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Season 19 Episode 55

November 20, 2006

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Nov 20, 2006 on ABC
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November 20, 2006
"Deja Vu" actor Val Kilmer is here and "The Librarian: Return to King Soloman's Mines" star Noah Wyle. Kelly makes pumpkin cheesecake and cherry pie.

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  • Two wrongs don't make a right.

    It was so unfortunate that Kelly let Howard Stern sucker her into such an unprofessional response. Yes, what Clay did wasn't right, but Kelly handled it professionally and Clay apologized. We all make mistakes and need to be forgiven and to forgive. I am so disappointed that Kelly wasn't gracious enough to accept his apology. Certainly Clay isn't as "cool" as Howard Stern, but that hardly justifies Kelly's faux pas. The show on Friday was fun and both host and co-host seemed to respect each other. It was entertaining to watch their witty and "real" interaction. We all say and do things that are regretable. It's a shame that Kelly apparently thinks she is perfect!!moreless
  • Kelly makes a fool of herself and shows lack of class.

    Too bad I didn't get to watch Val and Noah. I was way too disgusted with Kelly's diva rant about Clay. The episode with Clay hosting was great. It was funny and very entertaining. Kelly appeared to having a great time. If she had a problem with something he did, she should have behaved like an adult and spoken with him about it face-to-face. Instead she chose to attack him in front of a national audience without giving him the chance to defend himself. Shame on her. I have always enjoyed Kelly, but I'm thoroughly disgusted with her now. Her behavior was beyond horrible. I think she was put up to it by her friend Howard Stern.moreless
  • Kelly, thank you!

    Kelly thank you for standing up for yourself and the value of respect for and all women! You\\\'re a beautiful, smart, funny, woman in the entertainment industry and I commend you for your strength to call the disrespectful act. I support you 200%! ...and look forward to many more good times to come!

    Clay: He was disrepectful, immature, unprofessional, and should take behavioral classes before he goes into public again. Kelly should file an assault suite against him for putting his hands on her. He should formally apologize for what he did and not be permitted to be on stage with others until then.moreless
  • Shame on Kelly, too big for her britches now AND mentioning her call from Howard Stern, the most obnoxious man and foul mouthed celebrity ever. Clay should apologize to you? I think YOU should be the one apologizing to Clay.moreless

    Shame on Kelly Ripa for not being professional enough to overlook Clays mistake during the interview. Clay had no chance to speak. Kelly, a professional? WHY show it bothered? Too painful to watch but Thank God for Regis. Regis doesnt slam Co-hosts. Very disappointed w/Kelly. Come down off pedestal, dont wait to talk about your co-host afterwards. Learn from Regis/let things role off your sleeve for the sake of your viewers. Calling

    Rosie big mistake. Less is more, people make mistakes & dont be so quick to smack someone down that has already had a tough time in the industry.moreless
  • Until this show I was a big fan of Regis and Kelly. I tuned in this show. As I always like to see what guest should appear. Well imagine my shock when I heard Kelly go off on a very very ignorant rude and most disrespectful rant on Mr. Aiken.moreless

    Until this show I was a big fan of Regis and Kelly. I tuned in this show as I always do to see what interesting guests were on. This being said I did watch the show on Friday with Mr. Aiken co hosting and enjoyed it very much. I cannot describe the shock and sickening feeling that I felt when I heard the cruel comments coming from Kelly. I felt terrible for the listening audience. When Kelly first mentioned Mr. Aikens name there was nothing but cheers. Once Kelly started her tasteless comments the audience was left dumb founded. I was so upset that I had to turn the channel. I have not been able to watch since. Not only was that inconciderate to Mr Aiken but also to the viewing audience and the guests that were to appear that day. Sorry Kelly but you owe a lot of people an apology. I will be back when Regis gets a new cohost.moreless

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