Living Single

Season 1 Episode 1

Judging by the Cover

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Aug 29, 1993 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • This episode conflicts with the season 4 episode "Back in the Day", in which they showed what happened before the start of the series. In that episode, it shows that back then, the apartment was like it was in the episodes after this one.

  • Quotes

    • Khadijah: I might as well just give up on tryin' to get a celebrity for this cover.
      Syclaire: Khadijah, why don't you just write a really great cover article. Something that'll grab your readers' attention.
      Khadijah: You just tryin' to make me forget you lost my cover.
      Syclaire: Maybe. So, uh, anybody seen Regine?
      Khadijah: She's upstairs, gettin' ready to go out with Brad again.
      Kyle: So, what do you have against the brother anyway?
      Max: His wife.

    • (After she found out Brad was married, door bell rings)
      Regine: There's mister bigamy now.
      (Leaves to get the door)
      Max: It's showtime!
      Khadijah: It's on.
      (Max, Khadijah and Syclaire huddle up right by the kitchen door)
      Brad: Hi, baby.
      Regine: I am not your baby tonight. You have a wife.
      Brad: But, Regine...
      (Cuts to the girls in the kitchen)
      Khadijah: Right, now he talkin' bout "I was gonna tell you, baby."
      (Cuts to Regine and Brad)
      Brad: ...I was gonna tell you, baby.
      (Cuts to the girls)
      Khadijah: He'll also try, "I was just lookin' for the right time."
      (Cuts to Regine and Brad)
      Brad: I was just lookin' for the right time.
      (Cuts to the girls)
      Syclaire: How do you know everything that he's gonna say?
      Max: He's a man, they never vary from the script.
      (Cuts to Regine and Brad)
      Brad: Regine, I understand why you're angry. I just want a chance to explain, please? Just give me a few minutes. How about we go somewhere so we can talk.
      (Cuts to girls)
      Max: Now, she's gonna kick him to the curb.
      (They hear a door slam and come out to congradulate her but she left with Brad)
      Khadijah: I can't believe this.
      Syclaire: Well, that was awfully polite of her to walk him ouside.

    • Max: The bottom line is, men are nothing but speed bumps on the road to happiness.
      Regine: I think they're more like cheap pantyhose. At the worst possible moment, they run on you.
      Synclaire: But did you ever stop to think what the world would be like with no men?
      Khadijah: A bunch of fat, happy women and no crime. (They all laugh)

    • Regine: Why does this keep happening to me?
      Max: Cause you keep looking for some man to carry you.
      Regine: Well, what's wrong with that?
      Khadijah: They keep droppin' yo' ass.
      Regine: I mean I want a man that knows fine wine doesn't come with a twist-off cap.
      Khadijah: You know, I don't know how you got to be so snooty you ain't but one generation out the projects yo' damn self.

    • (About telling Regine that Brad is married)
      Syclaire: She'll probably apperciate us telling her.
      Khadijah: Wrong. She'll resent us for knowin' about it first.
      Max: Tell us we're makin' it up 'cause we're jealous.
      Khadijah: Or accuse us of trying to steal Brad.
      Syclaire: I say she finds out on her own.
      Khadijah: You ain't sayin' nothin' but a word.
      (Regine comes in)
      Regine: Great news, ladies. Brad is picking me up we're going to Martha's Vineyard for the weekend. He wants to get away from the city.
      Max: That's not all he wants to get away from.
      Regine: I'm filing this man under F for fine, fabulous and my future. Somethine tells me he might like a wife.
      Syclaire: Oh, you know your man.

    • Syclaire: That Overton is so sweet.
      Khadijah: Syclaire, coz, you must never, ever, ever conceive a child with that man.
      (Door bell rings)
      Regine: It's him, it's him. Ladies, on the other side of that door stands Michelangelo's David a.k.a my Brad.
      Khadijah: Uh, and on this side of the door stands a woman who could give a--(Sees Brad) Damn, he fine.
      (Regine and Brad kiss)
      Syclaire: Oh, and good technique.
      Max: And big feet.

    • (After Syclaire answers the phone with an British accent)
      Khadijah: Syclaire, what are you doing?
      Syclaire: I'm making them think we're international.
      Khadijah: Make them think we need some money.

    • Max: I just came back from the newsstand. Flavor Magazine is completely sold out.
      (All cheer)
      Max: Your featured article was inspired, girl.
      Khadijah: Dope title, huh? "Dating married men: the sleeping dog that lies."

