Living Single

Season 2 Episode 22

Another Saturday Night

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 30, 1995 on FOX



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  • Quotes

    • Maxine (to Regine, after eating her cheese, grapes and crackers): Get a life and fresh crackers.

    • Synclaire: All right, Khadijah! You got all the stripy ones in. Way to pool!

    • Regine: Why would a woman who thinks of a one-night stand as a long-term commitment do something this permanent to herself?
      Max: It's creative expression. Lets the world know who I am.
      Regine: Exactly how much of the world do you expect to see this tattoo?

    • Max: Khadijah, help us find the remote control. It's premiere night for the seventh network and we need to tape it.
      Khadijah: Why don't you just press "record" on the VCR?
      Regine: Oh yeah. And then we could start churning our own butter too.

    • Khadijah: Maybe I could interview her before you go on your date.
      Kyle: Sorry. That won't be possible.
      Regine: Ashamed to introduce her to your common friends?
      Kyle: Well, there is that. And the fact that I don't know where she's staying. For security reasons, her motorcade will be picking me up.
      Khadijah: Kyle, you know, here in America, when we don't wanna be bothered with a guy, we gives him the wrong number.

    • Khadijah: I was pretty handy with a pool cue back in the day.
      Max: Mmm-hmm. That's how she paid for all my groceries in college.
      Overton: Hell, this should be easy. I only need two hundred dollars!

    • Khadijah: What's with spilling the soda on the floor?
      Marlo: Don't even try it. I was sipping through a straw.
      Khadijah: Well, how'd you like to take your meals that way?

    • Phil: I picked Mary Tyler Poppins, and that's who we going with!

    • Regine: Why don't you get a heart, you know? Or a rose. Something a little more feminine.
      Max: You're right, Regine. How about a big old uterus, right here on my shoulder?

    • Brian: Your highness, Brian Plow, National Sun. One question: lesbian--yes or no?

    • Regine: Can I come?
      Max: I don't know, little Re-Re. It's kind of bloody. I don't know if you can handle it.
      Regine: Oh please. Watching someone torture you with a needle will be a treat.
      Max: This is your lucky night. Maybe I'll get something pierced.
      Regine: Like...your...ears?
      Max (whispering): Lower.
      Regine: Let's go!

    • Overton: I just brought my girlfriend Khadijah down here to teach her how to play pool. Isn't that right, honey?
      Synclaire (quietly): I don't like this part.

    • Kyle: I'm reading up on the protocol of dating a woman of class. Because Lord knows I've made some mistakes. (Looks at Max)

    • Synclaire: Well, I guess this teaches you that deceit and duplicity don't pay. Although in this case, they did pay for us!

  • Notes

    • Kim Fields and Darryl Sivad both provided voices for the Fox cartoon C-Bear and Jamal.

    • As in A Tale of Two Tattles, episode writer Warren Hutcherson makes a brief appearance, this time as an autograph seeker at the restaurant. Co-executive producer Roger S.H. Schulman also appears as a tabloid reporter.

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