Living Single

Season 1 Episode 5

In the Black Is Beautiful

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Sep 19, 1993 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Regine: Max, if you were gonna loan her the money the least you coulda done was stay here a live with Cruella for the last couple of days.
      Max: I was afraid of this. Maybe I should go talk to her.
      (Everyone points to the kitchen but doesn't say a word)
      Max (Stopping before going into the kitchen): This is kinda like The Exorcist.
      (Enters kitchen)
      Max: What's goin' on girl?
      Khadjiah: Chillin'.
      Max: I heard you in here trippin'. Drivin' everybody crazy. Now I know you have a hard time borrowin' money but believe me, it's no big deal.
      Khadijah: Well, who's sayin' it is?
      Max: Not me. I'm not havin' a problem with it. Whenever I loan money I just act like I'm never gonna see it again.
      Khadijah: Fine.
      Max: Good. Now, come on. It ain't major. Everybody's out here. Let's go. (Leaves kitchen) I handled it. Everything's copacetic.
      Khadijah (Coming out of the kitchen): What you mean, you never gonna see your money again?
      Max: I didn't say that. What I meant was, I know I'll get my money back eventually.
      Khadijah: No, no, no. You're gonna get your money back soon.
      Max: Whatever.
      Khadijah: No, no. Not "whatever", You gonna get your money back.
      Regine: You did a good job of handling this, Max.
      Max: Khadijah, if I had known you were gonna trip like this again, I wouldn't have lent you the money in the first place.
      Khadijah: Everybody hear that? She said it.
      Regine: You have lost it.
      Syclaire: Well, to be fair, you'd be a little crazy too if you owed your best friend 2000 dollars and you had absolutley positively no way to pay it back.
      Max: All right, let's just stop this. I didn't bail you out to make you crazy.
      Khadijah: No, see, you didn't have bail me nothin'.
      Max: You tap-dancin on my last nerve. Now, maybe it would just be best for everybody if you just gave me my money back.
      Khadijah: How would you like it in nickels and a sock?
      Max: You didn't have to go there, but since you did, I want my ducats by Monday.
      Khadijah: No, no, no. You'll have your grip by Friday.