Living Single

Season 1 Episode 25

A Tale of Two Tattles

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM May 01, 1994 on FOX



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    • Max: Regine, you little maggot. I can't believe you put our business out on the street like that.
      Synclaire: You told him about my feet.
      Khadijah: And my panties. And I will have you to know that since I have been dating Alonzo, I have been wearing my special occassion underwear. From the back of the drawer.

    • Khadijah: I think we all need to make an effort not to gossip.
      Regine: Hold up. That's very vague. What you mean by gossip?
      Khadijah: Whatever comes out of your mouth.

    • Khadijah: We know way too much about these people.
      Max: That's 'cause Radio Free Regine is on the mic 24/7.

    • Regine: When you think about it, it's pretty funny.
      Khadijah: Go to hell! There's nothing funny about a big-mouth roommate.
      Synclaire: Ditto. Except for the "hell" part.

    • Max (When Kyle is at door and has called Khadijah on his cell phone): Hey, you can hang up on him and slam the door in his face at the same time.

    • Kyle: I know it weighs only 5.9 ounces.
      (Phone rings. Khadijah picks up receiver and staggers)
      Khadijah: Oh no! I gotta pick up this heavy phone again. Synclaire, spot me.

    • Synclaire: Wanna see Khadijah in an Afro?
      Max: That's no big deal. Afros are back.
      Synclaire: Not this Afro.
      Max: Khadijah! You've got enough hair here for Earth, Wind and Fire.

    • Tony: I thought you only had two roommates.
      Regine: Uh-huh. And a pet pig.

    • Synclaire: Obie, would you ever date more than one woman?
      Overton: Only if there was more than one of you. And even then, hell, I'd be partial to the first one.

    • Tony: You can tell it's spring, 'cause that's when all the beautiful women come out. (Woman stands and dances) Not you, girl. You've been out since winter. Sit down.

    • Tony (to Kyle): I guess if they did "Coming to America, Part Two" you'd already be in wardrobe, huh?

    • Khadijah: I'll have you know that since I've been dating Alonzo I've been wearing my special occasion underwear from the back of the drawer.
      Overton: Ladies, ladies, please. They're called unmentionables for a reason.

    • Regine: I was walking down the street minding my own business when my ears were assaulted by this conversation.
      Max: Well, ours don't have to be. We agreed not to do this.
      Regine: It's about Kyle!
      Max: Okay, maybe we should consider that...

    • Overton: Man, she saw through me like a chiffon prom dress in the rain.
      Synclaire: It was taffeta. Taffeta!

    • Synclaire (to Regine): How would you feel if your comedian friend did a little routine about you. "Hey folks. How you doing? I have this friend, Regine. She's so vain, she probably thinks this joke is about her. Don't you? Don't you?"
      Hutch: Carly Simon, ladies and gentlemen. So glad you could join us. Now sit your ass down.
      Overton: Don't make me roll up on stage, Mr. Comedy Man.

    • Regine: I do not gossip, all right? I merely commiserate on the human condition.

    • Max: Isn't April the one who's really a man?
      Overton: Nah. April's the one whose thighs play 'Shoop' when she walks.

    • Tony: I got bumped from Arsenio three times. They keep booking me with Richard Simmons. And once he skips into the audience doing that little deal-a-meal dance, it's all over. "You can lose weight too."

    • Synclaire: You know, instead of all these talk shows, they should just have a quiet show, where you could sit and watch people thinking about something.

  • Notes

    • When the emcee at the club introduces Tony, he says that he was in "Strictly Business 3." This is a non-existent sequel to the 1991 movie in which Kim Coles made her feature film debut.

    • Story editor Warren Hutcherson, who wrote the episode, makes an appearance as the emcee at the comedy club.

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