Living Single

Season 3 Episode 9

Baby I'm Back... Again

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Nov 02, 1995 on FOX



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    • Regine: For your information, we are having a beauty night.
      Khadijah: It ain't working.

    • Synclaire: Oh my God! You're pregnant. Okay. It's okay. And no one needs to know but just us, okay? Woo-woo-woo. Woo-woo-woo.
      Khadijah: Bless you, Synclaire. Now the townspeople won't stone me.

    • Scooter: We're gonna go upstairs and call our parents.
      Synclaire: Oh, there's a phone right here.

    • (Max looks at boomerang.)
      Max: You know, thrown just right, you could take somebody's head off with this thing.

    • Scooter: One-hundred percent human hair from the Philippines.
      Regine: Oh, y'all. She used conditioner!

    • Max: Let's just say the last time Regine had a date, Hugh Grant didn't have to buy his.

    • Max (to Scooter): You are one smooth talker, huh? I didn't think you'd come back engaged. In fact, I didn't think one of you'd come back at all.

    • Scooter: Khadijah, will you marry me?
      Khadijah (squeaking): Yes!

    • Scooter: Khadijah, I was wondering, could we go someplace and talk?
      Khadijah: We could go up on the roof.
      Scooter: It's kind of cold up there, isn't it?
      Khadijah: Well, I've got a feeling anyplace we talk is gonna be a little chilly.

    • (Khadijah opens door to see Scooter.)
      Max: Oh, let me guess. 'Baby I'm back...again!'

    • Regine: The ring turned you, didn't it? Two carats can be very persuasive. Shoot, three carats and I'd marry dang near anybody!

    • Max: How can you just trust him like this? What happened to all of that lovely hatred that you were developing for him?

    • Synclaire: Oh, I'm so excited. A February wedding. The snow will be falling all around us. You'll be able to see your breath as you recite your vows.
      Khadijah: Synclaire, the wedding is going to be inside.
      Synclaire: Oh. That's nice, if you want everything room temperature.

    • Kyle: I've only got two questions. Is it formal? And why the hell are you and Khadijah getting married?

    • (Doorbell rings.)
      Max: Take heart, Regine. Maybe that's the Roto-Rooter man, and you can throw herself at him.

    • Overton: Max, what's the legal angle on this dispute between Roadrunner and the coyote?
      Max: Well, he could charge the Roadrunner with battery. Trouble is, he's got no witnesses. He's a known buyer of explosives. The bird could always plead self-defense.

    • Regine: Now look at us. Manless.
      Synclaire: Excuse you. We have men.
      Max: That's right. I got somebody that can look at these corns and still smile.

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  • Allusions

    • The title of this episode is a reference to Scooter's first return in season 1 episode "What's Next." When Scooter first enters the scene in that episode, he appears with flowers and utters the words "Baby I'm Back!"