Living Single

FOX (ended 1998)




Episode Guide

    • The Shake-Up
      Season 2 - Episode 27
      Regine begins the process of moving out of the apartment. Khadijah and Synclaire interview a prospective new roommate, an obnoxious woman who smokes and has creditors on her tail. In spite of this, Khadijah is willing to give her a try--until she insults Regine. Unable to cope with the tension, Synclaire begins to display as many traits of a nicotine addict as are possible without actually smoking or chewing tobacco. She pleads with Khadijah to apologize to Regine and ask her to stay. Just as Regine is about to depart, Khadijah breaks down and apologizes. Regine refuses to reconsider, as she believes that it is time for her to move on. Khadijah slams the door in her face. Meanwhile, Max is actually purchasing groceries when the store is held up. Kyle stumbles through the door and subdues the man. Max is certain that he has saved her life. She runs across the store and flings herself on him, and later offers to cook him dinner as an expression of her gratitude. Kyle confesses to Overton that he is no hero; he simply stumbled into the man in his haste to buy some Kaopectate. He breaks the dinner date, as he doesn't want to take advantage of Max. She orders him to attend. After Kyle confesses the truth about the robbery, Max admits that there may be other reasons behind her dinner invitation. They confess to a strong mutual attraction. Max fears that they are moving too fast, and isn't sure that anything is going to happen, but she and Kyle end up sharing a passionate kiss. Tag: Synclaire tries to score some smokes at the newsstand.moreless
    • My Cups Runneth Over
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      Regine's doctor recommends that she undergo breast reduction surgery to alleviate her chronic back problems. After the surgery, Regine loses her self-esteem and begins throwing herself at men. Kyle assures her that she doesn't look any different, and states that her confidence and personality are what make her attractive to men. Kevon and the other neighborhood children blame Overton when a greedy ice cream man (who had been operating in the middle of winter) suffers a heart attack while reaching in the back of the truck for the Nutty Buddy that Overton had ordered. Tag: Regine poses for photos at doctor's office. Music: "Accentuate the Positive," sung by Kim Coles; "The Way We Were" (Barbra Streisand), sung by Kim Fieldsmoreless
    • Never Can Say Goodbye
      Never Can Say Goodbye
      Season 4 - Episode 24
      As the girls reminisce in Synclaire's room the night before the wedding, a drunken Regine laments the fact that she hasn't been able to find a man. After Regine staggers off to bed, Max announces her intention to go buy some beer; but Khadijah and Synclaire are well aware of what she really wants. A defensive Max refuses to admit that her relationship with Kyle is serious. She meets him on the fire escape, where he shares the news that he has been offered the chance to head up a new office in London. She pretends to be unmoved, and claims that she is considering a partnership in Philadelphia. The next day, Khadijah fears that she and Synclaire will grow apart after she is married, until her cousin reminds her that she will still be in the building. Overton feels the effects of going 24 hours without food and faints. Regine is depressed when Russell shows up with a beautiful woman; and Max makes her feel even worse when she tells her that she was seeing Kyle, and that only Regine didn't know about it. Regine's prayers for a man are later answered when Super Bowl MVP Desmond Howard (Overton's cousin) asks her to dinner. Kyle takes Max aside in the hall to say that he enjoyed knowing her, as he has decided to take the job in London. As he turns away, Max says that she loves him. Regine whisks her away for the ceremony, leaving Kyle and Khadijah to deal with the shock. Kyle and Khadijah perform a gorgeous duet that he had written for the ceremony, and Kyle professes his love to a clearly moved Max as he sings to her. Overton and Synclaire are married, and stride happily down the aisle. Music: "MacArthur Park" (Donna Summer), sung by Erika Alexander; "Wedding March"; "I Commit to You" (Kyle Bowser), performed by Queen Latifah and T.C. Carsonmoreless
    • She Ain't Heavy, She's My Mother
      Season 1 - Episode 26
      Khadijah is thrilled when her mother, Rita, comes to visit for Mother's Day; but Regine is distressed that her mother, Laverne, has tagged along. Laverne quickly gets on her daughter's nerves by pestering her to "get married and get some beans in that oven." During an afternoon at a spa, Regine and Laverne get into a nasty argument after Regine learns that her mother sought Kyle's advice on why she can't land a man. Khadijah and Rita also square off when Khadijah suggests that Laverne should let Regine live her own life. Their dispute is quickly resolved. Max advises Regine to apologize immediately to win the argument, but Laverne beats her to the punch. They finally come to an understanding after coming together to skip around the kitchen and mock the perpetually happy Rita and Khadijah. Meanwhile, Overton goes a little overboard with purchases from the Spending Channel as he seeks the perfect Mother's Day gift. Tag: A post-Mother's Day de-briefing. Music: "Rapper's Delight" (Sugar Hill Gang), sung by the castmoreless
    • Up the Ladder Through the Roof
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      After Overton and Synclaire bring a pile of classic '60s records home from a garage sale, everyone (including Russell) annoys Khadijah by playing loud music and dancing while she is trying to work. She retreats into the hallway and falls asleep on the stairs. She dreams that she is Flo, a member of a pop group called the Flavorettes. The other members are Maxy (Max), the brassy lead singer and founder; Cynthia (Synclaire) a militant woman with ties to the Black Panthers; and Regina (Regine) a woman who cares little for glamour and is hopelessly devoted to their manager Rupert (Russell, no accent). At Flo's urging, they take a gig at a club run by her boyfriend Sonny (Tripp). When Maxy trips over a microphone cord during the performance, Flo takes over the lead. Suave producer O.W. Jones (Overton) is very impressed, and takes the group under his wing--with Flo as lead singer. The others are angry that Flo is being groomed for stardom, but agree to perform at the Apollo. Flo is momentarily stung by her friends' resentment and the loss of Sonny to Maxy, but decides her new fame is worth it. When Khadijah wakes up, she is in the mood to dance after all. Tag: Cast tries to sing along with Chaka (shown only in syndication). Music: "Dancing in the Street" by Martha and the Vandellas; "Tell Him" (Exciters), performed by Erika Alexander and Queen Latifah with the Flavorettes; "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)" (Betty Everett) and "Up the Ladder to the Roof" (Supremes), performed by Queen Latifah with the Flavorettes; "Sweet Thing," performed by Chaka Khanmoreless
    • Oh, Solo Mio
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      Kyle is appointed the church's new choir director. He gives in to Regine's pleading and awards her the solo in the performance honoring the church's 50th anniversary. When he discovers that she can't sing a note, Kyle decides to save Regine from public humiliation and give the solo to the talented Latrice. After a distraught Regine throws a fit and continually disrupts rehearsal, Latrice returns the solo. Overton and Synclaire force Regine to face the truth about her singing, and she rehearses all night in the hopes of improving. She comes down with laryngitis, Kyle and Latrice take over her part, and the performance goes off without a hitch. Meanwhile, Khadijah is wary of the reactions of her fellow parishioners when she attends church for the first time in two years. Music: "There Is No Failure," performed by T.C. Carson and CeCe Winans with choirmoreless
    • There's Got to Be a Morning After
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Kyle and Max must deal with the consequences of their drunken night together. Kyle manages to sneak Max out of the apartment without detection; but everyone becomes suspicious when they show up at the group's rooftop gathering singing the same song, and seem hesitant to insult one another. After Kyle returns to his apartment with Overton, he and Max each confess what has happened. Overton suggests that Kyle find out if what he and Max share is love or hate. Kyle asks Max to dinner, and she accepts. This horrifies Regine, as she fears that she would be left as the only target for all of Max's scorn and ridicule. She bets Khadijah, Synclaire, Overton and Scooter (who has found a job in New York) on the outcome of the date. Kyle asks Max why she is so reluctant to open up to anyone, and she admits that she needs to protect herself from getting hurt. She nixes a relationship with Kyle because she would miss their antagonism too much. They dance and have a nice evening, but Regine wins her bet. Tag: Everyone performs the tango. Music: "Tell Me Something Good" (Rufus featuring Chaka Khan), sung by T.C. Carson and Erika Alexandermoreless
    • Talk Showdown
      Season 2 - Episode 26
      Thanks to Synclaire's letter, the talk show Delia invites the roommates to appear in a segment entitled, "Roommates From Heaven, Roommates From Hell." While the "roommates from hell" end up sobbing and hugging one another, the girls are in danger of being bumped because they are too happy, and thus, not interesting. Regine tries to liven things up by speaking of her roommates' faults and portraying herself as the glue that holds everything together. A furious Khadijah blurts out that she only asked her to move in because Laverne begged Rita to help her daughter find a place to live. Regine is humiliated, and feels unappreciated. Khadijah assures her that she has grown to accept her quirks, but Regine does not want to stay where she isn't wanted. She decides to move out. Khadijah, however, is certain that the whole thing is just another ploy for attention. Tag: Everyone leaves Khadijah, who insists that Regine is coming back.moreless
    • Kiss of the Spider Man
      Season 3 - Episode 24
      Max defends Jackson Turner, an environmentalist accused of murdering a CEO. He insists he was on a plane at the time the crime was committed, and Max locates a stewardess who remembers his snoring. Max and Jackson begin falling for each other. After he is cleared, they go to his cabin for the weekend. Max learns that the CEO died from the venom of a rare poisonous spider; Jackson could have killed him without being present. She jumps out the window, but later returns with Overton to confront Jackson. He insists he is innocent, and notices that a spider is missing. They realize that his assistant, Peignor, had access to the spiders. Synclaire, Regine and Kyle arrive to check on Max and Overton. Peignor emerges from the bathroom with a gun. Kyle and Overton jump him, but break the spiders' case. When Peignor tries to grab the gun, Max tosses a spider at him. Kyle and Overton carry him to the clinic. Max apologizes to Jackson, but decides he isn't right for her after he asks her to help track scorpions in New Mexico. Khadijah breaks up with the achingly dull Teddy, but must provide counsel to his jilted kid sister. She hangs around the apartment and ties up the phone. Tag: Spiders assume personalities of the characters.moreless
    • Great Expectations
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Khadijah is disgusted by the girls' pathetic social life, so she suggests that they go out to a club and meet some men. Regine announces that she can get them onto the guest list at Club Zina. She dons her finest wig and "one of a kind" red dress, and is disgusted to spot two other women wearing the same dress. She douses them with drinks, but later gets a taste of her own medicine. Kyle and Overton have to sneak in the back door because the doorman dislikes Kyle, and Kyle has no luck with the female bar patrons. Overton convinces Synclaire to dance, and they show off a series of moves not seen since 1984. Max is hounded by a smarmy man with a gold tooth, while Khadijah is bored out of her skull. Her attitude improves when she meets Regine's friend Ty, the DJ. He gives her the chance to take the mic, and she brings down the house with "I Will Survive." Tag: Waiting for the call from Ty. Music: "You Are Everything" (Stylistics), sung by T.C. Carson; "Brick House" (Commodores), sung by the girls; "I Will Survive" (Gloria Gaynor), performed by Queen Latifahmoreless
    • Baby I'm Back... Again
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      Scooter returns to New York, but receives a chilly reception from Khadijah, who is furious at him for failing to call her for months. They are arguing on the roof when Scooter suddenly flashes a ring and proposes. Khadijah accepts immediately. Both quickly begin to experience doubts about the upcoming nuptials. While at the jewelry store to size the ring, they realize that they only got engaged because they were afraid of losing one another. They were not ready for marriage before Scooter's departure, and spending a year apart certainly did not strengthen their relationship. They call off the engagement and decide to go back to being friends. Regine, in the midst of a dating dry spell, follows her friends' advice and nixes a date with carpet cleaner Cleophus Wade when he asks her out over the phone. She is disgusted to learn that Cleophus is handsome and wealthy (he owns the company). He thanks her for rejecting him, as this pushed him into reconciling with his ex-girlfriend, whom he takes to expensive restaurants and lavishes with gifts. Tag: Regine is a little overeager for blind date with doctor.moreless
    • Singing the Blues
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      After observing the depressing lack of talent at the cafe's open mike night, the group persuades Kyle to sing the following week. Overton agrees to perform his stand-up comedy act in exchange for Kyle's participation. Kyle starts out well as he performs "When I Fall in Love," but begins stuttering when Max enters in a low-cut gown and sits directly in front of him. He runs out of the cafe, thus ensuring Overton's victory. Max teases him mercilessly about his failure, while Overton believes that Kyle's unresolved feelings for Max are responsible for the incident. He urges him to get back on stage to prove himself. Kyle delivers a brilliant performance of "My Funny Valentine." He sings most of the song directly to a swooning Max. While the girls needle Max, Kyle thanks Overton for his advice, which he believes has freed him from Max's influence. At that moment, Max looks over her shoulder and smiles at Kyle seductively. He returns her gaze. "Oh Lord! There they go again!" Overton sighs. Regine tries an unusual method to help Khadijah overcome her fear of public speaking for an interview with Black Visionaries. Tag: Max performs stand-up act for ventriloquist's dummy. Music: "Theme from The Love Boat" (Jack Jones), performed by Robert Horn / T.C. Carson; "When I Fall in Love" (Nat King Cole) and "My Funny Valentine" (Rodgers and Hart), performed by T.C. Carsonmoreless
    • Woman to Woman
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      Max's college roommate, Shayla, comes to town for her wedding. Max is stunned to learn that Shayla's intended, Chris, is a woman. She is hurt that Shayla failed to disclose the fact that she is gay, particularly when she discovers that Khadijah had known the truth since college. Max behaves rudely at the bridal shower, prompting Shayla to confront her in the kitchen. When Max demands to know why she was shut out, Shayla confesses that she was in love with Max. Max announces that she will not attend the wedding, as she feels that their entire frienship was a lie. Khadijah disagrees, pointing out that Shayla hid her true feelings because she was afraid of losing Max's friendship. Max tracks Shayla down at the beauty parlor to apologize. Although she admits that she might have initially overreacted to the news, she wishes that Shayla had given her a chance to rise to the occasion. Meanwhile, Kyle refers Overton to his tailor, but soon fears that Overton has stolen his fashion "look." Tag: Overton stars in fashion show, with Kyle as designer.moreless
    • Moi the Jury