    • (After they told her Brad is married)
      Regine: No he's not. I mean, he doesn't wear a wedding ring.
      Syclaire: You know, she's got a point there.
      Regine: And if he's married why didn't he tell me?
      Khadijah: Because he's married, girl!
      Max: Regine, I'll bet he always pays cash at restaurants so he won't be tracked down by the reciets.
      Regine: Only because he hates credit.
      Max: Does he whisper on the phone?
      Regine: He's a very private person.
      Max: Does he always have a ridiculous excuse as to why you can't call him at home?
      Regine: No. His grandfather's hearing is broken (The girls make noise knowing they were right) and it bothers him. What?
      Khadijah: Look, Regine listen to me. Look, listen as much as I love to be right-- and you know Mother does love to be right. I'm tellin' you I wish I was wrong this time. Girl, the man is married.
      Max: Girlfriend, he took us all.
      Synclaire: Go ahead, Regine. Let it out. Cry. If you don't, your tear ducts will get blocked up, and you when you're old, you won't be able to cry.
      Khadijah: Just when we thought it was safe to let you back into the conversation.

    • Max: You'd think after God created dogs she'd know creating men was redundant.

    • Max: Today my look and my law were fierce. I got my client the house, the Winnebago, alimony and 70 percent of all the assets that he tried to conceal. I left that man with nothing but a lint ball and half a tic tac. Ha! Don't touch me unless you want to get burned! (Does a dance)
      Khadijah: Good work, Miss Honey. Give me fever, you go, girl, you give it to them.
      Kyle: I feel sorry for the brother.
      Max: Kyle, these people own a Winnebago you should know they ain't black.
      Kyle: You women will take the nuts from a squirrel. Come on, Overton we outta here man.
      Max: Well, someone's gotta protect women's rights.
      Kyle: Yeah, yeah, yeah. All this women's rights stuff proves one thing.
      Max: What?
      Kyle: You want me.
      Overton: Yeah. And me too!
      (Kyle whaps him in the head)

    • Regine (Dressed for her date): All right, what one of you lucky people is gonna zip me up?
      Kyle: Not me baby, you know unzipping is my forte.
      (Door bell rings)
      Regine: Alright, that's him! Come on, everyone. Look happy. Khadijah, do your best. (Opens door) Oh, it's just you. Don't you ever go home?
      Max: Good to see you too, girl. Where you going, carnival? Ha!

    • Overton (About gettin' with Syclaire): Today, she let me fix the vacuum. I figure once I get up under that sink, I'm in there!
      Kyle: My brother, this ain't Home Improvement, take notes. Dealing with a woman is like playing a basketball game and brothers like you dribble around the perimeter fixing vacuum cleaners when a man like me drives straight up the center and slams! Ha ha!
      (Syclaire comes back)
      Overton: Yeah, but you remember when that girl called that 3 second violation on your ass.
      Kyle: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Look, I thought we took a solem vow not to talk about that man, it only happened once, it was a mental block. It could happen to anyone.
      Overton: It never happened to me.
      Kyle: 'Cause you never get any.
      Overton: Well, that's true. But when I do get some you better believe I ain't havin' no damn mental block.

    • Regine: Look outside. What is long, black and at the curb?
      Khadijah: I ain't touching it.
      Regine: Honey, it's a stretch limo.
      Khadijah: Good, it'll go with your stretch marks.
      Syclaire: Is it me, or do I sense a little tension here? Now, (Looks towards Khadijah) I know that your aries rising is constantly conflicting with her Tauras moon but can't we all just get along?
      Regine: Well, you all can do whatever you like. I just came by to tell you that the limo outside happens to belong to my new boyfriend Brad.
      Khadijah: Well, if we didn't have so much work to do here we'd love to her about your latest canine catch.
      Regine: Oh, would you? (Sits on Syclaires desk) Well, Brad and I, we were on our way to lunch, but we never made it out of the limo. He ate caviar from my cleavage and we drank champaige from my shoe.
      Khadijah: With them big ol' feet of yours ya'll musta been crazy drunk.
      Regine: I'm telling you, now, Brad, he could be the one. He is fine, educated, wealthy, and has a butt that is dented on both sides with the promise of power. Whoo! (Fans herself)
      Khadijah: We'll see how long this one lasts.
      Regine: Uh, what's that supposed to mean?
      Khadijah: Men dump you like Eddie Murphy albums. Look, Regine, if you wanna have a lasting relationship you need to start looking beyond a man's wallet.
      Regine: Wait a minute, are you sayin' that I'm shallow?
      Khaadijah: As a kiddie pool.

  • Notes

    • The original theme song for the series was a remixed "My Girl" sung by Queen Latifah.

    • The show was originally titled My Girls.

    • In this episode, Khadijah, Synclaire and Regine live in a different apartment than the one that would be seen for the rest of the series. The front door of this apartment leads outside, rather than to the hallway connecting the brownstone apartments. Much of the interior decor is also different.

    • This episode aired on a Sunday night at 8:00, but the show then took over the 8:30 time slot.

    • The living room set used in this episode is the Family Matters set. Both series were Warner Brothers shows.

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