories. I for one would like to hear Michael, the guest hosts and other guests talk for a change. Not just Kelly. She has gotten so arrogant, as of late. Can someone tell her to shut her mouth, that it's not all about her.

    Michael! Do you have the hibby-jibby around mad and hilarious Kelly?

    On your first day on set with Kelly, you kept eating the bugu from your nose, as you continue to do infrequently, like that kid in 1st Grade. Kelly is giving you that look silently, but you don't get the clue, while you go on to kiss and handshake the guests.

    Get a grip of yourself man! It won't be too long before Kelly steps on your feet with her sharp heels.
  • Pretaped Programs for Vacation programming.

    No mention of Robin Williams was made because of repeat programming and those episodes shown last Monday and Tuesday were previously recorded. They have the beginning segment which has been pre-recorded as well with the already previously aired interviews. Confusing yes. That's their way of "tricking" viewers into watching already aired programming. :P
  • Potential Florida watcher

    Someone needs to do something with kellys hair. Every 30 seconds shes has to push it out of her eyes or behind her ears. Drives me crazy cant watch because of this.
  • Robin Williams passing

    No mention on the show they could not even find the time to post on their facebook page UNSAT
  • do you believe?

  • Whassup with Kelly?

    Have caught a few shows the past few weeks and enjoy Kelly's substitutes better than her! Michael brings the life to the show and Kelly smiles. I noticed it with Regis too, but as a middle age woman, it is time that she does more than just smile.
  • Better without Kelly!!!

    LOVE Michael!!! Such a great/better show without Kelly!
  • RIP Robin Williams

    I can't believe that a LIVE show makes no mention of the passing of this genius comic! Inexcusable!!
  • Please keep it up...

    I`m a 55 year old single gay male living in Ct. Soon to be working in watch Kelly and Michael every single Michael was the host, but a guest, i knew he and kelly were a match, i would lol every this Whitney Cummings is the BEST co-host ever. I would love to see her and the queen of quick wit Kelly Rippa, my girl you guys so much, you make me start my day with send me two tickets to the show lol xo joey

    Joey Hatrick

    754 214 4404
  • Canada LOVES LIVE!

  • Kelly is in love with herself

    I love Michael Strahan, he is authentic, genuine and entertaining. Kelly is constantly staring at herself in the monitor in front of her, she can't keep her eyes off of herself. You don't see Michael checking himself out! She plays with her hair because she see's it in the monitor. Very unprofessional!! I watched it the week that she was on vacation and it was great but I rarely watch it anymore unless someone really good is a guest. She pouts when someone talks more to Michael than her and she constantly interrupts him and the guests. And the saying 'uh' and stuttering is so annoying too! Can't believe she makes $20 mil a year and he only makes $5 mil a year! Michael is the one that makes the show watchable!! You can write and complain about Kelly to , go to the inbox selection.. She's gotta go!! :(
  • Kelly & Michael producers have no class.

    Bringing up old vidios, ones that have no merit or class or entertainment value isoorrpduction . CSB should apologize to Vin Desel.

    Just because he is a rising star does not make him "fair game" to thoes that think poor taste makes for good TV.

    Other than thay, your program has been satisfactory.


    Paul R. Thompson


    I never miss a show! I would have a melt down if I couldn't watch everyday.

    Thank you for supporting our fellow teachers. We really do love ALL of the kids.

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    It is impossible to separate the persona from the private individual, most times. Kelly's problem is letting us know about all the places, things, outfits, shoes, botox, everything, over and over again. Awfully pretentious, all the time. Michael is just aggressive. He thinks he is literally tackling the audience and needs to calm down because he is not very gifted with the gab and most times mispronounces, vilifies and botches everything he says.
  • 3rd boobie ?

    Ive loved this show always and for ever however today i cant seem to look at any thing but her shirt today it looks like she has a 3rd friend today Assuming its her mic box ??????
  • Not As Friendly in Person.

