Living Single

Season 1 Episode 5

In the Black Is Beautiful

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Sep 19, 1993 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Synclaire: If Khadijah won't borrow the money, maybe we can raise it for her.
      Max: You may have something there.
      Synclaire: We could have a telethon!
      Max: My mistake.
      Overton: Whenever my daddy had a real head-scratcher, he'd go down to the swimming hole at the quarry and skip rocks. His favorites were the flatties. He could skip a flattie nine, ten, maybe eleven times
      Max: What does that have to do with helping Khadijah?!
      Overton: Y'all still on that?
      Regine: Hey, hey, hey. Listen up. What if we throw a lingerie party? My boss will give us the stuff from the boutique wholesale. Then we could sell it here and give the profits to Khadijah.
      Max: Works for me.
      Kyle: Me too. Shoot, an apartment full of ladies buying garder belts. Just when I thought capitialism couldn't get any better. Ha, ha!
      Max: Ha, ha! You're not invited. (Laughs)