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  • We missed kelly, please come back...

    Well , ilike the show very much . The lady with Ryan show has very agly laugh. So please stop laughing icant keep watch the show even Ryan cover the show because youre laughing is

    irealy enjoy the show so Kelly please back to the show. I Missed you...
  • What's wrong with people?

    I just read some of the reviews written that puts Kelly down. Omgosh people! What's wrong with you! One of the only shows left to watch that has no bad language, violence or sex, and you want to complain? I never watch talk shows, but I'm hooked on Kelly and Ryan after just watching a few times. Now, I hate to miss it. The personalities with Kelly and Ryan together are in sync which keeps them interesting and funny. Kelly I love you! Ryan, I love you too! Don't worry about the bad reviews that shows on your sight, those people just don't know what's good. Great as a matter of fact.

    Btw, how can I sign up for travel trivia? Can't figure it out by just looking at your website. I haven't been on a vacation in a decade, I'm sure. And never one as glamorous as you give away.

    I love you Gelman!!!
  • Boring!

    I quit watching this show when Michael left and they hired that Ryan guy. So sick of him on . with the kardashian trash. I also use to watch American Idol but stopped because of Ryan Seacrest.
  • So Rude

    I was appalled how Kelly treated the phone contestant today! She continually said hurry up Madonna is one! This woman lives in Washington and it was only 6:00 am. This was important to the caller to win a trip. Kelly didn't seem to care! Kelly needs to grow up! She cannot dance like Madonna and should not try to imitate her. I cannot watch this program! Ryan tries to control situations but it seems difficult at times.
  • Kelly is a horrible egomaniac

    This woman is horrid to watch! Please get rid of her! She interrupts every cohost she has. She emasculates them if their men, and then treats them like they're her little children that are her trival minions that don't matter. She's gross inside and out, her bones are popping out, she rolls her eyes constantly, and talks about herself and her family incessantly. Her jokes are not funny. She comes off as rich ego driven blabbermouth. She condescending to her guests, and acts aloof most times. I just don't understand why anyone would watch this show longer than the ten minutes it takes to catch their favorite star. Please find a new female cohost for Ryan. He's been stumbling on his words and seems think she stresses him out when he's with her, because I've seen him on other shows and he never acted like he does now. Every co host is too nice to put her in her place, Micheal was smart.
  • Kelly needs to leave the show

    I have recently retired and have attempted to watch this show, but I cannot make it through 5 minutes Kelly behaves so silly and seems to be so impressed with herself, very fake and shallow, she is not funny whatsoever, she continues to interrupt Ryan and she looks extremely undernourished. I see now why Michael left this show. I wished the network would find someone else, she really needs to go, her time is up.
  • Out of Shape?

    Compulsive exercising + Compulsive Controlled Restricted Caloriie Intake + Addicted to the method adopted = ________________________________________________________________?
  • Kelly Loves Kelly Too Much

    Ryan Seacrest is such a calm, funny, sincere guy. Kelly seems like she always drank an entire pot of coffee followed by a few sugar free Red Bulls.

    She is always interrupting Ryan.

    Even when he's talking, you can see how hard she's trying to not cut him off. You can see her taking deep breaths waiting for him to finish talking so that she can jump in.

    She is so narcissistic. She takes every topic and somehow makes it about her.

    Also, sick of her talking about Soul Cycle and drinking wine.

    This show is God awful now. Ryan is too cool for this show.
  • my opinion/questions to ponder

    Now that it's a new season and the show was on for 1 episode, who will be on vacation next week?

    Why does kelly keep cutting ryan off when he is speaking? Why does kelly suck in her cheekbones before and after sipping a drink?

    why does the show not broadcast live on fridays. Do they think we are too stupid to notice that it's not really today's date they are announcing? We can't figure out that normally it's" "today's temperature" Instead it's reading articles and no real chit chat and on to the guests. Why don't they just make up a generic scenario about their previous night and share the current temperature based on the forecast if they want us to believe it's really today's date when it is not.

    Give us some credit people. We KNOW it's NOT LIVE on FRIDAY!!! That would mean 5 days of work. Oh no... we can't work 5 days and get paid for 5 we need to work 4 days and get paid for 5. We want more money and less work.

    Why is kelly proud to say she looks like a boy and doesn't shave? And... why does kelly wear her hair only straight with a rare ponytail. Especially in the hot weather and to keep cool for someone who brags about working out all day, would there be no alternative hair styles? braids? other updos?

  • Sam Heughan guest interview

    Aside from Sam Heughan being professional, this was an absolutely ridiculous waste of his time with such childish and classless crap of Love Letters and kilt banter. Who writes this stuff? This is a gifted actor who works hard, 4th year in this series, how about asking him ABOUT THE UPCOMING SEASON?? Grow up Kelly and Ryan !! Who wants to be treated like that?