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      Regine is the only juror holding up the potential acquittal of Sara McQueen, a beloved elderly movie star accused of arson. When her friends talk about the case and joke about the juror being an idiot, Regine cannot help but defend herself. Max (as an officer of the court) forces her to tell the judge that she discussed the case, and he throws Regine off the jury and finds her in contempt of court. She is sentenced to 50 hours of community service at a monastery, but gets booted for hitting on one of the monks. Regine begins to wonder if she has some deep insecurity that causes her to chatter constantly. Just then, Max arrives at the apartment and announces that Sara McQueen was caught torching a 7-11. The vindicated Regine decides that her big mouth is a gift. Synclaire worries when Harold, one of her regular callers to a hotline for unemployed actors, stops calling. After she tracks him down to see if he is all right, he is so touched by her concern that it lifts his spirits. One of his co-workers on a window-washing job comes by a few days later and tells Synclaire that Harold fell to his death, but had finally been at peace. Meanwhile, Max and Kyle play a game of strip poker.moreless
    • Love Thy Neighbor (1)
      Love Thy Neighbor (1)
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Kyle convinces Overton to double date with his old girlfriend and her cousin, Summer. Overton and Summer hit it off at dinner, but he feels as though he is cheating on Synclaire. Kyle reminds him that Synclaire has never shown any romantic interest in him, and encourages him to ask Summer out. When the girls run into Overton and Summer, Synclaire becomes very sad. After she makes many catty remarks about Summer and her hat, her friends suggest that she is jealous, and encourage her to make a move. Synclaire refuses to interfere, and instead hurts Overton's feelings by sending a tape deck he was to repair to Dr. Fix-It. The girls urge her to share her feelings with Overton. After he sends Summer away, Synclaire asks him to come downstairs. She initially tries to say something profound, but finally gives up and plants a kiss on him. Meanwhile, the upstairs neighbors annoy Khadijah and Regine by having sex constantly. The girls are impressed to learn that an elderly couple is responsible. When the couple moves away, a very handsome man rents the apartment, and soon has Khadijah, Regine and Max drawing battle lines.moreless
    • Ride the Maverick
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      Khadijah re-considers Flavor's endorsement of Max when she insists on spouting clichés, rather than discussing the issues. She instead backs a little-known high school teacher named William Perez. Max claims that Khadijah is jealous and does not want her friends to outshine her. Max runs into Perez at a public park (where he is cleaning up graffiti with his civics class), and realizes that her reasons for seeking office are entirely selfish. She withdraws from the election, and tells everyone to vote for Perez. The voters are so moved by her honesty that she receives enough write-in votes to win. Max apologizes to Khadijah, who is impressed by her integrity. Their parents disown Overton and Synclaire when Kyle and Regine accidentally share news of the engagement before the couple had gotten around to it. (They had been trying to follow a James family tradition, in which no one can get married until Synclaire's great aunt Ada gives her "okel doke.") They patch things up, but their parents begin bickering about churches over the phone. Kyle suffers through a series of terrible driver's license photos. He discovers that the clerk has a crush on him and intentionally took bad photos so that she could see him again. Tag: A disastrous conference call.moreless
    • Trick or Trust
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      When Khadijah drops by Scooter's house on an errand before the Halogen Records Halloween party, Regine discovers a fax from a woman telling Scooter how much she had enjoyed the previous night. Khadijah finds a bottle of perfume under the sink, and grows increasingly suspicious. Khadijah, Regine and Scooter are embarrassed when they are the only ones in costume at the party because everyone else donated their costume money to charity. Khadijah gets upset when several women are surprised to learn that Scooter has a girlfriend, and orders him to introduce her to every woman at the party. He finally asks about her territorial behavior, and she tells him about the fax and perfume. He says that he had a business dinner with one of the company's artists, and that the perfume is a promotional item. He tells Khadijah that she needs to trust him, and points out that she is so devoted to her work that she has been neglecting him. Khadijah vows to correct this problem. Overton, Synclaire and Kyle hope to get a cynical Max into the Halloween spirit by scaring the "bejesus" out of her. She proves unflappable, until Overton fakes a fall down the stairs and serious injury. Tag: Max walks through wall after prank left her "scared to death."moreless
    • Love Takes a Holiday
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Stacey, the Flavor photographer, is unable to supply any cheerful photos for the holiday issue because she is depressed and angry over a break-up with her boyfriend. Khadijah tries to cheer her up by inviting her to hang out with the girls. When she meets Kyle, they immediately take a liking to each other. Kyle falls head over heels, but Stacey is not interested in another serious relationship. Khadijah and Synclaire ask her to break up with him before he gets hurt. Stacey is unable to go through with it, and shows up at Thanksgiving dinner on Kyle's arm. Max can no longer stand to watch Kyle make a fool of himself. She takes him to the kitchen and warns that Stacey is using him. Kyle tests Stacey by asking her to come to his parents' house for Christmas, and she promptly breaks up with him. Everyone struggles to boost Kyle's spirits, and he later thanks Max for looking out for him. Tag: Max loads up on leftovers and talks with Kyle. Music: "Reunited" (Peaches and Herb), sung by Kim Colesmoreless
    • Fatal Distraction
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      Khadijah hires a handsome and charming man named Xavier St. John as her new writer, without bothering to read his articles or check his references. Xavier constantly compliments Khadijah and seeks her attention, so her friends suggest that he is attracted to her. When Khadijah and Xavier share a cab, he seems to be coming on to her. Khadijah leans in to kiss him, but he pulls away and says that he is not interested. When Xavier turns in his first article, Khadijah is stunned to discover that he does not possess any writing ability. He claims that she is punishing him for rejecting her advances, and threatens to sue her for sexual harassment. Khadijah decides that the quality of her magazine should not suffer because of her error in judgment. She fires Xavier and dares him to sue her, noting that any judge who read his work would sentence him to remedial English class. Xavier announces that a suit wouldn't be worth the trouble. Overton discovers a box of 19th century love letters under the floor in Regine's room. Regine learns that she could receive 400 dollars for the letters, but Overton and Synclaire obey the man's wishes by burning the evidence of his forbidden love. Tag: Regine tries to replace the love letters.moreless
    • Come Back Little Diva
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Regine shows up at the laundromat, despite the fact that it is nowhere near her new apartment. She and Khadijah are less than civil, and Regine won't admit that her new place is a dump in a bad neighborhood. She invites everyone except Khadijah to a housewarming party, but Max declares that she and Kyle will boycott the affair. An annoyed Kyle goes without her. Max convinces Khadijah to crash the party. Kyle calls Max to task for her constant struggle for control within their relationship, but their passion is rekindled after he reveals that he saved her some shrimp and cocktail sauce. Everyone becomes a little disturbed by the fact that Regine's new neighbors hold personalities eerily similar to those of her old friends. Khadijah and Synclaire believe they have located the perfect roommate, but Regine interrupts their conversation on the fire escape. She reflects on her long friendship with Khadijah, and admits that she feels lost without her. They patch things up and return to the brownstone. Tag: The naked man at the laundromat questions Synclaire's sanity.moreless
    • What's Next?
      What's Next?
      Season 1 - Episode 27
      Alonzo asks Khadijah to move in with him, but she asks for some time to consider this major life decision. Alonzo refuses to relent, constantly sending her flowers and other gifts at the office. When another shipment of flowers comes in, Khadijah is shocked when the "deliveryman" turns out to be Scooter, who had been calling her almost daily for several weeks. He announces that he is in town for a job interview, and hopes to pick up where he left off with Khadijah. Khadijah is faced with a quandary when Alonzo and Scooter show up at her apartment at the same time. She retreats to the kitchen, and Alonzo follows her. She admits that she has feelings for Scooter, and that she isn't ready for the type of commitment Alonzo is seeking. They decide to break up. When Khadijah returns to the living room, she fears that Scooter has also left. However, he had only gone upstairs to help an eavesdropping Regine get her hair out of a vent. Khadijah and Scooter decide to begin dating. Max is suspended when she recommends that her wealthy client seek a pre-nuptial agreement (without receiving approval from the partners), and the woman's fiancé dumps her. She seeks support from Khadijah, who ignores Max because she is busy dealing with her suitors. Overton is furious when Kyle tries to dispose of a reclining chair that he had salvaged. Synclaire takes him to an all-night '70s film festival to take his mind off the argument. The next morning, Kyle and Max wake up naked in Overton's chair. Music: "One Nation Under a Groove" by Funkadelicmoreless
    • 11/3/94
      Max and Regine are surprised to learn that Synclaire has yet to sleep with Overton, even though they took the vacation to the Bahamas together. They encourage her to take the next step, but Synclaire is uncertain. She and Overton finally agree to have a romantic evening at his apartment the following night, as Kyle is out of town. After they experience a series of mishaps (including Overton's allergy to Synclaire's perfume), Synclaire admits that she is paralyzed with fear. She tells him that she is just not ready, and that she is feeling too much pressure from her friends. They decide to wait. Khadijah refuses to consider that her string of bad luck may have been caused by a broken chain letter. Tag: Khadijah ecstatic over accidents, unaware that chain letter was returned. Music: "Touch Me" by Samantha Fox; "Me So Horny" by 2 Live Crew; "Strangers in the Night" (Frank Sinatra), hummed by John Hentonmoreless
    • The Hand That Robs the Cradle
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      While the girls are at the cafe, an attractive young man named Brendan approaches Max. He is an NYU freshman who met her at the job fair, and asks for the opportunity to discuss points of the law. Khadijah insists that Brendan is hitting on Max. Max later admits that Brendan asked her out. After her friends make many, many jokes, Max claims that she turned Brendan down. A few days later, the girls catch Max at the cafe with him. Khadijah is angry with Max for lying, but Max points out that her friends were not exactly supportive. When Regine opines that Max is ashamed of Brendan, she agrees to bring him to a party for Flavor advertisers (which Regine has planned, despite her complaints about Khadijah's $200 budget). Max is less than forthcoming about Brendan's age, so he storms out. She follows him into the elevator to apologize, and concedes that her behavior is immature. She decides not to let others' opinions dictate her actions. Kyle is distraught when he learns that he needs glasses. He refuses to wear them, but changes his mind when he identifies a party guest across the room as his future wife, only to find that it is Max. Tag: Overton levitates to avoid stepping on Kyle's contacts.moreless
    • Back in the Day
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      As Khadijah prepares to accept an award for her work at Flavor, the group recalls a time when Flavor was just a dream; Max lived with Khadijah and Regine (until she and Regine tried to kill each other); and Regine dated Kyle and his Afro. They later reminisce about Synclaire's arrival from Minnesota (along with Crispus Attucks, her seven-foot high troll doll); and her first meeting with Overton, who immediately told Kyle that he had just met the mother of his children. Synclaire is shocked to learn that she was on the verge of being thrown out--until she hit Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with the car and landed Flavor's first cover story. Despite mishaps with the cheap limo service hired by Synclaire and a broken subway car, they are able to make the ceremony, where Khadijah accepts her award and thanks her friends for their support. Meanwhile, Max admits that she has gone so long without a date that Kyle is starting to seem desirable. "Maybe you're just starting to see straight," he replies. Music: "Love Is All Around" by Sonny Curtis; "Tears of a Clown" by the Smokey Robinson and the Miracles; "My Girl" by the Temptationsmoreless
    • Burglar in the House
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      After Regine has her purse snatched on the subway, the girls ask Overton to install better locks in their apartment. A nervous Synclaire and Regine insist on sleeping in Khadijah's room. They are stirred by a noise from downstairs, and discover a prowler in the kitchen. Khadijah startles him and drives him from the apartment; but after the girls run up to the guys' apartment, the burglar returns and cleans them out. Frustrated by the police's inability to get any leads on the case, they have Overton install an alarm system and bars on the windows, and ask the guys to stay over for several nights. However, they remain on edge. When Regine goes into the kitchen for a midnight snack, Synclaire freaks out and runs out of the apartment, triggering the alarm. The girls realize that, despite the unpleasant reality of crime, they cannot turn the apartment into a fortress. They volunteer for Neighborhood Watch. Tag: Lily the attack pig.moreless
    • A Kiss Before Lying
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Max receives several phone messages from her ex-boyfriend Greg, who had unceremoniously dumped her a year earlier. Max ignores Khadijah's advice and agrees to have dinner with Greg and his fiancée. She arranges for the meal to be held at the girls' apartment. Regine suggests that Max bring a date, but Khadijah believes that Max should be happy with who she is. When Greg arrives with his beautiful fiancée, Susan, a desperate Max begs Kyle to pose as her boyfriend. He accepts the role all too eagerly. Everyone begins inventing tales about the couple's courtship and Max's phenomenal professional success. Max can no longer stand the lying, and admits that it was all an act. Greg follows her to the kitchen, and she explains that she has realized the source of her bitterness; she knew that she and Greg weren't right for each other, but wishes that he had said good-bye. She kisses him and struts out of the kitchen, leaving Greg begging for more. Meanwhile, Overton struggles to correct the brownstone's water pressure problem. Tag: Khadijah destroys phone message from Regine's ex-beau.moreless
    • Playing House
      Season 4 - Episode 17
      Kyle and Max lie about out-of-town trips and sneak off to a hotel for the weekend. They insist, however, that they are not getting back together. Although their claim that there will be no romance involved in the weekend is obviously a crock, Kyle and Max eventually get into one too many arguments and head their separate ways--but not before setting up another rendezvous. After realizing that Max's and Kyle's alibis are shaky, Regine becomes determined to prove that they are together. It is Khadijah who is able to track them down and warn Max. She suggests that Max actually cares about Kyle, but her friend won't admit to this. Meanwhile, Overton and Synclaire take advantage of Kyle's absence to set up housekeeping in the apartment. They briefly worry that their constant fighting might be a sign that they aren't ready to get married, but conclude that disagreements occur in all relationships.moreless
    • Who's the Boss?