    I was shopping in an upscale deli in the Hamptons, NY where I live and Kelly and Michael's children literally ran into my cart in the store. I laughed it off and made sure they were ok. Kelly Ripa looked at what happened and brushed past me like I was not in her view. She scolded her kids to calm down and had a scowl on her face. I just said "I like your show". She ignored my comment and walked away.

    Michael Consuelos, her husband, was right behind her and was very calm and gracious and apologized for the kids running into me. I smiled and said "No problem, they are adorable". He smiled and said "Thank you, Have a great day:".

    I don't watch the show because I am working when it is on. When I watched it in the past, she always seemed to have this phony smile plastered on her face and had no real sense of comedy or talent to be a talk show host. I don't know how she got that job. She got lucky. I have no desire to watch Kelly fake her interest in her guests with her affectations. Her oohing and ahhing and phony wide eyed surprise facial expressions turn me off. Her almost constant obsession of looking into the monitor to check herself out is obnoxious. I am surprised the producers don't point this out to her.

    I think Michael Strahan is sweet and much better at being a host but I bet he stays a little longer then bails for a co-anchor gig at GMA.
  • Kelly is disgusting

    Why is this nitwit still on the air. She brings nothing to the show except her stupidity. She is crude and I think all the botox is going to her brain. Who ever told her she can dance? the idiot had only had padding on one side of her breast and the other side was flat and she was so full of herself looking into the monitor she didn't even notice.

  • Awesome

    The show is Awesome
  • worse hosts ever!

    Who is watching this annoying pair?
  • Phony and Selfish! Kelly Ripa

    How do you talk about your 13 year olds fingernail decision seems like the whole show. To long. How do you not reference two of the biggest Sports series that ended over the weekend. And you're such a Hater because New York lost 4games to1 and you don't mention it. Which in turn gave the Spurs a bad break. Because how can you talk about 1 and not the other. You have a Hall of Famer Co-Host who has to go along wiht your no class Rules. I feel a California Ban coming on . You really need to do least 1 person wont be watching and I watched everyday. Unfortunately I'm going to have to turn and see what your competion is doing.. You need a Class on how to not be so Selfish it's about your audience and not you. Michael I know you don't have no control or we would have at least heard a Congratulations to the 2 New World Champions of the NHL and NBA.
  • Yikes!

    When did Henry Winkler become a doctor?!?!?!?
  • Happy in Texas

    I enjoy the show so much I watch every day! I love to start it out with Kelly and Mike. Thank you for making me laugh every morning, Judy
  • Wonderful Chemistry!!

    Each morning I look forward to working out during this great hour of TV. I laugh and smile and keep energized through the chemistry between these two. Hoping to see the show in October when I come back to Jersey for my 40th high school reunion. Have a blessed day you two!!!

  • Like your Show!!!

    Like your Show. Tell Obama he needs to cut out the Obamacare. Such lies!!!
  • black is beutiful

    New york sucks

    Your SOUL is happy on the other side. I DIED during a massive heart attack for 4 minutes and the Dr. brought me back, with the help of "GOD" . It is so beautiful in Heaven. Heaven is for real!!!

  • Worlds Best Red Velvet Cake and Cupcakes

    In our beautiful town of Sheridan Wyoming is a bakery run by Wayne Gable and his daughter , Andrea. The name of the bakery is The Red Velvet. Andrea makes the absolute best Red Velvet Cake and Cupcakes that you will ever taste. Come on out to our great town and give it a taste. I promise you be hard pressed to find any better. Put your money where your mouth is and get out here.
  • NormW

    I have to re-post a previous comment because it echo's my exact feelings. The show is so GREAT when Kelly's NOT THERE!! She has ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONALITY, SHE CAN'T SING (but she does it anyways!), she CAN'T DANCE (but she does it anyways!) and whoever told her that she is good looking and sexy should be slapped!!! Take off her make-up and change her clothes and she could easily pass for a guy!! Michael is carrying the show. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even bother to watch it!! This week without her there has been FANTASTIC!!!! SHE NEEDS A PERMANENT VACATION!!!!
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