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AIRED ON 7/27/2008

Season 1 : Episode 9

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Follow Dina Lohan as she juggles her family life with business as she attempts to launch daughter Ali's career in the entertainment industry.
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  • Better than I thought. My guilty pleasure.

    Honestly, nobody knows I watch this. I'm embarassed to say I kind of like this show. I've watched all the episodes, and I'm hooked. Either Dina is a real washing-the-dishes kind of mom, or she d*mn good at scripting it. (Ever notice she's always emptying the dishwasher?) I like the show. I'm not sure Reality Telvision can ever be REAL, but I do think this show is as real as it gets. I also think the kids really do pull together, and that's something that you can't fake. Although I do think Dina playing with her hair all the time is a sign she hasn't forgotten they are on camera. (Gotta look your best!)moreless
  • OK, maybe they do know that I watch this, but let's keep it quiet for the people who don't know I watch this ;)

    Living Lohan is actually a pretty good show. Even though Lindsay is a total train wreck, the show is pretty nice. Yeah, sure Ali might not seem like the average "American Teen" but whatever! She makes me laugh.

    I've heard this saying a lot: don't judge a book by it's cover. I did that before I actually saw this show, which I regret. You can't judge the Lohans just because Lindsay is a total screw up. Besides the fact that they are a famous family, they actually are pretty normal.

    So if you think you're actually going to read the book instead of judging it by it's cover, go ahead and try watching the show. No big deal if you don't like it. At least you gave it a try. That's really all that matters.moreless
  • Actually pretty good.

    This show follows the lives of the Lohan family. It follows Ali Lohan pursuing a career in music and her mother slash managaer Dina. the show is way under rated because people don't like Lindsay. Ali's little brother is def. the highlight of the whole show. The nana is also a highlight. It shows that they are a normal family, just trying to live through the press and the haters. It's def. a show worth watching if you are a fan of any of the Lohan's, even the father LOL. If you don't follow the Lohan's then just watch for the Nana and Cody (the brother).moreless
  • I like it. :)

    Living Lohan is based in Long Island, NY in the Lohan household. It features Lindsay Lohan's family minus Linds. I found this show to be great. It really does show that alot of the stuff you hear about celebs is fake and trash. Like in the first episode when they found read a terrible rumor about Lindsay and of course it turned out not to be true. I really enjoy watching this show. It's interesting to see how celebs really live. I do think alot of the show has to do with boosting Ali's singing career though. But besides that I thinks its an awesome show. :)moreless
  • WTF!!!

    This show totally sucks....... Watch it and see for yourself if you have any doubt in my review. The only reason I even watched it was because it came on after Denise Richards show and it is the most noninteresting and irritating reality show that I have ever seen. If your going to watch a reality show watch Denise Richards because she is awesome. Not only is it obvious that Lyndsay Lohan's mother is dying to be famous, she is starving for attention and seems to care nothing for the children. The show is just a coverup for people to think she is into Ali music career. The grandmother seems to be the only normal one.moreless
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