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      When Khadijah is stricken by the flu, she reluctantly allows Synclaire to take charge of the office. However, she enlists Regine (who is on a paid vacation while the boutique undergoes remodeling) to go into the office to keep an eye on Synclaire. Russell, the music editor, is furious when his column is cut (although it was Khadijah's decision). He quits, and announces that he will not return as long as Synclaire is running the magazine. While the office is in chaos, an important prospective client arrives, as Synclaire had forgotten to re-schedule the appointment. Synclaire calls Khadijah to ask for help, but Khadijah is too drowsy from the medicine that Max had given her. Synclaire improvises, offering to refund the man's money if the ad does not increase sales at his Brooklyn shoe stores. Khadijah is impressed by Synclaire's work, and admits that she also makes things up as she goes along. A full-page photo of Russell confuses her, but Synclaire explains that it was the only way to coax him into coming back. Overton must care for the cranky, whiny Khadijah during her illness, but gets his revenge when he is laid up with the flu. Tag: Khadijah silences Overton's whining with tranquilizer dart.moreless
    • The Following Is a Sponsored Program
      A discouraged Synclaire is unsure about auditioning for an infomercial for a dashboard grill, but Max encourages her to follow her acting aspirations. Regine volunteers Max to drive Synclaire to the audition in order to keep her from hanging around the apartment on her day off. Max confronts the director when he dismisses Synclaire without allowing her to say her lines. He is so impressed by Max's spunk that he gives her the part. Synclaire accuses Max of robbing her of her dream, and begins to lose faith in their friendship. When Synclaire tries to walk off the set during the taping, Max calls her up to the stage as a skeptical customer. They pull off the performance beautifully, but are fired because the director feels there is no place for spontaneity in an infomercial. Synclaire thanks Max for restoring her belief in her acting ability. Overton is wracked with guilt when he continually dreams about the R&B group TLC after falling asleep during its videos. Tag: Synclaire threatens TLC when it appears in Overton's dream. Music: "Waterfalls" by TLCmoreless
    • Thanks for Giving
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      Everyone is surprised by Regine's companion at Thanksgiving dinner--a charming, overweight parcel delivery guy named Darryl who does not meet any of image-conscious Regine's usual date criteria. When Scooter calls Khadijah and tells her that he wants to ask her something at the dinner, she and her friends believe that he is going to propose. She is shocked when he instead tells her that he has been offered a chance to manage a female R&B group and accompany it on a world tour. Scooter becomes angry when Khadijah does not offer her blessing. The group breaks off into boy and girl factions, who each rant about the opposite sex. When everyone re-assembles for dinner, Darryl's touching prayer prompts Khadijah to re-consider and allow Scooter to pursue his dream.moreless
    • Hot Fun in the Wintertime
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      Synclaire wins a trip for two to the Bahamas from a radio trivia contest, but cannot decide who should accompany her. Khadijah and Overton irritate her so much with their petty bickering and attempts to manipulate her that it nearly drives her crazy. Regine advises her to stand up for herself and not let the duo's behavior affect her. Synclaire becomes so fed up that she tells Overton and Khadijah that she is taking Regine on the trip. At her beach-themed party (selected because the heat was out of control), Regine bows out and urges Khadijah and Overton to stop pressuring Synclaire. Regine claims her act is one of genuine kindness, but a man had actually asked her to go to Aspen the same week as Synclaire's trip. Synclaire selects Overton, and Khadijah is proud that her cousin is growing up (because she dumped her for a man). Kyle and Max continually play practical jokes on one another to screw up each other's love lives. Max believes Kyle has gone too far when he invites Goldie to the party. Kyle suggests that their hostility might be a sign that there is something else between them; but when Max seems to consider this, he shouts, "Gotcha!" Tag: Kyle gets the law involved in his dispute with Max.moreless
    • The Naked Truth
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      During a game of "Truth or Challenge," Kyle mocks the women for their tendency to snipe at each other. Regine points out that he talks about Overton behind his back, and Max reveals that Kyle was annoyed when Overton tagged along on his date. This leads to a blowout fight, and Overton decides to move out. Synclaire asks him to stay at the girls' apartment, much to Regine's chagrin. When Overton goes into the bathroom to shave, he accidentally sees Khadijah naked. He apologizes constantly, and she suggests that he relax. She urges him to stand up to Kyle. This advice backfires, as Kyle arrives moments later and asks Overton to return to the apartment. Overton refuses to move back until Kyle apologizes. He begins to drive all the girls crazy with his annoying habits, so they try to bribe Kyle into giving in. Kyle refuses, but pretends the toilet is clogged so that Overton will have to come to the apartment. They realize they have forgotten the reason for their dispute. The girls compare embarrassing stories about Khadijah, but Synclaire's is the topper. She reveals that her cousin (at age five) held luncheons for her dolls…and breast-fed them. Tag: Embarrassing stories about Khadijah. Music: "I Got You (I Feel Good)" (James Brown), sung by Queen Latifah; "Handyman" (variation of "Baby Love" by the Supremes), sung by T.C. Carson; "I'm Very Handy" (variation of Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman") and "Handy" (variation of Barry Manilow's "Mandy"), sung by John Hentonmoreless
    • Working Nine to Nine-Fifteen
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Max drives the girls crazy by spending all her time at their apartment (even having her calls forwarded). They rejoice when Evans and Bell call her back to work. However, Max is frustrated by the loss of her clients and office and the realization that the partners will never stop punishing her for her mistake. She quits during her first day. Khadijah insists that she has acted rashly, and advises her to ask for her job back. Max refuses, insisting that a better offer will come along. After a week of rejections, Max is finally offered an interview. Although the interview goes very well, the firm decides to hire someone else. Max begins to lose confidence, although her friends assure her that she is an excellent lawyer. Max breaks down and calls Evans and Bell to plead for forgiveness, but hangs up without speaking to them. Meanwhile, Overton and Regine become convinced that an elderly woman in Max's building has committed a murder. Kyle finally talks to the woman and discovers that the "body" the duo had seen was a safety doll that she used so that she wouldn't appear to be alone in her car. Tag: Safety doll performs the theme song.moreless
    • Play Ball
      Season 2 - Episode 16
      Khadijah hires Bobby Bonilla of the New York Mets to pen a weekly column for Flavor, just as her employees are poised to walk out over low salaries and poor working conditions. Bobby defends Khadijah, until he interprets her request for a hold on salaries as a salary cap (a major sticking point in the baseball labor dispute) and supports the strike. Khadijah insists that money is too tight to give raises, but Max warns her that she is on the verge of losing Flavor. Khadijah re-arranges her finances and agrees to give a modest salary increase. Inspired by a local video clerk's screenwriting success, Kyle and Regine try to pen an action/adventure screenplay. Tag: Bobby Bonilla is blown away by Khadijah's fastball.moreless
    • 12/14/95
      Overton invites everyone to spend Christmas at the Canadian cabin his family frequented during his childhood. He is disgusted to find that the area is now a tourist attraction, complete with an amusement park. He has several run-ins with an overzealous Mountie (who cites him for fishing without a license and trying to chop down a protected tree), and Synclaire accidentally turns his Santa suit pink in the wash. Khadijah challenges Kyle and Max to be civil to one another throughout the trip, but all bets are off when she shows him up by buying him a laser disc player after they'd agreed to a twenty-dollar spending limit on gifts. Regine dumps her date when he assumes she will be sleeping with him, then accidentally reveals that he is about to be fired from the soap opera. Regine is not pleased when Khadijah cheers him up and helps him get home. Synclaire tells Overton that what made the Christmases of his youth special was the presence of loved ones, not the cabin. The others, including a reconciled Kyle and Max, join them outside. The Mountie tries to give Overton a ticket for an illegal campfire, but will back off for a date with Khadijah. She declines so that Regine can have a shot at him. Tag: Caroling on a roller coaster. Music: "Deck the Halls" and "Silent Night," performed by the castmoreless
    • Raw Talent
      Season 2 - Episode 24
      Synclaire is offered a role in a play about a group of strangers waiting for an ATM. The quirky director decides that the perfect ending for the play would be for Synclaire to scamper across the stage in the nude. Synclaire is unsure about showing her "ta-ta's" on stage, but Overton tells her that the decision is hers alone. Synclaire is prepared to back out of the play, but changes her mind when she sees a poster that refers to her as the star. Max refuses to believe that Khadijah is friends with Vinnie of the rap group Naughty By Nature, even after Regine confirms her story. (She says that Vinnie used to look up Regine's dress and made her eat flies when they were children.) Max mocks Khadijah when she can't get in touch with Vinnie, but is speechless when the group shows up on Khadijah's doorstep. Max hits on Treach, but finds that he is "too freaky" for her, and the group agrees to attend Synclaire's play (after learning there is nudity involved). Tag: Slow-motion replay of Synclaire's dash, with audience reactions and theme from "Chariots of Fire." Music: "Afro Puffs" (Lady of Rage), sung by Queen Latifah; Vangelis' "Chariots of Fire - Titles"moreless
    • I'm Ready for My Close-Up
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      After Regine brags about her influence on Palo Alto, Synclaire drops by the set unexpectedly in the hopes that Regine can help her land a part. Regine is humiliated when none of the actors are aware of her existence, and the director refers to her as "the odor-eater girl." Regine apologizes for lying; but explains that, although her work is not glamorous, she thoroughly enjoys it. Synclaire agrees to keep her true status a secret. When one of the extras gets fired, Regine slips Synclaire into a scene as the Grim Reaper. Meanwhile, Khadijah asks Max to pen a column about the legal profession for Flavor. Max objects when Khadijah edits the article, prompting Khadijah to note that Max cannot deal with criticism. It is only Overton's editing skills that stave off a feud. Tag: Synclaire's appearance on Palo Altomoreless
    • Shrink to Fit
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      Khadijah takes a second job as a night security guard at an old-folks home to pay for improvements in Flavor, which faces stiff competition from a copycat magazine called Savor. These worries are compounded when she learns that Scooter is dating another woman. Khadijah develops insomnia, and behaves extremely erratically. She follows her mother's advice and begins seeing a psychiatrist, Dr. Bryce. She shows up at the office in a wig because she fears that her friends would treat her like a mental patient if they knew about her session (which proves to be true). Dr. Bryce notes that Khadijah seems to put everyone else's needs ahead of her own, and believes that she is suffering from a mild form of depression. Even when Savor flops, Khadijah's mood does not improve. She admits that she has begun to think about all she has sacrificed for her magazine, and wonders if it is worth it. She agrees to continue to see Dr. Bryce, but the doctor first instructs her to take a one-week vacation. Synclaire's gig as a clown at a child's party forces Overton to confront his clown phobia, which dates back to a nasty childhood incident involving a circus elephant. Tag: Dr. Bryce shows Overton a series of ink blots.moreless
    • U.N.I.T.Y. (a.k.a. Five Card Stud)
      U.N.I.T.Y. (a.k.a. Five Card Stud)
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      Kyle hosts his company's junior executive poker game; and hopes to impress the junior vice president, Lawrence, who is on the verge of giving him a promotion. The ladies decide to crash the game after the pizzas are mistakenly delivered to their house, but Kyle's co-workers refuse to let them into the game. Lawrence takes a liking to Regine, and they set up a dinner date. Although he is a perfect gentleman on the date, Lawrence brags about his supposed exploits to his co-workers the following day. Kyle agonizes over whether to defend Regine's honor, because he fears that Lawrence could curtail his career. The girls crash the poker game again, and Lawrence allows them to play. Using tips about her opponents' weaknesses provided by Overton, Khadijah proves to be the big winner. When Lawrence calls the ladies "bitches," Kyle confronts him. He tells him off for insulting his friends and lying about Regine, and orders him to leave. He tells his friends that he is not really worried about Lawrence, as Kyle is landing more new accounts than anyone else is. Tag: Queen Latifah video for "U.N.I.T.Y." Music: "U.N.I.T.Y." by Queen Latifahmoreless
    • Space Invaders
      Season 2 - Episode 21
      Kyle grows weary of Synclaire's constant presence in his apartment, particularly after she ruins his iron by using it to make grilled cheese sandwiches, and scares away his date. He and Overton are at each other's throats, but have to talk things out when they get buried beneath Overton's new water bed (a suggestion of Synclaire's) while trying to prevent a flood. Khadijah and Max undertake a reconnaissance mission when a risqué video of Max dancing with a stripper at a bachelorette party accidentally ends up in Kyle's hands. Their plan goes awry when Regine fails in her role as lookout. Tag: Kyle and Christina view Max's illicit video. Music: "Tootsee Roll" (69 Boyz), sung by Queen Latifahmoreless
    • Stormy Weather
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      Overton and Regine get caught in a blizzard after he picks her up at the boutique. Max fears that she may be pregnant with "stand-by" boyfriend Michael's child. A concerned Kyle races to the store for a test, partially to get away from an ill-advised one-night stand--an annoying efficiency expert. Everyone is relieved when it turns out to be a false alarm. Regine receives word of the possible pregnancy when she calls the apartment, but cannot get the full scoop before the cellular batteries go out. Tired of Regine's whining, Overton finally slices up his precious bean bag chair and uses its contents for traction to get the van back on the road. Tag: Overton turns to singing radio therapist to deal with bean bag grief. Music: "Forget Your Troubles, Come on Get Happy," sung by radio therapist Dr. David Scott May and John Hentonmoreless
    • In the Black Is Beautiful
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      The printer refuses to produce the latest issue of Flavor unless Khadijah can make a $2000 payment. Max offers her the money, but she flatly refuses. Regine tries to raise money by throwing a lingerie party (featuring male model Overton), but Khadijah tells everyone to mind their own business. After Synclaire tells her that the printer has threatened to see to it that Flavor is never published again, Khadijah accepts Max's check. She becomes so obsessed with paying off her debt that she begins selling appliances and turns into a tyrant at the office. When Max assures her that she doesn't care about getting the money back, Khadijah takes offense. She decides to get the money by selling ad space to a sleazy malt liquor company. Khadijah relents after Synclaire accuses her of being a sell-out. She accepts Max's loan in exchange for a two percent share in Flavor. Meanwhile, the guys quarrel when Kyle fails to reimburse Overton for their bowling night. Tag: Girls try to make milkshakes without a blender. Music: "Touch Me in the Morning" (Diana Ross), sung by Kim Fieldsmoreless
    • Living Single... With Children
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Regine begins dating a single father named Patrick. She gets along wonderfully with his adorable daughter Camille, and agrees to spend the day with her while Patrick is away in New Jersey on business. When Patrick is delayed, Camille spends the night at the apartment. She suffers from a stomachache, and Regine runs herself ragged trying to care for the girl. Regine tells Patrick she is not ready to be a mother, but he urges her not to worry, as they are a long way from taking this step. Kyle becomes a Big Brother to a young boy named Kevon, but the boy prefers spending time with "Uncle Obie" to Kyle's dull, educational outings. Tag: Kevon pesters Kyle and Overton to teach him the facts of life.moreless
    • Do You Take This Man's Wallet?
