Living Single

Season 1 Episode 2

I'll Take Your Man

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Aug 29, 1993 on FOX



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    • Max: All right, from this point on ward no occupant of this house. (Regine gives her a look) Or friend of an occupant of this house will date the ex or current boyfriend of said others.
      Syclaire: Well, that about covers it.
      Khadijah: But what if he really fine?
      Max: Then all bets are off.

    • Synclaire: Come on, Khadijah. How would you feel if Max was dating your old boyfriend?
      Khadijah: She knows better.

    • Max: Regine, you chewed him up and spit him out and told me to call him.
      Regine: No, I didn't say that. I said you could call him. Khadijah you were there.
      Khadijah: No, no, I ain't got nothin' to do with it.
      Max: Your exact words were: "Go ahead, call him."
      Regine: And you took that as a "yes?"
      Max: Now what are you gettin' so worked up about? You didn't even like him.
      Regine: That's not the point, the point is, you broke the rules. You're supposed to let it cool off for one-third of the total dating time or one month for each year, whichever's shorter.
      Khadijah: If only you used your powers for good.
      Max: Regine, this is New York in the 90's the only rules of dating are: five locks on the door and keep the stun gun on your side of the bed.
      Regine: Please, now that is just the dumbest logic I ever heard. No wonder you can't win a case.
      Max: I win plenty. And at least I got a job. What kind of job do you have? Shopping.
      Regine: I'm a buyer for a boutique.
      Max: Shopping.
      Regine: Well someone needs to shop for your non-dressin' behind.
      Max: This is ridculous. I can't believe you're gonna let a man effect our friendship.
      Regine: No, I'm not. Because we don't have a friendship!
      (Kyle knocks on the door, comes in, shuts the window)
      Kyle: And the woman in 3-B thinks Max is right. (Leaves)

    • Max: So, what is Mr. Lover-Man doing perusing the personals?
      Kyle: Baby, I was lookin' for a much needed date, (Max laughs) for you.

    • Max: So, what is Mr. Lover-Man doing perusing the personals?
      Kyle: Baby, I was lookin' for a much needed date, (Max laughs) for you.

    • Khadijah: I'm tellin' you, you and Regine are just alike. Always tryin' to turn some man's head.
      Max: Excuse me. Regine and I are nothing alike. I'm just lookin' for a good time. She's lookin' for a sponsor.
      Kyle (Comes in): Hey, what's up? I got the paper.
      Max: Damn these paper boys are gettin' older and uglier.
      Kyle: Max, Max, yet another thinly veiled attempt to deny your animalistic attraction towards me.
      Max: You right about the animal part, Fido.

    • Regine (Introducing Charles): This is Syclaire and Khadijah and their friend Max who just thinks that she lives here.
      Charles: Maxine Shaw from Evans, Bell and associates?
      Max: Yes.
      Charles: You know, I saw you try a case last week, you're tough. I mean, I thought she was actually gonna hit the judge.
      Max: So did I.

    • (Regine squeals from outside the door)
      Khadijah: Regine's home from her date.
      Max: Or you got rats.

    • Khadijah: I don't know why you rented Basic Instinct. That woman was buggin'. I mean who would go into an office in a business suit with no drawers on. (Max makes a face) I mean, besides you.

    • Regine: Oh, now ladies, to be fair I'm sure there are guys out there that go through as many grooming rituals as we do.
      Khadijah: Like what?
      Regine: They trim their nails.
      Khadijah: With their teeth.

    • Max: I gotta give it to you, girl. Charles is a damn good attorney.
      Khadijah: Mmm-hmm. I wouldn't mind a peek at his briefs.
      Regine: Sorry to disappoint ya'll but Charles ain't the one.
      Khadijah: But Regine, he's got money and status. Technically, you should be in love.
      Regine: I know but Charles has no je ne sais quoi. No joie de vivre. No...umph.
      Max: Girl, that's what we're for. To cultivate them. You see, a good man is like fine wine. They all start out like grapes. Our job is to stomp on them, and then keep them in the dark until they mature into something we wouldn't mind having dinner with.

    • Khadijah: Regine, Charles has not changed. It's just that you always want what you can't have and maybe this whole thing is bothering you so much because you're being selfish and self-centered.
      Regine: I know what this is about. It's about me. Uh-huh. You see, Max doesn't care nothin' about Charles. She's just using him to get to me. She always wants what I have.
      Khadijah: Like what?
      Regine: Make a list. Start with these. (Motions towards her breasts and leaves)
      Syclaire (Confused): Her hands?

    • Regine: Khadijah can you believe the way that Max is runnin' behind me pickin' up my leftovers? (Khadijah doesn't say nothing) I said can you believe Max runnin' behind me pickin' up my scraps. (Khadijah is still quite) Yes, well, I can't. She is obviously a desperate, desperate, woman. So, what you're sayin' is that what she's doin' is okay, but what I'm doin' is wrong?
      Khadijah: I ain't sayin' a damn thing.
      Regine: Well, somebody has to talk to her.
      Khadijah: You right. Go ahead. I'll go eat my breakfest.
      Regine: Oh, come on, Khadijah, she'll listen to you.
      Khadijah: I'm not the one with the problem here.
      Regine: It's nevere stoppe you any other time.
      Synclaire (Comes in the kitchen): Morning. I just had the best night's sleep. No coffee for me, thanks. Don't need it.
      Regine: Shut up.

    • Regine: You're supposed to let it cool off for one-third of the total dating time or one month for each year, whichever's shorter.
      Khadijah: If only you used your powers for good.

    • Synclaire: Hey, both of you are dating men named Charles!
      Khadijah: You are just destined to be a step behind, aren't you?

    • Overton (on the phone after he misplaced his ad and it ended up in the personals): You want me to what? I'm sorry, but shouldn't your husband be fixing that?
      Syclaire: Well, maybe her husband isn't handy like you.
      Overton: I said I'm sorry, lady, but the ad was misplaced. And I'm sure we're violating some kind of FCC rule by talking like this!
      (Later, to another woman)
      Overton: Uh, ma'am, you breathing kinda hard. You wanna call me back after you catch your breath?

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    • This episode featured the long version of the theme song when it first aired and when first syndicated in 1997. However in 2002 on USA Network, the theme song was changed to the regular version.

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