Living Single

Season 3 Episode 20

Dear John

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 29, 1996 on FOX



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    • Max (after John gets something for Regine): Good job, John. Now tell me Regine, does he kick his leg when you rub his belly?
      Regine: Shut up.
      John: Good one, Regine. You must've been on the debate team in high school.
      Max: Not unless they needed a towel girl. (Khadijah laughs)

    • Max: Where is Regine? She had the nerve to put a broken umbrella where I could steal it.

    • Max: When is Regine gonna get tired of that man catering to her every whim?
      Khadijah: Please, when he dies, she going to be at his funeral yelling at him. Talking about "How can you lie down like that when I don't have a place to sit"?

    • Kyle (to Overton): Now if you'll excuse me, I must go upstairs and strap down all the furniture before the earth shifts on its axis from all the hordes of females rushing to this hemisphere just to be nearer to you.

    • Regine: I cannot believe that John just broke up with me.
      Khadijah: Well, maybe he's not himself. I mean, that whole 'release me like a thousand doves' thing... (looks at Max) Now, that's just crazy!
      Regine: I'm in shock here, I mean with John it wasn't just dating, we had a real friendship. Is it me? Could I be high-maintenance? Oh my God. I've gotta go curl up in my Ralph Lauren comforter and slip on my satin eye shades. (walks upstairs)
      Khadijah: Max, what the hell did you do?
      Max: I-I'm not sure. I mean, I just wanted to see what the 'Dear John' letter would look like on paper, and then I wanted to see what it looked like with a forgery of Regine's signature. and then I guess I wanted to see what it looked like going to a mailbox, and it's not as if, Khadijah didn't have anything to do with it.
      Khadijah: Oh no, don't you put this on me.
      Max: You're the one that said John should say it's over if she called. That's what made it sing.
      Khadijah: That was pretty good.

    • Overton: She was standing behind me talking about she was 'enjoying the view.' And I wasn't wearing my picturesque Grand Canyon tool belt, so...
      Synclaire: Okay. I bet a little slap-boxing will stop her sightseeing.

    • Overton: She looked at me like I was a big glass of water, and let me tell you, she was thirsty for a cool sip of Obie.

    • Regine: I don't think John is good for me. He already does everything that I ask, so there's really no room for the relationship to grow, is there?

    • Keith: I was very impressed that she realized that the black splatters on my mural represented death.
      Regine: Well, they were too big to be crows.

    • Max: You know how Regine cheers herself up. She probably rented a horse-drawn carriage and is riding around Central Park pretending she's royalty.

    • Kimberly: I think people should just do what makes them happy.
      Kyle: Okay. And you're absolutely right. And nothing would make me happier right now than watching you walk right down those stairs. Good-bye.

    • Synclaire (upon seeing Kyle and Kimberly): Well, if it isn't Kyle and...everybody's friend.

    • Max: Synclaire, we maliciously destroyed a relationship that meant everything to him. He'd have to be a pretty pathetic slug to forgive us for that.
      Khadijah: Let's do this.

    • Synclaire: That little heifer don't know who she messing with. I'm from Minnesota, yo!

    • Max: Hey, you know what? We could always send him a 'Dear John' letter and sign Regine's name to it. Here it is. 'Dear John, I cannot go on with this charade. I'm not ready for a committed relationship and I must end things with you before I fall deeply in love.'
      Khadijah: 'I-I-I want you to forget all about me, and stay the hell awway from my apartment.'
      Max: 'And don't call.'
      Khadijah: 'And if I call you, be strong, tell me it's over.'
      Max: 'And release me like a thousand doves!'
      Khadijah: What the devil?
      Max: I have a poetic side.

    • Overton (about John): Damn. I wonder if they have a support group for weak brothers like that.
      Khadijah: Yeah. Once a month they plan on getting together, then their women tell them they can't go.
      Regine: Well, look at this, little 'Dijah joking about relationships. To think, girl, you can remember that far back.

    • Overton: Violence is not gonna solve anything, girl.
      Synclaire: Oh, I see. Some heifer comes in here looking at your butt, and suddenly you're Gandhi!

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