    Please be more considerate when Caitriona is on. I quit watching this show years ago and only tuned in because I am an Outlander fan.

    Treat professionals as such. You owe Sam an apology.

  • Constant References to Alcohol

    I cannot understand why Kelly constantly refers to her drinking, to how much she drinks, how much she likes it, etc. It's a little disturbing, because I believe she influences many people, and I feel sure with her healthy lifestyle, drinking couldn't really be a part of it. She glorifies alcohol, which seems to be inappropriate. I watch the show and for the most part enjoy it, but am always taken aback by those comments.
  • Maybe Ryan isn't the problem

    This show used to be the best on morning television. Kelly has ruined it! She is too much into herself. She spends all of her time looking at herself, playing with her hair, trying to make dumb faces(like the sucking in cheekbones), and saying "ya,ya, ya", while cutting someone off, so that she can talk about herself. I actually like watching it when she's not there! And, get rid of the name ruined that, too! She's hardly ever live on vacation.
  • At first I thought the problem was Ryan

    Actually Ryan is quite likeable and amusing with other co hosts. The problem is Kelly. Since shes been on vacation for 2 months it must be exhausting with 4 day work weeks 6 months vacation time and 22 millon a year. In her absence surprisingly i have enjoyed Ryan he has a dry wit and is likeable. Kellys days may be numbrted. Ryan is more successful and his production co RSP just signed a huge contract with ABC. With sinking ratings why Kelly go on a 2 month vacation shortly after a 3 week one if she cared so much about her show ehich is actually Regis'.
  • Kelly

    Kelly needs to go! She is so full of herself and thinks she's so funny but comes across fake. Used to like her with Regis - she was much more real and humble; now she's full of herself and cuts off Ryan. I only tune in periodically due to Kelly and she's worse and worse every time I watch. Not a fan.
  • Holding Hands

    Why does Kelly always walk out on stage holing hands with her co-hosts ?? are they a couple ? are they 5 years old ?? .Very awkward & strange . Tuned in today . Still boring . Kelly, not humble at all and still trying to be funny . "it's all about me " This air space could be filled with something informative ,enlightening or funny . Why is this still on .
  • Out with Lips

    After seeing Lisa Rinna co host I will not be watching your show is crude keep putting SHE is crude and YOU are not copying what I write???
  • KELLY & RYAN / agreed not working

    I personally liked Richard Curtis and Fred Savage, both upbeat and engaging. I like Jerry O Connell too, just not with Kelly. ANY of these with Busy Phillips, she brings a smile ton my face. Kelly seems burnt out and out of touch. I hardly watch, but did this past week when I clicked on and became obsessed with Jenna Dean Tatum lace dress. She's another who was engaging and fun. I wonder what the future will bring.
  • LIVE with Kelly and Ryan

    I was for Jerry O co nnell earned the right to sit in that chair smiling, workedfor Ryan like he didn't campaign for the job at all
  • Good to see a fresh face

    I don't watch this show because Kelly Rippa is a self absorbed phoney. But now that she is on vacation or whatever I can watch it with this new girl on there who is very sweet.
  • Just not working

    I've watched this show for years. Didn't. Are for Regis much but liked Kelly and Michael. I feel sorry for Ryan. Kelly is overbearing and he comes off as kinda slow. I am beginning to think they don't get along or something since there not there together much.

    I think it's time to move on with another show entirely

  • Just boring

    Who watches this show anymore. Boring. Nothing fun or interesting. Nothing new. Rich hosts playing up to boring stars. The format is old. Time for a change. Kelly just phoning it in and Ryan just too cool for school. Where is the entertainment value. Show has run its course. Just no ideas from higher ups to put on something new or creative. B o r i n g.............
  • Hello Today Show!

    This show is too far gone to save unless ABC would finally replace Kelly. The show hasn't been good since Regis left. The other reviews are correct on Kelly, she's just not likeable nor does she have the talent to be a main host of a national talk show. She was good as a Regis sidekick but that's it.

    Also, they need to change the name from LIVE to something else as it has been anything but. She has more time off than a school teacher. I don't think she has worked a Friday in all of 2017!! The prerecorded shows are awful. No spontaneous host chat, bad editing, etc.

    I watched this show for years & have been disappointed since Regis left. Ryan is a nice addition but the show still lacks. I have been slowly going away from the show & have finally made the cut. I just watch the beginning to see if it's actually live then flip to the Today Show.

  • PLEASE! consider replacing Kelly!!!!!

    I love this show, but I can NOT tolerate Kelly!!!! She is so full of herself and is ridiculously obnoxious! She is trying too hard to be funny! Her time has sadly coming to an end!!! Will not watch until SHE IS GONE!!!!
  • Show is Done !