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      After learning that Palo Alto has been cancelled, Regine is cheered by a visit from a now-wealthy Darryl, who asks her to coordinate his wedding. Although his fiancée, Tina, all but admits that she is only after Darryl's money, Regine doesn't take any action. However, she realizes she must tell Darryl the truth after Synclaire catches Tina making out with the best man. Darryl believes that Regine is jealous, but soon re-considers and calls off the wedding. Tina blames Regine, and the two nearly come to blows in the church. Overton and his friend Ray decide to invent a wallet alarm system, which Kyle feels could be a big money-maker. Music: "Shout" (Isley Brothers), sung by Queen Latifah and Erika Alexandermoreless
    • To Grandmother's House We Go
      Season 2 - Episode 25
      Khadijah and Regine send their mothers to the Bahamas as a Mother's Day gift, and Khadijah's grandmother comes to stay with her. Rita expresses concern about the fact that Nana has been wandering off, and fears that her age is showing. Nana vanishes, and Khadijah is stunned to find that she has returned to New Jersey for a rendezvous with her boyfriend, the town baker. With Khadijah as a buffer, Nana finally has a talk with Rita about her need for a personal life. After Laverne reminds her about her affair with a snorkel instructor, Rita agrees to give Nana a break, provided that she be more honest in the future. Overton videotapes the events as a gift for his mother. While researching his family tree, Kyle discovers that his great-great-grandfather invented the sipping straw, only to be bilked out of his money by a hustler who was one of Max's ancestors. Kyle has the last laugh when he learns that the pain of losing their fortunes was what first brought his great-great-grandparents together. Tag: Overton shows some leftover footage.moreless
    • He Works Hard for the Money
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      Kyle fears that his firm's new client, esteemed actress Jacqueline Richards, is coming on to him. He makes a fool of himself trying to reject her advances. She assures him that she only wants to be friends, but Kyle feels as though he is her lackey when she buys him gifts and takes him to expensive restaurants in exchange for errands. He draws the line at cleaning up after her poodles. Kyle agrees to be her friend, but tries to help her realize that true friendships are not based on monetary compensation. Khadijah is embarrassed when L.O.O.F.A., a children's group for which Synclaire volunteers, names her its hero of the year, on the basis of a lie she once told Synclaire about pulling a man from a burning car during their youth. Khadijah saves the man from choking after the ceremony, but Synclaire doesn't believe her. Tag: Khadijah actually saves Mr. McGinty. Music: "Someone to Watch Over Me," sung by Eartha Kitt and T.C. Carsonmoreless
    • Mystery Date (2)
      Mystery Date (2)
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      Overton and Synclaire's relationship gets off to a rocky start, thanks to bad advice from their friends. Regine tells Synclaire that her aggressive behavior (kissing Overton) will drive him away, while Kyle convinces Overton to show up late for their date to the flea market to avoid seeming needy. Both believe they have been stood up, and sulk for days. Khadijah, Max and Regine continue to throw themselves at Hamilton, especially after learning that he is a medical student. Regine cooks him a gourmet meal, while Khadijah purposely allows Hamilton to tie the ball up (and put his hands all over her) during their one-on-one game in the hallway. Kyle decides to throw a party to get Overton and Synclaire back together, and entices the others to come by inviting Hamilton. Overton and Synclaire apologize for the misunderstanding, and Hamilton asks Khadijah out for drinks. Unfortunately, he proves to be too good to be true--he is a cheapskate and a bore.moreless
    • Wake Up to the Break-Up
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      A cable repairwoman flirts with Kyle and asks him to visit a museum. Max pushes him to go out with her, claiming that they are not in an exclusive relationship. Although the woman turns out to be an airhead, Kyle stresses that he is tired of being involved with a woman who refuses to respect him or show him any affection. He breaks up with Max. Regine takes her friends to a Brian McKnight concert after getting free tickets from a co-worker. Kyle and Max get thrown out after they get into a shouting match and nearly come to blows. In the security offices, they look back on their relationship. Max claims that she only cares about food, shelter, her career and good sex. Kyle tries to offer her a ride home, but she refuses to give in. Russell learns that he is to be deported back to Jamaica. He enlists the help of the Flavor staff, who can save him by proving that he is an essential employee. Their pathetic display fails to fool the INS officer, but Synclaire comes to the rescue by claiming that he is needed to help Flavor produce an issue in patois. Tag: Montage of Kyle and Max's relationship, accompanied by the Diana Ross and Lionel Richie duet "Endless Love." Music: "One Last Cry" by Brian McKnight; "Endless Love" by Lionel Richie and Diana Rossmoreless
    • Judging by the Cover
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Regine begins dating a handsome, wealthy and intelligent man named Brad Hamilton. She constantly rubs her good fortune in her friends' faces. A woman comes to the Flavor office to purchase an ad for Brad's restaurant; Synclaire is stunned to learn that she is Brad's wife. When the girls break the news to Regine, she is enraged. However, she believes Brad's claim that he will leave his wife for her, and continues to see him. Regine is devastated when Brad fails to show for their date. When she wonders why such things always happen to her, Khadijah and Max encourage her to be her own person, as she can find happiness without a man. Regine decides to go shopping. Khadijah struggles to find a new cover story after Synclaire forgets to send the interview questions to Maya Angelou. She finally settles on a feature story about married men who cheat, "the sleeping dog that lies." Tag: Girls dance to "My Girl" in bathroom while singing into hair dryers and toilet brushes. Music: "My Girl" by the Temptationsmoreless
    • Just Friends?
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Khadijah's old friend Scooter comes to town, and the two begin spending a lot of time together. Although Khadijah insists that they are only friends, she ends up spending the night with him. When Scooter asks her to come out to his Los Angeles home for the weekend, Khadijah's friends offer conflicting advice. Max believes she should go for it, while Regine warns that she could destroy her friendship. Khadijah decides that she isn't ready to take such a big step, and asks for time to re-evaluate the relationship. Overton helps Synclaire study for her accounting exam in the hopes of making time with her, despite the fact that he knows nothing about the subject. He is discouraged when Synclaire (following Khadijah's plight) announces that she would never date a friend. Tag: Khadijah receives flowers from an unexpected source. Music: "Theme from The Little Rascals," hummed by T.C. Carson, John Henton and Cress Williamsmoreless
    • They've Gotta Have It
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Regine grows weary of her tendency to date vain, tiresome men. She feels as though she is just going through the motions. Synclaire gives her a brochure about a seminar intended to help women break their dependence on men. When Regine attends her first session, she is shocked to find that Max is taking the class. The instructor assigns the students to take themselves on a date, but Regine and Max are so bored alone that they decide to go out together. Max explains that she took the seminar because she was not fulfilled by her one-night stands, and realized she had hit rock bottom when she slept with Kyle. She tells Regine that there is nothing wrong with seeking a relationship, as long as you don't base your self-worth on whether you have a man. They agree that they are doing just fine spending the evening without men. It is then revealed that Max and Regine are at a strip club. Overton sends Synclaire gifts from a secret admirer, but decides to call it off when she constantly speculates about the man's identity (and actually starts to believe that the King of Jordan is her admirer). Tag: Overton and Synclaire in Superman parody.moreless
    • The Handyman Can
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Overton is devastated when a bookshelf he built falls apart and kills an ill-tempered cat that Synclaire was watching for an acquaintance. Overton tries to make amends by building the cat a beautiful coffin, but this also falls apart. He decides that he has lost his skill as a handyman, and takes a job as a bartender. Synclaire and Kyle cannot change his mind, but he eventually learns that the accidents were the result of faulty glue that has since been recalled. Meanwhile, Max is devastated by the news that she is allergic to chocolate, and is subjected to much taunting from Regine. Tag: Max ignores allergy and binges on chocolate. Music: "What's New, Pussycat?" (Tom Jones), sung by T.C. Carsonmoreless
    • Let's Stay Together
      Season 5 - Episode 13
      Overton notices that Max received her sperm from the same bank where Kyle once made a deposit following a brush with death. Khadijah and Synclaire are astonished to discover that the profile of Max's donor matches Kyle perfectly. Overton checks Kyle's records and confirms the match. Max announces that she will not tell Kyle about the baby. Overton decides to throw together an impromptu New Year's Eve party and invite Kyle, who is spending the holidays with family in Cleveland. Max tells Kyle that she is pregnant, but says that the father is no longer part of her life and turns down Kyle's offer to help her. Overton tells Kyle the truth, and he is flabbergasted. When he remarks on the odds of Max selecting him, Overton asserts that the baby is an act of destiny. Kyle claims that his life couldn't be better, but Overton is certain that he isn't over Max. He states that Kyle and Max need to "stop acting like opponents and start acting like parents." Max tries to hide on the roof, but Khadijah nails Kyle with a snowball and alerts him to her location. An extremely melodramatic Max gets down on her knees and surrenders to Kyle, as she can no longer fight him. Kyle assures her that he will always support the baby and her, and tells her how much he loves her. As they embrace, Kyle declares that the baby is proof that they are destined to be together. "No, we are doomed to be together," Max laughs. Synclaire is offered the television role, but fears leaving Khadijah behind. Khadijah promises that they will always be close, and tells her that she can accomplish anything. At the New Year's Eve party, a midnight kiss from Tripp convinces Roni to drop her boyfriend. After the gathering breaks up, Khadijah is surprised by a visit from Scooter, who has dropped in on his way to Rio. Khadijah makes a spur-of-the-moment decision to join him for the weekend. When Scooter remarks that Khadijah is changing, she replies, "Get used to it, 'cause I'm not looking back." She leaves, but returns a moment later to take in another long look at the apartment. "Well, maybe just a little," she sighs. Music: "My Funny Valentine," sung by Queen Latifah and Kim Coles; "When I Fall in Love," sung by T.C. Carsonmoreless
    • Not Quite Mr. Right
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      Regine is outraged when Keith ignores her at his opening (aside from asking her to change a light bulb in the bathroom). He refuses to defend her when an art critic comes on to her. Russell tells the man to take a hike. After her friends point out that Keith has always seemed aloof, Regine goes to his loft to confront him. She threatens to break up with him unless he begins to take their relationship seriously, but Keith says that he cannot change. Regine comes by the Flavor offices to meet Khadijah for lunch, but she has to cancel. Russell agrees to give Regine a ride into town, then forces her to stop at his aunt's house for lunch. She cheers up after eating a delicious meal and dancing to lively reggae music. Regine begins consulting self-help books for tips on how to land the right man, but finds herself thinking about Russell more than she would like to admit. Kyle and Max go to war over the right to park in a spot in front of the building. When they get into a collision, they both decide to sleep in the parking spot while their cars are repaired. Overton tells them they have a "sickness." Tag: Kyle and Max prepare to sleep in the street.moreless
    • Mother Inferior
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      When her friends will not include her in their Saturday night plans, Regine takes her mother out to dinner. Laverne hits it off with the handsome man who picks up her napkin, who turns out to be millionaire Harrison Cushmore. Regine grows tired of seeing her mother in the society pages, and predicts that she will quickly be dumped. She turns out to be right, and is reluctant to console her mother until Khadijah points out how selfish her behavior is. As it turns out, Laverne is fine; she tells Regine that losing a man is no reason to get upset! After his van breaks down, Overton buys a Lincoln town car at a police auction; but Synclaire orders him to get rid of it when Max tells them that the car killed a mobster. The dead man's nephew agrees to take the Lincoln off Overton's hands--if he and Kyle will help him bury his uncle in the car. Tag: Kyle, Overton and Crazy Joey get an unwelcome surprise at the burial.moreless
    • Full Court Press
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Khadijah, Regine and Synclaire are involved in a car accident with an old woman named Shirley Shortridge. Khadijah's jeep suffers $1500 in damage. Regine believes that they should sue, but Khadijah wants to settle and put the matter behind her. Khadijah and Max negotiate with Shirley and her sleazy lawyer, Jack Peabody. Khadijah ignores Max's advice and agrees to take an $800 settlement. Jack taunts Max, telling her she couldn't have beaten him in court. Max decides that the case should go to court. When Max becomes obsessed with victory, Khadijah decides to represent herself and ask for the settlement. Jack denies offering any money. Max comes to the rescue, taking over as Khadijah's lawyer and winning a $1500 settlement. Overton and Kyle take a trial membership at a gym, but suffer the consequences when they overdo it on the stair master and Kyle tries to impress two women with his weightlifting ability. Tag: Overton trapped on runaway treadmill.moreless
    • The Last Temptation
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      A handsome young man from Synclaire's psychology class kisses her during a study session. Synclaire pushes him away, but is still gripped by guilt. She blurts out her indiscretion during a special evening Overton had planned for their first anniversary as a couple. Overton goes ballistic, storms out of the restaurant, and refuses to talk to her. Concerned for her cousin's well being, Khadijah sends Kyle up to the apartment to check on her. He finds Overton and Synclaire's clothes strewn throughout the living room. Meanwhile, Regine is livid when Max snags a coat she had left outside the apartment to donate to charity. Max begins wearing it constantly to spite her. Tag: Max usurps more of Regine's unwanted clothes.moreless
    • The Ex-File
