Living Single

Season 1 Episode 5

In the Black Is Beautiful

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Sep 19, 1993 on FOX



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    • Max: Hey, Max in the ha-ouse.
      Regine: Unfortuneatly it's never your ha-ouse. What brings you here?
      Max: I just had to get some of your sunshine.

    • (After finding out Khadijah needs 2,000 dollars)
      Regine: Well, when friends are in trouble, friends help each other out. Max, loan her the money.
      Max: Why don't you?
      Regine: Because you're the high-powered attorney with the big salary and no man.
      Max: See what I'm saying? Sunshine!

    • Khadijah: My money is a little tight but I got it under control.
      Regine: Uh, please, 2,000 dollars in debt is hardly control.
      Khadijah: Oh, I don't know. I haven't yanked that horsehair out your head. Now, that's control.

    • (Regine answers the door)
      Overton: We hungry.
      (She slams the door in their faces)
      Kyle: Regine, we bask in the corona of your beauty.
      Regine: Okay, come in.

    • Regine: Max, if you were gonna loan her the money the least you coulda done was stay here a live with Cruella for the last couple of days.
      Max: I was afraid of this. Maybe I should go talk to her.
      (Everyone points to the kitchen but doesn't say a word)
      Max (Stopping before going into the kitchen): This is kinda like The Exorcist.
      (Enters kitchen)
      Max: What's goin' on girl?
      Khadjiah: Chillin'.
      Max: I heard you in here trippin'. Drivin' everybody crazy. Now I know you have a hard time borrowin' money but believe me, it's no big deal.
      Khadijah: Well, who's sayin' it is?
      Max: Not me. I'm not havin' a problem with it. Whenever I loan money I just act like I'm never gonna see it again.
      Khadijah: Fine.
      Max: Good. Now, come on. It ain't major. Everybody's out here. Let's go. (Leaves kitchen) I handled it. Everything's copacetic.
      Khadijah (Coming out of the kitchen): What you mean, you never gonna see your money again?
      Max: I didn't say that. What I meant was, I know I'll get my money back eventually.
      Khadijah: No, no, no. You're gonna get your money back soon.
      Max: Whatever.
      Khadijah: No, no. Not "whatever", You gonna get your money back.
      Regine: You did a good job of handling this, Max.
      Max: Khadijah, if I had known you were gonna trip like this again, I wouldn't have lent you the money in the first place.
      Khadijah: Everybody hear that? She said it.
      Regine: You have lost it.
      Syclaire: Well, to be fair, you'd be a little crazy too if you owed your best friend 2000 dollars and you had absolutley positively no way to pay it back.
      Max: All right, let's just stop this. I didn't bail you out to make you crazy.
      Khadijah: No, see, you didn't have bail me nothin'.
      Max: You tap-dancin on my last nerve. Now, maybe it would just be best for everybody if you just gave me my money back.
      Khadijah: How would you like it in nickels and a sock?
      Max: You didn't have to go there, but since you did, I want my ducats by Monday.
      Khadijah: No, no, no. You'll have your grip by Friday.

    • Syclaire: Ever since Khadijah borrowed that money she's been just a little uptight.
      Regine: Oh, please. That woman was born uptight. The doctor slapped her, she slapped him back.

    • (Reading Flavor)
      Syclaire: Ooh, look. 10 simple steps to smooth skin, luscious legs and a tasty butt.
      Kyle: Khadijah is gonna have to introduce me to the woman who wrote that.
      Syclaire: "By Prince."
      Kyle: I'm feelin' sick.

    • Khadijah: Dang, we owe 2,000 dollars. Well I ain't too proud to beg, get the printer on the phone.
      Syclaire: Oh, I put him on hold ten minutes ago. But he's still there. He must really like listening to Kenny G.
      Khadijah (Picks up phone): Hello, Roger? Yes, I know, I know, but you'll get paid. We got the money. We got the money. Do you need a Q-tip I said, we got the money. (Hangs up) We ain't got the money.

    • Khadijah: Okay, here's the deal. I called this meeting to apologize. (to Synclaire) You were wrong for telling my business. (to Regine) You were wrong for gettin' in my business. (to Max) And you were wrong for gettin' into business with me.
      Regine (Sarcastic): I know that was hard for you, Khadijah. You're such a gracious lady.

    • Synclaire: If Khadijah won't borrow the money, maybe we can raise it for her.
      Max: You may have something there.
      Synclaire: We could have a telethon!
      Max: My mistake.
      Overton: Whenever my daddy had a real head-scratcher, he'd go down to the swimming hole at the quarry and skip rocks. His favorites were the flatties. He could skip a flattie nine, ten, maybe eleven times
      Max: What does that have to do with helping Khadijah?!
      Overton: Y'all still on that?
      Regine: Hey, hey, hey. Listen up. What if we throw a lingerie party? My boss will give us the stuff from the boutique wholesale. Then we could sell it here and give the profits to Khadijah.
      Max: Works for me.
      Kyle: Me too. Shoot, an apartment full of ladies buying garder belts. Just when I thought capitialism couldn't get any better. Ha, ha!
      Max: Ha, ha! You're not invited. (Laughs)

    • Khadijah: Make it out to Flavor. No, no, no. Make it out to the printer. No, then he'll know I don't have the money. Make it out to me.
      Max: I'm making it out to the Society for the Treatment of Schizophrenic Black Women Who Own Magazines, okay?

    • (Overton is modeling underwear)
      Max: I will say this. You don't look half-bad.
      (Synclaire giggles)
      Overton: Yeah. And if I ain't have these knobby knees, I could have been a table dancer!

    • Khadijah (to Elmo): Let me make it plain. I'm taking a class in kick-boxing. Do you want to be my final exam?
      (He leaves)
      Synclaire: I haven't seen a suit like that since J.J. went to the prom.

    • Kyle (to Khadijah): Now what you need to do is think of money as a tool…
      Overton: Like a hammer! You see, the hammer puts the nails in, and take the nails out. And money...not so much like a hammer.

    • Regine: Khadijah, borrowing is the American way. It's what this country was founded on. It's the basis of all our freedoms. It's in the Constitution.
      Max: That's not what it says in the Constitution.
      Regine: That's what I took from it.

    • Synclaire: What's a-buzzin', cousin?
      Khadijah: Synclaire, it is 7 AM. If you want to live in this house, you're gonna have to learn how to drag your butt in the morning. Syclaire, the toliet seat is up.
      Syclaire: Oh, would you like me to get that for you?
      Khadijah: An up seat in an apartment full of women. Now you know what that means.
      Syclaire: Somebody scrubbed the bathroom?
      Khadijah: That didn't happen.
      Syclaire: Overton finally fixed the tank.
      Khadijah (Scoffs): That didn't happen.
      Syclaire: Oh, one of us had a man here last night.
      Khadijah: Girl, you know that ain't it.
      (Regine comes in singing and smiling)

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