    The only good thing is, at least now Kelly's Hair looks like she ran a brush thru it (must of been Ryans request) ... but after that, it's DownHill ! ... She is more Obnoxius and Showboating than ever, stutters with her words more than ever, looks at the camera more than ever, ... she sits almost on Top of Seacrest, rubs all over him, wears the stupid Fake Diva Glasses, ... Show won't last 6 months before Seacrest leaves !
  • Clash of the egos! Should have picked Jerry O'Connell!

    I like both Kelly and Ryan but there is no chemistry is not a good show anymore.. they are not funny or interesting together.. Everything just goes flat.. So sorry not a good match..

    I thought the best guest host was Jerry O'Connell! He has a great personality and was a natural.. The show has run it's course.. really!
  • The Ego of These Two Will Likely Clash

    Has anyone ever noticed the side looks Kelly has while talking to a co-host or interviewing a guest? It's so obvious she's admiring herself on a monitor. What an ego. Use to like her with Regis but for me ABC line up with this show and The View is off my viewing schedule. ABC is parenting an elitist group so full of themselves; I can't watch this network anymore. That includes DWTS and the Bachelor which I've watched since it started.

    Ryan Seacrest? Too obnoxious.
  • I like Ryan on the show

    I was really surprised by Ryan as the new host. I think he is a great choice. They seem very good together. I am so sorry to hear all of the negative comments. I like the show . Don't get to watch everyday , but enjoy it when I am home to watch. I must say Kelly's fake eyelashes are driving me crazy today. They look like they only put on half of them. Whats up?
  • Live with Ryan Seacrest

    not even Ryan Seacrest can make Kelly likeable keep him dump her I haven't watched since Michael left tried with Ryan but still can`t watch Kelly ..
  • it's only my opinion

    I must add my opinion: \

    what was wrong with ben affleck on oct. 6 interview. voice seemed very shaky, as if he were nervous.

    Why does the show INSIST on Being LIVE on New Year's DAY and CHRISTMAS day when we all know darn well that it is not. A Live show they say "how was your night last night". On Christmas and new year's day that question was not asked. Why can't the show just play re-runs? DO they think we really believe the show is live on xmas and new year's when nobody says how was your night etc? When did Kelly become so unlikable and self centred? She was fun when regis was on the show and now she seems not likeable etc. Is it me or does kelly seem jealous when a guy co-host talks to the female guests and ignores her,was the show watchable when kelly was on vacation? all we hear is her brag about her family, her expensive vacations, her nights out at celebrity events and all episodes she has to talk about sex. WHO CARES????? Why not just cut the brag fest, and fill that void talking about more pre-cut out articles laid out on the table for you instead of what comes out as bragging about your celebrity hob nobbing and letting the audience know you're super rich by taking weekend jaunts to Italy and paris. And why do they only go see plays and watch tv shows that their "good friends" are in? They seem to be good friends with every celebrity out there.

    and what is up with kelly unable to speak or read?

    Every time she speaks it is "eWell we uh.. went to this restaurant and and they were uh they were uh serving this food and and this waiter he etc. so annoying, get the words out already sheesh!!!!! perhaps as one who is on tv could you find time to get some speech therapy lessons on your 23hrs a day break from work.

    And is it me or is it always "WE have a HUGE show today" every day it's "we have a huge show for you today" when is it not a huge show. What is so huge about a normal show? And honestly what substance is there to the show: "Hello how was your weekend co-host of the day? we went to the Hamptons and we uh had uh dinner with the the president and other super important people you the audience will never meet. - let's now pick up the news paper and read articles to the audience to fill the rest of the 15min. Time for trivia.... sorry lady.. we have a really big show for you 1st cast off of survivor is here, a chef is here and I will show you all how I almost barf on tv... so stay tuned!!!" and stay tuned live has a super huge announcement... we are filming all next week in super warm and sunny barbados. I know all you audience members and tv viewers are sitting in -30 celsius right now.. aren't you jealous? well you will be even more when our hosts brag about how sunny and warm it is where they are and how they are getting mints on their pillows at their $400/night hotel rooms paid for by the network.

    And why can't she say thank you when she get a compliment from a viewer. And when someone compliments her she pretends she doesn't agree. just say thank you. is it that hard?

    And I agree, stop pushing up your sleeves or start wearing sleevles tops. Why do you always pick at your clothing/nails etc. while your co-host is speaking? not enough time to get ready BACK stage and not ON stage? She is the only host on air that picks at herself and puffs up her hair (especially 1st on air day when hair dyed pink). Why do you have to compete with everyonel? a guest does push ups so instead of watching you have to prove to the world you can do them too? We know you're slim. Why do you need to compete? whole blue hair/pink hair RIDICULOUS!!!! mid life crisis? And please stop picking on michael gelman!!!!
  • Jerry O'Corny

    Can't stand Jerry is not funny at a huge Kelly fan but don't watch when he's on
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