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Overton is mortified when he sees Melody, the woman who once shattered him by rejecting his marriage proposal, at the hardware store. He sneaks out, but she later gets his number from his friend Pug and gives him a call. Although Synclaire feels that it is a terrible idea, Overton agrees to meet Melody at Cheezy Burger. After Kyle inadvertently tells her about the proposal, a furious Synclaire tries to retaliate by driving to Bayonne to meet up with a man who sends her a Christmas card each year. She learns that he is an insurance agent, not an ex-flame. Melody tells Overton that she has come to appreciate him, and that she is now willing to spend her life with a "simple" man. She tries to kiss him, but Overton (who was once powerless to resist her advances) now feels nothing for her because of his love for Synclaire. Regine is annoyed to find that Khadijah and Synclaire have re-decorated the apartment and forced her into the worst bedroom, but is cheered when she discovers that her new room has free premium cable. Tag: Regine offers Khadijah and Synclaire a pay-per-view deal.moreless
    • Bristle While You Work
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Regine convinces her boss, Mary, to consider having her boutique advertise in Flavor. Regine annoys Khadijah by crashing the pitch meeting. Mary agrees to purchase the ad if she finds the campaign acceptable, but suggests that the duo work on it together. Regine and Khadijah argue constantly, and decide to pitch individual ideas. When Mary expresses her disgust at the suggestions, Khadijah apologizes and promises that she and Regine will work together. Regine complains that Khadijah doesn't respect her, but Khadijah claims that Regine pushes people around because she underestimates her own intelligence. Their brainstorming results in a good slogan, and they rush off to tell Mary. An unemployed and extremely bored Max gets on Overton's nerves by appointing herself his apprentice and following him everywhere (even to his basement sanctuary, "Overland"). She surprises him by installing the new water heater, but starts a fire when she forgets to install the steam release valve. Tag: Max's re-wiring literally brings down the house. Music: "Burning on the River" (variation of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Proud Mary"), performed by John Henton and Erika Alexandermoreless
    • The Engagement (1)
      The Engagement (1)
      Season 3 - Episode 27
      While buying a hot dog in the park, Synclaire meets Robert De Niro, who offers her the part of a waitress in his new movie. Overton tries to plan the perfect evening in the hopes of proposing to Synclaire, but virtually everything goes wrong. Synclaire cannot make their dinner because she has been called to the set. She eventually shows up, but they have to flee when the houseboat restaurant has plumbing problems. Their hansom cab breaks down in Central Park, and Overton gets mugged. Despite Synclaire's pleas, he unhitches the horse and mounts it in the hopes of chasing the man down and getting the ring back. An alternative rock group slaps Khadijah with a multi-million dollar lawsuit after Russell writes a review accusing it of ripping off Barry Manilow's "Mandy." When Regine tries to console Russell, he kisses her, and she takes a very long time to shove him away. Regine's women's group persuades Max to run for alderwoman. Regine appoints herself Max's campaign manager, but objects to her straightforward campaign and questionable slogans ("Ride the Maverick!"). Max's campaign appears to be doomed when a local news broadcast publicizes scandalous information about her personal life. Tag: Kyle consoles Max as the allegations pour down. Music: "Everybody Has a Nipple" by the Belching Yamsmoreless
    • Likes Father, Likes Son
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      While at the TV station to visit her boyfriend, simple-minded weatherman Cole Front, Regine makes a date with a handsome older man named Warner Devant. When she later learns that Warner is Cole's father, she continues to see both men (she considers it a challenge); but has difficulty keeping track of their birthdays and likes and dislikes. The men eventually figure out what is going on, and show up at her door to confront her. Regine apologizes for the deception, and Cole orders her to choose between them. She picks Warner, causing Cole to have an on-air breakdown. Meanwhile, Overton, Max and Khadijah drive Kyle crazy when they invest money with his firm. He finally resigns as their broker, prompting one of his colleagues to thank him for the "suckers." Tag: Cole loses it on the air. Music: "Theme from Sanford and Son," hummed by T.C. Carsonmoreless
    • Love Is a Many Splintered Thing
      Season 1 - Episode 24
      Khadijah interviews fourth-grade teacher Alonzo Ford for an article honoring his selection as Teacher of the Year. They hit it off, and Alonzo quickly asks her out on a date. They spend nearly every free moment together for three weeks. After Max, Regine and Synclaire complain that Khadijah is neglecting them, she invites them to have dinner with Alonzo and her, but the couple doesn't show up. They re-schedule, but Alonzo and Khadijah ignore the girls and spend the entire evening babbling and kissing. Khadijah is confused by her friends' anger, as she believes that they should be happy that she has found a good man. When Alonzo's friends interrupt a date to complain that he has forgotten their basketball game, Khadijah realizes that they have become wrapped up in their own world. They resolve to spend more time with their friends, and the girls allow Khadijah to come miniature golfing with them. Meanwhile, Overton and Kyle must come to grips with the fact that their puppy, Sanford, must be fixed. Tag: Revitalized Sanford attacks Kyle.moreless
    • Another Saturday Night
      Season 2 - Episode 22
      Kyle is thrilled when he is asked to serve as escort to a beautiful princess who is doing business with his company, but finds that security precautions cramp his style. Overton enlists the help of Khadijah and "secret weapon" Synclaire to gain revenge on a pair of pool hustlers. Regine exposes Max's jealousy concerning Kyle and the princess by claiming that the two are pictured in the society pages. She cackles when Max tears through the paper. Max announces that she will ease Regine's boredom by taking her along to watch Max get a tattoo, but her bravado fades considerably when she sees the needles. Tag: Kyle says good night to Hellura's bodyguard after date.moreless
    • Compromising Positions
      Compromising Positions
      Season 3 - Episode 26
      Laverne is very impressed with Keith at their first meeting, but things take a turn for the worse when Ms. Hunter catches Keith and Regine in a romantic interlude on the roof a few days later. (Max, who observed the entire encounter from her apartment, documents it for the neighborhood newsletter.) Regine cannot get her mother to speak to her, so she comes down to her favorite bingo parlor with Khadijah to confront her. Laverne explains that Regine's behavior reminds her of the time that Regine was conceived in the bleachers during a Mets game. Regine assures her that she has control of her life, and there is no reason to worry. When one of Laverne's bingo cards is a winner, she and her daughter celebrate with a shopping spree. Overton decides to pop the question to Synclaire. He spots the perfect ring, but must negotiate with the eccentric old man who presently owns it. Tag: Overton and Ray take a "chopper" ride.moreless
    • Rags to Riches
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Regine is thrilled when a famous designer purchases the boutique, until she learns that he has decided to target the mainstream market and convert it into a discount store called Le Rag Bin. Although her mother can't get enough of the merchandise, Regine is on the verge of quitting when she assembles a particularly gaudy outfit for one customer. The woman is actually a wardrobe consultant for the hit soap opera Palo Alto. She is impressed with Regine's ability to perceive what is tacky, and hires her as her assistant. Meanwhile, Overton is mortified to learn that he is a dead ringer for a porn star. Tag: Overton learns he has unwittingly rented "Herbie the Lust Bug."moreless
    • A Tale of Two Tattles
      Season 1 - Episode 25
      Khadijah, Max and Synclaire are furious when Regine's new boyfriend, Tony, uses embarrassing stories about them in his stand-up act. Although they are angry at Regine for blabbing their secrets, they realize they have all been guilty of this at some point. They vow to no longer engage in gossip. Kyle asks Overton to program his two girlfriends' numbers into his new cellular phone. Overton makes the girls aware of each other's existence when he accidentally calls one when he believed he was speaking with the other. Regine cannot keep her promise to refrain from gossip after she hears the two women comparing notes about Kyle on the street. She tells her friends that Kyle stutters at the height of passion. The girls witness Kyle arguing with both women in the hallway. When they both dump him, Kyle urges his friends to preserve his reputation. "Maybe we will, maybe we wo-wo-wo-wo-won't!" Max exclaims. Tag: Tony plagiarizes Synclaire's act in television appearance.moreless
    • On the Rebound
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      NBA star Grant Hill comes to town for a Basketball/Piano Camp, and agrees to an interview for Flavor. While playing a game of one-on-one against Khadijah, he injures his knee in a mid-air collision. Khadijah feels guilty, but the injury is not serious. Grant comes over to the apartment, and he and Khadijah end up kissing (much to Regine's horror). Although Grant sweeps Khadijah off her feet and is interested in a relationship, Khadijah feels that the distance between them and their busy schedules would make this impossible. She breaks up with him, as she doesn't want to get hurt. Synclaire and Max suggest that she still hasn't gotten over Scooter. Kyle and Max are frustrated beyond belief when they cannot beat Overton and Synclaire at a single board game. Overton and Synclaire finally throw a game of Battleship to shut them up. A college-age messenger delivers a package to Flavor and is instantly smitten with Khadijah. Tag: Grant serenades an appreciative Regine.moreless
    • Whose Date Is It Anyway?
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      After learning that Synclaire hasn't had a date for six months, Regine and Max devote their energies to remedying this situation. Synclaire accepts a date from a handsome veterinarian named Michael, much to Overton's chagrin. Max and Regine give her a make-over and offer tips. Regine explains the "date laugh," in which the woman puts one hand on her date and the other on her cleavage when the man says anything amusing. They decide to follow Synclaire to the restaurant to make sure things go smoothly. Although Khadijah feels they should mind their own business, she also tags along. Synclaire is furious at their interference, and asks them to leave. She and Michael have a nice time, but he is called away on an emergency, thanks to a phone call set up by Overton. Overton steps in and takes his place at the table, and later takes Synclaire bowling. Synclaire sends Overton into the stratosphere with a kiss on the cheek, and he excitedly tells Kyle that he is six months ahead of schedule in his pursuit of her. Tag: Synclaire reads instructions for hopelessly complicated board game, Blasto.moreless
    • Crappy Birthday
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      The girls force Khadijah to take a road trip to Atlantic City for her birthday, although she would much rather stay home. Max's driving leaves Khadijah nauseous, so she decides to stay in the room while the others check out the casino. She gives Synclaire twenty dollars to gamble for her. Max snatches the money away and wins 700 dollars. When Khadijah comes downstairs, Max fears that she will want to take her money back. She and Regine ask Synclaire to distract Khadijah. After a chance meeting with comedian Flip Wilson, Khadijah catches up to Max, who convinces her to let the money ride. Khadijah piles up a mountain of chips, is surrounded by admirers, and wins the million-dollar sweepstakes from Ed McMahon (presented by two scantily clad men). She awakens in the back seat of the car to learn that she actually lost all her money, became drunk and unruly, and was thrown out of the casino. She reminds her friends that she didn't want to celebrate her birthday, and vows revenge. The girls ask Kyle and Overton to water their plants while they are away, but Kyle decides to raid the refrigerator. Chaos ensues when Kyle spills Kool-Aid on the couch and a panicked Overton breaks a lamp. Tag: Ed McMahon and Flip Wilson present their catch phrases.moreless
    • Not So Silent Partner
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      Khadijah is approached by Jeremy Mills, a corporate liaison whose employer, Majestic Publishing, would like to purchase a share of Flavor. Khadijah turns him down, noting that they are only interested because their copycat magazine failed. After the employees express the need for a medical plan and an issue is scuttled by a flood at the print shop, Khadijah finally decides to "sell her soul" by allowing Majestic to buy a 25 percent share. Khadijah does not take kindly to Jeremy's efforts to make himself the hero of the employees. When he fails to come through with the promised health plan, he tries to make Khadijah break the news to the staff. She goes to the head of the corporation and threatens to quit if the health plan is not granted. Jeremy lashes out at her for usurping his authority, so she challenges him to stay for the duration of one of the staff's all-night work sessions. He grows to realize how much work is put into the magazine. Regine falls into a deep funk as the result of her break-up with Keith and the news that Palo Alto is on the verge of cancellation. Synclaire tries her best to cheer her up, but Regine just wants to be left alone.moreless
    • Grumpy Old Man
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      Kyle grows increasingly surly as his 30th birthday approaches. Max, at her friends' urging, throws him a surprise party. He does not wish to participate, but is coaxed into a game of Barnyard Twister. Kyle throws his back out and leaves, humiliated. Max finds him sulking at the laundromat and asks him what is wrong. He explains that he has failed to meet many of his professional goals. Whereas he had always been a wunderkind, he now feels that he is going nowhere. Max tells him that there are some good things to be said for aging. She points out that he never could have gotten her into a relationship if he were still as immature and sexist as he was when they met. She says that she is giving herself to him for his birthday. Kyle thanks her, laughing that she is "sweet and cheap." Synclaire fills the house with plants, and is distressed when they die after just two days. Khadijah feels that Synclaire was smothering the plants with attention, and jokes that they committed "planticide" to get away from her. Tag: Kyle opens dozens and dozens of jars. Music: "The Hustle" by Van McCoymoreless
    • I Love This Game
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Denise Hatcher, Khadijah's high school basketball rival, comes to the Flavor office to complain about a sportswriter's comments about her coaching ability. They begin to argue about an incident in an all-star game in which they were teammates. Denise is still bitter because Khadijah was named MVP after scoring the winning basket by supposedly stepping on Denise's foot and stealing a pass intended for her. Denise challenges Khadijah to a game of one-on-one, with the MVP trophy going to the winner. While Khadijah is at the gym with Overton and Scooter, Denise shows up and throws down a thunderous dunk. Khadijah is ready to call off the game, but Max and Synclaire urge her not to quit. Khadijah trains hard, but is still hopelessly overmatched. During a time-out, Denise tries to get a weary Khadijah to concede, and boasts that she will shut her out. A rejuvenated Khadijah picks up her defense, then steals the ball and scores at the buzzer. Denise says she respects Khadijah's effort, and admits that she probably deserved to be MVP. Synclaire begins spending a lot of time on-line, and invites her new friends to the game (including jazz musician Branford Marsalis). Tag: Cast and Cheryl Miller demonstrate dunking techniques.moreless
    • Moonlight Savings Time
      Season 4 - Episode 19
      Kyle and Max's attempts to sneak around are complicated when Overton takes a second job as a handyman in her building. She is evicted after he inadvertently exposes her illegal satellite dish to the landlord. She lays the blame on Overton, and storms out. Overton orders Kyle to come out of the bedroom to discuss the situation, but Kyle doesn't feel much like defending Max. Khadijah shows Max the error of her ways and convinces her to apologize. Overton hatches a scheme to trick the landlord into giving Max her apartment back. Regine, Synclaire and Khadijah hire a housekeeper, but he nearly quits when Synclaire's enthusiastic efforts to help out leave him feeling inadequate.moreless
    • Mommy Not Dearest
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      Max's mother, Nina, comes to town to accept an award. Max is confused when her mother insists on staying at her apartment and trying to bond with her, as they never had a particularly close relationship. When her mother decides to reveal that she once had an affair, Max can take no more. She explains that she has always been grateful to her mother for giving her the space she needed to become her own person; things cannot change completely overnight. Nina shows up at the courtroom to console Max after she loses a case, and they decide to build their relationship slowly. Kyle is perplexed as to why Nina has not even been told of his existence. Khadijah finds actor Dean Cain's wallet in a cab, and learns that he will not work until he has retrieved the lucky receipt from the breakfast he ate the day he auditioned for Lois and Clark. She refuses to return the wallet to anyone but Cain himself. Tag: Dean Cain finds that Burt Ward is a little out of touch with reality.moreless
    • If the Crew Fits
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      Regine suffers through a disastrous dinner with Darryl's closest friends, and realizes that she and Darryl don't have very much in common after he shares his dream of one day taking his wife on a cross-country fishing trip via RV. A panicked Regine heads to the bowling alley to seek advice from her friends; but Khadijah is flirting, while everyone else is caught up in Overton's pursuit of a 300 game. Regine's desperate cry for attention proves to be Overton's undoing. Regine and Darryl decide to break up, but agree to remain good friends. Max is forced to compliment Kyle constantly after losing a bet over the bowling game. Tag: A behind-the-scenes look at the bowling scenes.moreless
    • High Anxiety
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      The Phoenix Suns come to town, and Max convinces Khadijah to visit the team's locker room and ask out Cedric Ceballos, with whom she has often flirted during interviews. Khadijah becomes so nervous over the date that she gets a splitting headache. Max tries to get her some aspirin, but accidentally gives her four herbal tranquilizers. (Regine had a supply so that she could give half a tablet to nervous brides.) Khadijah goes completely loopy at the restaurant, and refuses Max and Regine's attempts to help her. When they try to explain to Cedric, they are called groupies and thrown out. Tripp does not endear himself to the girls with his candor about Khadijah's situation. An old man comes by Overton and Synclaire's new apartment in the hopes of finding the old tenant, Mrs. Porchnik. Overton and Synclaire are afraid to break his heart by telling him that she has died. Max later tells him the truth (quite callously), and the man explains that Mrs. Porchnik owed him 500 dollars from a poker game. Tag: John tries four different punchlines before getting desired reaction.moreless
    • Scoop Dreams
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      Ivan is injured while riding his bike across the ice at Rockefeller Center to make a rush delivery for Flavor, and loses his job. Synclaire encourages Khadijah to give him a job, but she is frightened by his devotion to her. After learning that Ivan is a top journalism student, she hires him as a copy aide. Khadijah grows tired of Ivan's ridiculous story ideas, so she sends him to a celebrity hairdressing convention. He returns with a tape recording that suggests that Rev. Jesse Jackson has accepted a cabinet position. Having earlier been scooped by the competition on a music industry shake-up, Khadijah decides to run the story without verification. She is humiliated to discover that Rev. Jackson was discussing the renovation of his home, and is forced to pull all the issues from the shelves. A distraught Ivan is ready to give up journalism, but Khadijah takes the blame. She explains that--while Ivan is too raw to know any better--she has years of experience, and should not have ignored basic procedure. Overton is stung when his close friend Jeff selects Kyle to be his newborn son's godfather. When Kyle realizes the responsibility involved, he seeks Overton's assistance. Tag: The christening of Kyle's godson.moreless
    • I'll Take Your Man
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      After Regine breaks up with her latest beau, a handsome attorney named Charles, she grants Max permission to give him a call. However, she is furious when Max goes to church and Sunday brunch with Charles. She suspects that Max doesn't even care about Charles, and is only using him to hurt Regine. Regine persuades a reluctant Khadijah to ask Max to break up with Charles. Max refuses, as she enjoys Charles's company and doesn't feel that Regine should always get her own way. Max later drops by the apartment and announces that she has dumped Charles. When Regine praises her for her selflessness, Max admits that Charles was the one who broke things off. The girls agree not to date each other's ex-boyfriends--unless he's really fine. Overton is forced to endure a slew of phone calls from lonely women when his ad offering handyman services accidentally ends up in the personals. Tag: Overton puts out toaster fire when Synclaire is distracted by phone calls.moreless
    • Living Kringle
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      Synclaire is distraught because none of her friends seem to be in the holiday spirit. She manages to convince everyone to come together for a tree-trimming party, but the gathering breaks up quickly when Max gets a hot date, and the others are bogged down by work commitments. As her friends discover the thoughtful gifts Synclaire has left for them, they return to the apartment to thank her, only to discover that she is gone. However, she has left a detailed map leading them to her location. They find her at a bar, where her sunny demeanor has cheered the lonely bar patrons, who are now singing Christmas carols. Everyone apologizes to Synclaire for taking her for granted and failing to appreciate the holiday season. Meanwhile, Overton schemes to catch Synclaire under the mistletoe. Tag: Overton and Synclaire watch The Little Elf That Could. Music: "Joy to the World," played by greeting card; "Winter Wonderland" (Richard Smith/Felix Bernard), sung by the cast; Variations of "Deck the Halls" (Traditional) and "Little Drummer Boy" (Katherine Davis/Henry Onorati/Harry Simeone), sung by Kim Fieldsmoreless
    • School's Out Forever
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      Kyle and Overton return to Cleveland for a reunion at their high school, which is about to be demolished due to asbestos. Kyle has a run-in with Lester Tate, the bully who tormented him throughout his youth, and finally stands up to the man. He points out that many of Lester's victims are successful, while he is a loser. When Lester reveals that he is homeless, everyone turns against Kyle. Kyle tries to apologize to Lester, but catches him stealing shoes from kids' lockers. Lester taunts and threatens Kyle, who tells him his attitude is the cause of his problems. Kyle locks Lester in a janitor's closet and calls the police. After Synclaire is mistaken for class cut-up Helen Robinson, she impersonates the woman and keeps her admirers entertained. The real Helen finally approaches and thanks Synclaire for letting her have a night of peace and quiet. Max publicly insults the garbage workers' union. The men begin dumping trash outside her apartment until Khadijah and Regine force her to apologize. Music: Cover versions of "Crocodile Rock" (Elton John), "Tears of a Clown" (Smokey Robinson and the Miracles), "Midnight Train to Georgia" (Gladys Knight and the Pips) and "ABC" (Jackson 5).moreless
    • Quittin' Time
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Synclaire is angry when she is passed over for a promotion. When Khadijah asks her to define the type of job she is seeking, Synclaire's friends help her to realize that she would like to become the office manager. Khadijah insists that Synclaire cannot handle such a responsibility. She adds that, given Synclaire's frequent blunders, she probably would have been fired if she weren't the boss's cousin. Synclaire quits in a huff, and lands a job at Turkey Hut. Synclaire's replacement at Flavor, Mrs. Ryan, is efficient but extremely cold and impersonal. When Synclaire comes to the office to retrieve her belongings, she helps Mrs. Ryan find a file by explaining that her filing system is based on emotions. Things that will make Khadijah happy are in the front of the cabinet, while those that will upset her are hidden in the back. Khadijah realizes that Synclaire's sweet, cheerful personality makes up for her incompetence. She re-hires her as Vice President of Office Affairs (she had already quit the Turkey Hut after learning the contents of the turkey nuggets), and allows her the honor of firing Mrs. Ryan. Tag: Khadijah and Synclaire act out the episode with troll dolls.moreless
    • In Your Dreams
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      Khadijah dreams of kissing Scooter in a hot tub. Max forces her to join her at a New Age retreat, where she hopes to find the purpose of her existence. Synclaire tags along. Khadijah is bewildered when the hot tub at the facility resembles the one in her dream, and is shocked to find Scooter at the retreat. When she tells him about her dream, he becomes distant. He later joins her in the hot tub and explains that his girlfriend dumped him because his heart wasn't in the relationship. He is still hung up on Khadijah, but cannot stand to just be friends. Khadijah admits she loves Scooter, but isn't sure this is enough. They agree that work is no longer their top priority, and decide to build a new relationship. Max discovers that she was a man in all of her past lives. She resolves that she must have a child, leading to much mockery from Khadijah and Synclaire. Overton and Synclaire lease Kyle's apartment to Roni De Santos, a local DJ. Tripp confesses that he once slept with Roni after winning a date with her in a contest, only to be rejected. Overton forces the two to spend time together. Roni tells Tripp that she pushed him away because she was afraid of being fired. However, she is now dating someone else.moreless
    • Whatever Happened to Baby Sister?
      Season 3 - Episode 25
      Khadijah's estranged father asks her to keep an eye on her spoiled half-sister, Stephanie, while she is in town for a track meet. Khadijah asks Ivan to take her out and keep her out of trouble, but she slips away at a party and gets really drunk. She has a terrible hangover the morning of the finals. Khadijah forces her to get in the blocks, but she has to quit the race to go throw up. Khadijah can't understand why Stephanie would throw her opportunity away, but Stephanie explains that she is tired of being touted as a future Olympian; she would rather be a regular college student. Khadijah doesn't sympathize, pointing out that Stephanie at least has a father to pressure her. She is surprised to learn that their father always holds up Khadijah as a role model to her sister. Regine suspects that Max penned a letter to a magazine expressing concern about her habit of pushing men away (one in particular). She and Kyle pester Max about this, but she steadfastly denies it. Overton, however, sees through her lies. Tag: Khadijah challenges Stephanie to a race. Music: "Fantastic Voyage" (Lakeside), sung by Tatyana Alimoreless
    • Glass Ceiling
      Season 3 - Episode 23
      Kyle receives a promotion, but becomes extremely disenchanted after realizing that he is no longer allowed any contact with clients; the entire job consists of attending meeting after meeting. When Kyle is asked to speak before a church youth group, a young man who has followed his career closely suggests that he use his creativity to make his job more interesting. Kyle proposes an intermediary position, in which he would be involved in middle management, yet still work with clients. He must take a pay cut, but feels it is worth it. Meanwhile, Max tests Regine's claim that she doesn't mind when Keith paints portraits of nude models by volunteering to pose. Regine finally admits her jealousy, and Keith agrees to work with her to put her mind at ease. Tag: Rev. Taylor tries to sneak out of Overton's lecture while kids sleep.moreless
    • He's the One
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      Regine interviews for a job coordinating a charity event for handsome entrepreneur Dexter Knight. She is stunned to find herself dropping all pretenses and being completely honest with Dexter. Regine believes that she may be hearing wedding bells soon, but comes down to earth when she realizes she can't make the budget for the party. She is forced to cut corners to pull off the event. Khadijah and Max go to the party, using passes from the public defender's office. Several old men hit on Khadijah because she reminds them of a young Pearl Bailey. She later leaves with New York Jets wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson. When Max knocks a glass of wine off a tray, Regine dives in front of Dexter and absorbs the damage. She confesses her budget problems, and admits she is trying to impress him. He kisses her. When everyone gets on Max's case about not giving Overton and Synclaire a wedding gift, she presents them with a blank check. However, she lays a guilt trip on them by saying she will donate any extra money to the charity. Music: "Hello Dolly" (Pearl Bailey), performed by Queen Latifahmoreless
    • Virgin Territory
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      Max is stunned to learn that her boyfriend, Gary, is a virgin. She has serious doubts as to whether she should deflower him, but eventually goes through with it. She is saddened when Gary heeds her advice and decides not to crowd her, but maintains her bravado in front of her friends. Kyle sees through her act and realizes that she is hurt, and she confesses that she can no longer simply chew men up and spit them out. Kyle takes her to dinner to talk things over. Khadijah, following Regine's suggestion, "borrows" some ski clothing for a weekend with Charles. Her plan goes awry when the store burns down before she can get a refund. Music: "Teach Me Tonight" by Al Jarreaumoreless
    • One Degree of Separation
      Season 4 - Episode 21
      Overton and Synclaire's engagement party is marred when her bickering parents announce that they have separated. When Synclaire begins to express doubts about her own union, Overton forces the James' to talk things out. Lilah reveals that she has tired of her husband's constant wisecracks. She has not revealed her desire to become a lounge singer because she fears Clinton's ridicule. He agrees to support her dream, and they realize that their problems are manageable. Regine tries to use the party as a trap to prove that Max and Kyle are seeing each other. Max suggests that they bring phony dates to throw off Regine; but is distressed when Kyle flies a model friend in from Los Angeles for the evening, while she is stuck with the perpetually boring Teddy. Max finally takes Kyle to the kitchen and confesses that she is seething with jealousy. Kyle pressures her into admitting that she likes him, and she is on the verge of making a more significant admission when Regine bursts in. Max pretends that she is choking Kyle, and Regine is foiled again.

      Music: "That's What Friends Are For" (Dionne Warwick and Friends), sung by Denise Nicholas / Gladys Knightmoreless
    • Am I My Sister's Keeper?
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Overton's younger sister, Olivia, comes for a visit, and Overton is extremely protective of her. When Overton can't make their planned trip to the botanical gardens, Olivia suggests that she could go to a movie with Kyle (with whom she had been flirting). Overton catches them kissing in the hallway and throws a bucket of water on Kyle, ruining his suit. Meanwhile, Regine decides to become a vegetarian, and forces her beliefs on her roommates by throwing out all the meat. Khadijah plots to convert her back to meat-eating by holding a barbecue and giving her nothing to eat but celery. Regine does not give in, but she and her friends agree to respect each other's values. After a pep talk from Synclaire, Olivia finally musters the courage to ask her brother to stop treating her like a kid. Tag: Kyle douses Overton with water, then puts out fire with one drop. John (Henton) waves and says good night to audience.moreless
    • I've Got You Under My Skin
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      On her way out of the hospital following hemorrhoid surgery, Khadijah makes a date with a doctor named Charles. When she learns that he was her anesthesiologist, she becomes embarrassed and is unable to show any physical affection toward him. After he makes a fool of himself in the batting cage at the hospital's charity carnival, Khadijah's mind is eased and she kisses him. Regine begins moonlighting as a wedding coordinator. Her first clients are a spooky couple with bizarre supernatural powers, such as the ability to call Regine over a disconnected telephone. They wish to hold their ceremony in a cemetery, and are thrilled by Regine's suggestion of throwing the bouquet into an open grave. Tag: Regine receives unwanted "gift" from Edwin and Damiana.moreless
    • The Engagement (2)
      The Engagement (2)
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      The police bring a shivering Overton to the apartment. The horse subdued the mugger, but bucked Overton into the bushes. He still does not tell Synclaire about the ring. Overton later picks the mugger out of the lineup. Synclaire breaks down the door and tries to attack the man. Overton's belongings are returned to him and (after an interruption from Khadijah) he proposes to Synclaire at the police station. She immediately accepts. As she has no chance of winning in court, Khadijah agrees to a settlement with the band, which will force Flavor to go bankrupt. Russell saves the day when he bursts in and announces that he has deconstructed the song in question. He gradually strips away parts of the song, and reveals that it actually was a rip-off of "Mandy." Max's campaign appears to be back on track when Kyle uncovers evidence that proves the incumbent is corrupt, but the documents are shredded. Max instead admits the allegations against her are true, but claims that they prove she has the passion to fulfill her duties. Tag: Synclaire has another run-in with the mugger. Music: "Mandy" by Barry Manilowmoreless
    • The Best Laid Plans
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      Max plans on making a play for her old law school professor and mentor, Clayton Simmons, who is in town to give a lecture. She organizes a law discussion party at the girls' apartment. Khadijah confesses to Synclaire that she once spent the night with Clayton, but can't bring herself to tell Max. At the party, Clayton acts as though he doesn't remember Khadijah. An offended Khadijah takes him into the kitchen. He explains that he does remember her, but didn't say anything in case she hadn't told Max. Max overhears their conversation through an open window, and is very upset. Clayton explains that he cannot date his students, but says that he is proud of her. Max is exasperated by Khadijah's tendency to keep secrets, but forgives her. Regine is outraged when Tripp lets the woman he is entertaining wear Regine's bathrobe and use her bubble bath. She also cuts his soap-on-a-rope because it is not appropriate for a "diva's bathroom." Tripp embarrasses catererer Regine by showing up for the party sweaty and reeking of garbage. They finally agree to a compromise. Music: "Sexual Healing" (Marvin Gaye), sung by Mel Jacksonmoreless
    • Swing Out Sisters
      Season 4 - Episode 18
      After realizing that their busy schedules have caused them to miss out on important events in each other's lives, the girls decide to go out together on Saturday night. They are immediately hit on at the cafe, and the owner ejects Max for heckling a stand-up act. Regine leads them to a gay bar, where they are surprised to find Russell tending bar (he loves the tips). Khadijah beats a fierce drag queen named Hank at arcade basketball (by cheating); Max is mistaken for a man; Synclaire helps a man get over the handyman who dumped him; and Regine dances with Russell and almost admits to enjoying herself. Meanwhile, Kyle and Overton nearly get into a fistfight when Overton learns that Kyle's boss and his nephews didn't pay the cover charge for their pay-per-view boxing party. After getting sick from the pork rinds, hitting his head on the toilet, and being trampled by partygoers, Jeffrey declares that he had a great time and gives Kyle a big account. Music: "Opportunity (Let's Make Lots of Money)" by the Pet Shop Boys; cover version of "Super Freak, Pt. 1" (Rick James)moreless
    • Who's Scooping Who?
      Season 2 - Episode 23
      Khadijah vies with Marcus Hughes, a pompous reporter from the Village Voice, to break a story about a promoter who fixes fights. Khadijah appears to have the upper hand when she coaxes one of the fighters into granting an interview and providing details of the scandal. Marcus tricks the maid into letting him into Khadijah's hotel room, where he hides in the bathroom and records her interview. However, Khadijah has one more trick up her sleeve: she arranges for Flavor to hit the newsstands a day earlier than usual. She taunts Marcus by noting that he may work for a big magazine, but Khadijah calls the shots at Flavor. Regine is thrilled to discover that she is the inspiration for a popular doll. Max convinces the toy company to give Regine a share of the profits, but Regine's dreams of wealth are dashed when a defect in the doll is discovered: its wig is highly flammable. Tag: The doll bursts into flames.moreless
    • Double Indignity
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      Max takes a job as a telemarketer, unaware that her sleazy boss is a scam artist who sells subliminal tapes that do not contain subliminal messages. She is arrested while talking on the phone with Khadijah. Meanwhile, Overton sets up surveillance and begins recording all the girls' phone calls in the hopes of catching a prank caller. When the public defender assigned to represent Max proves to be woefully incompetent, she decides to represent herself. She points out that the boss was the only person to run, and cites this as evidence that the employees didn't realize they were committing a crime. She adds that she was making a personal call at the time that the police raided the building, and proves this through Overton's tape. The judge dismisses the case, and all the other employees ask Max to represent them. The judge recommends Max to the public defender's office, which hires her immediately. Tag: Identity of prank caller revealed.moreless
    • Three Men and a Buckeye
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      Overton receives tickets to the Ohio State-Michigan football game, as his uncle Smoke Eye's son is the Buckeyes' quarterback. Synclaire refuses to go, and Khadijah is unable to come along because Regine needs her to help break the news to her mother that she is moving in with Dexter. Overton decides to take Tripp. When Regine rejects Russell's desperate marriage proposal, he asks to come along to take his mind off his troubles. He drives the guys in a run-down van. They pick up a beautiful hitchhiker, only to learn from the radio that she is a robbery suspect. While she is sleeping, the guys pull over and step outside to discuss what to do. The woman steals the van. By the time the guys make it to the police station, the hitchhiker has been caught. A policeman drives Overton and Tripp to the end of the game. Tripp has the Michigan shirt ripped off his back, and Overton's cousin leads OSU to a comeback victory. Laverne is surprisingly calm upon learning Regine's news, but fears Dexter will never agree to marriage. While they are in the kitchen, Dexter slips into the living room and plays the piano. He proposes to Regine, who accepts before Laverne faints.moreless
    • A Hair-Razing Experience
      A Hair-Razing Experience
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Kyle suggests that his firm take advantage of the untapped financial potential of Africa by creating a mutual fund, and volunteers to handle the project personally. Lawrence informs Kyle that the firm is concerned about using Kyle as a representative, as his appearance--specifically his hair--isn't "corporate" enough. Kyle does not want his career to be curtailed over such a trivial matter, so he considers getting a haircut. However, he then suffers a nightmare in which he turns into a jester who obeys his bosses' every whim (and is forced to dance before Queen Max). He calls a meeting and informs his bosses that his hair is a symbol of his pride in his African heritage. He had believed that the firm made its decisions based on merit, and will not compromise himself. Kyle learns that only Lawrence was worried about his hair, and that his concerns were dismissed. The African mutual fund is approved, and Kyle receives a promotion. Meanwhile, Khadijah is distraught when she continually misses Scooter's phone calls from the road. She finally realizes that she cannot put her life on hold while waiting for the phone to ring. Tag: Overton with Moe the barber.moreless
    • A Raze in Harlem
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      Kyle is devastated to learn that an historic jazz club, the Showboat, is to be demolished. All his friends chip in with his campaign to save the club. Kyle fantasizes about the club's heyday, with all of the characters assuming other roles. Kyle is a busboy with a dream of singing on stage; Max is Big Max, the sexist club owner who constantly comes on to him; Khadijah is Kay, the club's singer; Regine is Zelda Fitzsimmons, a diva who seems to be missing a few marbles; Synclaire is Claire, a no-nonsense bible thumper; and Overton is Hooch Jones, the moonshiner who wins her heart when she learns he is funding orphanage repairs. Big Max fires Kyle for refusing to sleep with her, but is forced to let him take the stage when Kay quits to pursue a film career. Before he can sing his first note, the police raid the club. After all efforts to save the Showboat prove fruitless, Kyle heads down to the club to say goodbye. He bribes the construction crew into allowing him a few moments alone. He fulfills his dream of singing on the Showboat stage, then tearfully says farewell to this piece of his musical heritage. Tag: Kyle leaves club and walks down street, circa 1920s. Music: "Taint Nobody's Bizness if I Do," performed by Queen Latifah; "Yes Sir, That's My Baby" and "Honeysuckle Rose," performed by T.C. Carsonmoreless
    • To Catch a Thief
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      Synclaire's embittered colleague Marco steals her act and uses it in his one-man show. Synclaire is furious, but agrees to back off after learning that he needs money to pay his child support. Phil, the head of the Gotham Players, informs Synclaire that Marco has no children; and collects substantial alimony payments from his ex-wife, Joyce DeWitt of TV's Three's Company. Synclaire and Overton bring Joyce to one of Marco's performances, where she rips up their alimony agreement because he failed to report income. When Marco begins to bomb, Synclaire takes the stage to help him out. She catches the eye of Tony Jonas, president of Warner Brothers Television, who offers her the chance to audition for the role of a renegade nun in a new series. Max reveals that she has become pregnant through a sperm donor. Khadijah chastises her for behaving so impulsively, but agrees to support her. She remarks that the child might force Max to grow up. Roni and Tripp flirt shamelessly during a game of Monopoly, and while walking Max's new--and uncontrollable--dog. Music: "What the World Needs Now Is Love" (Jackie DeShannon), performed by Kim Coles and Sam McMurraymoreless
    • Love Don't Live Here Anymore (1)
      Love Don't Live Here Anymore (1)
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      Kyle purchases a one-way ticket for Max in the hopes of persuading her to move to London with him. Max is furious that Kyle will not stay in New York for her, and accuses him of attempting to turn her into a housewife. Overcome with frustration, she trashes her friends' apartment; but later receives counsel from Khadijah and a surprisingly sympathetic Regine. Khadijah rejects Regine's snooty roommate candidate; then recruits Tripp Williams, an aspiring songwriter who has just been booted from Russell's apartment. Regine reluctantly allows him to move in on a trial basis, after initially claiming that having a male roommate would be a disaster because he would surely fall in love with her. A pushy activities director disrupts Overton and Synclaire's honeymoon cruise. After wandering off during a luau, the newlyweds discover that they have been left stranded on a deserted island. Tag: Latifah can't get her line out in kitchen scene with Kim F.moreless
    • Doctor in the House
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      Charles is the recipient of an award, but is reluctant to attend the ceremony, as he considers everyone in that social circle to be snobs. After the guests treat Khadijah rudely, Charles tells them what they can do with their award. Khadijah fears for Charles's career and asks his kindly boss to smooth things over. Charles is angry with Khadijah for speaking for him, and they realize that they are both incredibly stubborn. Regine goes to the party as Russell's date and uses his connections to make friends with some of the guests. When the women stick Regine with a huge bill at the Russian Tea Room, Russell has to save her. Max spends all her Christmas money on a massage chair for herself, which she has delivered to the girls' apartment, but won't let anyone else use. Kyle, Overton and Synclaire plot revenge, but are hopelessly overmatched. Tag: Max regains control of the chair. Music: Variation of "Deck the Halls," sung by Erika Alexandermoreless
    • Multiple Choice
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      Overton and Synclaire must take a compatibility test before they can be married at their church. Synclaire constantly nags Overton about studying, while he feels they have nothing to worry about. They get into an argument just before taking the test, and purposely fail by writing the most inflammatory responses possible. Rev. Taylor finally agrees to let them re-take the test, but only after his wife threatens to make him sleep in the bathtub. Max tries to prove that she can have any man she wants by throwing herself at a young waiter. He continually turns her down, but relents after she takes the stage and gives an embarrassing rendition of "All by Myself." When he asks her out, Max says, "I don't date desperate men." Music: "All by Myself" (Eric Carmen), performed by Erika Alexandermoreless
    • Love Don't Live Here Anymore (2)
      Love Don't Live Here Anymore (2)
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      Overton and Synclaire begin bickering about their predicament. They realize that much of their fear is the result of their anxiety about marriage, and vow to work together to overcome their doubts. A helicopter finally rescues the couple. The cruise director tries to force them to foot the bill, but Synclaire tells her off. Tripp quickly wins the affection of Khadijah and Max, but can't seem to do right by Regine. She attempts to break up his football-viewing party, but changes her tune when R&B singer Montell Jordan arrives. Although Khadijah warns that they are making a mistake, Kyle and Max refuse to re-consider their positions about his move to London. Khadijah drives Kyle to the airport, where they sadly say their good-byes. Max arrives at the last moment, and she and Kyle challenge one another to back down. As Kyle heads toward the gate, Max forlornly asks him for one last kiss. After a passionate kiss, Kyle departs, leaving a tearful Khadijah and Max to console one another. At the apartment, Max, Regine and Khadijah confer in the bathroom. They are shocked when Tripp passes by and exposes himself as he steps into the shower. Regine is the only one who seems to mind. Tag: Kim C. pops her head out of shower, warning that she and Tripp are "busy." Music: "Endless Love" (Lionel Richie and Diana Ross), performed by Kim Coles and John Henton; "I Gotcha" (Joe Tex), sung by Kim Colesmoreless
    • Forgive Us Our Trespasses
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      Max is burying herself in her work. She encourages her clients to plea bargain, so that she can get through as many cases as possible. Walter Jackson, a man accused of trespassing at a hospital, thwarts her plans by insisting on going to trial. He believes that he is the Son of God, and says he was only trying to comfort the sick. Khadijah researches Walter's background and learns that he is a former corporate raider who became disgusted by his work. Max is disturbed when Walter asserts that she is trying to get over a broken heart, and describes in detail incidents from her childhood that he couldn't possibly have known about. He dissuades her from withdrawing from the case by challenging her to overcome her fear of losing. Max tries to win through "smoke and mirrors," but Walter urges her to tell the truth. He forces her to realize that she has relied on her career as a crutch because she doesn't know who she is. Max attacks the dishonesty of the legal system, and points out that Walter helped many people. He is sentenced to two weeks in jail. Max apologizes, but Walter tells her that the purpose of the trial was to force Max to undergo some soul-searching. She is left completely confused and empty.moreless
    • Reconcilable Differences
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      Synclaire begins spending most of her evenings at rehearsals, leaving Overton feeling neglected. After she blows off the romantic dinner he had prepared, he goes out to a gambling club with Russell and Tripp. When Overton loses the money the couple had set aside for a new bed, a furious Synclaire forces him to sleep on the couch. Khadijah forces her to realize that she had been too hard on Overton, so Synclaire apologizes and skips a rehearsal to spend time with her husband. Overton surprises Synclaire by having a new bed delivered. (He had sold his favorite leather jacket to pay for it.) Regine's new relationship is complicated by the man's devotion to his dog, which he won't even keep out of the bedroom. Regine finally breaks up with him when it becomes apparent that he prefers the dog's company to hers. Regine, unaware of the potential harm, feeds the dog a chocolate treat. The dog is hospitalized with chocolate poisoning, but ends up pulling through. Music: "Gamin'" by Deborah Williams (from the Living Single soundtrack)moreless
    • Too Good to Screw
      Season 4 - Episode 22
      Kyle learns that his visiting brother Damon is about to undertake a long voyage to Africa. He is incensed when Damon remarks that he also might be interested in becoming a handyman. He simultaneously offends both Damon and Overton, who strips him of best man duties. Damon points out that Kyle spends too much time working to enjoy life. After being teased about Max, Kyle agrees to stay out of Damon's business. He apologizes to Overton, and makes it up to him by flying in both his old shop teacher and Uncle Tibby for the bachelor party. Regine is furious when Max and Khadijah ask her high school rival, Ava Rivera, to help them organize Synclaire's bachelorette party. Ava lands Madonna's penthouse for the party, but Synclaire is upset when everyone pays more attention to the house than to her. Regine shifts the focus of the party back to Synclaire. When Madonna returns, Ava reveals that she doesn't have permission to use the house, and the girls crash Overton's party. Music: "Don't Waste My Time" by Esaga featuring Pamela Bryant (from the Living Single soundtrack).moreless
    • Legal Briefs
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      When Max's former flame Preston August becomes her new boss, they try to mix business and romance, but find that it is hopeless. They fail to get any work done, and each is insanely jealous when the other confers with co-workers of the opposite sex. They realize they must break up. Kyle is furious when a typo in his Flavor bio states that he is married, until he finds that being unavailable makes him more attractive. Tag: Kyle tries out his married persona in bar.moreless
    • Tibby or Not Tibby
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      Overton receives an unexpected visit from his beloved Uncle Tibby. He is not impressed with Synclaire, as he believes she is trying to "get her hooks" into Overton. He urges Overton to dump her immediately. Synclaire overhears this, and is deeply hurt. Overton assures her that he is not swayed by his uncle's opinion, and offers to prepare a special dinner to get Tibby to warm up to Synclaire. When Tibby continues to criticize her, Overton orders him to leave. He explains that he cannot go home, as his wife threw him out for offering his brutally honest opinion about her children's choir. He apologizes to Synclaire, and admits that the fact that she reminds him of his wife may have been to blame for his attitude. Overton and Synclaire urge him to call his wife and patch things up. Kyle reluctantly gives Max the expensive bracelet (engraved with the message, "To Max, Always on my mind. Kyle") he purchased before their break-up. She pawns it to buy fake crocodile skin boots, and taunts him. After Kyle repurchases it for his new flame, Regine notes that Max seems to have regrets. Tag: Overton and Synclaire agree with Tibby's assessment of choir. Music: "On Broadway," sung by Kim Colesmoreless
    • Living Single Undercover
      Season 4 - Episode 20
      Max enlists Khadijah's help in exposing an embezzlement scheme at City Hall. Ty Richardson, Flavor's cocky new reporter, demands the story, but is arrested in a barroom brawl. With the deadline approaching, Khadijah and Max decide to handle things themselves. They break into the office of a woman who had taken a suspicious vacation, and discover that she has created phony computer records. Ty shows up at the office with a completed story, and explains that his arrest was staged so that he could get to the guilty party's jailed partner. Khadijah forces him to agree to a collaborative story. When Overton still cannot accept the Cleveland Browns' move to Baltimore, Synclaire talks with Jim Brown at a sports card show and brings him to the apartment. Jim tells Overton to get over it and move on with his life with Synclaire, and gives him copies of his movies. Meanwhile, Regine insists that her date isn't the loser he appears to be.moreless
    • School Daze
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      In the hopes of spending more time with Synclaire, Overton enrolls in the art appreciation class she is taking at the night school. When the teacher marvels over one of Overton's first observations, he begins to hog the spotlight, leaving prize pupil Synclaire feeling crowded and unappreciated. She asks Overton to drop the class, but he refuses, as he feels he has uncovered a new talent. After Synclaire skips the class, Overton is overcome with guilt. Synclaire explains that she needs a place to call her own, as she is overshadowed at home and work. Overton agrees to drop the class, but decides to take an architecture course because he had enjoyed being back in school so much. Kyle places Khadijah on a strict budget to help solve her financial woes. Khadijah can't handle the prospect of buying generic foods and going without luxuries such as videos and microwave popcorn. Tag: Synclaire paints a portrait of her friends.moreless
    • Mr. Big Shot
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      Overton wins a contest from McColgan's shaving cream and receives a chance to take a 3-point shot for $10,000 at halftime of a Knicks game. Synclaire seems to be a jinx, as he misses every shot when she steps into the gym, and regains his form the second she leaves. Even slipping a photo of her into his gym bag is enough to bring on the curse. Synclaire refuses to go to the Knick game because she doesn't want to ruin Overton's chance at the money. Overton makes the shot, then calls Synclaire and reveals (on television) that he had worn a T-shirt of the couple together. Meanwhile, Max "borrows" a dress that Regine had designed for Palo Alto and wears it to a function at the mayor's house. Regine tries to warn her that it is a tear-away dress for a catfight scene, but thinks better of it. Max repairs the dress and apologizes to Regine, but also undertakes a long list of vengeful acts against her (including setting her up with RuPaul). Tag: Max's apology and revenge.moreless
    • There's No Ship Like Kinship
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      Khadijah's long-time friend Sheri accepts a job as a columnist at Flavor. She quickly makes friends with Synclaire, and the two go out to lunch every day and constantly joke around at the office. An annoyed Khadijah claims that their antics are disrupting the office, but she is actually very jealous. After she loses her temper and stomps off to her room during a game of Clue at the apartment, Synclaire confronts her. Khadijah apologizes and admits that she has been feeling left out. Sheri quits her job at Flavor, as she earned more money free-lancing. Overton suffers from insomnia after buying a new box spring. He does not sleep for days, and behaves erratically. When he goes upstairs to check on Khadijah and Synclaire, he falls asleep on Khadijah's bed. Tag: Everyone tries to get slumbering Overton out of Khadijah's room. Music: "Confunction Junction," sung by Kim Coles and Rosie O'Donnellmoreless
    • The James Bond
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      Khadijah and Synclaire learn that a $500 savings bond they opened as teenagers has matured, and is now worth $2700. Khadijah is anxious to use all the money to purchase a new computer for Flavor, and doesn't realize that Synclaire wants to use her half to attend a Harvey Keitel acting seminar. Synclaire spends her money without consulting Khadijah, who is unaware of her actions until the new computer is repossessed. Khadijah spends her share on a raise for Russell, and is furious at her cousin. She later learns that, although she had always considered Flavor their dream, Synclaire does not feel this way. She agrees to support Synclaire's aspirations. Kyle is outraged when he learns that Max has one more name in her little black book than he does. Max accuses him of being childish, but he isn't pacified until he discovers that he hasn't included Max in his book, while he is in hers. Tag: Overton watches Synclaire's naked acting demonstration.moreless
    • Friends Like These
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      Khadijah's college friend Jackie comes to town for an audition. She stays at the girls' apartment, and convinces Khadijah to give her a job at Flavor. Max is extremely jealous, and warns that Jackie is an opportunist who will hit Khadijah up for a loan. In college, Jackie convinced Max and Khadijah to start a sandwich business, only to drop it after two weeks. Khadijah is furious at Max for interfering in her affairs. A few days later, Jackie asks Khadijah to loan her money for a tattoo business. Khadijah turns her down, and orders her to return the 200 dollars she had borrowed from Synclaire. She tells Jackie that she needs to get her priorities straight and stop changing directions every few weeks. Jackie decides to go mooch off her parents. Just as Max boasts that Jackie never comes through, talk show host Arsenio Hall shows up at the apartment for the interview Jackie had promised to arrange. Overton buys several fish for the apartment. Kyle grows attached to them, and decides to get his own fish, Kyle Barker. When the new fish eats all the others, a guilt-ridden Kyle buys Overton a puppy, even though Kyle is allergic to dogs. Tag: Outtakes and photos with Arsenio.moreless
    • Papa Was a Rolling Stone
      Papa Was a Rolling Stone
      Season 4 - Episode 23
      Khadijah is annoyed when her estranged father comes to town for Synclaire's wedding. She has dinner with her parents for Mother's Day, but is hardly cordial. When she learns that Laverne saw her parents take off in a limo to Atlantic City, Khadijah chases after them. Rita assures her that she and Ed are only attending a Smokey Robinson concert. Ed tracks down Khadijah at the slot machines, and admits that he has made many mistakes in their relationship. However, it is important that Khadijah remain part of his life, as she is the only thing that truly brings him pride. He apologizes for not having a greater role in her development. Khadijah wins the jackpot with Ed's coin. Max threatens to harm Overton if he tells anyone about her affair with Kyle. Synclaire realizes he is keeping a secret. When Regine can't get Overton to crack, Synclaire confronts him. He tells her about Max and Kyle, but she isn't surprised; she has the room below Kyle's! Music: "You've Really Got a Hold on Me" (Smokey Robinson & the Miracles), performed by bandmoreless
    • Riot on the Set
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      Synclaire lucks into a starring role in a play when the star drops out a day before the opening. (Synclaire had memorized all the lines while serving as an usher as a teenager.) However, the director offers the opinion that Synclaire stinks, and is certain that the play will end both of their careers. A jittery Synclaire flubs her lines and strikes one of the other actors in the face with a door. When the audience responds favorably, Synclaire begins ad-libbing and turns the play into a comedy. It proves to be a huge hit and is held over. Thanks to a camera in a hat invented by Overton, the play had been recorded and Synclaire's lines can be written down. An IRS agent who is auditing Kyle agrees to go easy on him if he can teach him how to pick up women. However, the man ends up getting more than he bargained for…namely Max. Tag: Kyle guesses the identity of Albert's unwanted blind date.moreless
    • Dear John
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      Max and Khadijah grow weary of Regine's spineless boyfriend, John, so they joke about sending him a letter from Regine asking him to set her free. Max follows through with the plan, and Regine is devastated when John breaks up with her. Max and Khadijah go to John's house to explain the joke and ask him to take Regine back. They also suggest that he stand up for himself occasionally, rather than letting Regine walk all over him. Before John can come to the apartment to make up with Regine, she brings home her new boyfriend Keith, an artist who was painting a mural at the television studio. John arrives with flowers to tell Regine that their relationship is over, and begins pursuing Max. (He believes she sent the letter because she wanted him for herself.) Kyle's new girlfriend, Kimberly, begins coming on to Overton every time they are left alone together. Kyle refuses to believe this, but Kimberly freely admits to it when he confronts her on the roof. Kyle orders her to leave, and a belligerent Synclaire is more than happy to show her the door. Kimberly hooks up with the newly assertive John, although she doesn't seem to have changed her ways. Tag: The romance of Kimberly and John.moreless
    • Misleading Lady
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      Synclaire auditions for a role in a prominent comedy troupe, whose alumni include Whoopi Goldberg and a guy from Good Times. Although her audition is extremely impressive, she learns that all the spots for women have been filled. Synclaire disguises herself as a man and assumes the role of James "Jimmy" Overton. She wins the part and (thanks to coaching from Overton) consistently fools the cast and crew. However, Overton is distressed by the fact that the couple cannot show affection in public, particularly after hearing that Jimmy may have a long and prosperous career ahead of him. Unable to accept the strain her charade is putting on her marriage, Synclaire reveals her true identity during an improv sketch. After helping Tripp out of a jam, Khadijah begins to believe that she has what it takes to be a big-time jingle writer--much to Tripp's annoyance.moreless
    • The Clown That Roared
      Season 4 - Episode 14
      Synclaire lands a job as a clown sidekick on a popular television show, thanks to Kyle's business ties to the producer. She is appalled to discover that her new boss is a 12-year-old tyrant, and tries to teach him some respect. This leads to an embarrassing on-air tirade against the boy. In the meantime, Overton continues to battle his clown phobia, with limited success. Khadijah accuses Regine of stealing her grandma's recipe for raisin cookies to win a baking contest, and each shares her slightly biased version of the events with Overton. They later discover that Max's sloppiness is to blame for the misunderstanding, but refuse to apologize to each other.moreless
    • Papa Was a Rolling Stone
      Papa Was a Rolling Stone
      Season 4 - Episode 23
      Khadijah tries to accept her absentee dad (Michael Warren) for the person he is when he arrives for Synclaire's wedding. Khadijah: Queen Latifah. Overton: John Henton. Synclaire: Kim Coles. Max: Erika Alexander.
    • The Engagement
      The Engagement
      Season 3 - Episode 27
      Overton plots a proposal; a libel suit threatens to close down Flavor; the race for Brooklyn alderman heats up with Max on the ticket. Karen: Judith Scott. Mugger: Bobcat Goldthwait. Overton: John Henton.
    • Compromising Positions
      Compromising Positions
      Season 3 - Episode 26
      Overton wants to tie the knot; Regine's mom (Chip Hurd) catches Regine and Keith in a compromising position. Keith: Khalil Kain. Mr. Kellum: Jack Carter. Regine: Kim Fields Freeman. Overton: John Henton.
    • Never Can Say Goodbye
      Never Can Say Goodbye
      Season 4 - Episode 24
      As Overton and Synclaire prepare to tie the knot, Kyle wrestles with a knotty decision concerning a job offer in London. NFL star Desmond Howard has a cameo. Clinton: Ron O'Neal. Uncle Tibby: J. Anthony Brown. Odelle: Gladys Knight.
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